Top Ten Worst Music Genres

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1 Country

As someone who doesn't listen to much country music (Don't get me wrong, I listen to Fleetwood Mac and they made a few country-sounding songs.), I think that country has seriously gotten out of hand nowadays. Take "lyrical geniuses" like Sam Hunt or Luke Bryan, for example. Sam Hunt tries to be deep with his lyrics, but just ends up sounding like a rejected poet from an arts festival in my state. And Luke Bryan... Yeah, he is such a tryhard. He tries hard to make party bangers for rednecks to enjoy, but just end up being insufferable to most people. That and his loud Southern-accented singing voice. I think country is an alright genre (for 50s, 60s and 70s standards, that is.) that has been oversaturated as time went on. Now there are a few modern country acts that I like, such as Rascal Flatts, but that's probably it.

AWFUL GENRE. And Lynyrd Skynyrd is by no means the worst band ever. Sweet Home Alabama and Mama Said are the worst songs ever in Music History. Everything about this genre is crap and trash.

Also why in the blue hell is Metal on this list?! come on, Heavy Metal isn't just a bunch of screaming! Metal has a wide range of types!

At least with Pop and other unpopular genres, there is variety and songs that stick out for being good. With Country, however, you are essentially listening to the same song over and over. Beer, girls, tractor, river, jeans. The majority of country is now just some guy with a fake sounding accent singing about how he wants to get with a girl, or how he loves the countryside. That's. It. There is very rarely any meaning to the songs, just singing about drinking and getting with girls.

There ARE good country artists and songs (Johnny Cash, Zac Brown, Toby Keith), but the genre has gotten to the point where there is essentially no substance to many of the songs, in music OR lyrics.

Party, feel-good songs are fine, but they can't be the ENTIRE GENRE.

I like real Country, not most of the mainstream crap they call country today. I don't mind crossover genres of country such as Country rock, every once in a while, but it seems to be every song on the radio now. Most Country pop is crap and some Country rap is okay. But Bro-Country is taking it too far. My favorite genre of Country is Neo-Traditional Country. My favorite artist is Josh Turner - a REAL artist! I also like the classics such as George Strait, Alan Jackson, Reba, Randy Travis, hank Williams and others. I'm also a teen which proves that not all young people listen to bad music. Frankly I don't care whether you like today's excuse for country or not. Just don't call it country when it's clearly an extension of Pop.

2 Rap

Although I am a rap music fan, I'm not like those 90s/00s rap music elitists. Most 2010s rap artists are pretty good. Kendrick Lamar, for example, and Childish Gambino. Those are pretty good 2010s rap acts. Unfortunately, many people think that rap music nowadays are about strippers, shooting people and money. Unfortunately, that's true. Artists like 6ix9ine don't rap, they scream! Just ignore the mumble rap genre. And many kids at my school like it! What is wrong with society nowadays?

How is this seriously on here? I'm not a big rap fan myself and find myself listening to a lot of rock/ metal oriented bands most of the time
But come on?
I bet most of the people who have voted rap have only heard Lil' Wayne, Nicki Minaj and Drake.

Older rap and hip hop is brilliant.
Dr. Dre, Nas, Snoop Dogg, N.W. A, and for all you metal fans. Listen to "She Watch Channel Zero" by Public Enemy. It uses the riff of Raining Blood (I think) by Slayer.

Good thing that people have sense. By putting rap in first. Now, I like various genres of music, in particular electronic with a bit of rock, and I keep an open mind about genres of music. But rap music is just so bad it's unreal. There is no talent to it; what it is is a bundle of noise, infused with more suicide-inducing screeches and moans. I would VERY much say that this deformation of all sense of rhythm is satisfactory, if I were paid Bill Gates' salary for every word used in my sarcasm. And then there's the singing. Hold on there. Singing? It's talking. No, shouting. Shouting in the same way one shouts when your face is being crushed as the wheels of a bus roll over it. And it's not in time to anything you hear in the background. It's probably the sound of the bus running over the rapper's face. Quite melodic, isn't it? Ignoring the continuous, tuneless, mindless beats, let's see if we can make out what they're trying to say, shall we? Oh, no. Probably not. Especially not if ...more

I don't mind Rap per se, but it is very vulgar. Nicki Minaj should be ashamed because she is part of the very music that objectifies and over-sexualizes women. No I'm not a feminist, but I do believe in realism, and in morality. Young children grow up listening to music promoting a thug lifestyle, and mystifying things that don't lead to pleasure, but instead worrying about whether they should pick up the soap or not; or about child support. We have in Hip Hop (same genre as Rap) culture, millionaire individuals who pretend to be real thugs so they can sell albums. There are even sub-genres of Hip Hop such as Gangsta rap, and Dirty rap. Gangsta rap is basically about drugs and death, dirty rap is about sex. I don't mind the style of music, or even the genre (though it is kinda crappy). What I don't like is how it's being used, and how it influences the younger generations as it popularizes.

3 Pop

I'm getting sick and tired of the Justin Bieber hate on this website. He may have sounded bad in 2009 and 2010, but he was just a kid back then, get over it. Most modern pop songs are cool, like Bruno Mars's hits, as he gives me Prince vibes on a lot of albums, kind of like a 70s/80s revival, but fame can lead to misery to most pop acts. It's kind of like a curse. Just take a look at the pop rap acts Milli Vanilli. A lot of people liked their hits back then, but after the infamous lip-synching scandal, the music industry turned their backs on them, leading up to Rob's death. Actually, they suck. Just ignore Milli Vanilli. But I feel so bad for Rob! Anyway, an overhated music genre with a few good songs. Teen pop sucks, though. And in my personal worst music genres list, Adult Contemporary/Soft Rock will be #1.

Generalizing all of Pop Music as "bad" is honestly one of the most narrow-minded takes one can have of any particular medium or genre. There's lots of subgenres of Pop Music and while there are bad examples, this doesn't mean the rest are either. There's still a lot of great Pop Artists and a lot of potential from many of it's subgenres at the end of the day.

I'm sick of people with almost no talent going onto shows like the X-Factor saying that they "Just want to make music. " I'm sorry but that is bull, they just want to make money. If they really wanted to make music they would be writing it instead of going on all these shows auto-tuning everything. Kids can easily play this music on the keyboard, drum kit or guitar after minimal lessons. In metal, it takes years to learn a basic song. In pop, the music just repeats itself. You need to have more than just one tune! And the lyrics are all about fame, being rich and sex. But the pop "musicians" aren't famous for their music most of the time. If the boy band 1 Direction was comprised of ugly hobos but still produced the same music they wouldn't be famous. One time when I was walking through the markets of Malasia, I saw an old man with his legs backwards playing a violin in rags with extreme skill with a few measly coins in front of him. People like these deserve all the money and fame, ...more

Pop is horrible. I don't understand how and form of metal/rock is even on this list. The people who write rock/metal songs have talent because they learn instruments and play them. Pop 'musicians' don't need to learn how to mime at concerts, or auto-tune their voice, or sing, or put any of the 'beats' in the back ground. Rap is just people talking over a noise. The only rapper who deserves respect is tupac and maybe eminem because they sung about real issues. And death metal is awesome, come back when you have heard cannibal corpse or children of bodom. Black metal is awesome, come back when you have heard gorgoroth or watain. Emo is not all bad, other than when they are making depressed ballads like in black veil brides (who are still good) they are good screamo bands. Like black veil brides. They are just not meant for ballads. Oh, and go and listen to five finger death punch and then you will see what real music is.

4 Dubstep

It is pretty easy to make a bad dubstep song, but some are pretty great. I don't think I would pay to listen, but there are quite a few songs that I have enjoyed. The only problem is that people who like the genre have an issue with admitting that there is very little variety, and if it is original, it is probably because it isn't like the songs that anybody likes; therefore most people dislike it. Most of the very popular songs (I said MOST) are very, VERY similar, to a point where I am satisfied by one song because there isn't much else to hear other than breath-taking drops and bass... but they all have the SAME drops and bass, making it less qualified as a good music genre.

This is the worst music genre which ever existed in the history of the world! I can't believe how crap like this gets rated higher than great pieces of rock music. It's just a bunch of random irritating sounds, yet people go on saying, "Oh, dubstep music is so awesome! " Everyone, ranging from so-called international DJs like David Guetta, to any local DJ, make the same kind of crappy music. I shouldn't even call it music, 'cause it's a disgrace to music. I hate pop too, but at least some pop singers have a bit of singing talent. This is just a bunch of useless people who just misuse resources of a computer.

Every dubstep song I hear is the same. Four chord progressions, constant heavy bass drops, little to no meaning in the songs, way too loud...seriously. I though songs were supposed to have some sort of message. Here these people just combine a bunch of synths and computer generated noises and add some random title to it. And I'm not a metalhead, unlike some people here, but I do like SOME metal. At least, not death metal. Black Sabbath, Metallica, Iron Maiden. At least they put some sort of message into their songs. Call metal "just noise" when you listen to dubstep? Watch your mouth.

Wow, so basically people hate the genre because they're ignorant.
First, thinking you don't need any skill and talent to make this is absolutely ignorant and stupid.
Second, people confuse so many other genres of music for dubstep.
Third, saying that it's not music is again ignorant and stupid.

I mean sure you can dislike it but being so ignorant and hateful towards genre and people that actually listen to it is just...dumb.
by the way, this is coming from dubstep fan that absolutely loves metal and listens to many other genres of music (including rap and Drum and bass, which is also electronic music like dubstep, and DnB doesn't seem to get that ammount of hate from people).

And yeah guess what, rap is 3rd on this list...People heard some "songs" by Drake or whoever is popular these days, and they think whole genre is like that. Same with dubstep they heard of Skrillex, maybe few other popular artists...

5 Emo

First off, modern emo is being all whinny and stuff but the real emo was a lot different. Original emo was a music genre and was mostly not sad at all in fact it was quite a happy type of music. It was called emo because o the emotion the musicians put into their music unlike pop singers who just sing what they are told to. Sunny day real estate is a good example they were original emo. Listen to their music and look at the actual band members none of them have dyed their hair, wore eyeliner or anything like that. Modern emo can be annoying but if you're going to put up a music genre make sure you're clear about it.

Lmao at these plebs whomst've'd think that Fall Out Boy, KillSwitch Engage, etc are actually representative of the emo scene. I'm voting because Emo-Pop, Melodic Metalcore (not Metallic Hardcore), and Pop Punk are definitely the worst kind of music but bands within the Midwestern Emo and Screamo genres are really, really good. Try Orchid - Chaos is Me, American Football - 1999 s/t, Brand New - TDAGARIM, and Rites of Spring - Rites of Spring if you want Emo that is boundary pushing and quality. I'm not trying to be pretentious its just that Emo and related genres that are given a bad name because of the more accessible versions of them like Post-Hardcore, Metalcore, and Dubstep are really good when you know the history and acclaimed albums.

I love emo, metal, screamo those type of music genre. Yes I have to agree that SOME emos today are whinny and stuff but they probably have a reason for it. And people can't say that this music is bad because in reality pop music sure is good but it proves that they don't know what talent is because they use auto-tune and stuff! But emo music shows that they have talent because most people won't be able to write songs such emo! That is REAP talent.

No one wants to hear your crappy 3 chord songs while your singer with his girl haircut whines emotional lyrics that he wrote in an hour. This is the absolute worst, paramore, 30 seconds to mars, fall out boy. These bands are absolutely awful and deserve to be forced to fly over the Bermuda triangle.

6 K-pop

There are good K-Pop bands, though personally, I'm not exactly a fan of the Sub-Genre myself. I get why people don't like it and why they see it as annoying, but I think it's gotten to the point where K-Pop has become overhated on this site. It has its issues and flaws, but seriously, it's not as bad as a lot of people are making it out to be (and this is a problem I see with lots of other genres).

Then again, I personally prefer J-Pop over K-Pop anyday. I guess I'll go back to listening to "Plastic Love", "Heavenly Star" and anything from Love Live.

Industries somehow more abusive than the ones in America working the artists like literal slaves till the point where they will pass out on stage from exhaustion.

Ugh, this genre is absolute garbage! I only like two songs from this genre, but still. I prefer J-Pop (I'm very interested in Japan and Japanese stuff) over K-Trash any and every day of the week.

I don't have a strong opinion about the music itself, but the kpop industry is horrifyingly evil in how it degrades and commodifies the artists. also I find most westerners who listen to kpop to be very annoying and unnecessarily belligerent towards other people (maybe this is a reflection of how the kpop industry operates)

7 Nightcore

This should not be considered a music genre in the slightest bit. All that is done is speeding up or pitching up someone else's work. At least with other genres like Dubstep for example, there is effort put in that creates a final product that does something for the listener who may or may not like it. This genre is just something that involves little to nothing being done and feels like a lazy way of appealing to an audience. No, a lot doesn't have to be done to MAKE a good track or song all of the time ( sometimes simplicity is a great thing );however, in the case of Nightcore since no actual work is done this is the exception. This is just my opinion though.

Its not its own genre. Its speeding up an existing song and making it higher pitched (anime girl is a plus). Its made for people with too low of attention span to enjoy the original song at original speed. Change my mind.

I mean it's just songs that are raised up in pitch but its not hurting anything (at least I hope not). I never really understood the hate.

This shouldn't even be a music genre, all it is copyright infringement. And the pitch changing man it just gets old. A lot of the time you'll find this rubbbish on YouTube with a typical anime background and with a inconsistent pitch change, cause whoever made it couldn't bother to sing it themselves. And oh it can ruin your favorite songs from any genre. For example I listened to Animal I Have Become on Nightcore and it sounded like complete garbage! I just hope this ends up being a fad and dying, cause I'm sick of it!

8 Pornogrind

Just from the name, I know it's sexual. Porn, that's very popular, but in music? That's just too awkward. Imagine playing it on speakers with your friends at a party. That would be awkward, like a funny QPark video, blasting porn out loud in a public place.

I agree this is awful but I have to say that: 1) this isn't really a music genre - this is grindcore with porn lyrics but it's not correct to create music genres based on lyrical themes; 2) we are talking about several bands here and this crap is getting too much attention; 3) many people think pornogrind / grindcore are metal but they are not. Grindcore has little-to-no-metal in it, it's mostly punk - hardcore punk and crust punk, mixed with industrial and noise rock. There may be some slight traces of thrash metal but thrash metal is = speed metal + hardcore punk, so part of thrash is punk again.

Any kind of pornogrind or deathgrind band in general is disgusting. It's even worse than death metal and black metal. The lyrics are disgusting, the vocals are horrible and the album covers are nasty.

Personally, as a Metal enthusiast, I don't think pornogrind (or goregrind) is a genre. It's the same thing as Grindcore with different lyrical themes. It's just way too subjective. Grindcore is a hit or miss genre. You have good bands like Pig Destroyer, Agoraphobic Nosebleed, Extreme Noise Terror, and Napalm Death. And then you have terrible bands like Anal C***, Brutal Truth, Nasum, etc

9 Hip-Hop

Hip-Hop, call it a genre, a culture, or whatever, is barely music. Firstly, it takes no talent at all to make it, in which the singer simply talks to an autotuned beat, which sounds so bad it makes those with functioning eardrums want to die. Secondly, its fanbase is so deep in that they act like it's the only thing that's worth listening to. Thirdly, if it's not about sex, crime, or drugs, it's inferior to them, which is why >95% of it is. And most rap songs which seem to be different and more inspiring and motivational on the surface still have a relation to themselves only, and so, have little meaning to anyone else. For these reasons, I cannot stand this pathetic excuse for music.

Every rap song has the same theme to it, it is either a diss track, a person bragging about their money, sex, drugs, and crime. There is nothing original about rap music and most "talented rappers" just pay others to do all the work for them, lyrics writing, composing, and they autotune all of their work. It just sounds like some person screaming at their microphone. Okay, you might say that there are some good rap songs from previous years but the current popular rap songs that millions enjoy feeIs like it is way worse from previous generations of its genre. I wish music didn't take this much of a downfall from Rock, that was the good stuff.

Hip Hop is not a genre of music first of all, it's a culture. To put the music of this culture in a box as worst is closed minded, especially with artist like Common, Outkast, Kendrick Lamar, Wale and others. Don't forget the greats like Tupac and Biggie. In any case, people need to stop talking down about this music due to their knowledge of mainstream artist like Nicki Minaj and French Montana or other non lyrical geniuses. Stick to underground, more substance. Besides, everyone knows that once an artist becomes mainstream they begin to suck (some). Just saying. ~Carpe Diem

First of Hip Hop is the exact same genre as Rap. It's not separate. In the theory of music, Hip Hop is officially considered by experts to be the exact same. Don't believe me? Look it up! Secondly,what I said before in the Rap section about the Hip Hop lifestyle, I reapply here. I don't mind the style of music (sometimes), I just can't agree with the things it teaches young people such as myself.

10 Teen Pop

Oh my god. Nothing could be worse. The only reason these guys have any fame is because teen girls (in the name) think the lead singer is hot. Listen to some of Ross Lynch's music and tell me those songs would be considered even remotely likeable if he was average looking. And the worst thing is he isn't even attractive, so he is officially the worst musician ever. People tell me that their songs are meaningful and cool are also the people who claim that Ross Lynch is a better singer than Freddie Mercury and a better guitarist than Jimi Hendrix. It also disgusts me that people call R5 rock, but refuse to say they are pop. Teen pop is not music. R5 is not a band. Ross Lynch is not a musician. Led Zeppelin is music, Pink Floyd is music, The Rolling Stones is music, Jimi Hendrix is music.

Yep. I think that every decade has its own One Direction. The 60s had The Four Seasons. (which most of their songs, I actually liked.) The 70s had Bay City Rollers (I feel so bad for the guy that died.) The 80s had New Kids On The Block, and the 90s had all those generic europop bands. Pretty much every decade has had a hated boy band, and every decade ridiculed them.

I must confess, I did watch Hannah Montana, but that's when I was 10 years old. I never liked Pop, but enjoyed the Disney comedy. It's comedy garbage.

This genre is geared towards the typical teen audience as the name implies. Of course, I don't like the genre and there are far better Sub-Genres of Pop, to begin with anyway.

The Contenders
11 Country Rap

When people thought this was going to next big genre I genuinely feared for the future of the music industry. This is the most annoying genre and I never want to hear it being blasted from another pontoon boat again!

Who thought mixing country and rap was a good idea? Well, it is atrociously terrible idea. It is just a bunch of country people rapping with awful southern accents rapping about how rednecks are the best and farms, with a beat mixing banjos and the electronic rap beat. I listened to country rap before and it is a disgrace to all country, so much, that I will never listen to it again. This music makes me cringe so much.

This is country rap basically summed up in countless words.
Imagine talking in a regular, old country singing voice. Now insert one of the worst rapping ever to face the earth and BOOM! you've just invented one of the worst genres ever!

Country and rap are both very different genres. Combining the two just creates one of the worst sounds ever.

12 Mumble Rap

I always thought Rap Music was supposed to be fast, energetic and rhythmic. There's a reason why that particular genre is memorable and recognized a lot, even if it isn't exactly for everybody. With Mumble Rap, it's kind of the opposite; there's not much energy to go with, resulting in boring, monotonous stuff blaring out that's more likely to turn me off rather than make me jam out.

Take everything that was already terrible with modern rap, and add obnoxious overly auto-tuned vocals, along with a very mind numbing drum beat. The slurred speech makes it harder to comprehend and it's such a pain to hear.

This has all the bad qualities of garbage rap songs and boom! You get a nasty genre with horrible lyrics and mumbling with auto tune.

Leave pop alone already. At least you could understand what the pop artists are saying but mumble rappers utter some unintelligible garbage over a boring beat and treat women as sex objects. These people really need to be stopped. Music died in 2013.

13 Bro Country

I disagree with the majority of this list. I think that almost every genre has some good songs and some bad songs, and if you don't enjoy them then maybe it's simply not for you, but it's still wrong to denounce an entire genre as terrible. However, I agree that one of the few exceptions to this is Bro-Country. From what I've seen, the only appeal to these songs comes from being catchy (most of the time) or from interesting elements in the production (which is pretty rare), but honestly, that's it. The rest of the elements of the songs in this genre are pretty terrible, especially the horribly cliched and garbage lyrical content. Not to mention that at times there's even elements stolen from other genres, typically Hip-Hop. So yeah, like another comment here said, this subgenre of Country is what gave the genre a bad reputation and it's very likely that when most people vote for Country as the worst genre on this list, they're mainly mad at Bro-Country instead.

This stuff is a disgrace to Country music. Old school country is my favorite genre of music. A lot of that music was authentic musically and definitely had a lot of good songwriting.

Bro country takes so many cliche redneck stereotypes and puts them into a song. It also degrades women and rural culture. Everyone of these guys sound the same and use the same themes. It's sad to see an important genre of American Music degraded to this point.

Johnny Cash and Hank Williams are rolling over in their graves.

The reason country gets a bad reputation. It basically ruins the actual purpose of country and makes it annoying. It should be called country pop, since this is played everywhere. Annoying fake accents that don't sound natural at all. The banjos sound too loud and they combine it with pop beats which makes it sound annoying. The lyrics are all about farms, tractors, trucks, getting drunk, girls getting tanned under the sun, nothing interesting.

I see Country has now ended up ahead of Pop and Rap as the overall number one. While I am glad for pop and rap not being number one any more I think most people are voting for country because of Bro Country so really it should be this sub genre at number one.

14 Crunkcore

This is by far the worst genre of music that I have ever heard in my life. It's due to the bands that use it! BOTDF is by far the worst band of all time due to their behaviour and style of music (Which is this genre I'm talking about here! ) and the these people don't deserve to be signed to a record label. Also one of my old friends listens to this horrible band for no reason whatsoever, it's just terrible! If you want to listen to a better band with a better song (Such as Green Day's Bang Bang, Evermore's Hey Boys and Girls or Paramore's Pressure for example.), go do that rather than wasting your time listening to a band that has no talent. You will know what I mean by that!

This genre is really disgusting and hurts my ears. I despise the disgusting lyrics, the earbleeding video game beats that makes a horrible noise and the lack of effort put into their songs. Also don't even get me started on bands like BrokenCLYDE and Blood on the Dance Floor. They are the absolute worst.

Worst genre ever, it has the worst band in existence, BOTDF. And all the lyrics are about porn and sex, no meaning whatsover. Plus, the beats to the songs are awful and the vocalists can't sing at all. BOO! Garbage! This should not even be called music, it belongs in the genre called Low Quality Trash, a genre I made up for garbage music. Country rap, pornogrind, and modern rap belong to Low Quality Trash.

At least there is SOME good pop songs. Check out Prince and Michael Jackson. The Beatles were also considered pop. So before voting for pop ( today's pop sucks though) listen to at least one crunkcore song. Then you'll see how bad the music is. There is literally no crunkcore song I have heard that I liked.

15 Screamo

To the comments saying screamo is not a genre of music, it actually is a genre of music; it is just very underground. Circle Takes the Square, Pg.99, and Orchid are considered to be screamo bands. However, I could see how one would think screamo isn't a genre of music. Many people may say that a post hardcore band like pierce the veil or a death metal band like cannibal corpse is screamo just because the singers don't use clean vocals at times (even though it isn't actually screamo). Just because a band has screamed or growled vocals, doesn't automatically make it a screamo band. Many people when they list genres they don't like may say "screamo" although they usually are referring to genres like deathcore or black metal with a lot of unclean vocals and have never actually heard a real screamo song.

I do not enjoy songs that are ALL screaming, but if it has a few lines of screaming than it is very, VERY possible that it could be a good song. Bring me the Horizon, Get Scared, Black Veil Brides, Sleeping with Sirens, e tc. a ll have very talented singers in their bands. I mean, when I think of screamo, I think of angst and madness and anxiety, which is EXACTLY what these artists are trying to express. The people who do this for a living found out how to make money by screaming, so they aren't total idiots, and it is SO HARD to execute good screaming for a song. I admit there are terrible songs that are just growling, screaming, and shrieking, but there are also really good songs. Originally, punk artists were TRYING to be unpopular and sounds really bad, and they get less hate than screamo. A really good example of very good quality music with screaming are: True Friends by Bring me the Horizon, and Until the Day I Die by Story of the Year, which aren't exactly screamo, but that is ...more

I never thought I would hate any music genre more than rap, classic rock, bro-country or metal... but screamo is just pure garbage! As much as rap, classic rock, bro-country and metal suck, screamo makes them all sound good! Human beings are capable of making truly, wonderfully great music like classical, folk, the blues, country (except for bro-country), bluegrass, Gospel, alternative rock, 50s rock and roll (ie, Elvis, Chuck Berry, The Monkees, etc.) and Broadway... but we are also capable of creating truly, horrible garbage like classic rock, rap, metal and bro-country and (worst of all) screamo! (Yeah, that's right. I hate classic rock and love country music and modern alternative rock. What now, classic rock elitists!? Don't hate me because II only listen to good music! You need to get some taste! Losers! )

I have some things to say. 1: "Screamo" is actually not a genre of music. You sound like a godamn nob when you say "screamo". Call it "deathcore" or "death metal" or "black metal". Call it by the name of a real genre. Not a made up one. 2: This kind of singing style actually takes a lot of talent. Lots of people say "Its just screaming into the mic about satan." Uh... WRONG! Try it. You wont ever get as good as George Fisher from Cannibal Corpse. Or even Chester Bennington from Linkin Park. It takes a hell of a lot more talent than dubstep and pop.

16 Dance

Good Dance music (EDM) is actually just as challenging, if not harder than to make rock music. Yes I like my rock and have an extremely wide knowledge of the history and culture of it (especially psychedelic rock). EDM is looked down upon by the older generation or teenagers who think they were born in the wrong generation. For those of you who think EDM is a brand new genre of music you are wrong. A group called Kraftwerk produced one of the first electronic albums and were a huge success. Do you know why? Because the genre can produce limitless genres due to the way it is made. Dance is one of the best genres of music and for those of you that don't like it give a listen to 808 state Pacific 202 them come back

Just cause it's harder to make (even though it's typically not), doesn't make it better. Also EDM usually is pretty easy to make as long as you're semi-nerdy with a computer, whereas playing guitar (of any kind) is kinda hard. I don't know if you, mister "EDM", have ever played a guitar, but after a while your fingers, hands, arms and legs get tired from standing (not sitting on your but) with a wooden/metal instrument hanging off your shoulders, and holding down strings, while pressing up and down along frets, giving you calluses.

EDM is the worst thing to ever happen to music. It honestly saddens me to see people in the 60s-00s putting so much heart and soul into the music they write and nowadays these idiots can pop out loads of their unoriginal crap in less than a day. The 1960s to 2000s were ack when music was the most personal and innovative thing ever. All of your emotions - your sadness, anger, frustration could be expressed through music and there was so much effort that went into making the music itself and that's not what todays mainstream garbage captures at all. EDM is the most boring, repetitive and unoriginal genre of music(if it can even be called music.) I mean, it literally sounds like varying pitches of fart noises, that's all I can say to describe it. All you require to do to create EDM music is to be a spoilt rich kid who can buy a Mac and use their parents money to brainwash millions of idiots into liking their garbage. That's like literally it. 0 talent is required to make EDM so this ...more

Worst Electronic subgenre.
- creates many sweeping generalizations about electronic
- the sub that takes least to make. I can put farts and call it dance music.
- so hard to listen to.
- too mainstream. Basically pop music with synths, as it requires little talent.
Screw this terrible subgenre. I listen to REAL electronic music, not synthesized mainstream crap that disgraced a huge genre.

17 Nu Metal

Seriously, I hear metal everyday on television while I was watching the movies and series in different countries. One of my local TV channels put a metal song just before every series starts.

However, I hate listening to them because they sound cheap. They are overplayed by idiotic P.O.S who think that they can be energized by METAL instead of something like Trance.

Drum beats are OK, but the screaming is out of hands and distorted guitars sound like thousands of loud distorted farts.

If they're so happy about these farts blowing up on their speakers, how about they stop overplaying this trash which spreads anger?

Honestly, Nu Metal is overhated and it was never as bad as a lot of people made it out to be. There are mediocre and bad artists that unfortunately became popular, sure, but keep in mind that every genre and sub-genre of music has their fair share of bad apples. Nu Metal has a lot of great bands and tracks, but I guess we all like to mainly focus on the negatives and hype that out to the point where we make a genre look bad.

Nu Metal is sort of what happened to metal post-grunge. It was pretty popular with my peers when I was a teenager. The common aspects of it seem to be: an increased emphasis on the kind of depressed emotional and lyric content that came from grunge, the near complete elimination guitar soloes and of the technical aspects of metal that had preceded it, and a largely propensity for influences that have a bit more in common with styles like hardcore punk and industrial. The vocals tended to become whiny, or otherwise a sort of standardized format between clean vocals and screaming.

Nu Metal is making a comeback, and it sounds really good. Cane Hill, for example, is really good with a lot of Nu Metal influence. So is My Ticket Home. Limp Bizkit is the first artist I think of when I hear NU metal, and rap is just something that shouldn't be mixed with metal, because it defiles metal entirely. The Knot and Korn are both good bands too.

18 Bollywood

This is arguably the most manufactured Sub-Genre in Music as it's entirely rooted in a Film Industry. There are some good Bollywood songs, but they're not all that common to find and more often than not, you end up with excessively bombastic, nonsensical and dragged-out tracks that will either frustrate and bore your minds. Not to mention how most Bollywood songs just default to sappy love lyrics, random dancing, fanservice and gratuitous English, which only makes the experience more infuriating.

I don't understand how people in India have the guts to even call Bollywood a music industry. I mean, seriously? A talent-less bunch saying "Your eyes, your face, our love, our marriage" over and over again in every song. And some random-ass "rapper" who occasionally chips in to "rap", which always consists of "Get on the floor, yeah, groove it, yeah, yo, yo, move it". 99.9% of the songs are like that. Plus, no production quality at all. Everything borrowed from other international music. Bollywood is just commercial marketing noise which is sold off as music to a billion people with no taste and no clue as to what real music is.

Damn, how can this be at #3? Vote this up people!

It's just sickening to listen to same romantic crap over and over and over. Just like the other guy rightly put it, its all about "your eyes, your face, our love, our marriage"... Repeated eternally. To all the "Bollywood" song writers: That's enough! I think we had our dose of love for this century so let's write about something else now. Aside from that, I am seriously outraged at the quality of music they are putting out. In simple English, its noise. Something very unpleasant to listen. Just because the masses in India, god bless their soul, don't know any better, you (music directors, composers) cannot keep producing garbage and expect everybody to like it. My advise to all music makers is go back to your core, think hard and produce something original and something that's pleasant, and that would be art! I believe you can do this if you stop worrying about number of songs you can write/compose in a short time,... Or how you can creatively "adapt". Then you would be simply ...more

It was good till 2011, now it's shameful. Breakup songs everywhere. Hit a random guitar string. Drink hardcore then sing - lo, it's Bollywood of the 2010s. That AR Rahman has been the only internationally successful Indian producer sums it up. But he's exceptional. So are Shaan, Shankar Mahadevan, Sonu Nigam and Shreya Ghoshal. The new drunks at the block ruined it.
Don't compare it to Indian Classical Music.
This comes from an Indian. The pathetic condition moved me to EDM, and I would've regretted if this didn't happen. Something to be happy about, it's not melancholic drinking; it's ecstatic drinking with EDM. There are a few deep songs too (Avicii? )

19 Gangsta Rap

Absolutely the worst type of noise that can come out of a speaker or someone's mouth. It seems like everyone who listens to it thinks they are some cool gangster who can shoot up families and rape everybody they don't like, and they are better than everyone else because they can spew out offensive at everybody. How about they put this pile of music in place number 2, right next to it's brother. Bunch of dumbass gangbangers grabbing their crotch because apparently that's the only way they can make a song

I don't think anyone actually likes rap or hip hop so much that they get goosebumps listening it. Rap and hip hop are just a disguise to one's personality to stick in their group.

Good grief if the same personalities of the metal heads on this site were hip hop fans...

Come on guys even sa a metal/hard rock man we can all love the days of the Ni--ers in black! and, no, PE and Anthrax does not fall into this territory (thankfully because this is a worst of! )

20 Death Metal

Death Metal isn't really meant to be liked by everyone. To me, it's the kind of genre that forces you to endure and see if you're capable of taking in it's extremely harsh, aggressive and fast musicianship and, in some subgenres' case, it's complexity and craftsmanship. This is a surprisingly respectable genre once you really get to appreciate the work behind it, though some of it's music artists can be a hit-or-miss In my opinion.

The only reason why meat-heads love this genre is because they always want something "heavy, " and heavy always means "more awesome! " but that's not the case. Metal was already close to the edge to be unbearable to listen because their lyrics is nothing but killing and dying, and with Death Metal, I can't even hear the lyrics for crying out loud; they're waving on guitars & drums, and scream too much that goes up and down like a child trying to bang on the drums, and the end result is nothing but noise. There's a BIG difference between music and noise, and this genre and all of it's bands are the most unintelligible. Keep banging your heads and hope that you won't loose your head.

I can understand why most people hate this genre. They don't think it's good music or anything.

This is just a guess of mine, but I think that death metal is meant to challenge people about what they consider to be good music. Like how most people say that death metal's not real music. I've said many times before that there's no such thing as real music and that all music is subjective. So what you consider to be fake music may be real music to others. I think that's the whole point of death metal. To let people know that there are some folks who do like the artist's growling style and may think that it's real music.

But like I said, this is all just a guess of mine.

Can people just stick to their own opinions? Saying things like "It's just noise", "It's not music" and trying to make it out as a fact, when it's not. It's all a matter of opinion. Just because you don't like something doesn't mean you should hate on it or the people who like it. And for the people who this they just "growl" and talk about killing, listen to songs from the last 4 Death albums. Definitely not just about killing. And for you who say you can't even understand the vocalist, some of them you can't, others such as the God known as Chuck Schuldiner (RIP), Johan Hegg, Mikael Akerfeldt and Dave Vincent are understandable when you're a bit used to it. If I haven't explained it well enough, I suggest you watch Coverkillernation's video "5 Reasons People Hate Death Metal".

21 R&B

Modern R&B is complete garbage, old R&B/Motown like Stevie Wonder, Diana Ross, Tammi Terrell, and Marvin Gaye were complete beautiful artists that made completely beautiful songs.

No denying that it is the worst genre, now don't get me wrong some of the rnb musicians are very talented, but the music they write is just a crap.

Justin Bieber anyone?

I rather listen to a whiny emo than to this corny horny R&B piece.

And who put metal in 13? What...

If you ask me its R&B first place then POP. Both are complete disgrace to music that only people with no musical sense like because that's the mainstream shows so they think its good, a pile of garbage, just kill this genre already!

Rihanna is pop, and honestly decent pop, which is more than I can say about most pop artists these days. But yeah, the new Chris Brown song, and Don't Tell Em'? That song is terrible. REAL R&B is TLC, Destiny's CHild, older Beyonce songs, and R. Kelly. So listen to that and you will know that is was good. Also Alicia Keys. The 90's and the early 2000's (2000 to 2009) were the best times for R&B.

Awful, just bloody awful. I don't know about anyone else, but listening to someone say how many hoes they get and how much sex they've had is like being hung by my balls off the edge of the empire state building. It's why modern music is so bad and why I listen to the better genres like rock. Because lets be honest, rock is the best.

22 Trap Music

I don't like to bash on music because I'm a musician and the music I listen to isn't mainstream and is mainly underground. But both of these are the reason I dislike, nay, detest this genre. It's a lousy excuse for music. It's a genre of beats that all sound the same, lyrics glorifying sex and drugs and autotuned vocals by artists in which 90% of them can't sing to save their lives. It takes little to absolutely no talent to produce this "music" and the lyrics are nonsensical jargon that are all about money, fame, sex and drugs and artists such as Cardi B prove this. This genre needs to die, and it needs to die quickly.

Its elements can sound pretty good in rap sometimes (as long as the lyrics are also good ofc) but awful in all other genres, no matter the lyrics or melody or instruments or effects, it doesn't belong to techno nor breakbeat nor retrowave nor jazz nor any good music genre. It sounds awful in remixes of techno classics such as "Sandstorm" and "Feel the Beat" by Darude. And the worst thing is it's so popular it's gonna stay that way forever. I guarantee you melodic death metal versions of love songs sound way better than trap versions. Take for instance Mariah Carey - why does she have to follow this trend? If she likes trap, I don't understand that. It's weird. The vibrations are more irritating than dnb. Every song of her that has trap elements sounds odd and irritates not just my ears but my nerves and soul as well. I think in her next album each of her songs should sound 99%-100% like her albums from 90s (in style and vibe I mean, maybe even instruments and equipment if needed), ...more

I love EDM, but I hate this genre. Sure, there are some good trap songs, but for the most part, it's kinda bad. Although making trap music, along with other types of EDM, is difficult to make. So I am going to stay away from this genre a bit, and learn to appreciate it.

It's so hard to find a good trap song.
And yes, I've even looked in the underground and mainstream for good trap music, barely found any good trap songs.

23 Black Metal

Like Death Metal, Black Metal is basically an endurance round when it comes to music and it makes you challenge the fact whether you're going to get into its musicianship and sound. It's definitely not a genre a lot of people are going to get into due to its pop-cultural image and it's unconventional yet intimidating musicianship, but Black Metal does have a few other bands and songs to provide other than just those who preach Satanism. While sonically distinctive from Death Metal, it's still a genre that's more impressive than it looks, though as stated before, not every band playing it is good.

The reasons why I hate Black Metal (2nd movement)

1. It's Repetitive. The guitar riff of one of the songs sounds exactly the same as the riff from the other song. So do drums.

2. Guitar. They either tremolo-pick throughout the song, or they just strum 2 power chords followed by 3 simple notes all the time. Solos don't exist in the genre.

3. Bass. Do they have bassists in the bands?

4. Drums. Nothing special, just blast beats (which do require some talent, but once you learn it, it's easy) and double bass drumming.

5. Vocals. That's one of the areas where BM shines, but they are incomprehensible and sometimes disgusting.

6. Lyrics. Another area, where the BM shines. But I personally don't care about the lyrics and, what's the point of them, if you can't even understand them?

7. It's overrated as a metal sub-genre.

8. Most of its fanbase of this genre is full of dumb teenagers, that think they are cool, just because they listen to ...more

Sure rap and pop is annoying sometimes because most of them have trashy lyrics about sex and drugs but there are lots of decent rap and pop songs out there too. I find black metal the most annoying genre because its lyrics is mostly about demonic worship, which to me doesn't make sense at all. Its core ideology is worse than Justin Bieber and Paris Hilton combined. Plus the vocals are hard to bear. I like deep growls of death metal but I can't seem to appreciate the high screeches of black metal.

I like black metal and the pure emotion it gives off, I do not think it should be on this list, nor any other genre. Just because you do not like something does not make it bad. Also the lyrics are not all about killing Christians and satanism! The lyrics can be about anything, social problems, politics, they can be personal to the artist, they can even be about history. Please learn before you criticize something.

24 Deathcore

Mixing the worst aspects of metalcore & death metal to create an abomination with zero good bands. The only listenable stuff is disputed to even be deathcore, like Deformity

I'm really surprised that this hasn't made it past the top 20 yet. Way Way Worse than death metal, at least that requires some talent! In a deathcore song there are about 20 breakdowns in each song while the singer screams and pig squeals about how he wants to kill the school bully. Notable bands are Suicide Silence, Whitechapel and Carnifex.

Really? Listen to Thy Art Is Murder, Aversions Crown, Make Them Suffer, and Internal Bleeding. "Reign of Darkness", "Controller", "Maelstrom", and "This Day I Fight" are good examples of deathcore. This whole "Core isn't metal" is messing stupid. To all the metalheads out there, GET OVER IT. Deathcore is just as good as death metal, thrash metal, speed metal, etc.

When it first started out not exceptional but nothing too bad. A few years later it basically became "breakdown abuse and chug chug pseudo-death metal". However, things seem to be rapidly improving now with bands like Carnifex, Infant Annihilator, AngelMaker, Rings of Saturn, Thy Art is Murder, Shadow of Intent and many more.

25 Gospel

You negative people need to get right with God, the rapture is coming where will you be. I also want to say that when you say you hate something, that isn't right to hate, your not suppose to hate anything, you can dislike like something but don't say you hate it.

It's the same thing for annoying Christians who think God is everything. For people who think everything good has something to do with God and everything bad has to do with the devil. I hate it so much!

I feel bad up voting this because the artists have good intentions for a good cause, but all of them sound the same and have the same lyrics. The only exception I can think of is Lenny Kravitz's 'Are You Gonna Go My Way.'

The best proof that just because it's about God doesn't make it good. This music is talentless and repetitive. They only sing about Jesus, Jesus, and Jesus. Like country but even worse.

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