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1 Pop bashers

I'm not supporting pop music but when metal heads sit behind a computer and have to bash pop artist to make metal look better then that's pathetic - Sabbath

You can't hate the whole genre of pop just because of the significant portion of the garbage songs you hear on the radio.

It just annoys me so much. Not all pop and rap is bad. Pop artists and rappers like Michael jackson and tupac have talent and real meaning behind their music.

I mainly listen to EDM, and people keep thinking I have no taste and goes like "oh you like EDM your manhood is in question LISTEN TO SOMETHING EDGY LIKE METAL YOU LIL (insert swear word)" Metal listeners should be more open to other genres. Turn up some EDM and enjoy the great sounds. - MChkflaguard_Yt

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2 Elitist Metalheads

This, I will agree with. They won't let kids get into the genre without bashing them constantly for their music tastes. They will call you a poser just for liking other stuff as well. I am a metalhead, but this has got to go. - Caleb9000

Just because you don't like it doesn't mean it's not metal - SoldierOfFortune

Most of them like only Metallica and hate Megadeth (or vice versa) and say everything else is fake


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3 Stereotypes

"You got to be dark, dull, fat, drunk, high". Criticize people, for again being too pop, slay dragons, wear stuff with thorns. Posters, war craft - metal is about passion towards music of any kind, not just itself metal. We like tougher alternative, psychedelic, some of us are mad enough to listen towards indie bands and follow post-punk revival movement, old rock sometimes. Even bleeding Brit-pop. It's about passion towards music. You can be dressed as a smartass, nerd or a hipster, and claim Judas Priest had the top guitar techniques back in 80's (actually before they embraced NWOABH, riffs used to be more complex). I like to wear a neat shirt, clean shoes, brogues, head phones and turn on some Motorhead sometimes. P.S. owning collection of 30 t-shirts with band logo doesn't make you a true fan of music.

4 Haters

Why not accept everything for what it is?

5 Metal Haters

I'm talking about people who ignorantly view Metal as satanic and have no real messages.

6 Megadeth fanbase

Megadeth is my second favorite band only to Black Sabbath, but I don't understand why people can't like Megadeth AND Metallica. Personally I love them both.

Megadeth are my fave band as are metallica anthrax slayer pantera guns n roses ac/dc helloween dragonforce hendrix all greats

7 Metalheads who are biased
8 Technical death metal fanboys

Think they're above everyone - wolphert

9 Bass players that use a pick

What's wrong about playing the bass with a pick?

Absolutely illogical reason.

1. Is Paul McCartney, Roger Waters or Dee Dee Ramone a metal bassist? No. So non-metal bassists use picks too.
2. Using picks for playing bass guitar don't make them bad. Yes, if you ask me if finger-playing technique requires more skills than using picks, I'd say absolutely. But as a matter of fact sometimes some bassists have to use a pick. Even if they can play bass guitars without picks. - zxm

10 Metalheads Stuck In the Past

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11 How metalheads act like metal is a dictatorship

Aren't these the racist black metal bands?

12 That metal show

Do you mean Metalocalypse?

13 Nu-metal

What's so bad about nu metal?

People hate because they don't think rap and metal should mix I guess.

Terrible pretentious garbage. - Caleb9000

It's probably on here because of those genre hating metalheads.

14 Metal Genre Bashers

So that means I suck? - MChkflaguard_Yt

15 Metalcore Metalcore
16 Black metal

I don't mind it. - Caleb9000

17 Talentless critics
18 Thrash metal fanboys

Yeah, I too think thrash metal is overrated. But I can't say anything about it. It's their opinions. - zxm

Thrash is very good but the close minded nutjobs who accept no other genre bash the others are dumb fair enough jb is bad but accept mj the beatles adele ed sheeran and that they have talent

19 Sub-genres

What are "sun" genres?

20 People saying that metal makes you a better person
21 Fred Durst Fred Durst William Frederick "Fred" Durst is an American musician and film director. Durst is best known as the vocalist of the nu metal band Limp Bizkit, formed in 1994, with whom he has released six studio albums.

Limp Bizkit is better without him. And I mean way better! - Userguy44

22 Emos Emos
23 Scene Kids
24 Cover killer nation

What? He's an excellent reviewer. He's passionate and he is all about the music. Not everything has to be joyful. - Caleb9000

He doesn't really seem that happy in most of his videos.

25 Close-mindedness

We could say the same about the mainstream. - Caleb9000

I am so sick and tired of you retarded Metalheads out online saying "Oh Grunge sucks! It takes no talent whatsoever! " I mean what wrong with you genre hating people? Grunge does take talent and it talks different kinds of things. You people bashing bands like Nirvana and Alice in Chains, saying "these bands suck! They're the reason we have all these Emo bands today! " Their goals were never to bring Emo bands into the mainstream. Ok? They were not trying to bring Emo music into the mainstream. They just wanted to make music and sing about other important stuff. And for all those Emo bands you guys talk about, maybe they are really messed up in the head and want to kill themselves. You people should've known this thing when you were 4, music doesn't make you Emo. Only you make yourself Emo. It's your choice. Your choice to cut yourself.

And you Metalheads also keep bashing other genres like Pop, Rap, Country, And R&B. I know that it's all trash today but if ...more

We aren't all like that I agree closed mindedness is an issue in metal

26 Gore-obsessed Death Metal Bands (Cannibal Corpse, Necrophagist, Ect.)

They're album art is difficult to look at, so they automatically suck? Retard. - Caleb9000

How can anyone stand looking at their album art?

27 Genre Bashers

These are the absolute worst. They're the reason why Metal isn't mainstream.

While ignorant Metalheads aren't busy bashing Metal subgenres 24/7, they're also bashing other genres of music as well.

Jonathan David as JDevil.

28 Satanic Bands (Gorgoroth, Mayhem, Ect.)

Ghost, Mercyful Fate, Behemoth, Deicide? Those are awesome bands - ryanrimmel

Don't forget about Deicide.

Nt everyone believes in God. We are more about the music than lyrics. - Caleb9000

29 It can cause You to Become Angry

This list made have been by a big troll. - Fretto

Almost all of thesre are steryotypes. It is a way for us to get out our anger, sometimes. That is why there is aggression in it. It is musically complex and diverse and it takes a decent amount of talent to even be respected by a lot of the metal scene. But it is heavy, which helps us when our day sucks. It helped me a lot as a kid. Not that it saved my life. I made the choice to listen to it. I am a metalhead and I am proud. - Caleb9000

I think you haven't heard of folk, symphonic, neoclassical or prog metal. - zxm

Now you know why metal isn't appreciated by most people.

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30 Pornogrind

This genre has no fans whatsoever and is notorious for being terrible. - Caleb9000

Why does this even exist?!

Oh well... - Ananya

31 The Fact that There Has to be Screaming and Growling in every Genre

Not all of this is, it's a stereotype. - Pony

Whoever put this on the list is an idiot.

Shut up it's my opinion. I'm not saying that ALL genres have to not have screaming and growling.

32 Poser Metal Bands

There is nothing wrong about being a poser metal band. I mean if a band simply failed to be a metal band doesn't mean they are bad. - zxm

33 Fans saying that a certain band has saved their life

Stop saying "Black Veil Brides saved my life! " Bands do NOT save lives. You save your life.

Those are always the core bands. - Caleb9000

34 Artists with huge egos

Don't forget about Jonathan Davis of Korn.

35 Slayer fanboys

We all aren't like this! I am a fan of slayer and do not any psychopathic works! :) any one add this to list is an dumbass! Sorry for bad English :(

I know some slayer fanboys who cut themselves.

Its fine...I'm a Slayer fan too 😋 - Ananya

36 Most metalheads state that a band can't save someone's life

That is pretty much true. Bands don't save lives. Only YOU save your life. That's why you should not hate yourself.

Not true at all. Only those scene kids do that and they are super annoying. - Caleb9000

Why's this an item?

37 It Can Cause Crimes

This is a stupid reason.

38 Psychotic Black Metal
39 Pure Evil Black Metal
40 Black Metal Artists who Kill People and Animals
41 Moshing
42 Metal Albums with Creepy and Gory Album Art
43 Black Metal Satanists

There's Infernus of Gorgoroth.

44 Christian Metal
45 Mayhem's Dawn of the Black Hearts Album

The performance was good, but it was wrong of Euronomous to put Dead's dead body on the cover. We like the music, but we do not like him. He was a dick. - Caleb9000

46 Smooth jazz bashers

Never found them. We tend to appreciate them. - Caleb9000

47 Most metal sounds watered-down

This is true with most Death Metal bands. I swear the guitars and the drums all sound more soft than heavy.

48 Metalheads will rant about the most unnecessary things (sound, subgenre, etc)
49 Metalheads complaining about metal bands they don't like being called metal
50 Death Metal
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