Worst Homecooks On Masterchef U.S.

This is a list of the home cooks who have failed to impress the judges and fans alike cookwise on Masterchef U.S.

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1 Tali Clavijo Season 3

This guy's worse than a snob. I've read many of his interviews and seems like he never learnt his lesson at all, still trying to promote "non-traditionist cooking". I can understand his intention and beliefs and appreciate that he is trying to be creative, but there are times where simple and traditional is the best. If he thinks he's a genius and that the judges are too "old-fashioned" then there's no point coming to MasterChef. It is not just a competition, but also a place to learn. What an immature guy he is!

This guy was completely delusional. "Oh, look at my new innovative cooking" was pretty much always his go to thing and he would constantly defend himself, claiming the judges did not understand his "brilliance". It was always obvious that his food sucked.

Just an overall pretentious prick who closed his ears for criticism. What in the hell did he expect from the judges? Sorry Tali, but stop jerking off to your "art" and get through your head that not everyone is gonna love your horror show dishes. - Kama

This cretin, has no idea what food is all about.

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2 Krissi Biasiello Season 4

I hate this prick so much. She's pretty much the Russell, Elise and Jackie (all 3 from Hell's Kitchen) of Masterchef. Joe berated her for horrible catfish dish. She makes snide plans to eliminate everyone else just to stay in the show, including Jessie and Natasha. Producers keep her just for drama and ratings. In cooking game shows, they can't dismiss participants based on attitude. They care only for cooking capabilities. Show's crew praise her cooking over her attitude. I'm so sick of this prick. I hope she doesn't participate in Top Chef nor Hell's Kitchen. I don't want to hear from her ever again.

While I think she's much better than Tali, I still loathe her as she had been constantly pushing people into the mud. Even it's a competition this is not an excuse for her mean attitude. I had my last straw when she desperate tried to get Bime out of the competition

I hate with all my heart

Ugly person

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3 Jeff Philbin Season 8

Scrapes by the skin of his teeth every episode and always acts like an arrogant crybaby when things don't go his way.

He's always giving up and is a really bad team member

He should be number 1 his attitude is the worst ever

I’m not a fan of Jeff but He should be below Ryan on this list! At least Jeff managed to stay in the competition for a long time by baking a flawless chocolate souffle. Unlike Ryan, who can’t even make a chocolate molten lava cake and he got eliminated earlier. Overall, I think Jeff should not be in the top 3 on this list. - Shdnf

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4 Derrick Peltz Season 6

Why is Derrick on this list?! He was one of the best contestants and should have won his season.

Derrick was a tool

5 Ryan Umane Season 3

He was a moron! He threw Samantha under the bus. Sam didn't mean to cook the raw duck! He was also arrogant towards Monti!

He should be in the top 3 along with his partner in crime Tali on this list

Should be top 3. His attitude is the worst

His plans to eliminate his competitors backfired. He underestimated Monti’s abilities. He made a challenge more tougher for Christine during crab challenge. That backfired too. His alliance with Tali didn’t last long. His poorly baked lava cake costed his place in the competition.

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6 Nathan Barnhouse Season 7

He's is as bad as Sabrina from Hell's Kitchen season 8. Both are young and immature. Both were put in their respective shows for drama. They don't get along with their fellow contestants. They complain for their own mistakes. I can imagine him being in Hell's Kitchen just to make a big mess for blue team.

He's literally been babysat by Gordon. He didn't know how to make rice, and asked Chef Ramsay when to take it off the burner. HOW is that fair? He has skated by way too long when there were FAR better cooks that got eliminated for lesser failures. He is a disgrace to the competition. And his hair is horrendous.

Just a really annoying, bratty, incompetent kid. Why in the hell did he make it as far as he did? The dude couldn't even cook rice?! - Kama

The way he fainted though

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7 Cutter Brewer Season 5

Cutter should definitely be in the top 10. Aside from his unlikable attitude, he was a consistently bad performer. He has placed in the bottom more than any other contestant on the show. Him making it all the way to the final 4 was a joke!

Stupid idiot. How could he have made it to the top. He blames everyone on everything.

8 Courtney Lapresi Season 5

People hate her not because she won but that she was an awful person

Didn't deserve to win

I actually liked Courtney. Just because she won doesn't mean you have to hate her

I think Courtney does not deserve the hate;
earlier in the season, yes she look like shes proud of herself with her "pretend" goody-two-shoes attitude (hence maybe the built up hate from viewers), but as the competition edges on (episode 5 onwards), you will see that she, even when given the worst disadvantages,half-an-hour and testicles, she still comes up with top quality dishes each and every time. In groups she always does well and leads reasonably well too.

As for saying she is an awful person, I think it is a bit much, considering she won a lot of best dishes hence why she got to use her advantages a lot of times to strategically to put the others in bad position (does that make her a bad person? ). The other best dish winners does the same to her too only for her to shine with her dish. Awful person, for me, is Krissi Biasiello Season 4. Courtney is far from that.

And saying the judges favours her is invalid. Ahran won that day because her dish was the best, ...more

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9 David Williams Season 7

David is a crybaby ass that need to leave now he is a jerk and I can't believe they allowed him to come back after he cried like a spoiled ass child he make me want to puke and not watch the show. The black women deserved to stay she was rock solid in the show. It's another one of those things if you are black and things are difficult just throw a temper tantrum and it's ok. Would it be the same if he was a white guy? I think not

I understand it's a high pressure competition, but you should know better than to throw a bottle of champagne like a three year old.

Tantrum baby

I hate how this guy is such a big dick to Shaun. He is basically josh, but with an even worse attitude as sickening as krissi's. - ndog

10 Max Kramer Season 2

What an arrogant snob! He was always going on about how much the other contestants sucked, yet he was awful as well. So glad he didn't last long at all.

A spoiled brat who lacked a serious amount of respect. - Kama

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11 Mark Togni Season 8

He, Sam and Heather were doomed from the start. During first mystery box challenge, those 3 were considered worst of the worst. Gordon threatened him with elimination. He's a jerk

Personally I think Mark is 100 times worse than Jeff. At least Jeff takes this competition seriously and is not arrogant.

Jeff's attitude was a bit off but he's a decent guy and a good cook, can't say the same for Mark - FukboiAyano

Very nasty to the judges and the worst cook ever on master chef and a bad father

12 Astrid Lavenia Season 5

How did she get a white apron? Let alone not be in the top 3 on this list... - Circleofjerks

Didn't know how to bake?! Seariosly!

13 David Martinez Season 3

While he did have some really bad moments, I wouldn't really put him as high as #2

He sucks he threw both Felix and Anna under the bus

Arguably one of the worst contestant in the masterchef. He was always the reason why the team tanked, almost to the point were you wonder if the guy is an idiot or a saboteur. in my opinion Season 3 was the worst season because of this guy and Tali.

14 Sam Reiff-Pasarew Season 8

This guy is so oblivious in each challenge. He's as bad as Raj and Jeremy (season 8 and season 11 respectively) from Hell's Kitchen. He said that writing is like cooking. Wrong! These 2 arts are different. When he cooks, he doesn't pay attention to what's he doing. First, he made liquid scramble eggs. His bad lamb dish was his last straw. The liquid scramble eggs are as bad as liquid mash potatoes. This guy is a mess from the start.

The only time he wasn't in the bottom was when he was lucky enough to be on the winning team for the first team challenge. Consistently terrible peformer.

15 Howard Simpson Season 4

I hated this guy so much. He missed an ingredient for some kind of shrimp dish. Then he undercooked Call of Duty. Finally, he added unusual ingredients like bell peppers into his pasta. Joe considered him a total disgrace throughout the season. I hated when he makes some horse noise when called for his pasta. If he participated in in Hell's Kitchen, he wouldn't survive a single dinner service. Chef Ramsay would kick him out of the show before participants chose their nominees. He wouldn't survive Top Chef either. Tom would acknowledge his inconsistencies for each challenge. Padma would eliminate him within first few episodes. This guy would be considered the most incompetent chef if he participated in other cooking game shows, including Cutthroat Kitchen (only heard about it, but never watch it).

Howard is a very narcissistic and the fact that Sasha went home over Howard was a joke as Howard only produced a very small plate of salad with nothing special to it in an hour and the fact that he even made it to the top 15 in his season on masterchef was a big joke. Shame on you Howard!

Arrogant and prone to self-pity.
But at least he had the balls to eliminate himself. - Kama

16 Heather Dombrosky Season 8

Pretty much like Sam, the only time she wasn’t in the bottom was when she was on the winning team in the first team challenge.

I know I said this before. She, Mark and Sam were doomed from the start. All three of them didn’t last long. The only thing she succeeded is the first team challenge, same with Sam. Her over seasoned scrambled eggs is almost inedible. That’s game over for her.

17 Adam Wong Season 8

Oh Adam, go back to Harvard. He was so annoying and constantly brags about going to Harvard

Couldn't cook anything and always in the bottom.

That elimination DEFINITELY gave me tears. Dunno why he's here.

Being in Harvard doesn’t mean you’ll be professional.

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18 Shelly Flash Season 6

Utterly shocking that she made it as far as she did. Aside from the whole saving the weakest chefs in episode 6 incident, she was a consistently sub par performer. She only got as far as she did because of her sob story and because she was pretty much Gordon Ramsay's favorite throughout the season.

She initially lost at auditions, but Gordon wanted her to be part of the game. She's pretty much like Virginia from Hell's Kitchen. They both have subpar performances, but Gordon kept making them stay. They both have been on chopping block multiple times. I know audiences despise her, but I think she's at least better than Krissi from season 4.

I don't like her too! Why do Nigerians / Africans act like that? She's not strong enough as well and I wish she went home earlier... :|...

19 Suzy Singh Season 2

From the first time you saw her, it was like urrghh; always talking about herself and how good she is. Her cooking skills are ok but obviously not the best like the way she brags about it. Even when she return as a support for the finale cooks, she still can't get over herself and says one of the spots should belong to her. People like Suzy, Christian and maybe Max makes season 2 a little unpleasant to watch. My favorite for season 2 personality wise, Ben Star.

She did not deserved to go as far as she did, she was constantly bragging about being one of the best without actually having the talent to show for it.

20 Christian Collins Season 2

He's the reason that I avoid watching season 2. He sounded like a arrogant prick. He's reminds me of Scott, the past Hell's Kitchen participant in 7th season, but made further progress. However, I don't like him nor Scott (like I said, I'm talking about 7th season participant, not former Hell's Kitchen sous chef nor season 12 champion). He nearly got the boot for eating during judges evaluation. I heard he's a kind person off camera.

He even dared to argue with the judges! I've met a lot of arrogant people but honestly, non of them would actually dared to argue or even disagree with what their teachers, boss or anyone who is authoritative said. A total prick who has no respect for anyone but himself. Why did he pass the audition at the first place?

Don't get me wrong. He's incredibly talented, but unfortunately, his arrogance was completely unbearable.

He's arrogant, inconsiderate, and rude. Wonder how on earth his kids can even stand the sight of him.

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