Top 10 Worst Things About DeviantART

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1 People steal your drawings

Though I write down how I don't want people to steal my art, characters or ideas, I have still found my drawings from all over internet, mocked and laughed at. That is annoying. How jerk can people be?

That's really mean and annoying. - Powerfulgirl10

2 People keeps commenting "Cute!" to a art that's is not cute

Exactly. They compliment gross art. That's what really annoys me. - Powerfulgirl10

Yes! It's stupid. I only comment "cute" to chibi fanarts, not garbage ugly arts! - ChatNoirFan18

Once, someone said someone in a bondage situation was CUTE. CUTE. -_- Shame on them.

3 Cartoon Porn

What is it with people and, Cartoon porn? - nintendofan126

A lot of deviants are perverts. They even cross the line. - Powerfulgirl10

MLP-porn is major example of this... and I hate it. I hate people seeing and putting porn everywhere. It is disgusting.


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5 Terrible Fan Art

Most fan art makes me, wanna take a gun, to my head. - nintendofan126

Unfortunately you can find some examples of unacceptable adventure time fanart on deviantart. I mentioned a few in my comment in "most annoying fan bases" and those people can't be considered real fans because of what they did to my tender love marceline!

I hate fan art sometimes, but I only like it when it's actually good. - Powerfulgirl10

*cough* INFLATION *cough* PORN *cough* VORE *cough*. Some fanarts look really cool, but the disgusting fan"arts" make me wanna slam my head to a wall - FireWasp2004

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6 People keep drawing disgusting pictures
7 Inflation
8 There is No Real Art

There is some real art just most of it is terrible drawing.

Define real art, please. - Swellow

9 Weirdos V 1 Comment
10 Boring

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11 Bronies V 1 Comment
12 Rude Group Administrators
13 When You Draw Something Awesome And Get No Recognition

I always draw good things, and I barely get any comments. I even get ignored sometimes. Once I commented on a drawing, and didn't get a reply, while everyone else did. I even made an ask booth and it's been out for months. And I get nothing. Real bummer. - Powerfulgirl10

I remember experiencing this when I drew "Rocko's Rebirth". - xandermartin98

I draw things that are not fetish or kink related, and I barely get any comments. But, some of my art has about 1 or 3 favorites (the most being 7). My DeviantART is Raizanagi, by the way. -Vestalis

Yea,that happened to me,and that's why I don't use my account anymore. - SamuiNeko

14 Anime Style
15 Fetish Art

It sad to see so many fetish artists waste talent on disgusting fetishes! - Vestalis

16 It's an ad filled nightmare
17 Mordetwi
18 Sonic Fanbase

Okay Why Isn't This Cancerous Cult At Number 1

19 It Ruins Your Childhood
20 Inflation Fetish

There's a girl on here called darkskylash who actually draws good art of gaming characters inflated/expanded.

Everyone else overdoes it.


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1. People steal your drawings
2. People keep drawing disgusting pictures
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1. Inflation
2. People keeps commenting "Cute!" to a art that's is not cute
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