Top 10 Worst Things about 4chan

4chan's a decent website that provides a few lulz, but it still can be pretty annoying.

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Getting Banned for No Reason

why would they want to do this? I mean, these people are just saying things like " I like regular milk" or "moot's nose looks like a twerking woman." what's next, someone getting banned for saying "hi?" this is just so childish.

Exactly this, mods are completely childish and pathetic. Banning people randomly for nothing, allowing cp threads to 404

Got banned for saying I like regular milk

Just happened to me now, banned for failing to "keep /new/ out of /soc/" when I hadn't done anything which would give this any sense whatsoever.

Corrupt moderators everywhere on that site.


I don't want to see that

Disrespectful. What if that was you.

Corpses blisters cannabisim you name it

Some thing, even racism, is funny. This isn't.


I like 4chan, because its like the wild west, an untamed landscape of what ever people want to say, I also hate 4chan because of child abuse. Its not something that should be accepted even on 4chan.

Agreed, but isn't CP and excessive amounts of porn fit into the same category? Who wrote this list basically putting the same thing down twice?

it's kids man. That's All, I just stay clear anyway, mosey my way around those threads, and move on to the interesting stuff.

I have never or seen CP or 4Chan and never do!. If you ever see CP make a CyberTipLine Report to the National Centre For Missing and Exploited Children


The n word is way over used on /mlp/. Its way to much its said like once every 2 boards.

Users Having a Superiority Complex

I think I am better than you. Because I have no proof to back up my statement

Outside of random (where nothing matters anyway) users accept nothing but what the community seems to think is the best at the time. Discussion will never go beyond maybe three or four topics a month and then some oddball disscussions here and there, anything else is shouted down and/or ignored.

They think they are "the internet" and feel free to say what the don't like is cancer, and when it becomes popular, they say internet is dying.

Overuse of the Word Fag

When its really another word for cigarette haha.

I wouldn't take much issue if it was on rare occasions, but almost every 4chan user uses it so frequently, it's like they worship the word. They seem to love using it as a suffix ("furfag", "ponyfag", newfag") on some of the most ridiculous words to use it as a suffix for. It's the main reason why I believe 4chan mostly consists of 13-14 year olds (even though I've heard that adults use it). Not to mention the fact that the word is actually a derogatory word for LGBT people (primarily homosexual men). It's like if the just decided to add the n-word(with the "er" ending) at the end of random words. The word "autistic" seems to be just as overused as an insult.


I was going to say gore, but hatred covers that one and several others, such as racism and superiority complexes.

A place that glorifies racism, terrorism, Nazism, et all. Very nice.

Not Appealing Background

needs anime backgrounds

Excessive Amounts of Porn

OP is the worst

The porn makes me want to regurgitate every time I see it (not really, but you get the idea).

So much this. The amount of porn is simply... EXCESSIVE

I've heard that all types of porn...ALL feces underage animal crushing


OP always rustles my jimmies

OP is the worst

OP never contributes anything useful

He is always the one getting them coques..

The Contenders

Bad Humor

This should be Number One on this list because how outrageous it is. I mean, how would its wroker like it if that kind of humor is used on them?

Especially stupid shock humor revolving around Pedobear or Hitler/Nazism.


Weeaboos are just the worst, they spam the forums with anime, manga and hentai that no one even likes. all I see is DOOHOHH SAKU CHAN I love BIG PP IN MY MOTTHH OH

Thinking They are Cool by Insulting Everything They See

Your mom is cancer

You're cancer

4chan is cancer.


Who done this WHY

Too much shrek.

May Mays are the best

Ruined Classic Pokemon

Slag off fans of Classic Pokémon with the word "Genwunners"

Throwing a Tantrum Over Every Little Mistake

It's like they're implying that they haven't made a single mistake in their lives!

Zero Tolerance for Smileys


Use of "Autism" as an Insult

So the word "retard" is no longer acceptable to use as an insult, so what do they use instead? Another disability, although this one is worse, because most people who use it as an insult have no idea what autism is. They think it just means a disability of intelligence, but for the most part that isn't the case. There are a lot of people on the autistic spectrum that are intelligent. It's mostly related to having a harder time socializing, but it's more complicated than that. Using it as a simple insult is an oversimplification of a complicated issue. What makes it worse is that they use it just as much as they use the word "fag", every other word.

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