Top 10 Worst Power Rangers Episodes

When Mighty Morphin Power Rangers aired in 1993, it took the world by storm and their faces were on everything. But not all episodes are awesome. Here are some of the worst. Feel free to add your own episodes you thought were bad.

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1 For Whom the Bell Trolls (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers)

This episode is considered the worst in the entire series by many because of all the mistake that are inexcusable, even for a low budget show in its infancy. The monster, Mr. Ticklesneezer, isn't threatening at all. He's made by Trini's doll and is a big softy at heart. All he does is use his magic bottle to collect anything he considers a 'goody' and has no fighting abilities whatsoever. This episode also has a lot of errors even a 10 year old can pinpoint, such as the Tokyo Tower and a bullet train. But most notably is during the Megazord sequence where a boy in green can be seen briefly behind the Megazord. Probably the worst part of this is the fact that it's a dream episode and not done very well. Thankfully, the Power Rangers Zeo episode "It Came from Angel Grove" rectified these mistakes. - raidramon0

2 Legendary Battle (Power Rangers Super Megaforce)

This was it. This was the crossover episode to rule them all. After 20 years, fans of the series were finally going to see all the rangers duke it out together, but when they saw the end product, they were very disappointed. Only a few of the veteran actors returned and didn't get a lot of screen time. The battle itself was legendary for all the wrong reasons, with poorly edited stock footage, needless commentary and some of the biggest plot holes in the series. For Power Ranger fans, this was a Super Mega letdown. - raidramon0

3 Shift Into Turbo (Power Rangers Turbo)

Who cares if it had a 12 year old. The show is silly.

Many people consider Power Rangers Turbo one of the worst season ever and it's this 3 parter that would introduce us to what we would have to endure for this season long puke fest. A 12-year old as the blue ranger? Check. Unlikable villains? Check. Lame monsters? Check. Divatox also has this lame idea of setting detonators all across Angel Grove which grows very thin after a few episodes. No wonder Saban though Power Rangers in Space would be the last season. - raidramon0

4 Shell Shocked (Power Rangers in Space)

How many remember the horrendous live action show Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation? Well, this episode only served as a reminder of what happened to our beloved shinobi mutant amphibians. At the end of the episode "Save our Ship", we see Astronema pull the turtles out of their sewer home in New York City and in this episode, she brainwashes them to gain the rangers trust so they can hijack their ship. Only Andros is wary of what's taking place. It's not a bad episode in of itself. Just brings back some painful memories. - raidramon0

5 Until Sunset (Power Rangers Lost Galaxy)

Many clip episodes can work well, but this one didn't. After Leo and Daymon are kidnapped and tied up by Captain Mutiny, they spend the rest of the episode reminiscing about their past as Galactic Power Rangers up until that point. Just as the cap is about to send them to meet Kendrix across the astral plain, the others show up just in the nick of time to save them, saying they found them through sheer, dumb luck. Easily one of the laziest flashback episodes ever. - raidramon0

6 Good as Gold (Power Rangers: Zeo)

The Zeo season of Power Rangers was going very well until the final episode. Here, we see Jason losing his powers because the Gold Ranger wasn't designed to be used by Earthlings. Therefore, the only way to save Jason as well as the Gold Ranger is to transfer the powers back to Tray of Triforia. Meanwhile, Rita and Zedd make a comeback and are after Jason as well. Once Tray gets his powers back, he makes the other rangers grow to face off against the Machine Empire. At the end, Rita and Zedd give King Mondo and his family an explosive present. It left so many questions unanswered. What ultimately happened to the Machine Empire? Where did Rita, Zedd and the others go? How did the rangers go from Zeo to Turbo? All in all, one of the sloppiest episodes ever. - raidramon0

7 Time for Lightspeed (Power Rangers Time Force)

This crossover features the cast from Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue and it could've been something special. Instead, they decided to make a checklist of bad decisions. For starters, it should've been a two-part episode because there's no explanation as to how Vypra came back from the dead and the demon she summoned was just another generic monster that's easily taken down. Secondly, why Vypra of all villains? Sure, Jennifer L Yen may have had a hot body and definitely looked the part, but her acting was terrible. In fact, the episode where she was killed off was the only time where she gave a convincing performance. All in all, an episode that's 100% skippable. - raidramon0

8 Wildwest Rangers (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers)

When done right, time travel episodes can be quite fun. This two-parter, however, wasn't. After Kimberly is sent back in time to Angel Grove's Wild West days, she meets the ancestors of her teammates and this is where things start get confusing. By all accounts, Billy is the only ranger (besides Kimberly) that has been on the team since day one while Rocky, Aisha and Adam have been rangers for only 22 episodes. So can someone explain why we see their ancestors and not the ones from Jason, Zack and Trini's bloodline? And doesn't the White Stranger look a lot like Tommy who moved to Angel Grove only a few episodes into Season 1? Sure, it's a nice cheesy episode, but there are too many plot holes that even a 1st grader can detect. - raidramon0

9 I Love Lothor (Power Rangers Ninja Storm)

This episode is just too weird for its own good. Lothor's nieces Marah and Capri decide to air a sitcom about their uncle to make him more likeable and uses the love potions as a backup plan, much to Lothor's chagrin. Cam and Blake become victims of the potion and fall head over heels for Tori as she's tied up to a cactus backstage. As you can tell just by reading the synopsis, this episode is clearly suffering from an identity crisis. - raidramon0

10 Wheels of Destruction (Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue)

Three words; too much Vypra. In this episode, she finally has the rangers in over a barrel with her new battle vehicle and the only way to combat her is with the new Lightspeed Cycles. It's just a shame that the rangers' motorcycles were introduced in an episode where it revolved around a villain played by someone who's acting skills were miles below par. - raidramon0

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11 Climb Every Fountain (Mighty Morphin' Alien Rangers)
12 End of Extinction (Power Rangers: Dino Super Charge)
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