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1 Tomboy or Princess

Definitely tomboy. I've never been fond of the whole dresses and skirts wardrobe. Also, I tend to have more guy stereotypical tendencies than girl ones. For example, weight lifting was my choice of elective last year instead of home-ec. I was the only girl in the class, and I honestly didn't mind. It was funny seeing the guys in shock of seeing a girl bench pressing so much weight!

Tomboy hands down! I will talk to and hang out with boys sometimes while some of my friends pick on them. I've never been interested in wardrobe, and don't care for things known as 'girly'. I have also been called a tomboy multiple times.

2 Dating or Single

For right now single, my parents won't let me until 22, but I want to date at 19. Hopefully.

I am in a relationship with my people who is also called by you guys gadgets.

In a committed relationship with my phone. Sorry guys!

3 Dog or Cat

I have two dogs and three cats, so I obviously love both, but I'd say cats. I've grown up with them and had them my entire life. I love dogs too though. For anyone who wants to know, my cats are named rose, jack and salem and my dogs are luna and harlowe! <3.

Neither. Both are cute, but I'm a bird person and I love birds the best (especially pigeons).

Dogs. Cats are cute too I'd just rather not own one.

4 Favorite Music Genre (Pop, Country, Rock, Metal, R&B, Hip Hop, Rap, Etc)

Rock is my favourite. I like some pop, a little bit of country and metal, but I don't listen to the rest that you mentioned.

Rap. I'm one of the only girls in my grade that actually enjoys rap.

I like it for a variety of reasons.

Some pop, no country, yes rock, some metal, yes R&B, and some rap/hip hop.

5 Favorite Movie

Every kind of movie for teenage girls.

There are too many! The drama ones

I don't know, but I think the ones with action and battle fantasy

6 Best Male User

I have an opinion on this, (I went on this site very often before I made an account) but I won't tell.

So many good users, I can't choose just one.

Why is nobody answering this? Haha

7 Favorite Sport

I've always been fond of falconry. There's just something about the thrill of hunting and training a raptor that gets to me.

Sitting inside and playing video games all day.

Surfing but I like soccer and basketball too!

8 Favorite Disney princess?

I like Jasmine the best, she's different from all the other princesses.

Don't really like any, but I'd go with Mulan.

Merida and Moana followed by Mulan, though I suppose that's Mulan and Moana aren't really princesses

9 Favorite Type of Guy

I'd like someone who is nerdy, nervous and imperfect, Also someone who has A good sense of humor.
You don't know how long I've been waiting actually,
I'd take a nerd. Oh, And he has to like Anime and finally approaches a girl just by himself.
That's all I ask for..

Caring, not afraid to show his emotional side, funny, smart, and understanding. I don't care how the guy looks like, just as long as he has a good personality.

Any type, It doesn't matter to me (but should be handsome, they won't approve my marriage for like 5 years or sk after we dated). But not the type, a gangster, drug lord.

10 Hair Color

Bronde, though I dye it usually red in holidays and it's quite curly. On other girls or guys I don't much have a preference but I have a thing for girls who have darker hair.

I have dirty blonde hair that is about shoulder length. On guys? Long and shaggy I don't care about colour.

Mine is very black. And oddly curly! On other girls? No real preference, but I lean towards short hair.

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11 Favourite TV show?

Wheel of Fortune, closely followed by Press Your Luck.

12 Toy Story or Finding Nemo

Finding Nemo is my favorite, I like Toy story too.

Finding Nemo. I'm an ocean chick!

Finding Nemo,even through I didn't watch those movies for a long time.

13 What is your favourite colour?

Pastel Pink! Or black. Both very nice

14 What is your favourite cartoon?
15 One Direction or Justin Bieber

I choose "or". Great artist, totally underrated. Should be on the radio more often

One Direction. They aren't that great, but better than Justin.

Tenth Avenue North.

This cannot be a real question on here.

16 How old are you?

16 years old, had my birthday 2 days ago (Written during 30 September 2016).

I am currently 17, turning 18 in August.

17 Emma Roberts or Malese Jow?
18 Lorde or Elle King?

Lorde of course, Yellow Flicker Beat is way more better than Ex's and Oh's.

I love both. They are good for teens only. Dad doesn't like both...

19 Gay or straight?
20 Free People or Forever 21?

Neither. Hot Topic is way better than these 2 stores.

21 Pop or rock?

Definitely rock. Rock is amazing and will never die.

Both, just both. I love those kind of music!

22 Metal or pop?

BotI have to say pop because I don't know that many metal artists. I'm interested in metal, though.

23 Spicy or Juicy?
24 Who's your favourite music artist?

I think that's obvious already.

25 Romance or Drama Movies

Drama is actually not only just for girls. It's practically for everyone! Some of the finest movies in Hollywood are dramas, so I pick drama. It's my personal favorite film genre.

Doesn't drama already go into romance movies?
Don't get me wrong, but here it seems to be that Romance and Drama have combined and made a baby.

Drama. I am just not a fan of romance. I know some people enjoy it, but I just can't bring myself to like it.

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