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1 Genocide

How is murder above genocide? Murder is 1 person. Genocide is thousands, even millions. - ThatStrangeKid42

This is more than murder. It kills thousands and hurts even more not including every family member. Most genocides go down in history including the holocaust aka. Nazi attack

Multiple murders is worse than just one murder...

Definitely worse.

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2 Murder

I think murder deserves number one because there are many slow ways of doing it, as well as the fact that it is one of the most brutal signs of hatred or revenge. Murder is never excusable and is one of if the the worst crimes in the world. Other than torture I think murder is number one on the list of worst crimes.

Above Homosexuality?

Genocide isn't exactly a normal crime... so yah

I would not want to be murdered -(;-;)/-

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3 Rape

Did you know that in Jail, other prisoners would kill a rapist? Just about every type of criminal on this list would attack or kill a rapist in prison because of how atrocious this crime is.

It should be above murder because even other criminals hates rapists.

This is just disgusting, how can someone do that to a person.

In my opinion rape is the worst crime out there as it’s like torture and the victim can be killed.

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4 Torture



5 Molestation

The Lord Jesus said those who the little would be better off throwing themselves in a lake of fire, then to deal with me.

It's terrible. Need I say more?

So bad y is this not in the top 2? And vary dangares to children all over the world! And FUGE to the people that do thees TARABLE things to people all over the world!

6 Manslaughter

Both Voluntary and Involuntary- is commonly defined as an intentional killing in which the offender had no prior intent to kill, such as a killing that occurs in the "heat of passion." The circumstances leading to the killing must be the kind that would cause a reasonable person to become emotionally or mentally disturbed otherwise, the killing may be charged as a first-degree or second-degree murder.


Lol really people? we have manslaughter over child, domestic and animal abuse? well now I know what kind of people are on the top tens.

7 Arson
8 Animal Abuse

Animals may not be humans, but they are still living, breathing creatures, same as us. They can feel things (joy, anger, sadness, pain, etc.), and they deserve just as much love and respect as a human. And anyone who says they are just animals and have no souls REALLY need to hear just how EVIL, STUPID and SCREWED UP they sound.

9 Human Trafficking

Removing people from their lives to be abused is the worst crime - Gynidz

Worse than drug trafficking

This should be in the top 3, collecting humans for rape, sexual assault, and to be sold is worse than manslaughter.

Bad! big no-no

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10 Drug Trafficking

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11 Child Neglect/Abuse
12 Animal Fighting

Dog fights, chicken fight, bull fights, whatever. It's all evil and sadistic. Only an evil person would find that entertaining. It's not entertaining, it's cruel and inhumane. And what has the poor animal ever done to deserve that? And if people think it's so entertaining, why don't they get in there and fight? Why should the poor, innocent animal have to suffer?

If you want to fight go ahead but don't force animals to do it becuase your a punk and whimpy sadistic piece of crap if you animal fight for in he'll already

13 Beastiality

Actually, this is surprisingly legal in 13 American states. My faith in humanity has finally been flushed straight down...

14 Slavery

All of these crimes together equal slavery.

15 Plant Abuse

Plant abuse is good because my nans cucumber plant got abused last weekend

Poor defenseless beings, does no one want justice for them?

This should not be a crime ever

This is worse than Terrorism? - Gynidz

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16 War

Nothing positive ever results from war. It's just pointless and merciless bloodshed. Murder to the extreme.

Genocide at its extreme. And worst of all, it is considered "glorious" by many retards. - MChkflaguard_Yt

17 Theft
18 Extortion

My favorite movie by William Peter Blatty. 10/10 solid movie.

19 Assault
20 Possession
21 Kidnapping

I can't believe it's not higher

This should be in the top ten

22 Terrorism Terrorism

I think terrorism is really bad because guns are violent

Not just guns BOMBS

23 Treason
24 Sexual Abuse

This is bad

25 Poaching

Poachers hunt animals illegally, usually only taking certain parts of the animal (such as horns or tusks) and leaving the rest of the animal to rot. They have no regard for life. All they care about is the money.

Go away fox hunters. uhhh...

26 Bullying

This is just another word for murder. STOP NOW!

27 School Shooting

Just imagine it happening. then you will realize how awful this is

28 Cannibalism

Cannibalism is not a crime but if you did eat someone you can be fined for assault or desecration of corpses but Cannibalism on its own is not actually illegal... - Bubbyboop

29 Suicide

Suicide sucks but its not a crime

Umm my mother said this is bad welp is it bad enough to be in the top ten?

30 Racketeering
31 Armed Robbery
32 Jaywalking

One time I jaywalked because my mom told me to exercise :D

33 Cheating on Exams

I think cheating is the way to go when taking an exam
if you don't cheat u are a loser

34 Homosexuality

Homosexuality is legal. What do people have against gays?! I hate homophobes so much.

I think the worst crime is allowing people that have such a limited brain that they actually regard romantic or sexual attraction to somebody as a crime to use the internet. Really, I'm interested in the IQ of people who add such items. - Martin_Canine

This is definitely something very disgusting and those people do count as society destroyers. They are banned in all religions...

35 Child Labor

It's not a HUGE crime but it's committed almost every day. and those poor children never know what to do, they don't even know where to go.

36 Voyeurism

Voyeurism = Mens Rea.
Don't look up "Mens Rea" it's a crime :P - Britgirl

37 Slander/ Libel
38 Carjacking
39 Acid Attacks

Not only is the victim often left physically disabled, but also often leaves them with extreme trauma. Plus, in third world countries where this happens quite often, families will often abandon victims of this crime.

40 Mopery

Exposing yourself to a blind person. One for the "Revenge of the Nerds II: Nerds in Paradise" fans out there. - truckturner

41 Resisting Arrest

This is often a survival instinct, as well as something that can easily be misinterpreted, exaggerated and fabricated by police officers - Billyv

Those who resist arrest should be shot dead.

42 Vandalism

I don't care how much you hate someone or how angry you are. Nothing gives you the right to vandalize someone else's property. And if you do vandalize another person's property, you don't have room to get mad when they do the same to yours.

43 Rioting
44 Mugging

You are walking down the street. Suddenly, a man goes up to you with a gun and says "Gimme your money," or "Gimme your wallet." That scares me. I either give him my wallet or die.

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