Worst Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato and Katy Perry Songs


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1 Made In The U.S.A.

Hate this song. Why she is making such kind of worse song? I mean really bad one. Song and the video has nothings. Ver very bad. Her old song were great but now she is making worst songs. Except Heart attack

This is one of her worst song. I don't understand why she always shout. My ear is about to bleed

She has problem in voice. When she sings more than thousand bounce and vibrate came out.

I like Demi and I love this song.

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2 We Can't Stop

It's a cool and kind a party song. She is growing up so every body need to stop hating cause she is not child anymore. She can dress by her own choice. Leave her alone

I do like her songs but this song is not my type

I also agree. She is a good singer, her songs are amazing but this song is crap.

Miley Cyrus has a terrible voice and is VERY disgusting! I don't know why people like her - ILoveGuineaPigs

This song is catchy and I like to dance to it

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3 Wrecking Ball

All of you. Just ignore the video and listen this. I assure you you'll love it. She made such a great song. Regularly I listen it. She has great and a natural voice. I agree the video is not good. But the song is best in the earth. Love her songs.

I like this song actually and the only reason why people hate it is because of the music video. We are talking about the song not the video! Miley Crus is actually a great singer - PatrickStar

The lyrics of this song are actually beautiful and inspiring. I personally don't like Miley but this is song is amazing. The video gave the song bad reputation but it sure has great lyrics and is overall a great song, if she wouldn't have made a controversial video you sure would like this song.

One word: ew - ILoveGuineaPigs

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4 Part of Me

The song doesn't suit with the video. Not so good I mean bad

Katy is awesome but I agree this is one of her worst - RockStarr

5 California Gurls

Worst song ever. The video is so worst. She is looikg so cheap in the video.

I like this song, but not the music video - ILoveGuineaPigs

What the hell nice song love the music video

Katy spelt “girls" wrong. And it's not cool. What is so great that California girls have that Irish girls don't?

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6 Don't Forget

What kind of song it is! I don't understand why is not it in number 1. It should be. Such a meaningless song. And why katy's songs are here?

Who sings this? Demi, Katy or Miley?

Please Can Someone Tell Me Why On The Earth This Awesome Song Is In THe Worst List?

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7 When I Look at You

I'm a fan of hers, but this just isn't her style. Such a boring song.

8 Skyscraper

So much boring. Oh yuck. She looks horrible in this video. Laugh out loud

No doubt that it is boring song and everybody should accept it. Because it is one of worst song by her

This song is amazing. I don't know how on earth it got on this list.

I think it's a great song

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9 Party In The U.S.A.

It's a really nice song

I absolutely love this song 🎶 ♥ Take IT off the list


10 Roar

I personally disagree. I think that this song is really great and inspirational to some people. Katy Perry Might not be the best singer ever but she is positive, and has a really nice voice. - swrs1234

I hate this boring song

I just love this song. Her voice is wow!
Who the hell says that it is boring:-/

Boring - I just don't like it

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11 Who Owns My Heart
12 Give You Heart a Break

I am a smiler. I love Miley. But doesn't mean I hate demi and katy. They are also pretty good. I just don't agree with the list. Miley's songs are not messed up, demo isn't a psycho and katy isn't cheap. They are making song by their own style. If you don't like it then avoide. Why so many hate. It has no benefit but waste of a time. Think positive guys.

You are smiler so what? Don't try to be goodie goodie. Demi is psycho and Miley's songs are full messed up and disgusting.

This list is so right. I'm totally regret. But one person is missing. Ariana grande. Demi, Miley and ariana are fully fake. Can't sing exactly.

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13 Unconditionally

So much boring. You will get asleep.

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14 Neon Light

Deserve to be number 1. Worst song ever. The video is also so worst. She looks horrible in it.

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15 E.T.

Come on. E.T is a cool song. Take it off the list because it doesn't deserve to be here.

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16 Really Don't Care

I love this song it just makes me get up and dance. I don't even care if I'm in the shop and people r staring at me I'll just start dancing

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17 BB Talk

piece of crap. It's not even a song.


18 Adore You

! Why it's here. Amazing song I have ever heard. All are haters.

19 Last Friday Night
20 Dark Horse

This song should be number 1, but anyway, this is the absaloute WORST list on the top tens. Made in the USA is awesome along with Skyscaper, and Roar is the best song on this list! People just have bad taste... - Derpyderpderpderp

You have no manners. People don't have any bad taste. It's you. Ugly

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21 This Is How We Do

Her voice is so annoying

I hate this song it is so boring

22 Legendary Lovers

This horrendous song should be number 1

23 Birthday
24 Dooo It!
25 Sorry Not Sorry
26 Bon Appetit
27 Ear Exploder 9000

This is no auto tune use at all look up on YouTube it’s hearttouching lyrics, beautiful vocals are amazing...

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