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1 Pop bashers

I'm not supporting pop music but when metal heads sit behind a computer and have to bash pop artist to make metal look better then that's pathetic - Sabbath

You can't hate the whole genre of pop just because of the significant portion of the garbage songs you hear on the radio.

It just annoys me so much. Not all pop and rap is bad. Pop artists and rappers like Michael jackson and tupac have talent and real meaning behind their music.

If you like metal, good for you. But that doesn't mean you have to website warrior everyone who doesn't - ToptenPizza

The same goes for your pop warriors who continue-sly say bad stuff bout metal and rock - Toucan

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2 Elitist Metalheads

This, I will agree with. They won't let kids get into the genre without bashing them constantly for their music tastes. They will call you a poser just for liking other stuff as well. I am a metalhead, but this has got to go. - Caleb9000

Most of them like only Metallica and hate Megadeth (or vice versa) and say everything else is fake

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3 Stereotypes
4 Haters

Why not accept everything for what it is?

5 Megadeth fanbase

Megadeth is my second favorite band only to Black Sabbath, but I don't understand why people can't like Megadeth AND Metallica. Personally I love them both.

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7 Metal Haters

I'm talking about people who ignorantly view Metal as satanic and have no real messages.

8 Metalheads who are biased
9 Bass players that use a pick

What's wrong about playing the bass with a pick?

10 Metalheads Stuck In the Past

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11 That metal show

Do you mean Metalocalypse?

12 How metalheads act like metal is a dictatorship

Aren't these the racist black metal bands?

13 Talentless critics
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16 Metal Genre Bashers
17 Thrash metal fanboys
18 People saying that metal makes you a better person
19 Cover killer nation

What? He's an excellent reviewer. He's passionate and he is all about the music. Not everything has to be joyful. - Caleb9000

He doesn't really seem that happy in most of his videos.

20 Close-mindedness

We could say the same about the mainstream. - Caleb9000

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