Top 10 Kamal Hassan Tamil Movies

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1 Nayagan

Shows the real effort an actor should take. Kamal Hassan handled all the scenes awesomely. These hits made him the evergreen, most best, largest, greatest MEGASTAR ever. Any Indian who hasn't seen this, please watch and witness the greatness of the Indian film industry.

Kamal Hassan's acting is just pure.

Nayagan is the best, with excellent direction as well as acting.

All hail the king Kamal Hassan.

One of the evergreen films in the film industry.

Kamal's acting is purely the best in this film.

Janagaraj, Delhi Ganesh, and Saranya's acting is also good.

2 Indian

This is my favorite movie of Kamal Hasan. This is one of his best movies. The concept of the movie is very good. He is one of my favorite actors in Hindi and Tamil Cinema.

Whenever I want to watch Tamil HD movies, I watch on the Vodafone Play app.

It is a movie about how a true man lives his lifetime.

Good action by Kamal.

Nice story which created public awareness about bribery. A great patriotic film.

All songs were hits. Music was a great hit. Nice cinematography. Kamal's double action role was awesome.

Expecting Kamal to join with Shankar again to give a blockbuster hit.

3 Vishwaroopam / Vishwaroop

Such a great movie that matches Hollywood standards. It's definitely different from the usual Indian movies and has taken the entire range of Indian films to a whole new level. It's just an amazing piece of work that should be appreciated and supported to the maximum by us, Indians.


Excellent rendering of a very sensitive and thought-provoking subject matter. Only Kamal can do true justice to it!

This movie is a specimen. New upcoming actors should use it as a bible for acting. Kamal Hassan has proved what acting is in this movie. Hats off to the legend.

4 Apoorva Sagodharargal
5 Michael Madana Kama Rajan

Who can even dream or imagine such wonderful acting?

You just cannot believe that a single man can express such different expressions.

He is the Tao of acting!

6 Salangai Oli
7 Kuruthipunal

Would you believe if I told you this was a remake? Yes, it was a rare remake that put the original to shame!

Beautiful screenplay and one of the best movies of Kamal Hassan.

Arjun did well too.

A police officer's duty to die for our nation.

The best part is this greatness.

8 Panchathantiram
9 Thevar Magan

Thevar Magan is Kamal's best movie. He shows an amazing transformation from a motivated NRI entrepreneur to the head of a village's feudal family, reminiscent of Al Pacino's performance in the Godfather series, but a lot different. Kamal's acting prowess comes full circle in the scenes where he confronts his mentor, Sivaji Ganesan, on screen. It could have been number 1.

This one movie cannot be compared to any Indian films.

The best story and screenplay.

Kamal should definitely win an Oscar.

Thevar Magan is a milestone in Kamal's movies.

The film won six National Awards and was nominated for the Oscars by the Indian government.

It must be number 1.

10 Moondram Pirai

The scene when he limps to catch the train is sure to bring tears to your eyes.

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11 Aalavandhan

The 5-minute sequence when Nandu is released from jail, the retro Rail Gaadi song, and the cartoon fight! Wow! Second to none!

12 Dasavatharam

Only Kamal Hassan can portray all 10 roles flawlessly.

As an audience member, I liked his part as a Bengali babu, very humorous and exactly how Bengali officials work.

13 Guna
14 Anbe Sivam

No words to praise.

A complete movie.

Kamal at his finest.

Excellent acting.

He is the only man who can do this in Indian history, I believe.

Awesome movie!

What a story!

I haven't seen any films like this.

Awesome. This film is close to my heart.

15 16 Vayathinile
16 Hey Ram

Kamal Hassan and Shahrukh Khan are friends from two different religions, Muslim and Hindu.

Gandhi makes peace and fosters the relationship between the two religions.

17 Unnaipol Oruvan
18 Mahanadhi

One of Kamal's movies with the finest of his performances.

19 Virumaandi

This should be in the Top 5 list.



20 Vettaiyaadu Vilaiyaadu

The best detective psycho thriller I have ever seen!

21 Sippikkul Muthu

It was the first film that made me place him in the league of Sivaji.

22 Avvaishanmuki
23 Pesum Padam (Pushpak)

Just watch this movie and you'll place Kamal's acting above Rowan Atkinson's Mr. Bean.

24 Punnagai Mannan
25 Vishwaroopam

Unexpected hit of the year, with wonderful stunts and extraordinary filmmaking.

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