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41 Victor Victor

Who changed the word in my previous comment to messes?!?!

Hey, he's not that bad.

Has a Cuban accent. Runs the Sodor Steamworks. How can you fix trains, Victor? YOU HAVE NO HANDS. It makes no sense. Anyway, Victor often turns over supervision of the Steamworks to Thomas, who ALWAYS messes it up. He's not gonna learn, Victor. Stop giving him the keys to the store.

I hate him.

42 Captain Captain V 2 Comments
43 Dash Dash V 1 Comment
44 Ferdinand Ferdinand V 2 Comments
45 Belle Belle V 2 Comments
46 Den Den V 1 Comment
47 Dart Dart V 1 Comment
48 Sidney Sidney V 1 Comment
49 Paxton Paxton V 1 Comment
50 Stafford Stafford

Stafford is an idiot and is ugly as heck. he is also a ripoff of toby. so there stafford fans. so there. - FinnsWorld

V 2 Comments
51 Luke Luke

I don't like his name.

His face is too ugly.

I hate his design.

I hate him.

V 1 Comment
52 Winston Winston V 3 Comments
53 Merrick Merrick V 1 Comment
54 Owen Owen V 1 Comment
55 Scruff Scruff

That's not scruff that's my custom engine

V 1 Comment
56 Stanley Stanley V 1 Comment
57 Smudger Smudger

My second favorite narrow gauge engine, after Duke.

Severely overrated and redundant.

V 1 Comment
58 Dodge Dodge

Dodge is twice as bad as Splatter.

V 2 Comments
59 Fergus Fergus

You can see either bill or ben in the background.

Trevor had better proportions than him.

I made him an antagonist in my stories.

Hey, he's not that bad.

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60 Billy Billy

Shut up billy and stop saying stop telling me what to do thomas your a very bossy engine you plot device. - FinnsWorld

He's annoying, bossy and I feel like he wasn't introduced properly, Samson is him but done right.

But Billy appeared before Charlie, so wouldn't that make Charlie Billy with a different color?

Hey, he's not that bad.

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