Top Ten Users of TheTopTens Who Are Similar to Each Other

All of us TopTenners have something in common we bond together with. Whether it's tastes in media or sense of humor, there'd be no way we could ever get along if we were all opposite of each other. But even though users are similar, don't forget the differences that make us... us.
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1 SuperHyperdude and HezarioSeth

They both have some surprising similarities. While HezarioSeth and SuperHyperdude have their differences, as HezarioSeth claims to be an ace at hacking, and SuperHyperdude has other talents, both of them have lists centered around similar humor.

2 Britgirl and Keycha1n

This oen may not be that obvious at first, but both users have lists that bring out the life in them, and are creative, usually funny or serious. Some differences are that Keycha1n is a much better drawer, Britgirl is older, and she has been around longer as well.

This was the first comparison that came to mind when I read the list title. While their lists are quite different, they share a vibrant personality, which really comes through in conversation.

I'll take this as a compliment, thank you very much! Though we (or rather, I) haven't see Britgirl draw, so you never know!

3 MontyPython and Mumbizz01

These two users can seem different as first similar to Britgirl and Keycha1n, but Bizz and Monty both like classic rock more than any genre, and can easily name a song's artist and album from that era. Their tastes in other things are much different, though.

I guess you're right! We both like Nirvana, Led Zeppelin, The Who, The Beatles, and that's already enough! (But seriously, I would not be the cheerful person I am today without classic rock. It's just... Too good. )

I'm surprised to be on this list, along with Monty of course. Yes, we are similar, I guess.

4 PositronWildhawk and SuperHyperdude

Both of them have blog posts centered around being humorous, both of them like electronic music, and they are generally older users. However, PositronWildhawk has a keen eye for science, and is very good at it, while SuperHyperdude has a bit of a darker sense of humor.

Really? I would think Positron and Kiteretsunu are more alike. Though I see some similarities between Pos and SHD concerning humor, with SHD's a bit darker though.

5 Turkeyasylum and Alexcousins

We've both got similar tastes in media. We both like reality shows, and of course, Total Drama. And despite us two having completely different perspectives in shipping, we're both pretty smilar. I was going to do SubliminalMessages and I, but this one tops over Aaron, barely.

6 IronSabbathPriest and Gemcloben

Truly described by his name, ISP likes classic rock, but also nu metal music. Gemcloben has very similar tastes in music, and both users have a strong bond as a result.

Thanks for reading!

Not only our music taste. We also like the same T.V. shows, same sense of humour and a lot of the same views.

I agree, we're similar on many levels. It's always great talking to him.

7 IronSabbathPriest and Pony

They both have a great taste in music.

8 Fandomstuck and TLHFanBaseSucks
9 Puga and SuperHyperdude

They are both heavily opinionated individuals who speak their minds boldly, and since they're friends, that doesn't surprise me!

10 Pugs and Puga
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11 EpicJake and SevenLizards

These two users have/had many similarities. Both users are big fans of the Pokèmon series, and they both have an appreciation for Regular Show, and niether of them like Arthur. Although it's a similarity often slapped into everyone's faces, it's very true.

Very similar styles and personality, as well as "way of typing" if that makes sense! They just give off the same vibe, you know?

They both like Regular Show and despise Arthur.

12 Kiteretsunu and Keyson
13 WonkeyDude98 and SwagFlicks

I like how the 3 of us are good at defending rap music.

14 ArchAces and djpenguin999
15 PositronWildhawk and MostTalented_BoyX
16 Wonkeydude98 and Swellow
17 Thiccboi and Hiphopgod
18 Simpsondude and Rickyreeves
19 ProPanda and Martinglez
20 jerk4life and zxm
21 ProPanda and SwagFlicks

I honestly think we should talk more...

22 Goku02 and TwilightKitsune

I guess we kinda are. We are both DBZ obsessed.

23 ShrekTheGoat and LilliamPumpernickel

Both feed the so-bad-it's-good artists.

24 BlueDiamondFromNowhere and PrettyLittleLiars_BiggestFan

I added this one to prove althoufh they seem really similar, they have big differences. Both obviously like Pretty Little Liars, however other media tastes of theirs are much different: BDFN likes Teen Wolf and Total Drama, and PLL_BF doesn't like either of them. Another match could be BDFN with TotalDramaBigBrotherPLLFan.

Actually, if you know me and her well, you will know that we have almost nothing in common

25 Cosmo and CosmoSucks

Someone is called CosmoSucks? What the heck?! And how are we related?

This was obviously a troll, read it and move on?

How the heck are they similar to each other?

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