Top Ten Worst Movie Remakes

Over the past two decades, remaking movies has really taken off. Thing is, some movies weren't made to be re-made. This is the top ten worst movie remakes.

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1 Psycho

This voice is absolutely no different from the original other than the fact that they used different actors and that it's in color. They didn't even add anything new, clever, interesting, funny or exciting to this movie. This is just like an uncreative exact copy of the original movie. Disappointing, stupid, pathetic and cheap.

Its the same thing... But its in color oh my god color that's so original (sarcasm)

Terrible please I haven't seen this.

It went from one of the best movies of all time to a razzie worthy movie.

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2 Godzilla

Godzilla is a gigantic badass dragon like monster who breaths atomic breath. The monster in this is an oversized iguana who is much smaller than the actual Godzilla. I cannot tell you how many bombs and missiles Godzilla has resisted but they took out this one with A COUPLE OF MISSILES!

Just like another person said, Godzilla is not supposed to be a lizard, he's supposed to be a gigantic ass dinosaur. And this remake is literally just a cliffs notes overview film of the original movie and the whole entire thing looks like that it just consists of re-used clips from Jurassic Park.

Yes a very stupid stupid movie, it has almost no connection to the godzilla movies at all. The army is not supposed to kill the monster. This film should be higher, but what is the Thing doing here. That movie was great.

Maybe This Should Be Number 1 - masoncarr2244

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3 The Wicker Man

Put Nicholas Cage in any movie, and you already have it at least below 5/10. Remake a classic horror/thriller and you lose another 5 points. Why was this movie made?

What the hell The Thing, House of Wax, The Invasion are doing here? These remakes are ok. The Wicker Man is crap and should have topped this list! - Alexandr

This remake was a total waste of time. I liked the original much better.

4 The Fog

Why do crappy remakes like this have to exist?!

5 Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

What was Tim Burton trying to do?! This movies is nothing like the book. Yeah, it got some lines from it, but the rest seems nothing from the book. Well, let's see the comparisons.

1971's Willy Wonka - Gene Wilder portrayed Wonka as an unpredictable character. He had the idea of Wonka walking uncomfortably in a cane and the somersaulting since from that moment no one would know if he's lying or telling the truth. His intro was very charming and lovable. Wilder's Wonka was shown as being pretty demented and disturbing, but he also was elegant, charismatic, kind and whimsical. Actually he was more of an eccentric genius : he quoted from classic literature, spoke different languages, played classical music and he knew that Charlie took fizzy lifting drinks. So in the last scene he tried to test him by getting angry at him. Charlie gave him the gobstopper, instead of giving it to Slugworth. Also, his quotes were memorable too.

2005's Willy Wonka - god! What is this?! Why ...more

I'm sorry, people, but right after I saw the trailer for this movie I realized I don't want to buy the DVD for this movie. Geez, I just watched it one time on T.V. and it sucked! What is wrong with you, johnny depp! Your portrayal of willy wonka scared the living crap out of me. The new version of Charlie is such a gary stu who does everything right. The old Charlie was more like a normal kid. Ah, and don't even get me started with the lazy performances of the four bratty kids. Looks like they found those terribly acting children in the last moment. In the new version, veruca isn't nearly as bratty as she's really supposed to be and she acts nothing like a spoiled girl. Where's all the screaming, the yelling, the meanness?! Also, the new violet doesn't seem obnoxious enough and mike teavee became a genius in the remake. Why?! How on earth does a kid who is watching television and playing video games became smart?! Also, when the kids finally see wonka they seem totally uninterested in ...more

The original was so good we didn't need a remake too bad no one told Tim Burton that and the new willy wonka looks like a possible child molester

Weird movie

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6 Planet of the Apes

Tim Burton used to do great movies back in 90's. Now all of his movies suck! Especially when he tries to reimagine stuff like he did with Alice in Wonderland or Charlie and The Chocolate Factory. I mean, couldn't he just come up with something original?!

Tim Burton probably watched the original and thought "Hey, it's just people dressed up as monkeys! That's all I need! "

7 The Pink Panther

This one scared me for the rest of my life.

8 A Nightmare on Elm Street

This should be #1. It's horrible. Even the remakes of Halloween and Friday the 13th were better than this. This remake is just pointless and boring from start to finish.

Awful. Just awful. It thinks it's sharp when it's really dull. The series as a whole can't seem to cut a break. - BKAllmighty

Okay, this remake was just pointless.

Freddy died after 1991 guys. Get over it already.

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9 The Haunting

Absolutely awful in so many ways...

I love the remake. The music was awesome. It can get a little cheesy every once in a while, but
come on for 1999 it isn't bad! - westofohio

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10 Flubber

Robin Williams can be funny, but in this movie he was just annoying.

Robin Williams always had strong humor, even in Flubber.

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11 April Fool's Day
12 House of Wax V 1 Comment
13 The Shaggy Dog
14 Footloose

The original was so great and actually fun to watch, with TALENTED actors that made it ENTERTAINING. The remake is crappy.

Why, oh why did this remake turn out to be trashy? The 80's Footloose is better than this worthless junk to watch!

15 Poseidon

I think it's bad... To bad my brother doesn't. - dureckl

16 Friday the 13th

Not that bad, it was pretty intense and scary

As a F13 fan, I actually liked this remake.

17 Thirteen Ghosts

This movie is better than the original one! Better story, character's, and better ghosts, and better scars

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18 The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

The first movie was the best but the sequels, 2 reboots, and prequel were just horrible. They never had the potential the original one did - SirSkeletorThe3rd

Texas chainsaw massacre 2003 was best horror movie that I ever seen but 2013 was worst

19 Halloween II

Is this a sequel to the remake and a remake to the sequel of the original movie or is this the actual sequel to the original movie?

I don't know why this film is even in this list. This isn't a remake, it is a sequel to the remake.

This is not the sequel to the remake. This is the actual sequel to the original.

This movie is cheesy but the girls are HOT - Sabbath

20 Total Recall

I think this movie is better than the Original. The action scenes with the very beautiful Kate Beckinsale are awesome. She's way better than Sharon Stone.

Never took place on Mars, what the hell!

I can't say this is one of the worst remakes ever. The cast is better ( Kate Beckinsale, Jessica Biel... ) than the Original.

A swing and a miss.

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