Top Ten Users of TheTopTens Without a Blog Post Series

These are some users who, as of May 18th, 2015, have not started a blog post series on TheTopTens. Humour, rants, stories, facts, they have it in them, but haven't yet acclaimed their written communication skills in the form of a post. Imagine if they did, though. Who knows what they'd have to talk about? Debate below. And no hard feelings if you're not as high on this list as you aim to be.
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1 Britgirl

Someone whose wild and wonderful personality never leaves her side, let alone in the witty and savvy posts she has the potential to make.

She could write a series about the many species of pea plants and still make it interesting and hilarious!

She has potential to make great post series!

That, to be quite frank, is quite surprising.

2 MatrixGuy

A creative listmaker whose works have been spewing out fantastic facts for over four times as long as I've been here, or as long as posts have started the relatively recent trend. No doubt he'd be a great blogger.

I don't think he should. He is too awesome for that!

3 keycha1n

I have plenty of ideas for a series, but none I can see really going into effect. Always in consideration! I just want something original and lasting.

Someone whose comments alone have been the length and writing quality comparable to a post!

She has excellent one-offs. A series of hers would be very excellent.

This must happen. How about it, keys?

4 BKAllmighty

His one-off blogs have been truly excellent, and I have never had any doubts about him making a well-written series.

He would have a hell of a movie critique series.

5 Irina2932

Someone whose creativity never takes a backseat. However, no blogs thus far! But who says it won't happen?

6 letdot52

Love letdot52's blogs! Perhaps he could arrange a series of devotionals? I would love to read those. Actually, that's a good idea...

I must say, the blogs he's written already are radical and underrated.

7 keyson

His creativity combined with his extreme passion and argumentative skills give him what he needs, and we've already seen that some of his one-time blogs have been some of the most extensive.

8 EvilAngel

I can already picture his musical blogs.

I've been trying to convince him to.

9 Alexandr

He doesn't have blogs? What a surprise. Ok, I don't say it's bad, just weird

10 Metal_Treasure
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11 Magnolia
12 Htoutlaws2012
13 RiverClanRocks

I have a lot. There's the Scarlet Ivy series, my rant series, my song parodies, my life in Striaton, my review series, and I think there's more.

She already has two blog post series.

14 xandermartin98

No longer true

15 RockFashionista

I agree. Her comments are well thought out, and she certainly has the potential to make a blog post series.

She should definitely consider doing more blogs, if anything.

16 Wolftail

She did have a series but I think she cancelled it.

17 happyhappyjoyjoy

They'd no doubt be very distinctive of her personality.

18 BorisRule

Um... no, I already have a blog post list. Please, take me off this list.

19 AnonymousChick
20 Disney1994

I don't know what to write about! I need ideas! I feel like it should involve why I have the worst life ever. Just yesterday (May 17) I argued for HOURS with mom about ALL the stuff I hate about my life. She STILL doesn't get it. The only people I've ever met who get me are fellow TopTenners Minecraftcrazy530 and RockFashionista. But of course, I don't know them in REAL LIFE. THEY actually are more like me than my own parents and brother! And that's saying something considering NEITHER of them actually liked Frozen. That, and they don't like everything I like including they may like stuff I DON'T like. Yes, I admit it, I don't like Gravity Falls! And Minecraftcrazy530 doesn't like Liv and Maddie. Or Frozen. And the whole reason I argued with mom is because she SERIOUSLY doesn't get it that it's WRONG to like stuff that's bad or not like stuff that's good. Like SOMEHOW she says Barney is a good show, yet she doesn't like The Godfather. HOW IS THAT OK? It's not just that. It's ANY time ...more

21 Danteem

He have blog posts but he does not make a series!

Arceus no! We don't need more porn!

22 egnomac

I've made a few though nobody actually looks at them.

23 Finch

It would have dawg gone good grammar.

I don't think the Admin's post count.

24 CloudofMercury
25 CasinLetsGoBowling
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