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1 Billy - 6ix9ine Billy - 6ix9ine Cover Art

6ix9ine is terrible as always, the song is VERY short, the few lyrics suck and it should be one of the worst songs ever, but I really like this production, and after hearing chocolate from him... this is a masterpiece in comparison.This is a 0.25/5, and chocolate is the worst song ever.

I can give tons of reasons to hate this song

1. It sounds like it was sung by a dying caveman
2. It has an insane amount of swearing
3. The lyrics make zero sense
4. It has the n word and it was sung by a white rapper
5. It was sung by 6ix9ine

I don't usually describe songs as "nothing but obnoxious noise," but this song...it's much worse than "just obnoxious noise." It's indescribable how bad this sounds. 6ix9ine is the biggest embarrassment to the music industry to ever exist.

Worst song of all time. This guy sounds more obnoxious (this was formerly "autistic" in case you're wondering what the replies were about) here than he ever did in his previous hits. -2/5

2 I Love It - Kanye West & Lil Pump I Love It - Kanye West & Lil Pump Cover Art

Who's a good boy
I am a good boy
I like my chew toy
I like bringing joy

When I'm going poop
I look up at my boy
Oh look, a throw pillow
Can't wait to destroy

I like chasing squirrels
I like Chips Ahoy
But I can't eat chocolate
Or else I will die

This “Music” if you can even call it that is exactly what’s wrong with today’s society, the sad thing is I remember when everyone thought they were cool on social media singing this song even some of my friends I’m ashamed to say. Music for the brain dead such horrible, shallow and degrading lyrics.

The whole song is just 2 voices talking weird stuff that doesn't even satisfy the lowest common denominator. And not to say, the excessive use of the N-word and references that should be rated as X, and don't forget the lazy (ghost)production! The music video is really boring as well, just Kanye and Lil Pump walking down a long corridor with numerous small sculptures in Roblox looks. Overall a disaster. -154801/10

Surprised this made hardvard dropout because I kinda thought Kanye was the lead artist. Then again, both of the artists were trash on the song. It sucks no matter what album it’s on. Lil Pump auto tuned to the max, Kanye rhymes the f word with the f word over 6 million times. Lyrics all about taking lines and having sex with multiple women

3 Freaky Friday - Lil Dicky Freaky Friday - Lil Dicky Cover Art

This song does indeed have a lot of stupid lines, but you guys are missing out on the real killer here, when Chris Brown as Lil Dicky says this: "Ain't nobody judging 'cause I'm black or my controversial past"
Chris Brown has done many wrong things in the past, one of them being him putting Rihanna in the hospital -- and he's clearly not willing to take the blame at all for his actions. Screw him and screw this piece of crap. -1/10

I hate this song, even when it was released. It even talks about Lil Dicky saying the n word if he was black! Not just one of the worst Lil Dicky and 2018 songs. But it's the worst chris brown song since some of his songs are now bad! I've even heard my friend say the n word! - Connor4808

You know, when I first listened to it, I was like "that first verse is bad but at least the production could make up for it..." up until it got to that "Wait, can I really say the n-word? " part. Like, for god's sake, nobody wants to hear a couple of whiny children and their speeches about abusing each other's lifestyles.
Even worse, it's so damn pathetic how this was a Top 10 hit in 12 countries and NOBODY stopped to think "Are we giving this way more attention than it deserves? ". Screw this, and screw its fans for making it a hit. -2/10

Although funny, this song is catastrophically atrocious to hear. Even at the last part of a song, Kendall Jenner even blaring out the private part of a woman which is disgusting to hear.

Oh Lord, how LOWLY and TRA$HY can it get?

4 Bohemian Rhapsody - Lil Meerkat Bohemian Rhapsody - Lil Meerkat Cover Art

He ruined a legendary song classic, "Bohemian Rhapsody". Now Freddy Mercury is rolling in his grave after hearing this crap. This is also why I hate some remakes of good songs. My sister doesn't even like original songs just because they don't really sound like the remake. Remakes can get annoying. What a Disrespect by Queen! - Connor4808

This is a musical masterpiece with beautiful lyrics about anime and sprite. Lil Meerkat is a genius and is the best rapper of all time. 2Pac is garbage compared to him. Freddie Mercury himself loved this so much, he was jamming out to it in Heaven. If you hate this, you have no taste in music.

Great, you ruined one of the greatest songs of all time than those awful knock-offs did. Great job. When is this jerk going to rot in hell?!

@Bammer73 - We already went this over twice. Didn’t you see his Twitter account? His status said his music is not a joke, it’s supposed to be taken seriously.

5 I Like It - Cardi B I Like It - Cardi B Cover Art

Okay, This is one of the worst songs I heard in 2018. Those dumb lyrics, What is wrong with singers those days?! At least we still have good artists and songs.
Worst Cardi B Song = I Like It
Best Cardi B Song = South of the Border
- Connor4808

I don't "like it." In fact, what I really would "like" is for Cardi to give up this rapping thing and go away. Her being talentless isn't what bugs me the most, it's that she actually thinks she's dope and believes her own hype that really gets to me. This song is awful, most of it isn't even in English, and the parts that are in English are just Cardi talking about her plastic body in her annoying voice over a very unappealing beat. I know I say this quite often when talking about modern songs, but there's literally nothing to like here. Not the beat, melody, lyrics, and certainly not the performance. The only thing that stands out is the chorus but it doesn't stand out in a good way either, it's just Cardi trying to rap like Offset (probably because Offset ghostwrote Cardi's lyrics for her since she's a talentless piece of trash who can't even come up with her own lyrics.) I mean, Offset is by no means a talented lyricist, but he's definitely much better than his ...more

This song isn't TOO bad. Fancy and fitting trap beat? Check. Well-enough use of the sample? Check. Can Cardi B actually rap? Of course she can, this site literally hates her for the most foolish reasons I can think of. The only problem with this is Bad Bunny, who is pretty stale.
Then again, this song is competing with "songs" like "Freaky Friday" and 2 6ix9ine songs on this list. REALLY pathetic if you ask me. She doesn't scream like 6ix9ine, she isn't completely monotonous like Drake most of the time, and let's be real here, this is better than Freaky Friday. If you can't find ANY aspect to this that sounds the SLIGHTEST bit fun, then you probably just have a bad taste in music. 5/10.

I don't hate this.
Sure, the lyrics are basically Cardi B talking a lot about how she likes her wealth, does that mean it sucks completely?
Throughout 2018, I've realized that even with garbage lyrics, there's still a possibility that the song can be good enough. Fancy and fitting trap beat? Check. Well-enough use of the sample? Check. Can Cardi B actually rap? Of course she can, this site literally hates her for the most foolish reasons I can think of. The only problem with this is Bad Bunny, who is pretty stale.
Then again, this song is competing with "songs" like "Freaky Friday" and 2 6ix9ine songs on this list. REALLY pathetic if you ask me. She doesn't scream like 6ix9ine, she isn't completely monotonous like Drake most of the time, and let's be real here, this is better than Freaky Friday. If you can't find ANY aspect to this that sounds the SLIGHTEST bit fun, then you probably just have a bad taste in music. 6/10

6 Fefe - 6ix9ine Fefe - 6ix9ine Cover Art

It's better than everything 69 made, at least he isn't screaming anymore. Is t good? HELL NAW!

Jeez, it's so horrid and just obnoxious and even Nicki minaj is bette than this and her songs are mostly not that good. Let lone Tekashi...-1/5

This song is awful, the lyrics are awful, the music video is awful (what WAS 6ix9ine doing with that dog?! ), the "singing/rapping" are awful. Everything about it is awful. -iNFiNitY/10

At least 6ix9ine isn't screaming anymore, but the meaning in the lyrics is horrible, and the song just overall sucks, plus this is somehow #3 on the Hot 100 right now. -1/10

So so glad Billboard did not include that song on their top 100 greatest songs of the year. That song is simply terrible in every possible way.

7 Meant to Be - Bebe Rexha Meant to Be - Bebe Rexha Cover Art

I actually quite like this song, don't judge cus that my personal opinion.
The lyrics aren't that bad so I would rate it a 7/10 in effort

I used to really like BeBe Rexha, but then she changed and started making garbage like this... Bebe, you are not a country singer, you sound a lot better singing all your fault pt 1. All your fault pt 2 was not good, I only liked The way I are and (not) the one. Hope expectations is better.

If I hear this song ONE MORE TIME then I am going to punch someone. Heck, it was all I could do not to punch someone the very first time I heard it. Lazy country and lazy pop DO NOT mix well!

This song is super annoying. Come on Bebe Rednexha, you're not a country singer. This is why you can never mix country with other genres. -1/5

(well at least its not sam hunt)

8 Keke - 6ix9ine Keke - 6ix9ine Cover Art

I'm listening to this absolute trash pile of a song as I write this. 6ix9ine is becoming my most despised name in music, and this song is one of the reasons why. -3/10 - allamassal

Enjoy your juicy juicy prison sentence 6ix9ine. - MChkflaguard_Yt

That's my sister's name. Why. - Luckys

This sucks so hard. - ZeroBlaster

9 The Light is Coming - Ariana Grande The Light is Coming - Ariana Grande Cover Art

I never even thought I'd find something as bad as Meant To Be or Freaky Friday, but now I've found it. Sadly it's from the artist who showed great potential in her previous single.
First off, what's up with that lame beat? What's up with Pharrell Williams producing this horribly? What's up with Nicki Minaj being so dull and godawful simultaneously? And most importantly, what's up with Ariana not even trying in this? Side To Side was bad enough but I never thought I'd find something close to being this bad. I used to see Ariana as "an amazing singer who wastes her talent" and now I've nearly changed my mind on the first part. This is a spoiled abomination that I hope never hits the Hot 100 as a promotional single. -1/10

This has a bland beat, chorus, verses, bland everything, even no potential. My sister, a ARIANATOR hates this song! And that's coming from an Arianator (My sister). I can't believe she released this after the masterpiece, No Tears Left To Cry. Everything was bland and boring and would never listen to again. What's with Nicki Minaj? Even she cannot save it. Even Ariana alone would make the song bland. They don't even sound like trying. Like everyone says, it's an abomination. Please listen to No Tears Left to Cry if you want a good Ariana song... Ariana nailed No Tears Left to Cry, not this...


At first I wondered what all the hate on this song was about, but then I listened to it and realized that it is just AWFUL, especially from the same artist who made the masterpiece known as No Tears Left to Cry. Especially the part where she is just talking, saying "The light is coming to give back everything the darkness stole". I listened to Gasoline by Halsey after that, in the hopes of getting that part out of my head. I rate that song 10/10 and this abomination 0/10.

Nooo! I'm an Arianator (a big fan of Ariana Grande) and this is the first song of hers that I have despised. The best rips off Lemon by Nerd and Rihanna, but do NOT get me started on that chorus. She sounds like a sheep giving birth to a monster.

Never Be The Same deserves number 1 while The Light Is Coming deserves no.2 A Million Dreams from The Greatest Showman (which is great apart from that song) deserves no.3 and little mix only you deserves no.4. Perhaps something by Tekashi 6ix9ine could reserve no.5...

10 Fortnite n Chill - Ricegum Fortnite n Chill - Ricegum Cover Art

Let's be honest here guys the only reasons you guys are voting for this are because.
1. You saw me have it high on my remix and constantly voting for it so you voted for it to bandwagon off me before actually listening to the song.
2. You love PUBG, Nintendo and Minecraft so you judged the book by it's covered and said "ITS FORNTITE SO IT SUCK" AHHH PUBG DA BEST! AH
So yeah. Don't bandwagon off me next time or hate it just because of "Fortnite". I'm probably the only person on the site who even hated this song and Ricegum before you all started figuring out who he was after I started to make rants on him.

WOW. This is what Rap and Music as a whole has come to now? Autotuned songs about video games? What's next? A song about Star Wars? A song about Jimmy Neutron? I wouldn't be surprised if next year some random no name "rapper" came up and made a song about a bunch of memes like Shrek and MLG. I fear the future of music.

It's crap like this and clickbait youtubers that makes the fortnite community / fanbase look bad. I'm ashamed. Seriously.

I'm gonna go buy some bleach for my ears. This song is the definition of Cringe.

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11 Te Bote - Casper Magico Te Bote - Casper Magico Cover Art

Yeah, don't expect too much from a "song" that's 7 minutes long and translates to "I Dumped You"

Bohemian Rhapsody lil meerkat outsold

Yeah no, this song is pure garbage.

This is annoying and Ozuna is not even the worst part of the song. What a surprise!

12 Dame Tu Cosita - El Chombo Dame Tu Cosita - El Chombo Cover Art

I remember when this song would clog up my YT recommendation tab so much that it even drowned out Fortnite videos.

It's about a twerking alien... with some weird flexible spine who repeats the same lyric over and over:
"Dame tu cosita! Uh, uh, uh! "

Never thought I would say this, but "Chacarron" is actually way better than this annoyingly repetitive crap.

And now this crap is about to get 1 billion views. This world really saddens me sometimes!

In English the title is vagina and I saw 1st GRADERS chanting this

13 Girls Like You - Maroon 5 Girls Like You - Maroon 5 Cover Art

This song is not bad, it just would've been more understandable if it were an Adam Levine solo song. Maroon 5 is no longer what it used to be. I bet you don't even know the names of members other than Adam Levine. If so, I understand 'cause Maroon 5 is all about Adam Levine, and Adam Levine only. All musicians are put aside and all we hear is computer beats and processed guitar/synth/keyboard loops. Maroon 5 stopped making sense as a band in 2012 when they went too commercial. Why don't they just split so Adam Levine can go solo?

Whack in a terrible way. Music can be whack in a good way that it is unique, genre bending and offers something different. But this song is shocking. The lyrics are weird, Cardi's verse deplorable and doesn't match the song. I still don't get what the message of the song is supposed to be! It sounds like a ballad, but is it supposed to be? Is it supposed to be a break-up song or a love song? The beat doesn't match the lyrics and the song just sounds whiny and genuinely sucks

This is way worse than anything 6ix9ine has ever done, at least 6ix9ine put some energy in it and even with his disgusting personality, isn't mumbling every 2 seconds like another generic rappers, this is just painfully boring, and completely deserves number one
The fact that I Like It (a song that isn't greast by any means but not atrocious neither) only shows how generic and formulaic the vote system in this site has become

This is easily one of the most boring songs I have ever heard, and it lacks any sort of lyrical depth. Its complete staleness would not have bothered me so much were it not on the radio 24/7 for the entirety of fall and constantly atop the Billboard Hot 100 despite its universal disdain amongst people with functioning ears.

14 I Love the Smelly Feet - Submarine Man I Love the Smelly Feet - Submarine Man Cover Art

As bad as the original Kanye version of this song is,
I REALLY don't understand how it's ranked so much higher than this

What is with those stupid titles. Nobody says that and this song is too immature. - Connor4808

This is what is passing for music now? Yikes.

Lmao weird how most of the songs here are just parodies, chill out everybody.

15 Never Be the Same - Camila Cabello Never Be the Same - Camila Cabello Cover Art


I agree with you. Glad there's someone else out there who hates this "song" as much as I do.

When she was in Fith Harmony, Camila was able to get away with it but without the complementing vocals, we are able to finally hear just what an awful singer she is. If it were not for her established fame from Fith Harmony, she would have paled into obscurity once people heard her terribe voice.

This is by far the worst song on Camila's album, it sounds like Camila is trying to impersonate Kate Bush but doesn't quite get there given Camila's terrible higher register.

My ears will never be the same after this. Thanks, Camilla! (Obvious sarcasm is obvious.)

16 Captain Out of Tune - Lil Mosquito Disease

The only reason why I voted is because this song is everything society was leading up to. you might think we achieved peak human performance sometime between 2017-2019, with classic releases like the emoji movie, thunder, fortnite, youtube rewind 2018, or even super bowl 53, but you'd be wrong, because this holy invention has been bestowed to us by the godfs abo e. us homo sapiens have peaked with this song, and I canno't wait to see what other concepts of pure art my homie jesus will give us next. therefore, I must give the honorary best song of all time to this mastapiece right here ladies and gentlemen.

This song is a masterpiece created from the heavens above. Humans have collectively peaked in 2018 with the release of this timeless bop.

With a name like that this song doesn't deserve do be taken seriously.

Lil Mosquito Disease. Who's next Lil Horsefly?

17 Chocolate - 6ix9ine Chocolate - 6ix9ine Cover Art

Dear God, this is a mess.

ThEy WaNt No SmOkE, tHeY wAnT nUn!
Neither do I.

This "thing" is basically Trumpet Lights and Gummo mixed together. You all know whats the result of 2 of the worst songs off all time combined. AN EVEN WORSE SONG. Worst song of all time. -infinity/5

I hate rainbow 69 gummy bear.

6ix9ine can't sing. That's it!

18 Friends - Marshmello and Anne-Marie Friends - Marshmello and Anne-Marie Cover Art

This should be number one. At least I love it had the memes going for it, what does this have

Not that bad, just VERY immature.

So immature right thank you! I love everyone who HATES this song.

I never understood why this song was a big hit in 2018 there’s nothing to it.

This song angers me in uncontrollable ways. 3/10

19 Warzone - Yoko Ono Warzone - Yoko Ono Cover Art

Listening to this "song" is the same as being stranded in a warzone. -10/10

She still makes "music" I see.

Stop making songs Yoko Ono

How is this not higher?

20 Better with You - Jacob Sartorius Better with You - Jacob Sartorius Cover Art
21 Buba - 6ix9ine Buba - 6ix9ine Cover Art

6ix9ine go home

I hate to admit it, but this is pretty catchy.

I don't want an album from garbage.

Just a rip off of Take A Step Back by Ski Mask The Slump God and XXXTENTACION (RIP)

22 Ilovefriday - Mia Khalifa

Get this to number 1 or top 5. Also this became popular only because a Tik Tok girl singed a part from the song - ElSherlock

I am only going to say this once
HiT oR MiSS I GueSS THeY NeVeR MiSS HuH - AlphaQ

Like I said with Mo Bamba: the beat is alright, but the lyrics and singing are absolutely abysmal. - The01Bro

This song needs to be in the Top 5, I'm tired of hearing it everywhere - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

23 Thank U, Next - Ariana Grande Thank U, Next - Ariana Grande Cover Art

Think about this If this song was made by someone else this would never of been a hit song, what’s so groundbreaking or unique about this song. Critics all loved this song and it topped so many end of year best songs lists and even end of decade lists but where was all that love for “No Tears Left To Cry”. Even if thank u next was more successful No tears left to cry will always be the better song.

Just a generic mediocre pop song about exes with an annoying chorus

And you thought Lil Pump made the most annoying song ever. -10/10

So you're telling me this song is worse than God's Plan?

24 Mo Bamba - Sheck Wes

This song has no point or effort put into whatsoever. What a terrible song. The beat is pretty decent, but the lyrics make no sense! Really, what kind of lyrics are "Oh! F***! S***! B****! "? Just saying random swearing words in a song does NOT make it good, it proves that the artist can't make up his own lyrics, and when he tries to do it, he ends up saying random stuff that are pointless. The long vowels make the song stupider and stupider, and then he randomly starts yelling about he rich he is, proving he only raps about money. Sheck Wes obviously uses autotune to the max and still thinks he sounds good. He does not! He's nothing but a no-talent wannabe basketball player. Can't sing, dance, rap, act, can't do anything that actually makes a person unique or special! The music video includes him showing his no talent to the world, and a group of boys are actually surprised, but don't see that he can't do anything. Sheck Wes also tries to be hip and cool by filtering the ...more

To be honest, excluding the memes for now. This song is an incoherent mess. 0/5 - AlphaQ

What a joke 2018 was, one terrible song after another.

Why is this crap in the top 10 on the Billboard Hot 100? The long vowels in every verse make it sound awful because of his singing voice, and the lyrics are God-awful. 0/5 - allamassal

25 Freak - Borgore & Gentlemen's Club Freak - Borgore & Gentlemen's Club Cover Art

Some people hate Avicii and David Guetta because they think they're "overrated" but what about artists like Borgore? They don't even qualify as music artists. Borgore, please its time to stop!

Wait, this douchebag still makes music? I thought he was over. With how bad Salad Dressing is, I am not even going try listening to this one, I know it will be very awful.

This is one of the worst songs of the year. The lyrics sound like every stereotypical rap song, and the drop is absolutely unbearable. -10/10

Thought I'd take a listen. At first I was like 'well what's the fuss about' and then the beat drops. I'm a massive EDM fan and I disapprove

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