Top 10 Worst Decades for Music

From classical to pop, there have been countless genres and styles of music throughout history. While some decades are remembered for their iconic hits and innovative sounds, others are often criticized for their lackluster contributions to the musical landscape.

So, what are the worst decades for music? It's a tricky question, as opinions on what constitutes "bad" music can vary widely. Some might argue that the 1970s were a low point for music, with its abundance of disco and soft rock. Others might point to the 1980s, with its excesses of hair metal and synthpop. And still, others might argue that more recent decades, such as the 2010s, were characterized by generic, formulaic pop songs.

No matter what your opinion is, one thing is for sure - everyone has their own favorite and least favorite musical eras.
The Top Ten
1 2010s

This is so easy! All music today is electronic dance music that's overly-sexualized and sounds the same as every other song. Every decade has it's bad music, but almost every mainstream song nowadays is horrible. The only good music from this decade is Adele. We have artists like Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, and Ariana Grande. You notice something all of those women have in common? They're all beautiful, but have little to no talent. That's because sex is all that sells nowadays. Real music and originality are dead. Anyone who tries to be different or innovative gets thrown under the bus by the music industry. The only way music can improve at this point is if rock music makes a huge comeback.

I'm sorry. But this is by far the worst decade for music. Nothing's really original at this point, and everything sounds repetitive on the radio. If people having squeaky auto tuned voices like Nicki Minaj is the future, I'm genuinely worried. I'm a 2000s kid yet I love the music made in the 80s and 90s. 70s was also great. I don't know what happened but in the 2010s, this is when music truly went downhill. Rapping is mumble, there's barely any rock at this point, and pop music has no meaning. Also the auto tune, let's not forget that. It's like anyone nowadays can have talent and be a "singer" it's honestly sad.

Of course. At first, things weren't so bad between 2010-2011. The music at the time was mostly electro pop, and to me, it still sounds fine. First half of 2012 still was fine too, but around the second half, music started to sound all hipster-like. Music in late 2013 - most of 2014 had some notable hits, but around late 2014, it started to become a bit different. But in the first half of 2015, you still had some notable hits like "Uptown Funk" and "Blank Space." Unfortunately in the second half, that was when music became less good, especially with all the increasing popularity of EDM and crappy rap. Now today's popular music is basically either EDM-style, or crappy rap with meaningless lyrics. I wish we had better sounding pop, like in the 00's, when mainstream pop was electro. I hate the current decade.

This is by far the worst decade for music. There's barely any good artists out there at this point. Everything sounds the same and is always repetitive for the radio. As a 2000s kid, I have to say that 80s and 90s music is a lot better.

2 1980s

I remember seeing the "Top Ten Best Decades for Music" list and seeing 80s at #1. Why? A lot of big bands at the time (like Guns N' Roses and Aerosmith) were making songs about inappropriate topics. And pop? Don't get me started on that. Most of it had the same kind of feel and similar sound, it was ok but too boring, it got so much love.

The 1980s has some great bands, but 90% of 80s pop was horrible, soulless, plastic crap. This was the decade where electropop was invented and now, 30 years later in the 2010s, electropop still hasn't died. So blame this decade for all the pop crap on the radio today.

Oh, the recording is so bad and I don't like any type of rock so... I couldn't live in this age.

80s music is so bad. Hair metal, trash pop, techno, MTV cheese, and washed up 70s bands.

3 2000s

The 2000s must have been the beginning of the end for music. It just got worse from this decade on.

This decade was no good

It was ok I guess.

I hate 2000s music!

4 1950s

I don't care about this.

5 1960s

Before the 1960s would have been considered the best decade for music and had a revolutionary counterculture era along with the early 1970s, the early 1960s for music was not very good. I only like a few songs from that era. I believe that music restarted and changed in 1965.

I voted for this one because for me, this is the less interesting decade of all time, there is literally 5 musics of this century I like, a day in the life for exemple, or baby I'm gonna leave you from led zeppelin.

The earlier part is just a leftover from the 50s but the middle to the late part is very diverse. It is responsible for thr development of new music genre.

Before British Invasion, this decade is pretty horrible.

6 1940s

Well, we are not trying to be rude to the old generation, but it's just that the decade didn't age very well. While I love nostalgia, I am not used to that far such as the ones before the 1960s.

Most songs from this decade didn't age well.

7 1990s

The most overrated decade of all. There are many good songs from this decade. This is still good but there are bad songs as well.

Most depressing era of music.

8 1930s

I'm not used to this decade at all because the music from that time may be forgotten and not remembered now.

9 1970s

It was a great decade but the worst part is that they had horrible disco.

Most boring old fashioned granddaddy music from this decade.

Retirement village music at best.

10 2020s

There were no good songs released this decade so far and I'm still waiting for MCR to release a new album so that there can finally be a good album of the 2020s.

I know it's too early to say, but from what we have so far, most songs are very mediocre and forgettable.

Clearly the worst decade by far. Hardly any music released at all. Smh.

The 60s are the best and should not be above this!

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