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41 Star Wolf - cammiluna

It would have been a better picture if Krystal wasn't included. Believe it or not, Krystal's role/characterization in Star Fox Command is the game's biggest flaw next to the lack of a true ending.

42 Panther + Krystal offsprings - WolfoxOkamichan

You know that, even in fiction, it is still impossible for a fox and a big cat to reproduce, let alone the fact that Krystal has a kid with Fox McCloud in one ending of Star Fox Command whereas she never had any with Panther in any of the endings in the same game. (SORRY FOR the SPOILERZ)

43 TailsxCream - bbmbbf

This is a really horrible picture and the fact that the user in question is a hentai artist doesn't help either. Tails and Cream never shown any romantic interest towards each other in the Sonic games, comics or shows. Thus, they were never a couple to begin with and the idea of shipping them is easily crack.

While I know there are tons of art and fanfics of Sonic shippings around the Internet, this picture and this couple are the worst.

44 Benny's Travels - EllentheApeGirl

A piece of garbage recast idea of Fleischer's Gulliver's Travels *shudder* made by a Pooh's Adventures fan starring Benny the Beast. Seriously, Sneak, Snoop and Snitch are not hyenas and thus, the hyenas from The Lion King as well as the real hyena species in general don't fit the roles of those three characters. Not to mention that the hyenas from The Lion King are awful characters and gave their species a bad rap. If I were to make a hyena character, I would never use the three spies as an inspiration for their tropes, no no, I'd much make my hyena characters an amazon brigade instead. Timon as Gabby? Don't make me laugh, but I thought both sidekicks were annoying. This recast does not make sense at all and I don't know what Ellen was trying to think. The only fitting role in the whole recast would be Scuttle as Twinkletoes the carrier pigeon, and that may because of both being birds and the whole "derpy" expression both characters have. (Sorry for using the word ...more

45 Shadow Swordmaster - PotterzillaSeries

Even though it has nothing to do with Karel, or even Fire Emblem in general, but still. Shadow the Hedgehog is not a swordmaster, okay. Heck, if Shadow were in a FE class, he'd be an assassin. Okay, moving on... Well, this image looks poorly drawn and even a small child can draw better than this.

Besides, why the heck does Shadow need a katana or another sword when he's just got Chaos powers?

46 Boxing Shenzi vs Sylveon - Anthros- - Jose-Ramiro

Shenzi is not muscular. Enough said.

Also, any crossover or crossover shipping involving The Lion King is a terrible idea.

47 Disney Sonic - Pinocchiofan4ever

At least the account is inactive now, but when the user made this picture, I kept asking to myself: WHAT THE HECK WERE YOU THINKING?!

48 Sonic and friends in Disney cosplay - Pinocchiofan4ever

Sonic is not a Disney franchise, people.

49 Kakuna Rattata - TsaoShin

Why do Lion King fans have to ruin everything with their disgusting crossover trash? I know TsaoShin is a good artist, but... Geez Louise, what is that?!

50 KarelVan Black + White 1 - kybok

It bugs me so much when some users (those who are familiar with Fire Emblem anyhow) have the urge to put Karel with every villain they see, when the fact is that Karel was never a villain, just an anti-hero in Fire Emblem: Blazing Blade before he became the saint he is in Fire Emblem: Binding Blade, thus he would probably see all those bad guys fans pair him up with as worthy opponents, not join forces with them. Kybok, in this image, paired him up with Tales of the Abyss' villain, Van Grants for no reason. Even though it is not as bad as the horrible idea of Karel joining the Organization XIII in a Kingdom Hearts crossover fanfic, but still cringy.

51 What a Yutz Felix n Blaze - Pennyadodumuss

This whole "What a Yutz" series of shipping Sonic characters with classic cartoon characters is just cringy. Felix the Cat already has a love interest in the form of Kitty. As for Blaze, well, she's better off with no one, LOL. (Although if Blaze were to be shipped with any character, it would be Sonic himself. Although I would say Silver, too, but Blaze more likely sees Silver as a brother figure or platonic relationship more than anything else and it only existed in Sonic the Hedgehog 2006, which that game is not canon and most people seem to give it a negative reception, anyway)

52 What a Yutz Rocky n Marine - Pennyadodumuss

I much rather have Marine with Tails instead, mind you. It is flabbergasting to see Sonic characters shipped with those of old cartoons. What's with people, nowadays.

53 Kaa conquers Gensokyo - BrokenTeapot

What's with some of the Disney fandom turning every character in the Disney animated canon a fetish nowadays, most notably The Jungle Book's Kaa? It was bad enough that Disney made him a villain in the film (as well as a female in the new live-action remake) as opposed to his role as Mowgli's mentor in the original tale. Now people have to turn him into a fetish just because of his hypnosis powers? Surprised that they didn't use Hypno from Pokemon instead for this kind of fetish. As someone who recently has been getting interested in Touhou Project, this picture makes me kind of sad. Hopefully the ladies in Gensokyo will do something to stop Kaa... Or else.

54 KarelVan - kybok

Oops. This was already listed... Sorry.


55 Amy Rose Free Hole - ButLova

Sounds like a disgusting picture... I don't know what that is, and I don't want to know... -_-

56 Pearl on the Toilet - SithVampireMaster27
57 Splash Woman Taking a Dump - ButLova

This guy's a scat fetishist too? Ugh... - SailorSedna

58 Taylor's Selfie Booty Pic-CK-Draws-Stuff

That character's only 16-years-old.

59 Ghostly Butt Smack!-CK-Draws-Stuff
60 Jacob is Stuck - SithVampireMaster27
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