Top 10 Worst Thomas and Friends Characters


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121 Iron Bert Iron Bert V 2 Comments
122 The Spiteful Breakvan The Spiteful Breakvan V 4 Comments
123 S. C. Ruffey S. C. Ruffey V 1 Comment
124 The Works Diesel The Works Diesel V 1 Comment
125 Patrick Patrick V 1 Comment
126 Bulstrode Bulstrode V 1 Comment
127 Duchess Of Hamilton Duchess Of Hamilton

She looks like a wimpy crybaby in this picture.

V 2 Comments
128 Neil Neil V 2 Comments
129 Silver V 3 Comments
130 Dustin Dustin

Until he gets a promo video, I have no opinion of this character.

Merchandise-Only characters are pointless.

Severely redundant, Donald and Douglas would better suit his role.

Dustin is merchandise-only and ugly as heck. Bad character.

V 3 Comments
131 Nelson Nelson V 2 Comments
132 Buster Buster

George had better proportions than him.

His face! It makes me want to puke!

V 1 Comment
133 Mavis Mavis

She started off as a jerk, then turned into something much worse - uninteresting and forgettable.

134 Trevor Trevor V 1 Comment
135 Boco Boco V 1 Comment
136 Daisy Daisy V 1 Comment
137 Murdoch Murdoch V 2 Comments
138 Duck Duck

He has just become an arrogant ass since his reintroduction.

Sorry I should have used the word idiot instead.

Great Western this, Great Western that. Shut up Duck.

139 Eric Eric V 2 Comments
140 Arthur Arthur

I have no opinion of this character at all.

V 1 Comment
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