WonkeyDude98 Analysis: Happy vs We Can't Stop

Yeah you already know what wins. I'm not trying to see which is better because Happy is better in every conceivable way. I'm using Happy as a basis to highlight We Can't Stop's shortcomings, also because I don't have enough to say about them to be individual reviews. I'm going to go from the weakest point to the strongest.

Vocals: Well Pharrell is near Usher's level of insane singing, and Miley...well I gotta thank Mike WiLL Made-It. He made this the single most hated song of the year (WE'LL GET TO HIM LATER). Thanks to him, Miley sounds like a coke-addicted alien. Not kidding.

Lyrics: Pharrell's song was about positivity. Now, I like all songs about being happy, pretty much. Miley's song was about ruining her life with partying, drugs, ecstasy, "making lines in the bathroom", and just some of the most tryhard stuff you'd see in a song. I'll give Miley credit that it sounds like she genuinely doesn't want to do this stuff.

Video: Pharrell's video was not much worth talking about but Miley's was actively unfun and trying too hard to shock. Also, French fry skull.

Beat: Ok, this is the big one. Mike WiLL Made-It is bar none the worst producer of all time. The fuzzy guitars, the dreary synth, and the sloppy melody make the song borderline sad when it's supposed to be a party song (to give credit, see the end of my lyrics). Meanwhile Happy's production had energy and it actually sounded like a positive song.

I give Happy a strong 3 out of 5 and We Can't Stop a weak 1 out of 5. It might be because I don't suffer from Happy's overplay but IDC. It's a good song with a good message, strong vocals, and great production. It does, however, feel a lot longer than it really is. We Can't Stop is tedious, unfun, not shocking, and kinda depressing. This is WonkeyDude98, signing out.