Worst Things About DragonBall GT

I love DragonBall GT, I don't know why a lot of the fans hate it so much. Of course it's not as good as DBZ, but DBGT is still brilliant. I consider it Canon even though it wasn't completely made by Akira Toriyana like DB and DBZ were. I particularly love Super Saiyan 4, the way they combined the Super Saiyan form with the original monkey like origins of the Saiyans and the great ape form is very clever and awesome. However, despite all these things there are still some silly parts in GT, and this list shows them.

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1 Gohan no longer being mystic

Say what you want about him in Super, at least there Gohan still did stuff even if it was just in the final arc. In GT if your name is not Goku, then you are pretty much going to be treated as fodder

He should have been able to go mystic

Gohan should be the strongest I don't know why gohan is so weak in gt and they had given no importance to gohan in gt this is unfair

Look guys gohan don't need to be the strongest but he one of the bad ass characters of dbz. The can't make him nothing...its unfair...I believe that GT was the worst thing ever happened will happen to the dbz series

2 Some characters hardly making appearances

I agree with this totally. It was GT = Goku time.

In addition to Krillin and Piccolo, many oirginal Dragon Ball characters only make cameos, like Tien, Yamcha, Chiaotzu, Puar, Oolong, and Roshi. They were some of my favorites and its sad that they were phased out.

3 Poor storyline

It is full of bad writing and Deux Ex Machina. - HeavyDonkeyKong

I feel than DBZS. Story is well written and not really intelligent because it is marketed towards kids who don't care about a good story only epic fighting scenes
No matter what people say the story is terrible and watch anime that is well written like the last air bender or attack on Titan

The storyline conzept is not that bad, but the way the played it out is!

Lmao storyline don't really make any sense

4 Pan Pan Pan (パン, Pan) is a fictional character in the Dragon Ball manga series created by Akira Toriyama. She is the granddaughter of Earth's savior, Goku and the world champion, Mr. Satan. Pan's heritage is primarily Earthling, being the offspring of the Saiyan-Earthling hybrid Gohan and the Earthling ...read more.

Well I don't like Pan because people only hate her in gt I don't understand why people hate her. She's amazing as a baby in Dragonball super.

This is Funimations fault - TheDarkOne_221b

Pan is an evil villain in GT because she constantly beat up and bullied innocent little Giru, which makes no sense since Giru is a walking, talking dragon radar that helps them find the most dangerous dragon balls, the black-star dragon balls and the shadow dragons.

Waste of animation money😂

5 Very childish fights

The campare of the fights.. Between dbz and dbgt... The gt fight was the worst.. Even the fearsome enemies was destroyed with one shot.. While the dbz take at least take 15 20 episodes to finised out completly

6 Piccolo and Krillin don't appear

The two most important supporting characters in the whole series reduced to nothing? DBGT is not Dragon Ball, it's just a spin-off. A very bad spin-off by the way.

They apperaed but they died as well :(

Krillin didn't. Unless you count A Hero's Legacy where everyone but Pan died. - Goku02

7 Goku being massively overpowered

GT made goku's power messed up. The super saiyan is now a power up instead of a transformation, yet super saiyan three remains hard to maintain without a tail. The only thing that is a true transformation is Super Saiyan Four. But Goku isn't the only overpowered guy, look at Pan and Trunks! They should not be on par with him! - HeavyDonkeyKong

Of course Goku in GT is much stronger than he was in Z because he's had so much more training, but even still, he shouldn't be that strong when just in his base form. - EvilAngel

8 Super 17's insane power

This is by far the most stupid thing. Even if their power levels were multiplied a hundred times, how do two Android 17's equate to a being who is as strong as Super Saiyan 4 GT Goku? That's just ridiculous, Super 17 shouldn't be anywhere near that strong. - EvilAngel

Super 17's power was multiplied immensely after SSJ4 Goku launched a full powered Kamehameha at him. It makes sense.

Anyway, Android 17 was savaged by Cell in his imperfect form. Even I, don’t know why they overpowered him this much in order to make him the mightiest villain ever. His power level is so high like 100 TRILION.

9 Vegeta's daughter

It's actually kind of sad what was done with this character. If she's inherited Saiyan strength and her mother's technological savvy, you'd think she could be a pretty cool character. Instead, she was dressed up in an age-inappropriate outfit that looks like it was designed with fan service in mind, and doesn't seem to have any interests but shopping (which in this series seemed to be the default interest for any female character to whom the writers couldn't be bothered giving more development, as that was all Android 18 and Marron were interested in, too).

She's a Bulma clone.

She was useless...practically thinking

She wass a slut

10 Piccolo's death

I MEAN REALLY! It was very unfair that only he died. I'm sure If Pan had died NO one would care... But I know there are some Pan fans, so maybe ALL the Z fighters could have lived. I mean ya gotta feel bad for Gohan too... And I could just go on forever.

One by one the characters die for good. I don't remember Krillin ever coming back after Super 17 killed him, but Super 17 killing him was random and unnecessary. What exactly did that have to do with the plot again? However, Picolo's death was just plain detestable. - HeavyDonkeyKong

This was the main reason why I hated gt. He really didn’t have to die I mean they could have killed anyone like pan, bulla, or even chi chi and everyone wouldn’t care but u had to choose piccolo And why would u kill a charather that many people like and then kill them of and would think they wish him back but no they have keep piccolo in hell for no reason. Honestly he desverd better

HeavyDonkeyKong Krillin is brought back, as he is seen WITHOUT A HALO while sparring with Goku after Omega Shenron's defeat.
And yeah, Piccolo's death was wasted.

The Contenders

11 The characters being so weak

Except Goku,everyone become the sidekick and become villian's punchbag. Or even worse,they're now become a victims

12 Goten being pathetic

Ep 2. Girlfriend
Fights Baby, While talking to girlfriend
Gets left out of spaceship, Because he was talking to his girlfriend
Trunks, Pan, Goku fight, He hangs out with girlf...WHATDAFRUK

Really Goten? You were a SSJ when you were like... 7. You had so much potential!

My favorite DBZ character has went down waay down. What has happened to you Goten!

13 Gohan, Goten, and Trunks Being So Weak

The whole thing focuses on Goku. What happened to everyone else. pan is almost always a useless character yet she gets to be the sidekick. I wish Goku's children and trunks held onto the spotlight. Also, Pan seems to like Goku bette tthan her dad! - HeavyDonkeyKong

A few of my friends call GT Goku's turn the whole series was only about Goku and that sucks
But I consider GT as GREAT THRASH

14 Fewer episodes than DragonBall Z

If you don't like the show why the hell would you want more episodes

I think this is the worst thing. - pradeepbarman

15 Characters escaping from hell and being put back in the same day

K, really? Think about how hard it was to kill these enemies and they kill them all again in ONE afternoon

If Goku can handle Rildo in just Super Saiyan than Gohan shouldn't have had trouble at all. - HeavyDonkeyKong

16 No Fusions

You must be blind then. Android 17 and Hell Android 17 Fused. Omega Shenron is the result of the fusion of all the dragons. SSJ4 Goku and Vegeta fused to Gogeta.

Have you seen ANY Dragonball Z fusions/potaras in the series? I haven't. - SelfDestruct


17 Gohan being a scholar instead of a fighter

I think this is the worst thing about dbgt gohan should be the strongest and the main character in all the series - beater


18 Vegeta being weak during his spotlight with super Android 17


19 Gotenks does not appear

Yes I hate that

20 Goku Becomes an Adult In SSJ4 Form

How is this a bad thing? We finally got to see Goku as an adult, why hate on it? - TheDarkOne_221b

Did the producers run out of ideas?

Might as well put vageta as a kid when he went super sayian 4

Bad and unneccesary plot[oint for him to be adult in ssj4. and yes, they did run out of ideas. out of ones that made snese. - HeavyDonkeyKong

21 Goku being a midget
22 Uub's Power Level

Personally, this is what ticks me off the most. Goku basically ditched his family and friends to train Uub for ten years. Uub doesn't even really fight until about episode 30, and even then, after all of the training he did with Goku, who, as said earlier, ditched everyone he knew specifically to train Uub, and, after merging with Majin Buu, he is still pathetic. They used Uub terribly, when really, they could've made him be the one to defeat Baby or give him a more important place in GT then this.

23 Giru

He is a robot who has a crush on Pan. - HeavyDonkeyKong

Danger! Pan! Danger! Pan! This is the most
Annoying thing in all of dbz... Made the first half unbearable

24 Goku transformed into a kid

I did bad grammmer on piurp[ose

Why toei why. you had to make him into the kid that he is.you didn't have to make him a kid. I wish the creator stayed with toei so gt wiouldent be bad

25 Everyone except Goku is useless

For about 3/4 of the series the only one who was actually relevant and could actually take on the main bad guy was Goku until Vegeta came in the last few episodes to be slightly relevant only to get his ass kicked by Omega.

26 Vegeta's Easily Gotten Power

In the show Vegeta easily gains super saiyan 4 unlike Goku.with the help of Bulma she even states that she could help him turn into a super saiyan 5!

27 The ParaPara Brothers

Why did they have to exist? Crap like this is what gives the DB Franchise a bad rap

Frieza was a tyrant with ridiculous power, Cell was the combination of several powerful fighters (Frieza included), Majiin/Kid/Super Buu was a raging force of destruction, and the ParaPara Brothers... Did a little dance. What?!

28 Character design


29 The fighting quality is horrible

The fights lacked intensity and they paused to talk way too often

30 Goku Becomes Small In First Episode Without Any Reason
31 It wasn’t that bad

Most of your this is controdictory or just poorly researched, but the movie was a piece of crap

32 General Rildo is stronger than Majin Buu

Stronger than Buu and Goku fights hin in the base and ssj 1 form and Mystic Gohan who is way stronger than ssj 3 and Buu gets defeated and the is saved by trunks and gotten who are way weaker than him

If this robot guy general Rildo is stronger than Majin buu, why didn't supreme Kai send goku after him instead, and NOBODY is stronger than Majin buu people Hajahwaga

Goku is too overpowered. General Rildo is stronge rthan Buu yet Goku can fgith him as a base Super Saiyan? I know he was training but... logic, please? - HeavyDonkeyKong

33 Modern animation

Compare to dbz the animation of db gt is bad... There is the yellowish effect of colour.. Pretty bad to watch..

34 Goku can turn into a god before he can go super saiyan 4

This makes no sense

35 Everyone is weak
36 It had no connections to super
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