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1 Gummo - 6ix9ine

Wow this almost got into the top 10! I guess people love hearing the screams of a Skittle that likes having sex with kids... - Disx

I told people that's what the song was about and nobody believed me.

A child rapist who screams and its called "rap". Childish Gambino and Kendrick Lamar are the only good mainstream rappers

Honestly, I'd rather listen to this over all the auto-tuned boring rap of the last two years. - DaWyteNight

A skittle with 69 tattooed all over his body that has sex with kids. Need I say more? - AlphaQ

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2 Billy - 6ix9ine

The amount of times he screams the n-word is still ridiculous. - StarlightSpanks

Worst song of all time. This guy sounds more autistic here than he ever did in his previous hits. -2/5 - StarlightSpanks

Basically Koda but more violent and nearly as obnoxious as Gummo. Day69 is now the worst album of the year. - AlphaQ

Turn down for what+more lyrics+disturbing message=This

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3 Keke - 6ix9ine

I'm listening to this absolute trash pile of a song as I write this. 6ix9ine is becoming my most despised name in music, and this song is one of the reasons why. -3/10 - allamassal

This sucks so hard. - ZeroBlaster

The fact that this song is actually the best song on his debut shows how disgusting that album is. - AlphaQ

3 6 9s in a row of the worst songs of the year. Heh, counting by 3s - LightningStrike

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4 Gucci Gang - Lil' Pump

Regardless if it came out in 2017 it sucks - Randomator

I like this. It came out and 2017. Also, there is no point in voting a generic trap banger, it doesn't have enough substance to be on a worst list - Disx

Annoying, but way too catchy that I end up singing this out of nowhere. Lil Pump actually isn't that bad of a rapper, but the bland and boring beats and the repetitive lyrics make his music bad. - AnimeDrawer


I actually saw a necklace given to my mom by a friend of hers and I instantly thought of Gucci Gang. It reminded me of that song because the box is from GUCCI! - MissRWBY202

Its catchy but everything else is just underdeveloped. 2/5 - AlphaQ

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5 Freaky Friday - Lil Dicky

This is basically a Bart Baker Parody if it was better produced and had Chris Brown on it. In other words...yeah, 0/10. - DCfnaf

What? This song is hilarious! ! Can't believe you'd take this so seriously! - musickid84

The problem in this song is Chris Brown and then all the unnecessary cameos who appeared in the outro. - LoveMusicLoveLife

Why is this here? It's probably the only good song Chris Brown released in years. - venomouskillingmachine

Its basically Chris Brown saying the n-word 57689 at 1 point and the part where he says 'I can sing so weelll' was sang awfully lmao. Its basically a Bart Baker parody gone horribly wrong with a clown and dick jokes everywhere. Skip it. 0/5 - AlphaQ

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6 Fefe - 6ix9ine

Look guys! Crazy skittle man and Dummy Minaj are back with another terrible song. Also what the hell does fefe mean? -500/10. - CharismaticKat

This is basically as bad as Happy Ending by Hopsin except a teensy bit less offensive.
In other words yeah, -INFINITY/5 - StarlightSpanks

At least 6ix9ine isn't screaming anymore, but the meaning in the lyrics is horrible, and the song just overall sucks, plus this is somehow #3 on the Hot 100 right now. -1/10 - allamassal

It's better than everything 69 made, at least he isn't screaming anymore. Is t good? HELL NAW!

Jeez, it's so horrid and just obnoxious and even Nicki minaj is bette than this and her songs are mostly not that good. Let lone Tekashi...-1/5 - AlphaQ

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7 Freak - Borgore & Gentlemen's Club

I apologize to Salad Dressing. Not only is the drop to this infinitely worse, but it may also be the worst moment in music that I've ever heard. -1/10. - NiktheWiz

Its borgore so that means its bad

This is one of the worst songs of the year. The lyrics sound like every stereotypical rap song, and the drop is absolutely unbearable. -10/10 - allamassal

I sincerely apologize to Sahara by DJ Snake, at least that drop had a little bit of humor in it. 0/10 - StarlightSpanks

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8 I Like It - Cardi B

I don't "like it." In fact, what I really would "like" is for Cardi to give up this rapping thing and go away. Her being talentless isn't what bugs me the most, it's that she actually thinks she's dope and believes her own hype that really gets to me. This song is awful, most of it isn't even in English, and the parts that are in English are just Cardi talking about her plastic body in her annoying voice over a very unappealing beat. I know I say this quite often when talking about modern songs, but there's literally nothing to like here. Not the beat, melody, lyrics, and certainly not the performance. The only thing that stands out is the chorus but it doesn't stand out in a good way either, it's just Cardi trying to rap like Offset (probably because Offset ghostwrote Cardi's lyrics for her since she's a talentless piece of trash who can't even come up with her own lyrics.) I mean, Offset is by no means a talented lyricist, but he's definitely much better than his ...more - DaWyteNight

Why do people like Cardi B? Her voice is so insufferably annoying. - phillysports

I also wonder why people like her (seriously), and how this "song" got to #1 on the Hot 100. - allamassal

The title is the opposite of my opinion on the song.

The title is made to brainwash. It does not reflect the ugliness of the song. - MChkflaguard_Yt

Voted this because I despise this trash of a human being.

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9 Whiteboy - Tom Macdonald

I don't feel ashamed for being white, but if I did, this would be the reason why. - Zach808

This song is so pathetic that it's insulting... - SomePersonYouHate

This is "I'm Not Racist" by Joyner Lucas done wrong. - 445956


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10 Buba - 6ix9ine

6ix9ine go home

I hate to admit it, but this is pretty catchy.

I don't want an album from garbage.

Just a rip off of Take A Step Back by Ski Mask The Slump God and XXXTENTACION (RIP) - THICCBOI

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? The Weekend - T.I.

I don't know what's worse, T.I.'s performance on this song, or that Young Thug is the best part of the song. - DaWyteNight

? Wake Up - Lil Xan

Just garbage. The chorus is "I wake up, I throw up, I feel like I'm dead". - YeezySeasonApproaching

Lil xan sucks - AlphaQ

Lil Xan is a talentless hack. he's so damn boring. 0/5 - AlphaQ

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11 Sunshine Riptide - Fall Out Boy Sunshine Riptide - Fall Out Boy

Yes, I know that it is not 2018 yet. But I wanted to make this list anyway. I like both of these bands, but neither albums look like they will be good from the singles. I also do know that these songs will most likely not be the worst songs of 2018. Sorry for the confusion. - Kokopawley

It's not even 2018 yet. - Selfiefan68

This list just consists of FOB and BVB songs. Its not even 2018 yet either - Cartoonfan202

Ill just throw my hands up and sy its FOB's bullcrap again from M A N I A but...nah, ill actually do that. 0/5 - AlphaQ

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12 In My Feelings - Drake

How is The Middle worse than this? Just because that song was on the radio all the time for a couple months does not make it worse than this crap. - allamassal

Oh my god, this song sucks so much. The girl sounds like a Nicki Minaj clone and Drake sounds like he's falling asleep. 0/10 - CharismaticKat

I agree, Drake's voice is so robotic and the female vocalist's part makes this the worst mainstream song right now. - allamassal

This song isn't even music, it's just a racket. Drake's voice sounds like a quacking duck as usual, which makes his stage name fitting (hence my nickname for Drake, "Quacking Duck"), the lyrics are bad as well, and the part where the female "vocalist" is talking makes this the worst song of the year barring Freak by Borgore and 6ix9ine's songs. Also, this is the #1 song in the country right now. Congratulations, America! - allamassal

Uhhh, I don't know its boring...1.5/5 - AlphaQ

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13 Meant to Be - Bebe Rexha

It's so redneck that it hurts.

It's like the song can't decide between being mainstream pop and country.

Aka a collaboration no one wanted or asked for. - JackMM

Another trashy collar between 2 genres that can't mix. No one asked for this. -1/5 - AlphaQ

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14 Sad! - Xxxtentacion

"Suicide if you ever try to let go"...wow you made Sam Hunt look totally un-manipulative in comparison. -1/5 - DCfnaf

It is Annie, he's threatening to kill himself if she tries to leave him. That's guilt tripping so she feels forced to stay - DCfnaf

It's people like these who deserve to be banned from being in a relationship for all eternity. The ones who threaten suicide if their boyfriend or girlfriend ever leaves them. What an abusive, attention-seeking douchebag this guy is. - Zach808

Why the hell is this there this song is great. People who don't like this believe in fake news because his girlfriend said XXXTENTACION beat her even though it isn't true, some other guy did and she even admitted it. - venomouskillingmachine

Those lyrics would've been terrible no matter who performed them. I don't even know or care if they have anything to do with his charges. I just despise people who threaten suicide to manipulate their partner into staying with their sorry ass. - Zach808

The beat is okay-ish but he's being too manipulative and stuff by threatening to kill himself. Still better than Hope, changes and Schizophrenia. - AlphaQ

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15 Kooda - 6ix9ine

Why is this song bad?
1. It's by 6ix9ine.
2. That's all I can think of. - CloudInvasion

Not quite as bad as his previous songs, but that says nothing at all.

I actually like this song, voice goes well with beat and Flow - kok2

Stop screaming the n word!

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16 The Champion - Carrie Underwood

The queen of country crap is back with another bland song. As if Nickelback weren't enough... - CountFritz

Crap that was created for the sole purpose of playing during sporting events.

Somebody shut this redneck up!

17 The Light is Coming - Ariana Grande

I never even thought I'd find something as bad as Meant To Be or Freaky Friday, but now I've found it. Sadly it's from the artist who showed great potential in her previous single.
First off, what's up with that lame beat? What's up with Pharrell Williams producing this horribly? What's up with Nicki Minaj being so dull and godawful simultaneously? And most importantly, what's up with Ariana not even trying in this? Side To Side was bad enough but I never thought I'd find something close to being this bad. I used to see Ariana as "an amazing singer who wastes her talent" and now I've nearly changed my mind on the first part. This is a spoiled abomination that I hope never hits the Hot 100 as a promotional single. -1/10 - StarlightSpanks

At first I wondered what all the hate on this song was about, but then I listened to it and realized that it is just AWFUL, especially from the same artist who made the masterpiece known as No Tears Left to Cry. Especially the part where she is just talking, saying "The light is coming to give back everything the darkness stole". I listened to Gasoline by Halsey after that, in the hopes of getting that part out of my head. I rate that song 10/10 and this abomination 0/10. - allamassal

This has a bland beat, chorus, verses, bland everything, even no potential. My sister, a ARIANATOR hates this song! And that's coming from an Arianator (My sister). I can't believe she released this after the masterpiece, No Tears Left To Cry. Everything was bland and boring and would never listen to again. What's with Nicki Minaj? Even she cannot save it. Even Ariana alone would make the song bland. They don't even sound like trying. Like everyone says, it's an abomination. Please listen to No Tears Left to Cry if you want a good Ariana song... Ariana nailed No Tears Left to Cry, not this...

-2/10 - MissRWBY202

The speak/sing thing drives me mental.

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18 Booty - Blac Youngsta

Music made by idiots for idiots. - DaWyteNight

A song about butts.
No thank you. - CloudInvasion

This "song" is just awful. Didn't we leave butt songs back in 2014? -1/10 - allamassal

These ladies need to go to the bathroom

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19 Young and Menace - Fall Out Boy

Worst Fall Out Boy song ever made, I wanted to rip my ears out after hearing this garbage. Especially with painful, high-pitched screeching as a chorus to this mess. Come on FOB, I...no, EVERYBODY thought you were better than this. -5/5. - Catacorn

I'm a major fan of FOB, but if I didn't read that it was made by them, I'd never realize that. It doesn't even sound right at first, and then it's absolute crap. - redhawk766

I love Fall Out Boy, but this song is just bad. In fact the whole album sucked. - CharismaticKat

Its B A D like everything this retards have made, especially MANIA. -10/5 - AlphaQ

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20 God's Plan - Drake

Ah yes, here we have the mediocre song that's popular for 1 line.

"I only love my bed and my momma I'm sorry" are you serious how is this on the hot charts little less #1 bunch of crap Drake has no idea what he is doing on this song might as well trash his career...
But look alive is lit

I could rant ALL DAY ABOUT HOW MUCH I HATE THIS SONG! Almost EVERYONE in my grade loves this song. It's TERRIBLY overplayed (thank GOD I don't listen to hit radio stations anymore), it just spouts some god's plan throughout the song. The lyrics just don't make SENSE! Probably the worst song that I heard of 2018. -1,000,000,000/5 - PhoenixAura81

This song is okay by my standards. - IceFoxPlayz

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21 Wilson (Expensive Mistakes) - Fall Out Boy Wilson (Expensive Mistakes) - Fall Out Boy

All these crappy FOB songs are worse than Gucci Gang. - AlphaQ

The lyrics sound like they've been written by kindergartners. Oh, and all of the pop culture references in MANIA songs are horrible. 2/5. - Catacorn

22 Our Destiny - Black Veil Brides Our Destiny - Black Veil Brides

It's 2018. I'm pretty sure the last time BVB had a mainstream hit was 2008. - Swellow

23 Emoji a Chain - Migos

The song title is enough to make me cringe and not listen to it

Look at that name. Hear the song. What do they have in common? The rating of 0/10 of course!

All of their songs sound exactly the same. But this one is cringy from the title alone. - DCfnaf

Listen to stir fry and listen to motor sport. They sound very different. - Jcfunmovies

This is hella catchy but that title is dumb. - AlphaQ

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24 Top Off - DJ Khaled

The only interesting thing about this song that will probably make it a hit is Beyonce calling out Kim Kardashian and Tiffany Haddish but beyond that this is just horrible headache inducing noise that not even Beyonce sounds good on. - crowdiegal

I wanted to die while listening to this "song". Is that normal? - ZeroBlaster

Yeah wow this is terrible. All of these artists have overstayed their welcome and should retire. - DaWyteNight

This song should be dumped in a volcano,it made Jay Z and Beyonce look like complete idiots. - Hellohi

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25 Bartier Cardi - Cardi B

She should just go back to being a stripper.

Cardi B sucks. She sounds like a dying cat, she is so overrated and she tries to be all "feminist-badass and cool" but is just another pop-hoe who makes dumb sexual songs. - Patronus

Wow the only comment here is kinda offensive but well. I like this. I like Cardi B in general, I think shes very talented. This is a good single 3.5/5 - Disx

That stripper comment is just downright cruel.
Oh, and the fact 28 people saw that comment and said 'Hm, that sounds rational' is mindblowing- ReltihFloda

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26 Bastards - Machine Head

WOW, 155th? This should be so much higher. - RighteousMalevolent

This should be at the top of the list, if we’re being honest. - DCfnaf

27 Bitch I’m Bella Thorne - Bella Thorne

Wait, was this a joke song? Because when I listened to it, I laughed so hard I cried... no, actually, I just cried, because this is the definition of garbage.

Not even the sample can stop me from putting a bad jaw drop in my face. Nothing can stop me. This is forgettable and horrible. - MissRWBY202

Without a doubt one of the worst songs of all time, even her own fans hate this. - cringebinge

Well, we all know you're a pathetic use or a person, Bella. - AlphaQ

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28 God is a Woman - Ariana Grande

While this isn't as bad as the abomination known as "The Light Is Coming", it's still nowhere close to being good. Ariana still sounds like she barely tries on the vocals, and the only thing this has going for it is the good production. And my god, the lyrics. 1/5 - StarlightSpanks

I swear half of you probably haven't even heard the song, just seen the title, and are like, "oh god, but the lyrics are so bad! " - ProPanda

It's very catchy, but when I listened to it, I thought, wow, is this really Ariana Grande? I'm used to her making, upbeat songs with an actual melody. Sweetner just sucks altogether. I wanted more dangerous woman sort of music, but no, instead I get this. I really don't like songs with no melody.

A feminist song

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29 Fortnite n Chill - Ricegum

Top 5 material so cancerous - B1ueNew

Fortnite and RiceGum. Goes together like hot sauce and Mentos. - isaaonrtdmtr

AW HELL NO! Grab your bleach and let's GO! - IceFoxPlayz

Bruh, you're the guy who's supposed to be critiquing 12 year old kids and you're playing games by 12 year olds kids. Alright, I'm confused. wot u doing ricebuu - AlphaQ

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30 El Baño - Enrique Iglesias

Oh trust me, I'm Spanish and the lyrics suck. Bad Bunny is terrible as always 0/5 - Disx

It honestly sounds like something nigahiga would've written to make fun of Spanish love songs. - CloudInvasion

The sound of the song isn't really bad, it's just forgettable. The lyrics, on the other hand...

Considering this song is "The Bathroom" in English you probably shouldn't expect too much from it. - isaaonrtdmtr

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31 Mooky - 6ix9ine

6ix9ine sucks and is a new version of Tyga

32 Schizophrenia - Xxxtentacion

Rather or not his Music is considered bad or not, we all need to keep in mind that it really emotionally saved people. Look all over the internet, some people actually liked this. I'm not saying I did, but what I am saying, is keep in mind, people liked this Music.

It's one of the best song on the album because out of all the intense songs on? , this one actually nails the dynamics of putting the screaming front and center in the mix as opposed to in the back in other songs like Floor 555 and pain = BESTFRIEND

This song is good if you like Marilyn Manson. - venomouskillingmachine

This is the worst song on that album defintely. - AlphaQ

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33 Rockstar - Post Malone

Boring generic rap song, also that brick-clinking beat in the background gets on my nerves. - Patronus

''Post Malone think he's Rockstar? But Malone where is that guitar? ''
It's ridiculous to call yourself a Rockstar if you have no guitar and never played one, the song should've been called Post-star makes the right precision. Lyrics are like that of a poser rubbing cash in your face showing how much he's got with all the things he can buy with everyone's tax money.

Great song, plus it's from 2017. - ZeroBlaster

I like the song but 21 Savage still sounds bored - The01Bro

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34 Church - Fall Out Boy Church - Fall Out Boy
35 Ye vs. the People - Kanye West

Kanye isn't necessarily wrong here, and neither is TI, but apart from the nice sample the performances here are just so lifeless - Satire

What the hell is wrong with T.I.'s voice, he sounds so different from his normal voice here. - DaWyteNight

36 Look Alive - BlocBoy JB

I like the beat, but Drake's monotone voice is just torturous to listen to. It seems that with each year that passes Drake sounds more boring and uninspired. The 'So Far Gone' days are now just a distant memory. - DaWyteNight

37 Heaven’s Gate - Fall Out Boy Heaven’s Gate - Fall Out Boy

Love it

38 Supplies - Justin Timberlake

This is one of the worst songs ever. He tries to sound like The Weeknd or Drake (which are good artists) but he also tries to mix his own sound with it and it just doesn't work out. 1/5 for being unique - venomouskillingmachine

Yes. Bring back the old JT, his music isn't that good anymore. This song is all over the place. - DaWyteNight

Awful (and Justin is awful)

The most annoying and overplayed song of 2018! To be honest,I love Say Something by A Great Big World better than this.

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39 Cry Pretty - Carrie Underwood

Let's be honest. If she didn't win her job from American Idol, she would be fighting for a job at Walmart.

40 Randy Savage - Jake Paul

If this is about the legendary wrestler, this gets my vote next time I log in - KingSlayer93316

The video makes fun of WWE, It Takes place in a junky garage, And has the idiots of Team 10 dressed in bright costumes, The song is just about how savage and rich jake paul is, It's a terrible song - B1ueNew

What the heck? , how and why is this not higher - B1ueNew

Ooh yeah, Mr. Macho Man is rolling in his grave, dig it? - isaaonrtdmtr

41 Cry Little Sister - Marilyn Manson

Why is this guy still making music? - AlphaQ

Never! - AlphaQ

42 Rondo - 6ix9ine

Should have been only Tory and Thugger

He screams the n-word 29 times.

At this point I’m convinced that he can get to 50 within the next few years. - StarlightSpanks

43 Esskeetit - Lil Pump

I thought he'd never get worse than Gucci gang until this came out. My ears puked.

I'm able to take Gucci Gang lightly, but this is way too dumb for me to accept it. 1/5 - StarlightSpanks

This is a trainwreck.
Gucci Gang, I'm sorry for everything bad I said about you. This song is much worse. - The01Bro

This is 69 lol, imagine a 6ix9ine song ranked on that hahaa - B1ueNew

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44 The King of Pain - Black Veil Brides The King of Pain - Black Veil Brides
45 Bebe - 6ix9ine

6ix9ine decided to do a Spanish song. Oh god no. - AlphaQ

Sounds like a robot with a hernia

And now this pedo is collaborating with people from the worst scene in music: Reggaeton - ZeroBlaster

What a waste of a nice tropical atmosphere in the background, I actually thought I wouldn’t mind it until I read what it actually was about. -INFINITY/5
EDIT: Also, what the hell is that cover art? - StarlightSpanks

46 Hope - Xxxtentacion

You know, it’s songs like this that make me question why I listen to modern pop. This is a song where a violent, “depressed” domestic abuser tries to empathize with the Parkland shooting victims and then makes just another sociopathic half-written flexing angst anthem. Possibly the worst song I have ever heard. - WonkeyDude98

Hey kids! I am sorry you died! Here’s a song for you!


47 Look What You Made Me Do - Kidz Bop Look What You Made Me Do - Kidz Bop

Kids bop and an already bad song is not a good combination - Randomator

This is the worst song that Taylor made and Kidz Bop remade it.
And I knew Taylor could do better than write this song.

This is what happens when you've taken the oath to cover popular songs but never consider the actual quality of the song. - PhenomentalOne

Kids bop made a cover about a song about one of the worst artist changes in music history. - LightningStrike

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48 Dinero - Jennifer Lopez

This is a pretty forgettable Latin pop track. Nothing about it stands out as particularly awful.

I've only listened to a bit of this garbage and already it's my least favorite song. 0/10. EDIT: Scratch that, I've found a new least favorite song, and it's worse than Dinero, and it ALSO has Cardi B on it. - allamassal

Spanish for "money."
We just need to "get away" from this song. - CloudInvasion

This has Cardi B on it and this already too sounds much like her song “I Like It”

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49 Stay Frosty Royal Milk Tea - Fall Out Boy Stay Frosty Royal Milk Tea - Fall Out Boy

There's a certain horrible line in this song.

Awful, like all of the other songs on MANIA.

Not a horrible song, but some of the lyrics sound absurd, especially "eau de resistance". 3/5. - Catacorn

50 ... Ready for It? - Kidz Bop ... Ready for It? - Kidz Bop

To be honest all Kidz Bop songs suck

Anything that Kidz Bop touches turns into instant crap. - IceFoxPlayz


That’s what she said.

I’m still stuck in 2015, aren’t I? - KingSlayer93316

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