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1 The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

I didn't even think this movie was going to end

Just curious which ending is being referred to because it had like 20 different endings..

What? How is this ending horrible this is like the best movie ever made!

It had the best ending ever you people!

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2 War of the Worlds (2005)

Till the end of the movie, I was waiting for the twist to turn to "Happy Ending", and at the end, I was happy it would be an sad ending movie, then bam! He found a method! Sad movie..

Why is Lord of the Rings in this top ten? It's the best end ever!

3 Star Wars Episode VI - Return of the Jedi

I didn't think the original ending was powerful enough. I mean it's just them at a bonfire and luke meets up with the ghosts of anakin, yoda, and obi-wan. That's it.

Only big flaw with the original trilogy

4 The Devil Inside

The movie ends with a link to a website that has the movie's ending, but due to the studio not wanting to pay for the domain anymore, the site now no longer exists. And now, you have a movie that has an ending that will never be revealed.

They crash the car and then... A website link. Two hours of my life I'll never get back.

5 Planet Of The Apes

Just a ridiculous ending in all ways

Never explained about how the end of that movie came to be. Maybe there will be a movie to explain this - westofohio

It was basically just a worse version of the ending to the original movie

It's like they left a whole movie out - westofohio

6 Sunshine

It turned from a sci-fi film into a slasher film

7 The Amazing Spider-Man 2

I know, I thought they were going to make a third installment until it was cancelled and the franchise was rebooted again.


8 The Abyss

This movie was well on it's way to becoming one of Cameron's best. A brilliantly realistic depiction of the under sea world. The Ed Harris/Elizabeth Mastrantonio scene dying and returning was stupendous.
But ending that movie with ET and everyone doing the Spielberg look of awe destroyed what came before. And, I won't even mention the end appearance of Chris Elliot a funny man in such a deadly serious film. ridiculous.

Epicly bad ending on an otherwise good movie. Perhaps the biggest drop off of all time.

9 Australia
10 Titanic

For those dumbasses who thought the ending is predictable,

You're supposed to know that the ship will eventually sink. That is what makes the story so tragic. If they decided to change the ending to ACTUAL HISTORY and have a happy ending where the Titanic docks safely and Rose and Jack live happily ever after, it would completely insult the audience.

I hate it when people complain when movies are predictable when if they changed it in any other way it would be a mess!

What if Katniss died in the Hunger Games? What if Frodo was killed by a random Orc before he could throw the ring into amount Doom? What if Indiana Jones drank the wrong cup and he and his father died? The movie would be a complete waste of time! Honestly, no one went to see Titanic to see a love story with a happy ending. They wanted to see a love story that tragically ended with a huge shipwreck!

Such a boring predictable lump of crap
All the people died on the boat and nobody gave a damn. It was so self centred on the two main characters. One of the cheesiest American remakes ever!

Three hours of horribly boring dribble, only to leave us with the most predictable, cliched ending of all time.

This was the most predictable ending in movie history. - booklover1

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11 Lady In The Water

It's not the ending, the whole movie was crap. The best part of this movie was the ending, because it was over. I think this movie is only rivaled by Vanilla Sky.

All I've gotta say about the ending. We've just been shyamalaned!

12 Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

So this Indiana Jones movie has aliens, ALIENS really?

I just have one thing to say about this one. ALIENS!?

What the heck man seriously that Russian died from the dumb ark

While knowing had a crap ending, I mean. Really. Ok, Spalkos eye blowing up was cool. But...

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13 The Number 23
14 Knowing

the whole film was boring and the ending was disappointing in addition. N. Cage showed awful acting too - Alexandr

15 The Village

They pretty much gave it away with like 20-30 minutes left - westofohio

Scooby Doo man in a costume ending, but that's not even the twist. - sitebender

Living in the wild life preserve

I'm surprised this isn't in the top 5.

16 The Mist

A Complete waste of time. Hopeless ending, racist leanings and stereotyping all people of faith as lunatics, pretty much sums it up. But go ahead and watch it. It was fun watching the looks on peoples faces when they left the theaters back when it was running. A couple of them even puked in the parking lot, but that might have been the beer they smuggled in.

Everyone states that this movie is unbeatable masterpiece and even classic. I say WHAT? OK, it wasn't bad but it wasn't great at the same time. And yes, the ending was stupid - Alexandr

God I wanted to throw up, he killed everyone because he wanted to have the horrible death that never came when the military came and saved the day.

It makes no sence! You have an epic idea, epic monsters, good actors. and suddenly he just randomly kills his kid because he thinks there going to die. In the book the run to safety, even the man with that big moustache survives!

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17 The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2

Seriously, it was all just a vision?

Was it an ending? Another part must be there...

18 Broadcast News

One of my favorite movies of all time. especially albert brooks character. awful tagged on ending

19 No Country for Old Men

This movie was perfect for the first 3/4. But the fact that they skipped over the big climax that finished a major character's arc almost ruined the whole thing. Even though the book did the same thing, what works in a book dosen't work the same in a movie and NCfOM is the best example.

Also, why is would Return of the King be #2? That's probably my all-time favorite movie, so what if it had five endings? The more the merrier

Really the murder gets loose! A t least have him bleed out after suffering for a month.

20 Vanilla Sky
21 Ocean's Eleven

Bad ending? This movies ending was great! With them securing the loot in the most satisfying way possible, dressed up as SWAT! Then, Daniel Ocean goes to prison for a few months for violating parole, but it's only a few months, and he remarries his ex-wife. It's a pretty good ending if you ask me.

22 The Dark Knight Rises

This was a great ending!

This ending does not deserve to be on the list Cause it's the best ending I've ever seen

It's not a bad ending. If anything it's just kind of confusing.

What is this doing on the list?! Take it off now!

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23 Color of Night
24 The Matrix Revolutions

Cried my eyes out for literally nothing, the main and the best characters died pointlessly, ruined my day. Wouldn't care too much if it wasn't my favorite movie ever, but since it was so good, that damn ending really hurt.

Why isn't this ranked higher this is the worst ending ever it ruined the whole movie and didn't explain any of the important questions raised

25 Pay It Forward

This defeated the whole purpose of the underlying message.

Help others out and you'll get hurt.

Great Ending *Sarcasm*

The ending made me wish I hadn't watch the entire movie

26 The Happening

Most of M Night Shyamalan movies usually have a bad ending - westofohio

This the worst ending of a movie I have ever seen. It's like it just cut off the end with about 30 minutes left of the movie. - westofohio

27 Skyline

This movie was all special effects and no story. I'm seriously the mail character has his brain put into an alien!? Really?

This was the worst movie ending ever. Who wants their brain sucked out!

28 The Lion King

Did the same person comment 3 times about Timon and Pumba...?

How is the ending bad... ?

Timon and Pumbaa need to die to make it a good movie DUH!

I wish that Timon and Pumba died!

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29 I Am Legend
30 The Last Airbender

I mean why only do a part 1 in the Cartoon it is called book 1 but this movie happen in 2011 I think and they have not done book 2 and 3 come on now it is the year of 2013! - toy

The Moon Spirit is damn fish. Like, what? I'd be surprised if that was actually on the show, because clearly this was just another dumb twist Shyamalan pulled out of his own ass.
(by the way: I've never watched the show.)

31 Monty Python and the Holy Grail
32 Grease
33 Paranormal Activity 2
34 Hugo

This movie sucks it makes no sense why is he living in alone in a public place and no one is helping him plus the end is stupid

There was NO climax. I was hoping maybe something would happen but NO! The end was just as bland as everything else

This film is stupid and makes no sense, the only thing is good is the steampunk themed stuff - Harri666

35 The Birds

What?!?!? This movie is GREAT!

Dreadful film, dreadful ending. - PositronWildhawk

36 Rocky

Rocky schould of won that fight but those stupid judges gave it to appolo

37 Superman: The Movie

(Disclaimer: I really do like this movie. In fact, I would call it a great movie if it weren't for the horrendous ending.)

Woah only 67?! Dude this should be way higher. The ending to this movie is so mind-bogglingly bad that it's unbelievable.

First of all, spinning the earth backwards wouldn't make things go back in time! Everything would just fly off!

Second, did he stop both missiles? The movie seems to imply that he did but if that's the case, then there would have to be 2 Supermans flying around since one of them stopped the missile that was headed for New Jersey. So where's the other Superman?

Third, be consistent with Superman's speed guys! If he can fly fast enough to change the rotation of the Earth, then he should've been fast enough to get both missiles! And if you give me that "he was fueled by his anger of Lois's death when he spun the earth backwards" then I say, isn't the threat of her dying enough. Superman knew Lois was out in ...more

Rewinds the Earth and time itself. - sitebender

38 Remember Me

The guy dies on 9/11. There, I just saved you 90 minutes of your life.

Horrible movie, the ending was ridiculous.

39 Cast Away
40 Avengers: Infinity War

A handful of the characters dying at the end could have been done on purpose so they can make billions of dollars more on Endgame. This is proof Marvel only care about money. More examples include Marvel owning the rights to a stadium. YOU HEARD ME, A MARVEL THEMED STADIUM! They even included a Fortnite scene in Endgame to promote Fortnite, the world's most overrated videogame inside the world's most overrated movie. What's more, Avengers: Endgame even got a tie in video game on smartphones named Marvel Battle Lines. This is the worst movie sequel to a good movie series I have seen so far. The first 2 were way better than this piece of s***. Just wait until Endgame comes out on dvd. There will be stores full of lines, causing the Endgame dvds and blu rays to sell out within the first hour the store opens for the day. This is the biggest cashgrab superhero movie ever. They better not make any more Avengers movies because the ending was good enough to stop it and the franchise was ...more

41 Toy Story 4

Imagine what would happen if Andy ever found out what happened to Woody, this movie sucks!

42 Serious Moonlight
43 The Grey

What happened to him. Doe she die or does he kill the wolf?

44 A Serbian Film
45 The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

Have you forgotten that there's still one more movie to go? It's not a bad ending, it's a cliffhanger.

46 The Lion King II: Simba's Pride

Great ending although I do feel bad Nuka died other then that it was a great ending!

47 Rango

This should be higher. If you have seen the ending (which I won't spoil) then you know what I'm talking about.

48 Lucy
49 Son of the Mask

Movies is horrible nothing else to say

50 Law Abiding Citizen
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