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121 Fashion TV
122 Net 25

A religious channel owned by INC (Iglesia ni cristo ni Manalo). They lied to people about the bible, they talk nonsense.

123 Showtime "Family Zone"

"Oh joy! A channel dedicated to dying children and broken women who marry abusive a-holes!

The only channel that doesn't air Melissa Joan Hart. - playstationfan66

124 RT
125 Gold V 1 Comment
126 Jack City
127 The Word Network

There isn't no more good preaching on there

128 Star Vijay

Its because it spoil the Tamil culture, their dressing sense so bad and sometimes they are hurting the people. They are making TRP by the others weakness. etc. , etc. ,

129 Moxie

These guys have weird programming.

130 TV Land

There's the Andy Griffin show.

No Black and White shows

131 RTE

Everything they show are BBC imports.

132 CBC CBC CBC News is the division of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation responsible for the news gathering and production of news programs on the corporation's English-language operations, namely CBC Television, CBC Radio, CBC News Network, and

Worst News Ever.
Same Old Reporters.
All Media Need To Replace Their Reporters.

133 Travel Channel

They focus more on restaurants than vacation destinations

134 WeTV
135 ItvBe

It shows all the brain dead reality that is for total morons but I guess there is a blessing in that all the revolting crap is designated to just one channel.

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136 Channel 9 Australia
137 Qubo

All its good for is torture. Plays the same shows and episodes for several years. It is a unpopular, crappy, wasteful channel and should be off the air.

This channel is so stupid and is for babies! All my sisters do is watch this and I ask if we can watch the news instead.

I used to like this channel. But as I turned 10, I figured they just air ugly, cheap, dead shows. - XpizzamanXx

It's not actually that bad._.

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138 Fuse

Fuse is ok. The only problem with this T.V. channel is that they like music. There advertisements like to sponser music artists like Jack U and Tiesto. - BadBoiDrummer

139 N TV V 1 Comment
140 Film4
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