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1 Real Dudes Bros Night Man

When watching this, I really appreciated how it explains the stories of these characters, and all stay very true to their personality. I like how each character has a different animation style and each has their own style of interest. Blue was always the nerd so it makes sense for him to be into video games. Red's always the party house crazy guy and fits the story in perfectly. Lord Tourettes' story is definitely the star of this episode and had me pissing my pants all the way through. Also, who ever thought that Raccoon's story would work it's way into a major plot of the movie? Who gives a care, because I really appreciate how brilliant this episode is.

2 Chick Figures

With female driven comedies becoming big in both movies and televison shows, I thought it was smart to get a female's point of view of what Red and Blue usually have to deal with. It was much more real, honest, and quite funny and makes me want to see more of Lavendar (Blue) and Scarlet (Red) two females who felt much more believable as roomates and friends than Red and Blue in certain episodes. Watching this episode reminded me of an episode of other female driven comedy shows like "Broad City" and "Girls" and shows that the writers may be maturing and getting smarter with their writing. And I loved how it ended, where just because Lavendar and Scarlet are females doesn't mean they automatically get away with everything (at least in Lavendar's case) and how females can screw up just as much as men.


Oh my god, this episode throws so many crazy weird jokes that makes it very clever and funny. Even though it's a dream Blue (or... Raccoon) is having, it throws many of the strangest jokes you couldn't even think of. One of my favourites is the Zeus joke, or the last line Raccoon said. I don't know, there's so much more jokes I could say in this episode, but really, I can't. is just such a funny episode throwing the stupidest ways to explain funny jokes, so I suggest you check this one out and I hope you find it funny.

4 We're Cops!

A very simple, and quite funny episode to have. First off, the concept this episode was showing was an absoulte hilarious concept. The idea that you can get away JUST from stealing a cop car sounds easy and hilarious enough, soon turns into an all cop out comedy mayhem. I bet being a cop sounds awesome... Anyways, this episode shows crime that even though you can get away with doing illegal things, shows Cops can't always be so smart. And first off, I'm very glad Red and Blue were both given a happy ending, since Blue mainly gets bad endings. And the ending in this episode... was dumb, I seriously did not want it to be like this. But besides, this episode is hilarious, and I'll be watching it for a long time.

5 Happy Birthdump

On paper, this idea seems typical for a saturday morning cartoon, but how it was executed made for a giggle fested episode and a highly enjoyable one as well. First off, Blue doesn't just deal with the problem, but Red as well, I loved how the two had to rush home and both suffered for it, I like it when Red has problems to deal with and he figures it out in his own crazy, but not always successful, ways. The reminders to make them go take a dump led to many giggles, and the ending was just perfect. When Red and Blue arrived at their home, every one of their friends were their to surprise them with a party, which really shows that Blue isn't just a person to take a dump on whenever they want (I don't mean literally, but you get the point) but that he actually has people who care enough about him to throw a party. And that Red and Blue end up pooping right out of their pants from being surprised was just icing on the cake, making for a strangly funny ending.

6 Robot Frog

When I heard this was originally going to be the final episode, I knew this was going to be awesome. And it seemed to have kept my promise. I seriously had no idea why Blue was dating Stacy and she sounded like Pink at first, and how Raccoon ended up in R&B's apartment, then I realised this was the prequel to A Bee or Something. Now that is fantastic, even if it was a great way to end the series, but hey, time to move onto Season 5. Although the animation kind of got a bit sloppy, the episode is still fantastic, by far the best episode of Season 4 and one of my favourites.

7 First Day of Cool

When I heard Dick Figures was going to be turned into a movie, I was completley mind blown. I had a close feeling this movie was gonna be awesome. This episode is actually the first 5 minutes of the film which I didn't realise until the end. The episode's animation is beyond impressive, some of the jokes were also pretty funny, and the fight scene at the end was absolutely EPIC. The friendship that started these two dicks was just a great introduction. This is one of the best episodes of Season 4 and even though it's a movie now, I would still call it an amazing episode.

8 Zombies & Shotguns
9 Kung Fu Winners

EPIC, I mean, epic! I'm so glad the Six Point managed to put so much effort and so much time to have some of the greatest action episodes ever. The plot doesn't sound like anything really good, but what makes up for this episode is the action. I mean, it's like watching Xiao Xiao all over again, but with comedy and charm of Dick Figures. The ending though I didn't think worked, the fight ended in an odd Dragon Ball Z knockoff, and what Red said in the end felt pretty mean spirited. Overall though, the episode still works great as an action episode, and is great enough to worth being the season finale.

10 Hardcore Chore

First off, I love the idea that Red and Blue bet who can't swear the longest and Red just loses right away. It was silly to see Red doing all of Blue's chores in the worst way possible, this is the kind of Red that could of gone off the deep end, but he was used just right. Even funnier was a typical day off for Blue, since all the stuff he does is so relatable; watching your favorite television shows, sleeping, and surfing the internet. I was cracking up to all that and Blue had all of the funniest lines, especially the "Game of Thrones" masturbation joke and the very long coffee joke. The ending is pretty silly but was done just right, and it felt just right. Overall this is a very good episode and I highly recommend it.

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11 Ballad of Lord Tourettes

This is funny as hell! We finally get an episode where LT is the actual star of the show. I was laughing all the way through and still do watching it today.

12 A Hobbit of Thrones

One thing Dick Figures doesn't do much, but sometimes does is poke fun at pop culture and current topics going on in the media world. This episode makes fun of everyone's obsession with fantasy movies and such. A Hobbit of Thrones finds the writers at their best, making for a silly, satrical, and smart episode that pokes at The Hobbit and Game of Thrones. Pink and Stacy are particular standouts here, and are at their best. At first I thought having them high on pot brownies seemed forced as a joke to be like "Girls can't ever be interested in nerd movies and games" which seemed old and quite sexist, but then I got the idea. The entire episode is about how in RPG's you can change the rules and do whatever you want, having two stoned women control the rules can only lead to madness and giggles. I wish Red and Blue were also high so that it would make for an even stranger and funnier episode. But I was having such a good time, that I easily forgave the writers for not doing. The after credits scene is pretty silly, even though it seems like a rehash of an infamous scene from DFTM. Overall it's a great episode and a very smart episode as well.

13 Panda Hat
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