Top 10 Worst Things About DeviantART

The Top Ten Worst Things About DeviantART

1 Crappy Crossovers

Crossover shipping is the worst offender.

TLK/TLG/KH crossovers with other series never make sense. Enough said.

Worst thing about deviant art: Everything it’s a terrible website

2 Terrible Fan Art

Especially if it's of Karel (Fire Emblem). He's not a villain or an antagonist.

Most fan art makes me, wanna take a gun, to my head. - nintendofan126

I hate fan art sometimes, but I only like it when it's actually good. - Powerfulgirl10

Unfortunately you can find some examples of unacceptable adventure time fanart on deviantart. I mentioned a few in my comment in "most annoying fan bases" and those people can't be considered real fans because of what they did to my tender love marceline!

3 Recolors

A bad etablished fan-character is an obvious exemple of recolor,

i remember AniRP, most profiles were filled with flashy haired/fur haired or else.. characters,

when most of those FCs are obvious stolen works of a franchise (mostly cartoons and animes), pretty sure the site still don't care today, also, these characters could be used for ero-profiles.

How come the site still up?

4 Inflation

One of the reasons why I left DA and will never return unless all fetish fanart is banned from the face of the internet for good! - VioletParr89

Why inflation is a thing? - RedPanda5

They ruin the characters I like.

5 People keeps commenting "Cute!" to a art that's is not cute

*sees a tied up kid
Me: that's Cu- wait what the rope in their...?
*sees #BDSM
Me:oh hell noh...
*Auto plays the background theme: Pedobear's Song.

Exactly. They compliment gross art. That's what really annoys me. - Powerfulgirl10

(Sees extremely disturbing picture that will give you nightmares for weeks)


(Sees a gross vore art) AW,TO CUTE! - RedPanda5

6 Hate Art

Cringe - RedPanda5

7 It Ruins Your Childhood

Such "art" can't ruin your childhood if you're a teenager/adult.

Ikr I love tiny toons but these sick people ruin it for me :( - TinyToonsGirl45

8 There is No Real Art

Define real art, please. - Swellow

There is some real art just most of it is terrible drawing.

9 Sonic Fanbase

Okay Why Isn't This Cancerous Cult At Number 1

Again, that version of Rosy The Rascal as a child killer

10 Cartoon Porn

What is it with people and, Cartoon porn? - nintendofan126

A lot of deviants are perverts. They even cross the line. - Powerfulgirl10

MLP-porn is major example of this... and I hate it. I hate people seeing and putting porn everywhere. It is disgusting.


The Contenders

11 Boring
12 It's an ad filled nightmare
13 Fetish Art

I don't know, but there are so much terrible fetish thingy on there.

It sad to see so many fetish artists waste talent on disgusting fetishes! - Vestalis


14 It's Stupid
15 People steal your drawings

Though I write down how I don't want people to steal my art, characters or ideas, I have still found my drawings from all over internet, mocked and laughed at. That is annoying. How jerk can people be?

That's really mean and annoying. - Powerfulgirl10

I’ll won’t forgive them for stealing other people’s art, until they’re give a credit for the person who’s *ACTUALLY* draw it

16 Inflation Fetish

There's a girl on here called darkskylash who actually draws good art of gaming characters inflated/expanded.

Everyone else overdoes it.



17 Weirdos


18 When You Draw Something Awesome And Get No Recognition

I always draw good things, and I barely get any comments. I even get ignored sometimes. Once I commented on a drawing, and didn't get a reply, while everyone else did. I even made an ask booth and it's been out for months. And I get nothing. Real bummer. - Powerfulgirl10

I remember experiencing this when I drew "Rocko's Rebirth". - xandermartin98

I draw things that are not fetish or kink related, and I barely get any comments. But, some of my art has about 1 or 3 favorites (the most being 7). My DeviantART is Raizanagi, by the way. -Vestalis

Yea,that happened to me,and that's why I don't use my account anymore. - SamuiNeko

19 Anime Style
20 OCs

It depends on what/who it is. - Powerfulgirl10

Most OCs are good as long as you balance them. - Swellow

Yet again, that version of Rosy.

Mary Sue OCs - RedPanda5

21 Perverts

Hate them. DeviantArt is trash because of the sick trash-minded creeps on it. - Miauzer

There is one person I see on devaintart that goes on vore arts (which are real life vore, which is scary) and comments “eat me”, and his profile picture looks like a guy that is going to prison!

22 Memes
23 Anti-Stamps

Especially against different users.

SO,so, so mean.

There's are some that are true like the anti fetish stamps and I bet your a fetish artist - TinyToonsGirl45

24 GirlsvoreBoys

That person is a animal! - SSJAJ1302

I hate her! She even made vore of Planet Dolan (which is one of my favorite channels on Youtube) and Yandere Simulator.- Vestalis

I don't care about her but I do know that's she ruineds everything that I love like the amazing world of gumball,the loud house,gravity falls,pokemon,undertale,maybe bendy and the ink machine I'm not sure and star vs the forces of evil - TinyToonsGirl45

She is a slut - Flowerrose

25 People who create an account just to comment and favorite

This should be lower on the list. Some people just don't draw. Some people just want to be able to tell someone how amazing their art is and to be able to favorite their art and watch their favorite artists. What is wrong with that? - scourgeisdabest

26 Mordetwi

They are of different universe... *facepalm* - RedPanda5

27 Ridiculously high amount of fetish art

Seriously, it's disgusting! No one wants to see Nicole Watterson inflated or Rainbow Dash in a dirty diaper!

I hate these! No one wants to see Dora the Explorer inflated, Manjimutt in a dirty diaper, or FNaF characters in hideous Sonic forms swallowing each other! It's just gross! - Powerfulgirl10

28 Art Thieves
29 Core Membership
30 Users that can't take criticism

Constructive criticism is fine, but negative/destructive criticism is awful. Also, not everyone likes to be criticised.

The criticism that MasterInternet1 gives to people are awful. MasterInternet1 is a bully who deserves to suffer to death.

I Hate Everything once told a story about how he made a little joke comment on a Halo drawing he saw, and how that short sentence resulted in the user shutting his account down. He went to say his comment wasn't meant to be taken seriously, and how people have gotten so butthurt about it.

31 Users Cannot Accept that a Ship is Not Canon

Amourshipping and lapidot is some.

32 The Loud House Memes

Loud Sisters reacts to a cringe thing... - RedPanda5

33 Annoying Ads
34 Everyone Supporting Another's Horrible Art

Nothing on internet is more horrible than to see a lot of people supporting a shaming adventure time fan art!

Why do a lot of dimwits support porn, fetish, and that kind of stuff? - Powerfulgirl10

Deviantart is full of horrible adventure time fanart and unfortunately many people praise it although it's offensive to the show!

Creativity is a very good thing but...please stop supporting superscandalous adventure time fanart!

35 Bronies A brony is an adult (typically male) fan of the Hasbro animated series My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. The fandom gained enormous popularity during the 2010s.

Could care Less

36 Pop Ups
37 90's Kids

Hey its more of a stupid 2010s thing. Shut up

38 Rabid Dora fans

More like rabid dora haters - Mranonymously

Haters are worse - RedPanda5

39 Old Style
40 "I Liek Mudkipz" Meme

I like the, but this is getting old.
But, yeah, I liek mudkipz.
I'm choosing Treeko in ORAS - Flamesofsilver

M U D K I P - LeafpoolLover

41 Wannabes
42 Trojans and Intrusion Virus
43 Feminazis

WHY THEM?!?! - BorisRule

44 Five Nights at Freddy's

I like fnaf but I agree - TinyToonsGirl45

45 Homestuck Fanbase
46 Hetalia Fanbase
47 People will report you just for constructive criticism

People who do not accept opinion - RedPanda5

48 Fan Groups of Crappy Shows
49 Sexualized Drawings of Young Cartoon Characters

True. I once saw a disturbing pic of Chica.

Ya! Because I see sexy pics of leni loud form the loud house but shes only 16 years old not 28 years old - TinyToonsGirl45

50 Child Porn Fan Art
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