Top 10 Worst Crimes


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21 Bullying

This is just another word for murder. STOP NOW!

22 Cannibalism

Cannibalism is not a crime but if you did eat someone you can be fined for assault or desecration of corpses but Cannibalism on its own is not actually illegal... - Bubbyboop

23 Suicide

Suicide sucks but its not a crime

Umm my mother said this is bad welp is it bad enough to be in the top ten?

24 Resisting Arrest

This is often a survival instinct, as well as something that can easily be misinterpreted, exaggerated and fabricated by police officers - Billyv

25 Vandalism

I don't care how much you hate someone or how angry you are. Nothing gives you the right to vandalize someone else's property. And if you do vandalize another person's property, you don't have room to get mad when they do the same to yours.

26 Homosexuality

I think the worst crime is allowing people that have such a limited brain that they actually regard romantic or sexual attraction to somebody as a crime to use the internet. Really, I'm interested in the IQ of people who add such items. - Martin_Canine

Homosexuality is legal. What do people have against gays?! I hate homophobes so much.

27 Terrorism Terrorism

I think terrorism is really bad because guns are violent

28 School Shooting

Just imagine it happening. then you will realize how awful this is

29 Treason
30 Sexual Abuse Sexual Abuse
31 Racketeering
32 Armed Robbery
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