Worst Homecooks On Masterchef U.S.

This is a list of the home cooks who have failed to impress the judges and fans alike cookwise on Masterchef U.S.

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1 Tali Clavijo Season 3

This guy's worse than a snob. I've read many of his interviews and seems like he never learnt his lesson at all, still trying to promote "non-traditionist cooking". I can understand his intention and beliefs and appreciate that he is trying to be creative, but there are times where simple and traditional is the best. If he thinks he's a genius and that the judges are too "old-fashioned" then there's no point coming to MasterChef. It is not just a competition, but also a place to learn. What an immature guy he is!

This guy was completely delusional. "Oh, look at my new innovative cooking" was pretty much always his go to thing and he would constantly defend himself, claiming the judges did not understand his "brilliance". It was always obvious that his food sucked.

Just an overall pretentious prick who closed his ears for criticism. What in the hell did he expect from the judges? Sorry Tali, but stop jerking off to your "art" and get through your head that not everyone is gonna love your horror show dishes. - Kama

Just super idiot.

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2 Krissi Biasiello Season 4

I hate this prick so much. She's pretty much the Russell, Elise and Jackie (all 3 from Hell's Kitchen) of Masterchef. Joe berated her for horrible catfish dish. She makes snide plans to eliminate everyone else just to stay in the show, including Jessie and Natasha. Producers keep her just for drama and ratings. In cooking game shows, they can't dismiss participants based on attitude. They care only for cooking capabilities. Show's crew praise her cooking over her attitude. I'm so sick of this prick. I hope she doesn't participate in Top Chef nor Hell's Kitchen. I don't want to hear from her ever again.

While I think she's much better than Tali, I still loathe her as she had been constantly pushing people into the mud. Even it's a competition this is not an excuse for her mean attitude. I had my last straw when she desperate tried to get Bime out of the competition

Performance-wise, Tali is worse. Attitude-wise, Krissi is worse.

The most annoying bitch ever

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3 Derrick Peltz Season 6

Why is Derrick on this list?! He was one of the best contestants and should have won his season.

Derrick was a tool

Not true!


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4 Jeff Philbin Season 8

Jeff may have had an attitude, but I feel he had strong cooking skills compared to some others in that season. Not a fan of him, but there has been much worse on MasterChef. - isaaonrtdmtr

Scrapes by the skin of his teeth every episode and always acts like an arrogant crybaby when things don't go his way.

He's always giving up and is a really bad team member

He may have been slightly arrogant but he is still 1000 times better than Krissi and Tali.

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5 Ryan Umane Season 3

Arrogant and disgusting. He actually told the female contestants to flash her breasts to get votes during a team challenge

He was a moron! He threw Samantha under the bus. Sam didn't mean to cook the raw duck! He was also arrogant towards Monti!

Always talks crap about Monti, told females to flash their breasts, arrogant and thinks he's the best contestant in the kitchen but he got his ass kicked quickly. Jeff's attitude is bad, but at least he can make a souffle even when he sucks at desserts. This guy could't even make a molten lava cake. He gave live crab to Christine just because she can't see the pinchers. I agree with Frank on the episode he got eliminated, he said that he would love to go down there a just slap him around.

So glad he got elimiated early. Cannot stand him

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6 Bowen Li Season 9

The most obnoxious personality of the show. - FukboiAyano

A hypocrite and phony. Absolutely horrendous human being. No one really deserves to be on this list except for him.

Why? I'm predicting him for the finale

Was he actually that bad?

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7 Courtney Lapresi Season 5

People hate her not because she won but that she was an awful person

Terrible attitude, smiles when people fail and for some reason always obsessed with Christian. She acts like Christian is her boyfriend or something.

Didn't deserve to win

She often underestimated, or even worse, looked down on others

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8 Cutter Brewer Season 5

Cutter should definitely be in the top 10. Aside from his unlikable attitude, he was a consistently bad performer. He has placed in the bottom more than any other contestant on the show. Him making it all the way to the final 4 was a joke!

How did Cutter make it Top 4? He makes Neo from The Matrix look like an amateur at dodging bullets.

Stupid idiot. How could he have made it to the top. He blames everyone on everything.

Good Lord. Him and courtney was just so awful to watch.

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9 Nathan Barnhouse Season 7

He's is as bad as Sabrina from Hell's Kitchen season 8. Both are young and immature. Both were put in their respective shows for drama. They don't get along with their fellow contestants. They complain for their own mistakes. I can imagine him being in Hell's Kitchen just to make a big mess for blue team.

He's literally been babysat by Gordon. He didn't know how to make rice, and asked Chef Ramsay when to take it off the burner. HOW is that fair? He has skated by way too long when there were FAR better cooks that got eliminated for lesser failures. He is a disgrace to the competition. And his hair is horrendous.

Just a really annoying, bratty, incompetent kid. Why in the hell did he make it as far as he did? The dude couldn't even cook rice?! - Kama

Don’t hate on him, he’s autistic!

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10 Mark Togni Season 8

He, Sam and Heather were doomed from the start. During first mystery box challenge, those 3 were considered worst of the worst. Gordon threatened him with elimination. He's a jerk

Personally I think Mark is 100 times worse than Jeff. At least Jeff takes this competition seriously and is not arrogant.

Jeff's attitude was a bit off but he's a decent guy and a good cook, can't say the same for Mark - FukboiAyano

Between him and Jeff, I'd choose Jeff any day. Mark was such a lazy cook that didn't take anything seriously. He just made a bunch of football references and cooked what I would cook on a Sunday morning. - isaaonrtdmtr

Jeff had anger issues, but he cooked like he truly wanted to win MasterChef. Mark cooked as slow as the sloth from Zootopia.

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11 David Williams Season 7

David is a crybaby ass that need to leave now he is a jerk and I can't believe they allowed him to come back after he cried like a spoiled ass child he make me want to puke and not watch the show. The black women deserved to stay she was rock solid in the show. It's another one of those things if you are black and things are difficult just throw a temper tantrum and it's ok. Would it be the same if he was a white guy? I think not

I understand it's a high pressure competition, but you should know better than to throw a bottle of champagne like a three year old.

Tantrum baby

He quit, he threw temper tantrums, he blamed other people for his mistakes, he whined like a baby. A shame he made the finale ahead of Tanorria. An absolute disgrace to the show

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12 Max Kramer Season 2

What an arrogant snob! He was always going on about how much the other contestants sucked, yet he was awful as well. So glad he didn't last long at all.

A spoiled brat who lacked a serious amount of respect. - Kama

Very arrogant, who couldn't do anything without his parents money. He has no clue how to be humble, or sympathetic to others.

13 Sam Reiff-Pasarew Season 8

This guy is so oblivious in each challenge. He's as bad as Raj and Jeremy (season 8 and season 11 respectively) from Hell's Kitchen. He said that writing is like cooking. Wrong! These 2 arts are different. When he cooks, he doesn't pay attention to what's he doing. First, he made liquid scramble eggs. His bad lamb dish was his last straw. The liquid scramble eggs are as bad as liquid mash potatoes. This guy is a mess from the start.

He said he was happy to eat blue lamb when his dish was terrible and was happy about it

The only time he wasn't in the bottom was when he was lucky enough to be on the winning team for the first team challenge. Consistently terrible peformer.

hated him

14 Astrid Lavenia Season 5

Yes, Astrid. MasterChef does have a cleaning crew. That doesn't excuse you from deliberately throwing food scraps onto the floor. You'd think Joe would immediately throw her out after that. - isaaonrtdmtr

How did she get a white apron? Let alone not be in the top 3 on this list... - Circleofjerks

Didn't know how to bake?! Seariosly!

15 Shanika Patterson Season 9

I understand that Shanika can be very direct when talking to people, but she truly is looking out not only for her safety in the game, but the others' safety. I admit, I'm not the biggest fan of her attitude either, but Shanika is a competent cook, and that's why she's still here. - isaaonrtdmtr

Blaming other people for her mistakes a lot

She's just so ugly. Always happy when someone falls. Terrible character.

/kill Shanika

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16 Heather Dombrosky Season 8

Pretty much like Sam, the only time she wasn’t in the bottom was when she was on the winning team in the first team challenge.

I know I said this before. She, Mark and Sam were doomed from the start. All three of them didn’t last long. The only thing she succeeded is the first team challenge, same with Sam. Her over seasoned scrambled eggs is almost inedible. That’s game over for her.

17 David Martinez Season 3

While he did have some really bad moments, I wouldn't really put him as high as #2

He sucks he threw both Felix and Anna under the bus

Eh. He had some good moments and some bad moments.

Dude gives up so easily

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18 Dino Angelo Luciano Season 8

Why? He was fun on MasterChef

Dino had a great personality and was a talented chef, deserved to win it. Shouldn't be near this list.

He's the reason that I never watched MChef USA ever again

Why is he on the list? I know he didn’t stand out until late in competition

19 Howard Simpson Season 4

I hated this guy so much. He missed an ingredient for some kind of shrimp dish. Then he undercooked Call of Duty. Finally, he added unusual ingredients like bell peppers into his pasta. Joe considered him a total disgrace throughout the season. I hated when he makes some horse noise when called for his pasta. If he participated in in Hell's Kitchen, he wouldn't survive a single dinner service. Chef Ramsay would kick him out of the show before participants chose their nominees. He wouldn't survive Top Chef either. Tom would acknowledge his inconsistencies for each challenge. Padma would eliminate him within first few episodes. This guy would be considered the most incompetent chef if he participated in other cooking game shows, including Cutthroat Kitchen (only heard about it, but never watch it).

Howard is a very narcissistic and the fact that Sasha went home over Howard was a joke as Howard only produced a very small plate of salad with nothing special to it in an hour and the fact that he even made it to the top 15 in his season on masterchef was a big joke. Shame on you Howard!

A complete screwball who, like Tali, only ever had one good dish. He should've been eliminated first over Sasha because he wasted a whole hour just to make a salad. What kind of "chef" would do that is beyond me. Worse than Krissi in my opinion. - isaaonrtdmtr

Arrogant and prone to self-pity.
But at least he had the balls to eliminate himself. - Kama

20 Suzy Singh Season 2

From the first time you saw her, it was like urrghh; always talking about herself and how good she is. Her cooking skills are ok but obviously not the best like the way she brags about it. Even when she return as a support for the finale cooks, she still can't get over herself and says one of the spots should belong to her. People like Suzy, Christian and maybe Max makes season 2 a little unpleasant to watch. My favorite for season 2 personality wise, Ben Star.

She did not deserved to go as far as she did, she was constantly bragging about being one of the best without actually having the talent to show for it.

21 Christian Collins Season 2

He's the reason that I avoid watching season 2. He sounded like a arrogant prick. He's reminds me of Scott, the past Hell's Kitchen participant in 7th season, but made further progress. However, I don't like him nor Scott (like I said, I'm talking about 7th season participant, not former Hell's Kitchen sous chef nor season 12 champion). He nearly got the boot for eating during judges evaluation. I heard he's a kind person off camera.

He even dared to argue with the judges! I've met a lot of arrogant people but honestly, non of them would actually dared to argue or even disagree with what their teachers, boss or anyone who is authoritative said. A total prick who has no respect for anyone but himself. Why did he pass the audition at the first place?

Don't get me wrong. He's incredibly talented, but unfortunately, his arrogance was completely unbearable.

He has the absolute worst attitude of any home cook on this list, his demeanor and blatant disrespect for his other chefs if disgusting, he should have never been in the top 20 with that kind of attitude.

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22 Shelly Flash Season 6

Utterly shocking that she made it as far as she did. Aside from the whole saving the weakest chefs in episode 6 incident, she was a consistently sub par performer. She only got as far as she did because of her sob story and because she was pretty much Gordon Ramsay's favorite throughout the season.

She initially lost at auditions, but Gordon wanted her to be part of the game. She's pretty much like Virginia from Hell's Kitchen. They both have subpar performances, but Gordon kept making them stay. They both have been on chopping block multiple times. I know audiences despise her, but I think she's at least better than Krissi from season 4.

Sh failed to lead her lead her team to victory and when she had a crappy dish, she blamed on the other contestants that they didn't cook the food fast enough.


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23 Adam Wong Season 8

The problem I had with him is that he is trying to put his "Japanese" spin on everything without understanding where that food stands in the japanese culture... when Gordan asked for a restaurant quality food he puts some street food in a bag on the plate...

Oh Adam, go back to Harvard. He was so annoying and constantly brags about going to Harvard

Couldn't cook anything and always in the bottom.

That elimination DEFINITELY gave me tears. Dunno why he's here.

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24 Samantha Daily Season 9

Sorority this, college that, Iowa this, never cooked that... got annoying very quickly


Samantha is not the biggest crybaby. It is Jennifer from Season 8.

Biggest crybaby ever

25 D'Andre Balaoing Season 7

He outstayed his welcome. He somehow looks like a Bruno Mars Reject. He's "Lazy" (oh yes I said it cause I can). Don't wanna see your face. There's a lot things that I would change. Cause you ain't amazing. "Just the way you are." - ndog

Stupid man he should had went home in episode 1

Couldn't make mashed potatoes

26 Jennifer Williams Season 8

She's a crybaby just like Beth from Hell's Kitchen season 12. She had multiple meltdowns in almost every challenge. She almost lost it. When she and Paige were on chopping block, everyone chose her because everyone hates Paige. Although I never like either of them, Jennifer is a type of contestant who can't handle the pressure. Remember kids, chefs don't cry (quote from Aaron Song before his passing). I don't think she can handle Hell's Kitchen nor Top Chef.

Cracked under pressure during the second team challenge and said it made her team ahead, failed to make fish and chips

She can't cook. Why come to masterchef if you can't handle the heat?

27 Scott Little Season 3

He is a very nice guy, but he can't cook well sadly. - ndog

Great guy with a big heart, but he just is not a good cook. - isaaonrtdmtr

Although he sucked I would' nt put him this high

I hated him so much he didn't know how to cook and apple which he makes pretty often put duck in a profiterole and had only one good dish which was his risotto
Man this guy is delusional

28 Stephani Syfax-Shepherd Season 5

This girl is a donkey. Pecans in blueberry pie? That’s a big no no.

29 Jennifer Behm Season 2

Barely won any team challenges and she sucked in the competition. That raw lamb dish should have been an automatic disqualification. If the judges can't taste your dishes because they're raw, what's the point of still being here. Plus, she also screwed up her Pork Dish, Ravioli, and messed up an egg-truffle dish when she should have just gone up to the balcony. Christian should have been in the final two. In my personal opinion, she did not deserve to win.

Masterchef, is a good show. Unfortunately, the judges idea of the winner (besides Luca and christine) just sucks.

Barely won any challenges and sent out a number of dishes that were either okay or elimination worthy. How she wasn't sent out after making that ugly patty is ridiculous. Worst of all...she won? - isaaonrtdmtr

Not all winners get my respect. In her case, she could have got an exit for this raw lamb. She didn’t get to make her own cookbook. The thing is champions don’t always get the same amount of respect as others. Not all of them get the award. In Hell’s Kitchen, Holli and Janel both were denied from working in prize restaurant. Holli failed to apply for work visa to
UK. Janel went over the threshold for drugs in her body. Some Hell’s Kitchen champions were like peons instead of leader such as Danny and Dave. They both worked in their prize restaurant for less than few months. Not all champions of reality competition shows get their prizes, so they don’t always get my respect.

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30 Beth Kirby Season 4

Doesn't know how to make crab cakes annoying and just doesn't know how to cook

Cried in almost every episode.

31 Christopher Lu Season 6

This guy doesn't even care about the competition. He just gets owned every time and has a big mouth.

Christina destroyed him for looking away from the judges. That costed him his place in Masterchef.

What kind of person makes Christina Tosi annoyed at them? I was so satisfied yet so surprised when she went Joe Bastianich on Christopher's arse. - isaaonrtdmtr

32 Katie Dixon Season 7

so stupid

33 Adrien Nieto Season 2

Why is Adrien here?

He should have won.

The only bad thing I can really say about him is that he didn't win. - isaaonrtdmtr

34 Tommy Walton Season 6

Why is he on here? This guy is hilarious.

He needs to get sent home already! So annoying!

35 Alejandra Schrader Season 2

Although good at the beginning, she sucked later. Proof: She served raw garlic, and raw pork loin which was supposed to be the easiest cut to work with. I can't even believe she did that. Plus I hate her facial expressions when she gets criticized. - ndog

36 Becky Reams Season 3

At least people this season I didn't necessarily like, such as Ryan and Tali, at least were interesting to watch. Becky thinks that her food is the best, and whines when things don't go her way. Plus, she threw David under the bus for the whole sushi plate when she was responsible for 50% of it. I just don't like her.

Too arrogant and always thought her food was the best even though it wasn't

Why is she on this list? She has been a strong contestant since day one. She’s better than all of the women in her season, including Felix and Monti

37 Elise Mayfield Season 5

At least she admitted she made mistakes. Unlike Tali

She did absolutely nothing but make terrible pies.

She shouldn't even jave been there!

38 Justin Banister Season 6

He was the youngest in that season. Who uses candy corn in cooking savoury dishes? This kid is forgettable. I forgot that he exists.

39 Bill Travers Season 7

The current oldest contestant before Veronica, but an even bigger disappointment. Being in bottom twice in one episode, then that's when you know that you suck. - ndog

40 Diana Billow Season 7

Can't cook Lobster or Fried Chicken that's why she's on here

So glad she went home before Diamond

41 Samantha de Silva Season 3

Although she served the raw duck, she deserves another chance because she hasn't really showcased what she can do. If there was an all-star season, I would love to see her on! It was screwed up that Ryan threw her under the bus.

She was the first to be eliminated out of the Top 18 and quite frankly she deserved it.

42 Paige Jimenez Season 8

She added too much spice on the fish in the second episode and she didn't seem to care either - heidilynn

The reason she got the boot early on because everyone was biased against her. She is pretty much responsible for team loss. Her meat dish was her last straw. She was overconfident during pressure test. I doubt anyone will remember her years laters.

I don't care what's she's doing after getting booted out. I hope she attends an university studying whatever she's interested in.

On a side, this is not the girl I want to spend time with.

She's cute and pretty, but she doesn't deserve to be in the competition to be honest and she only fits in modelling... I think she's kinda arrogant based when she said on her elimination challenge. I'm glad she went home early! I hate her and also Eboni Henry that arrogant bitch that is like Krissi Biasiello! Go to hell! I don't like those kind of girls! Tsk!

43 Necco Ceresani Season 8

He mouthed off the judges and that's why he got sent home

44 Caitlin Jones Season 8

Really hated her!

Why is she on this list? I know she had to face the pressure test multiple times. She was inept in cleaning lamb chops. The only time she won was the team challenge which cannoli pressure test follows afterwards. Although she wasn’t a strong contestant, it doesn’t mean she’s a bad person.

45 Mark Ingraham Season 9

He pretty much got lucky getting an apron and was a continuous disappointment throughout the competition. Thank god Christina put him in his place. - isaaonrtdmtr

There we go, I finally found him. Why is he way lower than the other Mark?

Why is he below Season 9 Samantha?

He always self proclaim that he’s the best in the kitchen. That is arrogant. He ignores other teammates’ advice. He shouldn’t receive an apron at all.

46 Juni Cuevas Season 9

Okay cook until the wedding challenge, where he fell apart trying to captain and made some disastrous mistakes throughout the day. Even though he's a nice guy I was satisfied with his elimination. - isaaonrtdmtr

47 Darah Carattini Season 6

After 1st team challenge, she sacrificed herself to be eliminated. She could have gone up the balcony instead.

Her food sucks

48 Mateo McConnell Season 6

Why is he on here

49 Jonny Blanchard Season 4

Why Jonny? Big Jon was consistenly in the middle of the pack and I doubt he could challenge the ones like Jessie and Natasha who were always ahead of the rest, but he was far from the worst. He got eliminated because of his own bad decisions, not because of his lack of skills or whatsoever.

50 Claudia Sandoval Season 6

The problem I had with Claudia is that she constantly stuck to her roots rather than expanding her flavor profile. Good cook, but not MasterChef worthy. - isaaonrtdmtr

What?! Why is she on this list?!? I love Claudia! And Derek is also my favorite too! - Shdnf

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