Top 10 Worst Crimes

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1 Murder

I think murder deserves number one because there are many slow ways of doing it, as well as the fact that it is one of the most brutal signs of hatred or revenge. Murder is never excusable and is one of if the the worst crimes in the world. Other than torture I think murder is number one on the list of worst crimes.

I sometimes worry it will happen to me. It sucks how people's lives end before they can truly began all because of some horrible person. While it's not always their fault due to insanity or illnesses, still, this is a very big problem. I hope the police know what they're doing.

All of these the victim can live with but they can't live with it if their life itself is gone.

Inventing bras worse than murder? first of all the guys who posted inventing bras here is a pervert. Secound of all murder is just way worse.

2 Genocide

Undoubtedly the worst. Genocide is the mass-killing of a certain group of people (eg. ethnic group, religious group, etc.). Take the Holocaust for example, the mass killing of Jews perpetrated by the Nazi Party from 1941 to 1945. The Holocaust is an example of how evil genocide is. There are many other examples, such as the Rwandan genocide and the Armenian genocide, but you get my point.

Purposeful killing of a certain ethnic group because of stereotypes is ridiculous, cruel, and by far one of the most stupid things humans have done. Wars are fought, but at least both sides are given the chance to fight. In genocide, people targeted don't stand a chance. All because of stereotypes and prejudices people hold.

How is animal cruelty above this? Killing humans because you are ignorant to their culture is the worst crime you can commit. Also, how is racism above this? I'd rather people call me the n word and be discriminated against then people kill everyone of my ethnicity just because.

This is more than murder. It kills thousands and hurts even more not including every family member. Most genocides go down in history including the holocaust aka. Nazi attack

3 Rape

Rapists shouldn't be sentenced to death or be in prison. They should have their arms and privates chopped off and not be allowed to get replacement limbs. Then, set them free. Same thing should happen with sex traffickers and child molesters.

Should be top. I know from experience how bad this is. It’s like torture, for the rest of your life. The trauma is worse than torture, I know, I have had to deal with both of them. If you do this to many people it’s worse than geonocide, only 1 person and it should be 2. Every single person who has done this crime deserves to be tortured for the rest of eternity

Did you know that in Jail, other prisoners would kill a rapist? Just about every type of criminal on this list would attack or kill a rapist in prison because of how atrocious this crime is.

No. 1
Steals the innocency from the victim and makes him/her lose their self esteem. Should be punishable to death...

4 Torture

This is probably worse than actual murder itself because at that point the victims is wishing death

Making someone want to suicide but not letting them is far more worse than murder.

Should be 1, at least the others are quick and relatively painless

Worse than murder. At least let them die peacefully.

5 Animal Cruelty

There is nothing, and I repeat NOTHING worse than animal cruelty. Animals are treated as slaves and food, and that's it. I once asked a child what they think animals are: they answered pets and food. Is that seriously what we have trained our kids to think?! That they are nothing more than pets and food? That disgusts me! Humans are dying, and that is very sad, but has anyone noticed that animals have to deal with poachers, being eaten, being exploited, being separated from friends and family, and being caged up all their lives? Do most humans have to deal with that? Some, but not all. For all you that think humans are more important than animals - you are only saying that because your human. If you were a sheep, you'd care more about sheep. If you were a tiger, you'd care more about tigers. What you fail to see is that these animals also have FEELINGS! Humans are not even near extinction, while some animals are the last of their kind. People make such a big fuss over someone being ...more

I do not care if people talk about killing people because we only treat animals like they are our slaves. Maybe that is why there are attacks by animals and maybe that's why wild animals are afraid and will sometimes attack. Humans are a disgusting race. I am ashamed to be a human being. Humans are jerks. The only people I love are my family and and freinds. People need to quit complaining about small stuff. Humans are stupid pathetic worthless germs and we the human race have no pourpose. So screw everyone screw myself and even screw the ones I love. I don't care if I realize I will die tomorrow I will be like finally my death is approaching know why? because I have no damn pourpose and I am just a stupid parisite on the planet. I have no pourpose and I hate myself deep inside.

I know it's bad to hurt animals but, 1 lion was killed and everybody freaks out, but hundreds of thousands of people are being killed in Iraq and Syria, and Cecil the lion has been getting just as much, if not more attention then whats been going on in Syria and Iraq. Just think about that if you're considering voting for this.
(I don't hate animals, It's just I think there are more important things to worry about.)

Owning a pet itself is cruelty. You don't want to admit it, but it is. In nature, dogs aren't supposed to act like the act today etc. It is unnatural. We humans have gone so far as to breed for the correct genes for entertainment (that is what pets are in the end - entertainment) and we call anyone who abuses them bad. Owning a pet is just as bad. We should let the animals be free. I hate how animals are treated now.

6 Terrorism

Terrorism is another example of how messed up the human race can get, especially the most brutal terrorist organizations such as al-Qaeda and ISIS.

Just a reminder that the United States does state-sponsored terrorism on a regular basis.
It also doesn't need to happen on an organizational level, one can be complicit in terrorism by whether purposfully or unpurposefully encouraging others to commit such acts.

Terrorism poses no threat to the planet compared to what the corporate cronies have done. Some corporations have done much more harm to the planet than what ISIS has done.

I think terrorism is really bad because guns are violent

7 Human Trafficking

In reality if people only knew how horrendous the treatment of their victims are; this should be number 1 on the crimes list.

It's the act of putting someone in slavery. Willing slavery is an entirely different concept.

Removing people from their lives to be abused is the worst crime

Its not comfy in the back of my van

8 Slavery

I would rather die in war than to be a slave my whole life... It's torture, complete cruelty. Work all day for no pay and get whipped, that's worse than death.

If I ever meet a person who has slaves, I'll beat the crap outta them

Its either you do what they tell you or get whipped to death

All of these crimes together equal slavery.

9 Molestation

I know a YouTube user whose dad did it to his half-sister for NINE YEARS for being a loser stepchild and thankfully he is spending the rest of his life in prison.

The Lord Jesus said those who the little would be better off throwing themselves in a lake of fire, then to deal with me.

I hate uncle molested me when I was little

So bad y is this not in the top 2? And vary dangares to children all over the world! And FUGE to the people that do thees TARABLE things to people all over the world!

10 Arson

I just came here to find a name for my non-binary self lmao

Playing with fire is such a bad thing

Not as bad as human trafficking..

Burning houses is bad

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11 Child Abuse

I think it should be on top. That is one of the reasons that some children have traumas and commit suicide

Really depends on the specific situation, can be worse than murder

This is just wrong why would someone do something like this

Why would anyone wanna abuse a child, this is so messed up

12 Bestiality

Actually, this is surprisingly legal in 13 American states. My faith in humanity has finally been flushed straight down...

Now that is one of the most DISGUSTING things ever! I can't believe that that would be legal anywhere.

This is disgusting and sick

Ye that's horrifying

13 Manslaughter

Both Voluntary and Involuntary- is commonly defined as an intentional killing in which the offender had no prior intent to kill, such as a killing that occurs in the "heat of passion." The circumstances leading to the killing must be the kind that would cause a reasonable person to become emotionally or mentally disturbed otherwise, the killing may be charged as a first-degree or second-degree murder.

Accidental murder... Some of the time. Other times just used to get a slightly lowered sentence.

Lol really people? we have manslaughter over child, domestic and animal abuse? well now I know what kind of people are on the top tens.

This is horrible and hateful. How could people be so disgusting and thoughtless?

14 Adultery
15 Discrimination

This is just disgusting. You are treating people from another race differently because they are not white?

16 Kidnapping

Kidnapping is just wrong people who kidnap just aren't normal they are disgusting people

This can vary a lot as well, but this time from "extremely bad" to "inexplicably horrendous"

Kidnappers are evil mean disgusting and pathetic thsy need to be punished by being locked in cages

People who kidnap others aren't. Normal there the dumbest people on earth

17 Drug Trafficking

To Many people tryin to get that green.

Human trafficking is even worse

18 Acid Attacks

This is about as disgusting as a crime against one person can get. It's malicious, and it just angers me so much. It can completely ruin the person's life. Do people even read the whole list before voting? I can't believe homosexuality is even on this list and that it's higher than this.

Not only is the victim often left physically disabled, but also often leaves them with extreme trauma. Plus, in third world countries where this happens quite often, families will often abandon victims of this crime.

It ruined your face or body I have to spend lots of money to fix it. Ot might not be the worst but the thing is they don't get arrested for that long

This is just horrible

19 Religious Abuse
20 Plant Abuse

Lmao plants are important but they can't feel pain or nothing. I'm not sure why this on the list. It's not necessarily even a crime to do something like cut down a tree.

Plant abuse is good because my nans cucumber plant got abused last weekend

This is above kidnapping, school shootings, war, necrophilia, cannibalish and child labor.

Plants give us oxygen and without plants we wouldn't survive

21 Animal Fighting

Dog fights, chicken fight, bull fights, whatever. It's all evil and sadistic. Only an evil person would find that entertaining. It's not entertaining, it's cruel and inhumane. And what has the poor animal ever done to deserve that? And if people think it's so entertaining, why don't they get in there and fight? Why should the poor, innocent animal have to suffer?

This is unnecessary

This one is sio sad

If you want to fight go ahead but don't force animals to do it becuase your a punk and whimpy sadistic piece of crap if you animal fight for in he'll already

22 Homosexuality

It states in the Bible homosexuals are an abomination to God.

New King James Version
Do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived. Neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor homosexuals, nor sodomites,

Honestly I'm just amused this is on here. Lots of people (me too now) are probably contributing to it's high score just to rant about how horrible it is for it to be up here.

I think the worst crime is allowing people that have such a limited brain that they actually regard romantic or sexual attraction to somebody as a crime to use the internet. Really, I'm interested in the IQ of people who add such items.

This is definitely something very disgusting and those people do count as society destroyers. They are banned in all religions...

23 Sexual Abuse

Worse than armed robbery?

This is disgusting

24 Fraud

It’s stealing money what is not yours to keep.

25 Treason

To the 9th circle of hell with you!

Its Finally Tree season

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