Oh my god. I have seen this channel decay so badly just by looking at it. Some of their shows are actually imported from ABC Kids. Fish Hooks characters look like PAC Man ghosts on drugs. They are no longer hip in today's world because they replaced Toon Disney with Playhouse Disney, which is Disney Jr. And Disney just for profit and try to make icons out of talentless kids. I only like the baby from Good Luck Charlie, but somebody help him get into a real acting school so she doesn't suffer at their greedy hands. Disney is about Walt Disney's magical animated movies, not what it is today. Well, Phineas and Ferb is good, but it might get old. No wonder Disney Parks have nothing related to the new Disney Channel except Phineas and Ferb.

Disney Channel WAS bad until Nickelodeon took over, once Nick Studio 10 came and dropped the ratings by 30%, Also, Nicktoons no longer reruns the classic cartoons, but now only has one good show called Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Now Disney Channel should be #6, while Nickelodeon should be #2 and still keep GMA at #1. - nelsonerico

2 words: epic fail. I loathe that the main point of the shows are to say intelligence is bad, and it shows in the characters of any show I dislike. Here's a rhyme to state that Disney also is bad. Wait, I can't do it. This channel made my fluids icome to a hard boil with the sitcom madness. Phineas and Ferb was good, but it does get old. We want Disney's movies and cartoon shorts back, as well as Toon Disney and Pixar films. Not abominations that make icons out of talentless people. No more Disney Jr. Either. Typical American intelligent displayed perfectly. I only watch 1 show, but my dumb sisters want to prevent me from watching another good show.

Why Disney?! I never saw the original toon Disney but just by looking they look awesome and funny! Now loo at the channel now!? It's rotting itself with greed! Lame half ass shows, annoying commercials ( ill show you one example later on. ) and stupid original movies. Jessie is just racist and boring! Dog with a blog is annoying! Girl meet world is a cheap ass clone of boy meets world! And the commercials oh god the commercials. Every commercial is just advertising the channel shows and products and the use your imagination crap worst channel ever

Even though reality shows are taking over kid networks now, This has to be the worst! Nearly all the new shows suck (Especially Fish Hooks and Shake it Up) But there are some good ones like Phineas and Ferb, Jessie, Good Luck Charlie, Wizards of Waverly Place, Austin and Ally, A.N. T Farm is an okay show, and Gravity Falls is my favorite! This channel has too much reality shows! Disney is worse! Plus they have too much overrated shows (Kick Buttowski, Pair of Kings, Kickin it, A lot more actually) I'm so gonna kill whoever started all this reality show madness on Disney!

This channel sucks hardcore. Who ever came up with this channel must be insane in the head. I don't like it at all. First of all, the acting sucks. They make the kids look like the have the IQ of a reed. Second, they always have to use the 19 year olds. I don't want to share the rest of my opinion, because I will start cussing.

If Walt Disney saw what happened to his network, he would cry. Seriously. Disney is a waste of a company. No doubt. - alexschubert

I'm never watching Disney Channel ever again! I'm only into Frozen, Mulan, Pixar movies & other stuff that Disney Channel used to show on T.V.. Plus, I'm done going to Disney theme parks & Disney stores. I hate Disney! Frozen & Mulan are the only great Disney movies because their other ones are just the same thing. Pixar has better movies than Disney. WHY DID YOU CANCEL SUCH GREAT T.V. SHOWS, DISNEY? I'M NEVER WATCHING Disney Channel EVER AGAIN! I'M THROUGH WITH YOU, DISNEY!

Disney channel is so annoying! The jokes are dumb and the acting is horrible! Not to mention Disney is the most overrated company in the universe! The only, ONLY show that I EVER watch on Disney is Gravity Falls. I have always had an idea for a show like ant farm... Until Disney decided to steal my idea for a show about music, intelligence, and art and RUINED it!

the acting sucks. this also says intelligence is bad! it teaches kids 2 be conformists! watch sci fi, it rocks! watch science, it rocks watch discovery! watch natgeo! watch bbc! but kids, this garbage kills the mind!

To me, Nick and Cartoon Network had generations were like, if you watched in the really early days, you would hate the newer stuff. And if you watched in the 90's and early 2000's, you would like them. So If you liked Ed, Ed, And Eddie, you would hate Regular Show. Or if you liked Jimmy Neutron, you would hate Icarly. But Disney, is only Old Disney, And New Disney, and to me, it's all garbage.

I have never seen such a network decay as bad as this one. What was once a channel that showcase wonderful world of Disney and the got to place of animated shows, has become nothing more than a shameless promotional device that advertise their talentless tween "icons". This network should be shouldn't be watch by any sane person.

Disney actually used to be cool with a whole bunch of funny cartoons featuring Micky, Goofy, Donald and the rest of the gang but now, ever since shows like "The suite life of zack and cody and Hannah montana came out, it just killed everything! I don't even watch Disney anymore because of the crap they're airing. It ain't even funny! It's not even Disney! - obamadog

disney used to be the best with goofy, and donald, and micky and you know, the rest.
But now its the most suckyist thing with that show 'the sweet life of zac and cody'. honstly, whats sweet about that. even 'hannah montana'. she just going around saying "sweet nibblets" and singing and trying to be funny.
Now is just crap with alll these shows. - wellman

This channel is horrible! The worst channel ever! Back when it was just cartoon, Disney Channel was good! But ever since Hanna Montana, A.K. A, Miley Sirus showed up and ruined the entire channel with stupid and annoying teenage sitcoms! We started getting bad shows, Such as Jessie, shake it up A.N. T farm, Austin and Ally, good luck Charlie, and wizards of Waverly place. Even the commercials suck! The commercials are even worst than the actual shows! The only good thing about Disney Channel, is Phenias and Ferb. But for now, the rest of the channel sucks completely! And this show needs to be number 1!

Disney is improving. They're making a spinoff to that's So Raven, and they're adding more cartoons to their channel, even if they're only okay in quality. Also, Andi Mack is awesome. All they need to do is remove reruns of their old, crappy sitcoms such as Dog With a Blog. Dog With a Blog sucks, why are they still airing reruns of it if it ended in 2015? - Cartoonfan202

Disney is just plain stupid. I don't know how a company that made such magical, beautiful movies is can make this stuff. It's basically just the same stupid show over and over, with the same not funny jokes, and the same untalented actors. I don't even think they bother with a script.

Disney used to be an awesome network until 2008. I think Disney was just done was when they cancelled Kim possible, that's so raven, Cory in the house, and suite life of zack and Cody because those shows were popular and made Disney good. When that's so raven and Cory in the house were cancelled and Disney was doing Hannah Montana it just made Disney bad and less successful. Sonny with a chance was the only good Disney show after 2008 but in 2012 when so random and Zeke and luthur were cancelled I was just done with T.V. and Disney just ruined it's T.V. legacy. In 2012-2014 I was happy because shake it up, my babysitter's a vampire, and A.N.T. farm were cancelled but Disney is still bad because they have this show called dog with a blog that needs to get cancelled. I hate to do this Disney Channel but you get the " Disgrace " for and you need to improve. I have a request Disney Channel " can you make show about kids traveling into real life video games? " Disney if you do that I will ...more

Never liked it as a kid which has no good shows except sassy teenage shows about stupid teenage problem like breakup, friends etc. where only fake people laughed in the background. That's it Disney, you suck!

Utterly mindless and intelligent, Walt Disney must be rolling around in his grave as this garbage is aired in T.V.. Whoever watches this show should be dragged out into the street and beaten to at least knock some sense into them.

Now that Gravity Falls has ended, now the channel is stuck with mostly cringe-worthy teen live-action sitcom crap! Disney Channel, stick to Mickey Mouse and other good cartoons instead of stupid live-action sitcoms that aren't even funny! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Disney Channel has too many poorly-made sitcoms. What happened to Toon Disney and Walt Disney's cartoons and movies? The new Disney Channel removed Disney's magic. And what is with their new logo?

All those shows/original movies are crap. If those original movies went into movie theaters, I'll bet they won't get more than a million dollars

They were pretty much done for after they canceled Phineas and Ferb and Gravity Falls. After they got canceled, and today, all they show is sitcoms all day! If Walt Disney was still alive, he would not approve of this! - Gametoon

They're pure evil!
They took over ABC, The Muppets, Doug, and Marvel! That's UNJUST!
Nickelodeon ROCKS!