Top 10 Worst Thomas and Friends Characters


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41 Captain Captain V 2 Comments
42 Dash Dash V 1 Comment
43 Ferdinand Ferdinand V 2 Comments
44 Belle Belle V 2 Comments
45 Den Den V 1 Comment
46 Dart Dart V 1 Comment
47 Sidney Sidney V 1 Comment
48 Paxton Paxton V 1 Comment
49 Stafford Stafford

Stafford is an idiot and is ugly as heck. he is also a ripoff of toby. so there stafford fans. so there. - FinnsWorld

V 2 Comments
50 Luke Luke

I don't like his name.

His face is too ugly.

I hate his design.

I hate him.

V 1 Comment
51 Winston Winston V 3 Comments
52 Merrick Merrick V 1 Comment
53 Owen Owen V 1 Comment
54 Scruff Scruff

That's not scruff that's my custom engine

V 1 Comment
55 Stanley Stanley V 1 Comment
56 Smudger Smudger

My second favorite narrow gauge engine, after Duke.

Severely overrated and redundant.

V 1 Comment
57 Dodge Dodge

Dodge is twice as bad as Splatter.

V 2 Comments
58 Fergus Fergus

You can see either bill or ben in the background.

Trevor had better proportions than him.

I made him an antagonist in my stories.

Hey, he's not that bad.

V 4 Comments
59 Billy Billy

Shut up billy and stop saying stop telling me what to do thomas your a very bossy engine you plot device. - FinnsWorld

He's annoying, bossy and I feel like he wasn't introduced properly, Samson is him but done right.

But Billy appeared before Charlie, so wouldn't that make Charlie Billy with a different color?

Hey, he's not that bad.

V 7 Comments
60 Flora Flora

Toby ripoff, not needed, I thought Toby was supposed to be known as "only tram on Sodor"...

V 4 Comments
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