Top Ten Worst Internet Challenges

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1 Fire Challenge

Seriously, why do people think it's a good idea to play with fire and light themselves on fire? Whoever invented this challenge has a brain that is the size of a flea, it can kill you pretty easily!

What? This is very risky. It's an insult for the firemans who trying to save trapped people in the burning house. It will cause burns from 1st degree to 3rd degree.

You don't play with fire -_- you know what the consequences will be. Why play with it in the first place? come on you can be smarter than that don't dumb.

Just, no. This is about as stupid as poop in face and covid 19 licking, more pointless than the condom challenges and NNN, and more deadly than all of them. Please, don't do this.

2 Tide Pod Challenge

This challenge is stupid. Who's the got the idea of this challenge? They didn't know the negative effects of the detergent. Detergent contains of chemicals. Why this challenge exists?

This is by far the worst Internet challenge I've seen in recent years. The only one that's more dangerous and stupid than this one is the fire challenge. But seriously, you know it's bad when even the Tide company has to get involved and send a public service announcement saying that Tide Pods are meant to be used for laundry, not for a dumb Internet challenge.

Easily the dumbest challenge/trend of 2018. In 2020 I'm still flabbergasted that this even became a trend in the first place. It, inevitably, did cause deaths, and I feel bad for those that were affected by someone they were close to dying as a result of this challenge.

I'm not really suprised that teens and kids are stupid enough to actually think this is a fun thing to do because other people are doing it who shouldn't even be doing it in the first place.

3 Bleach Drinking Challenge

Bleach is made of chlorine. Chlorine is a poisonous greenish gas. It is dangerous in our health. Bleach is not soda.

Nobody should have the right to do these challenges.

That idea makes me want to drink bleach.

Stupid just stupid

4 Choking Challenge

I once accidently swallowed a whole ice cube when drinking water, it melted pretty quickly. I wouldn't really say it counts as the challenge though.

This is really dangerous and it can kill you. Yeah I'm definitely not trying to choke myself, that's just messed up

These sort of "challenges" really make me question some people on the internet.

Oh boy, what's this one about? Guess I'll never know.

5 Blue Whale Challenge

This is a real thing, it was on a YouTube video I was watching by Shane Dawson. How it works is, there's a game master which is a real person who gives the players 50 dangerous challenges, and they can't quit, just like the movie Nerve. The final challenge is always to jump off of a high building, which always results in... well, you know. I know I would never want to do that!

Alright, My brother did this and he almost died but he is alive and in a wheelchair. I don't know why such a Stupid and idiotic challenge was made but IT NEEDS TO STOP! If your thinking about doing it don't. My brother is an example why not to. Do you wan't that to be you? If not then don't do it for god sake. -Alyssa

This is the stupidest thing I've ever seen. People harming themselves for a idiotic challenge. Come on people have some self respect

How is the cinnamon challenge above this? The blue whale challenge told people to kill themselves.

6 Kylie Jenner Challenge

Nobody even likes this chick so I have absolutely no idea why people were stupid enough to ruin their own lips.

Never do this challenge. Some people use a vacuum cleaner to do this challenge!

Why would you want to look like a humanoid duck?

Known to cause ruptured blood vessels.

7 Autism Challenge

I hate the fact that this was originally to help donate to charities for people with autism and people made it so disgusting.

This is really offensive to people who actually have autism.

This challenge is offensive to us autistic people.

What is this challenge? I bet its offensive

8 1000 Degree Knife Challenge

I can't believe people would do this on YouTube now.

Its pretty dangerous,

9 Covid-19 Licking Toilet Seat Challenge

How retarded do you have to be to to this? There is nothing dirtier than a toilet seat. If you lick one, you are basically liking particles of poop and pee. Even worse if it's a public toilet, you don't know who last used it.

Wonderful. Just wonderful. You are most certainly not a moron if you did this.

During a serious pandemic, F this BS challenge. People should know better in a crisis like this.

This challenge made me lose faith in humanity.

10 Fainting Challenge

This is easy to do if you have anxiety or PTSD or something else similar.

Just think of everything that scares you and think of all the bad memories you've ever had in your entire life.

You may have a panic attack, then you might faint...or go into a coma...or get a heart attack...

But seriously, it's not safe.

I already have epilepsy. I don't need to be challenged to go to cloud nine for a while to do it. (And a few years back- maybe seventh grade?- I got really good at faking it. I don't fake it anymore, though.) But who needs to be challenged to do this when you already have a semi-automatic reflex in your brain to loose consciousness?

What is this? You try to make yourself faint. Well this is easy for me, all I have to do is kneel and then quickly get up. Or not take my iron pills. Fainting sucks.

This sounds really dumb and unfunny. I'm sorry but I don't get why people like to faint themselves for fun. Not only that, it's painful as well

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11 Poop in Face Challenge

If I thought the " Covid 19 Licking toilet" Challenge was bad then this is beyond it- BRUH what if someone just comes up to you and poop on your brand new shirt/dress/skirt How would you feel? But the main question is why is this even a thing in the first place? There is ZERO sense in it and it makes you and your family and friends look crazy! I feel bad for the parents of whoever created this challenge for giving birth to someone who had the idea of this- This challenge disgust me and shows me what our society is like today. You could actually die from this this is a terrible challenge. If your going to think about doing this stop! Your going to kill someone else. This is practically murder. Its time to stop guys. -Alyssa

People did this? Man that's just plain disgusting. Poop smells so bad. Imagine having it in your face. Not to mention it's very unhealthy to have poop in your face

This is disgusting. 1. Where would you get this poop the toilet like ew/ 2. Disrespectful and germ and virus spreading like-

Unbelievably nasty. Why the hell is this even a thing.

12 Cinnamon Challenge

I'm not 100% sure, but I've heard of another type of ground cinnamon that is much safer to eat. Someone tell me if this is true or not because I don't know.

My dad told me not to do it, at first I thought it was just eating cinnamon, but I was wrong, eating it very fast, and you could choke from that.

I did it with my cousin on this site, Djsteve27.
It was a HUGE mistake. We were coughing for like half an hour and I almost had an asthma attack.

Can cause lung tissue inflammation or even long term or permanent damage. Also choking.

13 Cactus Eating Challenge

Ouch! Have you heard cacti have spikes that HURT and can stab and cut at your throat and stomach if you swallow one. Why would someone make this

Not very dangerous if you do it right but still very stupid. You would have to cut it right.

It is actually eat it Mexico. Don't worry, they remove the spikes. It's exotic though.

That sounds painful

14 Charlie Charlie Challenge

Two kids in my class tried it and I was sitting behind them, I whispered to my friends, "Watch this." And I blew the pencils. The kids freaked out. It was so funny.

I can go all day about how pointless these challenges are. Seriously, people, only a 4 year old would believe such a dumbass thing.

Come on teens. Ghosts are real!? AH! It's just gravity! Not ghosts! Most pointless challenge in history.

You're playing with demons when you play this games. Demons are really mad it's noynjust some game.

15 Aunt Jemima Syrup Challenge

This is ridiculous

16 Hot Water Challenge

Great way to fry your taste buds. Plus you could scald your throat and that would be painful because you couldn't eat anymore.

The moment I burn my tongue on a hot cappuccino, it's painful for 3 days! But pouring boiling water on a random person?
I've lost faith in humanity

17 Boiled Water Challenge

Why the hell would you do this? I got burnt from boiling water while cooking on my arm, and it hurt for weeks every time I rested my arm.

Boiled water is no joke, and these people drench themselves in it.

18 Salt & Ice Challenge

One question to the people who does the challenge. Why?...

Can cause second degree burns very easily.

Why would you actually do this?

This is stupid

19 Backpack Challenge

The backpack challenge was actually one of the few internet challenges that I found entertaining.

This is one of the best internet challenges, why the hell is it on this list?

You throw backpacks at people and they get hurt.

I do the backpack challenge daily.

20 Taser Gun Challenge

I have a taser gun, but I don't use it unless it's an emergency like someone breaking into your house. Don't waist the electricity on this weapon for stupid games.

These are all so stupid!

I don't understand.

21 Bird Box Challenge

I am sorry but this should be wayyy higher! Why? Let me explain. The Bird Box Challenge is you basically doing everything you would do, but with your eyes closed. Even stuff that is way too dangerous for you to do that! (I.E.: driving, working, walking, running, etc.) People actually have died from this! Look it up. Whoever came up with this challenge should be labeled as the person with the lowest I.Q. in history.

Why, just why, if you do this you could get in a crash or something if you do this like eyes closed while you're working or driving bruh-

22 Bug Eating Challenge

I think there is nothing wrong with this! People all over the world eat bugs like we eat hamburgers, and they are doing JUST FINE. A lot of people actually say grasshoppers taste like chicken

I've eaten bugs. Fried and dipped in chocolate. They're quite good, tasting almost nutty.

Yikes! I have heard that some bugs are healthy but eating them? That's a no-no!

Don't people actually eat bugs though? Like on their own?

23 Eraser Challenge

I did it twice I'm stupid I now have 2 scars.

24 The Momo Challenge

It's a hoax where kids were enticed by a user named Momo to perform a series of dangerous and harmful tasks, such as violence and even suicide.
it just shows you how far society's gone downhill along with the internet with all the stupid and even dangerous craze.
It's not a game and it's not funny, it's cruel and evil and we need to respect each other.

Why. And to think that the sculpture wasn't even made for the challenge in the first place makes this one a million times worse. Truly a deplorable challenge, especially taking the suicides into account.

The original creator of this art is getting attacked with death threats because of this stupid challenge. The creator of the art shouldn't be getting the hate the creator who thinks its funny to scare kids should be one getting the threats. It is such a shame that great art is being used to attack people

What's this supposed to be? Also Momo is NOT scary, it's just laughable to me

25 Drinking Challenge

Uh what if this is a kid this is just.. NO (this means drinking as in drinking a drink/alcohol right) either way like bro-

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