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1 Billy - 6ix9ine

6IX9INE at his worst.

The amount of times he screams the n-word is still ridiculous. - StarlightSpanks

6IX9INE's least bad song. - I80

I can give tons of reasons to hate this song

1. It sounds like it was sung by a dying caveman
2. It has an insane amount of swearing
3. The lyrics make zero sense
4. It has the n word and it was sung by a white rapper
5. It was sung by 6ix9ine - DrayTopTens

2 I Like It - Cardi B

I don't "like it." In fact, what I really would "like" is for Cardi to give up this rapping thing and go away. Her being talentless isn't what bugs me the most, it's that she actually thinks she's dope and believes her own hype that really gets to me. This song is awful, most of it isn't even in English, and the parts that are in English are just Cardi talking about her plastic body in her annoying voice over a very unappealing beat. I know I say this quite often when talking about modern songs, but there's literally nothing to like here. Not the beat, melody, lyrics, and certainly not the performance. The only thing that stands out is the chorus but it doesn't stand out in a good way either, it's just Cardi trying to rap like Offset (probably because Offset ghostwrote Cardi's lyrics for her since she's a talentless piece of trash who can't even come up with her own lyrics.) I mean, Offset is by no means a talented lyricist, but he's definitely much better than his ...more - DaWyteNight

Why do people like Cardi B? Her voice is so insufferably annoying. - phillysports

I also wonder why people like her (seriously), and how this "song" got to #1 on the Hot 100. - allamassal

The title is the opposite of my opinion on the song.

The title is made to brainwash. It does not reflect the ugliness of the song. - MChkflaguard_Yt

I don't hate this.
Sure, the lyrics are basically Cardi B talking a lot about how she likes her wealth, does that mean it sucks completely?
Throughout 2018, I've realized that even with garbage lyrics, there's still a possibility that the song can be good enough. Fancy and fitting trap beat? Check. Well-enough use of the sample? Check. Can Cardi B actually rap? Of course she can, this site literally hates her for the most foolish reasons I can think of. The only problem with this is Bad Bunny, who is pretty stale.
Then again, this song is competing with "songs" like "Freaky Friday" and 2 6ix9ine songs on this list. REALLY pathetic if you ask me. She doesn't scream like 6ix9ine, she isn't completely monotonous like Drake most of the time, and let's be real here, this is better than Freaky Friday. If you can't find ANY aspect to this that sounds the SLIGHTEST bit fun, then you probably just have a bad taste in music. 6/10 - StarlightSpanks

3 Bohemian Rhapsody - Lil Meerkat

This is a musical masterpiece with beautiful lyrics about anime and sprite. Lil Meerkat is a genius and is the best rapper of all time. 2Pac is garbage compared to him. Freddie Mercury himself loved this so much, he was jamming out to it in Heaven. If you hate this, you have no taste in music. - RiverVibeZ

Freddy Mercury's ghost must have been banging his head hearing this godawful rendition of one of the greatest songs of all time. A big disrespect to Queen.

It's a joke, guys, It's not meant to be taken seriously.

Don't take this song too serious - ElSherlock

4 Freaky Friday - Lil Dicky

This is basically a Bart Baker Parody if it was better produced and had Chris Brown on it. In other words...yeah, 0/10. - DCfnaf

It's November 2019 and I still haven't heard this song. Let's hope it stays that way. - RiverVibeZ

I thought Lil Dicky was good until I heard this garbage. - SanicWantsHisSandwich

Oh, no, not Lil Birdy. Way too overrated as well. - BounceBackHater

5 I Love It - Kanye West & Lil Pump

This song is so trashy.
I hate it! - I80

The cover is...off to say the least. This song is boring and the lyrics are...interesting.

This is good compared to the Lil Meerkat and Submarine Man versions. - SanicWantsHisSandwich

More like I hate it because it's all about Sex. - Soulstealer

6 Meant to Be - Bebe Rexha

It's so redneck that it hurts.

Bebe Rexha and Floride Georgia Line.
The collaboration no one asked for. - RiverVibeZ

This is not meant to be - ElSherlock

I actually quite like this song, don't judge cus that my personal opinion.
The lyrics aren't that bad so I would rate it a 7/10 in effort

7 Fortnite n Chill - Ricegum

AW HELL NO! Grab your bleach and let's GO! - IceFoxPlayz

Fortnite and Chill. Goes together like hot dogs and AIDS.

The lyrics are just awful - ElSherlock

I'm gonna go buy some bleach for my ears. This song is the definition of Cringe.

8 Fefe - 6ix9ine

This is why anime sucks

2 bad artists making an awful song - ElSherlock

Worst hit song of the decade

I tried listening to this because it is my friend's favorite song but I couldn't get through 10 seconds it was so terrible.

9 Keke - 6ix9ine

This is 6IX9INE's least terrible song but it's still trash. - SanicWantsHisSandwich

We won't hear from that stonefish for years. - I80

This is like any other 6ix9ine song - ElSherlock

That's my sister's name. Why. - Luckys

10 Friends - Marshmello and Anne-Marie

The beat is good (and the song sucks) - ElSherlock

Not that bad, just VERY immature. - ZeroBlaster

So immature right thank you! I love everyone who HATES this song.

Marshmello shouldn't even be called EDM as his drops are terrible. - BounceBackHater

Overplayed I don't believe I used to like that song. - Luckys

The Contenders

11 Girls Like You - Maroon 5

This song is not bad, it just would've been more understandable if it were an Adam Levine solo song. Maroon 5 is no longer what it used to be. I bet you don't even know the names of members other than Adam Levine. If so, I understand 'cause Maroon 5 is all about Adam Levine, and Adam Levine only. All musicians are put aside and all we hear is computer beats and processed guitar/synth/keyboard loops. Maroon 5 stopped making sense as a band in 2012 when they went too commercial. Why don't they just split so Adam Levine can go solo? - LoveMusicLoveLife

This is way worse than anything 6ix9ine has ever done, at least 6ix9ine put some energy in it and even with his disgusting personality, isn't mumbling every 2 seconds like another generic rappers, this is just painfully boring, and completely deserves number one
The fact that I Like It (a song that isn't greast by any means but not atrocious neither) only shows how generic and formulaic the vote system in this site has become - Pato_cargo

This song is lifeless as hell with Maroon 5 then Cardi B comes in and ruins the entire closing. - Soulstealer

What a generic song - ElSherlock

12 Te Bote - Casper Magico

Just trash - ElSherlock

Yeah, don't expect too much from a "song" that's 7 minutes long and translates to "I Dumped You" - StarlightSpanks

Bohemian Rhapsody lil meerkat outsold

This is annoying and Ozuna is not even the worst part of the song. What a surprise! - LilliamPumpernickel

13 I Love the Smelly Feet - Submarine Man

Way better than I Love It - I80

This is a parody of "I Love It by Lil Pump and Kanye West" - ElSherlock

Lmao weird how most of the songs here are just parodies, chill out everybody. - AlphaQ

This is what is passing for music now? Yikes. - crowdiegal

14 Captain Out of Tune - Lil Mosquito Disease

This song is satire - ElSherlock

This song is a masterpiece created from the heavens above. Humans have collectively peaked in 2018 with the release of this timeless bop.

With a name like that this song doesn't deserve do be taken seriously. - AlphaQ

Lil Mosquito Disease. Who's next Lil Horsefly? - LilliamPumpernickel

15 The Light is Coming - Ariana Grande

I never even thought I'd find something as bad as Meant To Be or Freaky Friday, but now I've found it. Sadly it's from the artist who showed great potential in her previous single.
First off, what's up with that lame beat? What's up with Pharrell Williams producing this horribly? What's up with Nicki Minaj being so dull and godawful simultaneously? And most importantly, what's up with Ariana not even trying in this? Side To Side was bad enough but I never thought I'd find something close to being this bad. I used to see Ariana as "an amazing singer who wastes her talent" and now I've nearly changed my mind on the first part. This is a spoiled abomination that I hope never hits the Hot 100 as a promotional single. -1/10 - StarlightSpanks

Why can't she make 7 rings sound like this. This is 1000 times better than 7 rings and the censored version of this song should have played on the radio a long time ago. This is one of her best songs in a long time and 7 rings is her worst song and the worst song ever made.

Everything is terrible on this "song", from the lame beat to Ariana herself. - BounceBackHater

The music video is awful - ElSherlock

16 Warzone - Yoko Ono

She still makes "music" I see.

Stop making songs Yoko Ono - ElSherlock

How is this not higher? - ShrekTheGoat

WARZONE - LilliamPumpernickel

17 Chocolate - 6ix9ine

ThEy WaNt No SmOkE, tHeY wAnT nUn!
Neither do I. - I80

This is garbage - ElSherlock

This "thing" is basically Trumpet Lights and Gummo mixed together. You all know whats the result of 2 of the worst songs off all time combined. AN EVEN WORSE SONG. Worst song of all time. -infinity/5

I hate rainbow 69 gummy bear. - AlphaQ

By far the worst thing I've listened to in the century. -infinty/5 - AlphaQ

18 Buba - 6ix9ine

Just another awful song by 6ix9ine - ElSherlock

This actually goes HARD though, wow! - RandomThings

Even more 6ix9ine trash... - B1ueNew

6ix9ine, go away. - AlphaQ

19 Ilovefriday - Mia Khalifa

Get this to number 1 or top 5. Also this became popular only because a Tik Tok girl singed a part from the song - ElSherlock

Burn this song in the fire.

Like I said with Mo Bamba: the beat is alright, but the lyrics and singing are absolutely abysmal. - The01Bro

I am only going to say this once
HiT oR MiSS I GueSS THeY NeVeR MiSS HuH - AlphaQ

20 Mo Bamba - Sheck Wes

This song has no point or effort put into whatsoever. What a terrible song. The beat is pretty decent, but the lyrics make no sense! Really, what kind of lyrics are "Oh! F***! S***! B****! "? Just saying random swearing words in a song does NOT make it good, it proves that the artist can't make up his own lyrics, and when he tries to do it, he ends up saying random stuff that are pointless. The long vowels make the song stupider and stupider, and then he randomly starts yelling about he rich he is, proving he only raps about money. Sheck Wes obviously uses autotune to the max and still thinks he sounds good. He does not! He's nothing but a no-talent wannabe basketball player. Can't sing, dance, rap, act, can't do anything that actually makes a person unique or special! The music video includes him showing his no talent to the world, and a group of boys are actually surprised, but don't see that he can't do anything. Sheck Wes also tries to be hip and cool by filtering the ...more

What a joke 2018 was, one terrible song after another.

Petition to boycott mumble rap - Hellohi

To be honest, excluding the memes for now. This song is an incoherent mess. 0/5 - AlphaQ

21 Freak - Borgore & Gentlemen's Club

One of the worst songs of all time. That drop is awful and let's not get started on the lyrics - BananaBrain

Make this higher - ElSherlock

Some people hate Avicii and David Guetta because they think they're "overrated" but what about artists like Borgore? They don't even quality as music artists. Borgore, please its time to stop! - Hellohi

I apologize to Salad Dressing, Syrup and Sahara by DJ Snicker bars. This drop is a lot worse. -10/10 - AlphaQ

22 I Read Lots of Fanfiction - Lil Meerkat

This is a parody of I Love It - ElSherlock

Just look at the cover, congrats you officially can't take this seriously anymore. - AlphaQ

Just from that album cover and title you know it's bad... - LilliamPumpernickel

This is awful. Almost as bad as Submarine Man's version... - ShrekTheGoat

23 Sunshine Riptide - Fall Out Boy

Yes, I know that it is not 2018 yet. But I wanted to make this list anyway. I like both of these bands, but neither albums look like they will be good from the singles. I also do know that these songs will most likely not be the worst songs of 2018. Sorry for the confusion. - Kokopawley

It's not even 2018 yet. - Selfiefan68

This list just consists of FOB and BVB songs. Its not even 2018 yet either

Patrick tries to do a Jamaican-ish accent, and it's embarrassing! Burna Boy just mumbles his way through his verse, and uses cringe lines like "I fell in love but I didn't fall down." - AlexZedKawa

24 F*** All Does Lamas - Submarine Man

Get this "song" to #1 right now! - SanicWantsHisSandwich

*Sigh* This is satire - ElSherlock

I couldn’t even understand what Submarine Man is saying. All he did is shout.

Get this higher! Worst song ever. It is Submarine Man screaming and nothing else.

25 Solo - Clean Bandit

I am really shocked at how bad this song turned out given Clean Bandit were responsible for songs like "Symphony" and "Rockabye", the production on this song is really awful, chipmunk fragments and sounds that don't go with anything in the song. It's a wonder Demi Lovato found the room to sing on the song. - crowdiegal

What the hell does "woo woo woo" mean? - SanicWantsHisSandwich

This song is annoying - BounceBackHater

This song is repetitive - ElSherlock

26 Never Be the Same - Camila Cabello

Our ears will never be the same after we listened to this song - ElSherlock

This song is such garbage, I can't stand her high pitched voice in this song. Enough said. - Soulstealer

My ears will never be the same after this. Thanks, Camilla! (Obvious sarcasm is obvious.)

I don't really like Camilla Cabello, nor do I like Fifth Harmony

27 Whiteboy - Tom Macdonald

Such a bad song - ElSherlock

People take this over Cardi B? - AlphaQ

This deserves to be number 1.


28 Young and Menace - Fall Out Boy

Its B A D like everything this retards have made, especially MANIA. -10/5 - AlphaQ

This was was 2017 - Th3Zm0nst3r

I'm a major fan of FOB, but if I didn't read that it was made by them, I'd never realize that. It doesn't even sound right at first, and then it's absolute crap. - redhawk766

This has to be the worst drop I've heard in my life 0/5

29 Dog Walk - Submarine Man

Don't take this too seriously - ElSherlock

Dog Walk is good - AlphaQ

Great, you ruined Plug Walk and changed the lyrics to stuff like, "I get the poop freshly baked from the doggy dog butt (skrrt, poop, scoop)," get this higher. - BounceBackHater

He ruined Plug Walk - LilliamPumpernickel

30 Taki Taki - DJ Snake

Horrible song featuring Selena Gomez and Cardi B enough said and talking about sex and women. - Soulstealer

This features Cardi B - ElSherlock

Another song about sex, I'm sick of songs about sex, Cardigan and Ozuna ruins the song. - BounceBackHater

I don't know what's worse, the fact that this song exists or that Cardi B's part was the best part of the song. - DaWyteNight

31 Todokete - Lil Meerkat

How dar u its good - AlphaQ

Don't give this guy attention - ElSherlock

This is a major improvement compared to the original. - SanicWantsHisSandwich

The autotune is so off key. - BounceBackHater

32 Dame Tu Cosita - El Chombo

This song is about sex... - ElSherlock

The title in English is vagina

In English the title is vagina and I saw 1st GRADERS chanting this

This song sucks! How is it not number 1?! It so inappropriate.

33 Havana - Camila Cabello

This is from 2017 foreheads. - BritishGoat

This is from 2017 - ElSherlock

At first, when I listened to this song, it was good. But they keep playing it ALWAYS on the radio so now it’s annoying.

How can people even like Camila Cabello? Her voice is so much pretend and annoying and whiny. Her lyrics are crap too. - B1ueNew

34 Look What You Made Me Do - Kidz Bop

This song was already bad enough. And kidz bop decides to make it even more terrible! Taylor Swifts old songs are way better

Why bother making a cover of an already bad song? - ElSherlock

Ugh, even worse than the original

Kids bop and an already bad song is not a good combination - Randomator

35 Kream - Iggy Azalea

Retire already and stop making music about butts. - BounceBackHater

The music video is gross - ElSherlock

Retire you wannabe Southern. - Hellohi

It even talks about sex

36 God is a Woman - Ariana Grande

This sounds kind of good - ElSherlock

Wack, but I do consider the Father and son to be male, and the Holy Spirit to be female. Grade: C - I80

A woman god is a goddess. You must have flunked English so hard during your school years. - MChkflaguard_Yt

Ariana isn't even trying here, and the lyrics are abysmal. Good beat though. 3/10 - GodFlowey

37 No Brainer - DJ Khaled

Bad - ElSherlock

He mixed songs like he eats hot wings.

This is a mess - ShrekTheGoat

Looking at the lyrics, it's a no brainer that I'm not going to like this. - allamassal

38 Sese - 6ix9ine

Bad song, but 6IX9INE really deserved to have his Spotify account hacked. - I80

This is 6ix9ine's worst song - ElSherlock

Get this to number 1 I'm begging you. - Hellohi

"I got a lot of cash, your ass is grass" is this really what music has become - YeezySeasonApproaching

39 Karma - Erika Costell

It's Erika Costell so you can't really expect her to be good. - AlphaQ

Autotune level: Also over 9000. - B1ueNew

This song is so terrible. - B1ueNew

40 2002 - Anne Marie

Anne marie is so annoying - ShrekTheGoat

41 Booty - Blac Youngsta

This song is gross - ElSherlock

This "song" is just awful. Didn't we leave butt songs back in 2014? -1/10 - allamassal

Music made by idiots for idiots. - DaWyteNight

Why there are so many songs about butt?

42 I Love It (Freaky Girl Edit) - Kanye West & Lil Pump

It's kind of better than the original - ElSherlock

Terrible but better than the original

I misheard the lyrics as "Searching for thanos, I love it" for some reason.

In my defense, it was the two people taken the least seriously in the music industry that made this song. What would've I expected? - SpectralOwl

Worse than the original - LilliamPumpernickel

43 Little Flexer You are in Big Trouble - Submarine Man

Ooh no, this beef is getting really serious. 654321/5 - AlphaQ

I wouldn't class this as music - BounceBackHater

This is another satire song - ElSherlock

I don't even think we can consider this as music... - LilliamPumpernickel

44 Antifa - Ministry

A song named after a terrible group - ElSherlock

So bad even the cover is facepalming. - AlphaQ

What the hell is this? - Userguy44

No fake rumors. Ok? - LightningStrike

45 Yup on My Tractor - Fly Rich Double

That editing is terrible, a lot of the parts of the song are cut out. - BounceBackHater

The lyrics are hilarious

Based on that cover alone I think we can deduce that this song is garbage - ShrekTheGoat

This song is awful - LilliamPumpernickel

46 Hope - Xxxtentacion

I really hate that I defended this song. No hate to X(I still like some of his songs) but man, what a way to disrespect the parkland victims with that guilt tripping though. - DarkBoi-X

This is good - ElSherlock

Sometimes I can understand why people love X so much and look up to him and all that. Sometimes I don't understand.
But may I ask how the hell people think this is quality music?
If X had gotten rid of the intro, I could just hear this once and shove this off as another lame suicidal anthem. But no, he just HAD to add the intro to make people sympathize with this abomination. His voice and the beat certainly don't help either. -2/10 - StarlightSpanks

Okay, I would've assumed this song would've had some sort of decent tribute to the unfortunate Parkland shooting, but reading the lyrics made me sick. All it turned out to be was Triple X playing the victim of some BS that was completely unrelated. Yikes. 0/5

So the Parkland victims that DIED in the shooting wanted to kill themselves over a rocky relationship? You need to reread to lyrics buddy.

47 Kooda - 6ix9ine

This is one his good songs - ElSherlock

One of his best songs to be honest - ShrekTheGoat

I actually like this one. Probably the only 6ix9ine song I like. - AnLSUQB

Okay, this is actually a decent song from 6ix9ine, he's made much worse. this is fine - LilliamPumpernickel

48 Top Off - DJ Khaled

Future ruins pretty much every song he's featured on - LilliamPumpernickel

TaKe yEr tOp oFF leMmE sEE Em tIdIes

I like this song but only because of jay-z - kok2

The only interesting thing about this song that will probably make it a hit is Beyonce calling out Kim Kardashian and Tiffany Haddish but beyond that this is just horrible headache inducing noise that not even Beyonce sounds good on. - crowdiegal

49 Ain't Ya Ex - Eric Bellinger

I swear I've tried to get into this guy so many times and I've given him so many chances but I always ended up disappointed. He constantly uses auto-tune and makes songs with the most cancerous artists. If his new album "Eazy Call" is trash and isn't a huge improvement I'm done giving him chances and he will permanently go on my "wack artists" list. If you're looking for a fresh new r&b singer (like I am) who knows what r&b is all about then stay away from this guy. - DaWyteNight

50 I Admit - R. Kelly

Yes you admit that you made a bad song that is about 19 minutes - ElSherlock

19 minute apology about a girl who peed on camera, enough said. - BounceBackHater

With every single abuser, pedophile, and terrible human being alive on Earth managing to become a superstar through their actions, I think it's safe to say the GP does have a limit and a 19 minute long "apology" by someone who peed on a 13 year old girl on camera is that limit.

I admit that this song is trash and R Kelly is not the king of r&b as he proclaimed himself. - DaWyteNight

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