Top Ten Usernames That Users of TheTopTens Would've Taken If They Could Turn Back the Clock

There is no changing one's username, but I'm happy with my own.
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1 Ziggy_Stardust (PetSounds)

I wasn't into David Bowie when I signed up back in '13, but had I joined a few months ago, this would probably have been my username of choice.

I also think TheLizardKing would suit me.

EDIT: On second thought, how about Mr.MojoRisin'? That's even better than TheLizardKing.

Another eccentric musical name, which I think would really suit him. But still, he's been calling ME that!

I can see Ziggy_Stardust. But not your other ideas. Well really, I could never call you "Mr. Mojo" or "LizardKing", doesn't seem right.

That's gonna be my username when I get an account on this website

2 TheSovietTurkeyAsylum (Turkeyasylum)

Turkey claims it would make a cool addition to his current name. I just think he'd be pounced upon by Republicans.

I think it makes it even more unusual, therefore, funnier.

3 JoyInDrawing (keycha1n)

To follow in the steps of my instagram. My username right now came from what I nicknamed my Arcanine in Pokemon Black 2, because he was a staple part of my team, and was described as a fiercely loyal dog. Keys are important, chains are attached. The "1" was because it looked cooler.

I felt the need to explain.

Both are great names, but I prefer keycha1n. It's more unique, and it suits you better.

4 UltraTurboHyperIdiot (Superhyperdude)

Actually this makes sense. Minus the idiot part.

5 metallideth_slanthrax (gemcloben)

If I were him, I'd get rid of the first part. Slanthrax sounds cool on it's own.

6 StarryMidnight (keyson)
7 IHaveNoIdea (Britgirl)

An answer to that question I'd only expect from Britgirl.

8 PitbullFan (CityGuru)

I must admit, you'd have to be pretty brave to get away with this name.

9 FabFourFan (Puga)

Actually, I was just guessing what PetSounds was. Mine would be SmittyWerber.

10 EvanescenceFan (BlueDiamondFromNowhere)

I wasn't into that band before. I discovered it less than a year ago

The Contenders
11 The Almighty Megatron (Therandom)
12 bobbythebutcher (bobbythebrony)

The serial-killer inspired name that you would only get from this guy.

13 CCCIX (Leafeon)
14 TheOutlawfrom2012 (htoutlaws2012)
15 Delgiatic (Delgia2k)

I know this is stupid. But it sounds better for me.

16 ComputersAreBoss (MostTalented_BoyX)

This is a good username.

17 MadMax (MaxBravo)
18 ICan'tWhipOrNaeNae22 (Survivor101)
19 EdEddnEddyFan (Ededdneddyfan55)

I kind of think this would be better for the user because if the normal username isn't taken, then you should not add something. I was going to be lovefrombadlands49, but my username was not taken.

20 XMetaDethScareParkX (BlueFrostOfThunderClan)
21 NotOriginal17 (lovefrombadlands)

There was a username list and something on there was "NotOriginal2001" and I thought I would like it if I put my favorite number instead, and now I really wish you could change your username so I could have that one.

22 zoockyscootserannah (zoocksycootserana)

Sounded a little easier to pronounce. I had trouble pronouncing my current username for a month.

23 ShadowYoshi (Yoshidude)
24 Akron17 (HaiThere)'s a crash course on why Akron17: My profile picture is Connor Lassiter, the "Akron AWOL," and he's 17 in the first book in the Unwind dystology. That'd work better than "HaiThere" a username that I literally just chose because I knew it wouldn't be taken.

25 Fredoc2003 (FremantleDockers)

Would've been cool if I shortened the team name like this, but using the entire name works I guess.

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