Top Ten Worst Internet Challenges

There are so many challenges.. Check this list out! 😊I was kinda bored so I made this. ✨✨
PS: I'm so Sorry if I put a challenge on here that isn't really a challenge.. 😕😕

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1 Fire Challenge

Internet challenges are terrible. Whoever does these are all stupid and have no brain.

Someone took the song "Playing With Fire" a bit too seriously - RoseWeasley

Anyone who even thinks about doing this challenge has an IQ below zero.

My god this was so stupid. One guy did it while his MOM was recording, and when he couldn't get it out she was laughing at him! (She got arrested.)

2 Tide Pod Challenge

its idiots like this who show how far down the schnitzel hole humanity has gone

This is what happens when you don't pay attention in science class and then decide to make a bunch of other low IQ morons follow you.

This is by far the worst Internet challenge I've seen in recent years. The only one that's more dangerous and stupid than this one is the fire challenge. But seriously, you know it's bad when even the Tide company has to get involved and send a public service announcement saying that Tide Pods are meant to be used for laundry, not for a dumb Internet challenge.

Dumbest challenge by a landslide. Drinking bleach is killer, and eating Tide pods are just as bad.

3 Kylie Jenner Challenge

Don't do it, just don't.

Nobody even likes this chick so I have absolutely no idea why people were stupid enough to ruin their own lips.

Why do people want their lips so big anyways

I agree. I don't even think big lips are attractive (or Kylie Jenner for that matter).

Never do this challenge. Some people use a vacuum cleaner to do this challenge!

4 Charlie Charlie Challenge

I can go all day about how pointless these challenges are. Seriously, people, only a 4 year old would believe such a dumbass thing.

Two kids in my class tried it and I was sitting behind them, I whispered to my friends, "Watch this." And I blew the pencils. The kids freaked out. It was so funny.

Come on teens. Ghosts are real!? AH! It's just gravity! Not ghosts! Most pointless challenge in history.

It's just gravity. Calm the heck down...

5 Fainting Challenge

This is easy to do if you have anxiety or PTSD or something else similar.

Just think of everything that scares you and think of all the bad memories you've ever had in your entire life.

You may have a panic attack, then you might faint...or go into a coma...or get a heart attack...

But seriously, it's not safe.

What is this? You try to make yourself faint. Well this is easy for me, all I have to do is kneel and then quickly get up. Or not take my iron pills. Fainting sucks.

I did this, it’s fun

"There's more than one way to achieve the desired fainting effect. The first involves hyperventilating for approximately 20 seconds, or until you begin to feel lightheaded. You'd then hold your breath, tightening your diaphragm, while a third party bear-hugs you or applies direct pressure to your chest" Damn kids are stupid these days

6 Choking Challenge

Who in their right mind would do anything called the choking challenge

This is stupid I tried it ones I nearly died

This is stupid whats next the death challenge carbon dioxside challenge

This is stupid

7 Cinnamon Challenge

Cinnamon can get into your lungs and throat, which can kill you, or injure you

I did it with my cousin on this site, Djsteve27.
It was a HUGE mistake. We were coughing for like half an hour and I almost had an asthma attack.

Choke,not choose

My dad told me not to do it,at first I thought it was just eating cinamon,but I was wrong,eating it very fast,and you could choose from that

8 Salt & Ice Challenge

You can get frost bite from that

This is already here. Did you see it earlier?

This is stupid

Why would you actually do this?

9 Taser Gun Challenge

Somebody became paralyzed doing this challenge

These are all so stupid!

I don't understand.

Love the challenge specially designed with your enemy's

10 Ice Bucket Challenge

This one is for a good cause (ALS) so I don't mind it

I think most people didn't watch the whole video. Also, why are schools suspending kids for this since it's not real? Lol

I did this. It's nice to do in the summer.

I remember this from summer 2014

The Newcomers

? Autism Challenge

autisticide would have supported this

The Contenders

11 Boiled Water Challenge

Why the hell would you do this? I got burnt from boiling water while cooking on my arm, and it hurt for weeks every time I rested my arm.

At least the ice bucket challenge was only cold water

12 Drinking Challenge
13 Eraser Challenge

I did it twice I'm stupid I now have 2 scars.

Ya'll dumb as hell

14 Bug Eating Challenge

Why in the heck would I eat bugs? They're disgusting

Don't people actually eat bugs though? Like on their own?

Not as bad as the tide pod challenge

Yuck this challenge sounds gross I would never eat bugs

15 Cactus Eating Challenge

This is so stupid

THIS IS JUST DUMB. You eat a prickly things that will last for months and then probably die from internal bleeding.

That sounds painful

this is a thing


16 Hot Water Challenge

You can die and get serious burns

The moment I burn my tongue on a hot cappuccino, it's painful for 3 days! But pouring boiling water on a random person?
I've lost faith in humanity

17 1000 Degree Knife Challenge

Did you know that there was a challenge where you cut off your toes and EAT them? Gross.

I can't believe people would do this on YouTube now.

Its pretty dangerous,

18 Poop in Face Challenge

What a time to be alive

Just, Why.

Yuck that is gross to poop in anyones face

this shouldn't even be allowed on X, XX or XXX sites, this should only be on XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX sites.

19 The Bridge Jumping Challenge

This is a really dangerous challenge I would never jumb off a bridge

You jump off of a bridge. SOCIETY.
Jesus guys, don't be such damn idiots.

Why would you do this? It's pretty much suicide.

That’s dangerous!

20 Bleach Drinking Challenge

What this a challenge I would never drink bleach

the only person who should do this challenge is Trump

A perfect proof that humanity is regressing

No, absolutely not

21 Car Surfing Challenge

Mm okay

22 Blue Whale Challenge

Very short summary: Suicide Game. How is this lower then bug eating and the ALS? HOW?

How is the cinnamon challenge above this? The blue whale challenge told people to kill themselves.

This is the stupidest thing I've ever seen. People harming themselves for a idiotic challenge. Come on people have some self respect

This is one of the most dark challenges...I definitely think it should be way higher maybe at least in the top 10

23 The Momo Challenge

The creator of the sculpture had to destroy it because of this challenge - RoseWeasley

The original creator of this art is getting attacked with death threats because of this stupid challenge. The creator of the art shouldn't be getting the hate the creator who thinks its funny to scare kids should be one getting the threats. It is such a shame that great art is being used to attack people

Too dangerous for words


24 Don't Judge Me Challenge

Those videos use to be about anti body shaming, and not judging a book by it's cover. But now we have narcissistic people who make fun of people of what they consider ugly, by giving themselves a fake uni brows, pimples or bad acne, glasses, gap teeth, and trying to appear fat. Then at the end, they show off their beauty after getting dolled up. It's cringe worthy because they're being offensive and stupid with their arrogant selves, and yet they couldn't fix on what was on the inside.

One shouldn't be judged by their appearance, but rather who they are on the inside. I strongly dislike this trend.

I'll judge you anyway.

Incredibly demeaning and pointless.

25 Water Bottle Flip Challenge

I remember this challenge many people were bottle flipping at school like everyday

I am happy they banned it from schools. Kids steal my water bottle and flip it.

It sucks, so stupid and annoying in class when trying to pay attention

Annoying? yes with a capital Y. But at least it's not dangerous.

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