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1 Jonathan and Victoria

They were both total jerks,idiots,annoying and Jonathan was a awful person

They were horrible. Victoria was always annoying but jonathan was so abusive towards her. Its unbelievable and ridiculous. It was all over a bag and they wouldn't have gotten eliminated that leg anyway. They truly ruined that season for me

Basically, Victoria had a reason to pick up his bag. One, it's in the middle of Germany in a city with 3 or 4 million people. Two, someone was about to take it as she said. One of the most notorious moments ever was the shove. Literally, he shoved his ex-wife in front of children.

Jonathan has anger issues throughout, but Victoria was annoying and seemed to enjoy pushing his buttons.

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2 Brendon and Rachel

These two are absolutely ridiculous. I don't know how anyone could be attracted to Rachel. That constant crying that she does and you never, ever see a tear come out of her eyes. I didn't like her on Big Brother and she was just as bad, if not worse, on the Amazing Race. Got to be one of the all time worst!

Rachel May be the most annoying person alive what a giant Crybaby and Brendon was nothing but a big Wuss that was basically just whipped by Rachel! What a horrible crappy team!

She was so whinny and he just went along with her. She cried all the time. I hated her so much, she could not stop crying or one minute. I mean my gosh get over other people's opinions. They were always screaming and falling apart.

They were awful. Constantly crying, screaming, and arguing. All time low was Final 5 (forget which leg) when she refuses to shave her head and weeps because "I just spent $500 on extensions"

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3 Tara and Wil

They joined the race to try and see if their relationship was going to work out. It was immediately apparent that they were NOT going to get along. Both of them were constantly yelling at and blaming each other for everything, Wil was a total jerk to all the other teams, and Tara started shamelessly flirting with Chris and Alex. It might have been fine if these annoying competitors had gotten out earlier, but they made it to the finals and by then I was sick of that season.

Wil is just petty, and Tara was flirting with another team, they were rarely on the same page...

I liked Tara even though she usually hung out with those guys (Alex and another one) most of the time, but Wil just blamed her for everything and kinda took it back some hours later after screaming at her

Awful attitudes, glad they lost.

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4 Tim and Marie

I almost stopped watching TAR because Marie was the worst and so controlling over Tim! and in Leg 5 I think She stole Jason and Amy's cab. Like who does that!?

So in the minority here BUT I LOVED MARIE

They've had a bickerment with every other team on TAR23 and when they had the express pass they acted all like everybody wants the express pass so whoever helps us most will get it. Basically, a bunch of control freaks

Marie is so annoying

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5 Colin and Christie

Colin's behavior towards that cab driver was beyond atrocious. Refused to pay because the cab driver didn't get them to the location first. The police had to be involved and when he paid he didn't hand the cab driver the money, he threw it at him like the cab driver was beneath him. If I was the cab driver I would've knocked him out right there in the police station. Christie is no better by any stretch.

Colin was such a bad person to the taxi driver JUST GIVE HIM THE MONEY I also once saw him push Christie I really wanted them to go to jail I hated him. Christie was just so annoying all she was, was a follower of Colin This team was by far the worst

1000% more composed team in Season 31.

Colin has anger issues to say the least. However, not many are acknowledging Christie would constantly yell and nag at Colin to wind him up. This is no way excuses Colins actions, but the combination of the two are just a terrible pairing. The worst part is when Colin refused to pay a taxi cab driver in another country and the cops got involved. The two of them together almost got arrested in another country. - GnerdRage

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6 Brooke and Scott

Horrible people...but mostly Brooke. I feel sorry for the person that has to deal with her on a daily basis

How did they WIN!? Brooke was so whiny and complained all the time. Ugh.

Brooke is SO ANNOYING! Her voice is just so unpleasant to listen to. When she struggles, she makes a big fit and makes her voice heard and cries and screams to the top of her lungs. Spoiler Alert: The fact that she is in the final four now makes me sick. If Brooke and Scott do win the Amazing Race, I hope all of the money goes to Scott for managing to do what is probably the hardest task ever on the race, which is having to deal with Brooke for the whole race. If you can do that Scott, you can accomplish anything.

Brooke was annoying. She whined about everything! She was a pain in the ass to watch! How did she win again?

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7 Eric and Danielle

Dumb - GnerdRage

Eric is a jerk, I think they after the race

Worst winners in amazing race history. Cannot stand these two

Why are these two All Stars?!

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8 Sam and Dan

Their attitude at the farm in Sweden was inexcusable and Sam should've felt sorry about it.

9 Flo and Zach

Just watching this season in 2019. Flo is human garbage. Zach is nicest most patient guy ever to put up with her nonstop stank.

Flo is the worst. No appreciation. I don't understand how she wanted to quit the third or second last leg, only for Zach to do all the work and the next leg, she's so happy because now they had a chance of winning. Also, the first time she was negative and said she will quit, she clearly indicated she will never that again yet not so long after that, she did that numerous amounts of time when she didn't even do a thing yet complained and treated Zach badly like everything was his fault. Including him not wanting to cut line because of the person he is but she clearly did not understand that because she's an arrogant brat.

Flo and Zach should be lower! Flo is in the running for worst Amazing Race partner. However, Zach is not only one of the best partners, also a great guy. Flo is very easily stressed and the way she handles that stress is taking it out on her partner, mainly verbal abuse. In addition, she doesn't contribute much to her team, as Zach did most of the roadblocks and detours singlehandedly. I think Flo is a good person though, even if she was useless. Therefore, they should be lower! - GnerdRage

In my opinion, Zach is the only person ever to win the race all by himself while carrying 100lbs of useless weight on his back. Yeah, as a team they may deserve to be on this list, but it's mostly just because of Flo. If anything, she made Zach's seemingly infinite reserve of patience and understanding seem downright saintly. They're quite possibly the only team in TAR history to contain both the villain and the hero of the season.

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10 Nathan and Jennifer

They actually disgust me. In Ireland, Nathan started yelling at animals and I'm like "they can't understand English." In Lithuania and Croatia, all they did was fight like 9 year olds. In Taiwan, they eliminated themselves.

This comment will show you how Nathan and Jennifer did not earn anything and yelled at teams to let them win. Some are not exactly true these are just examples. All are said by Jen.


Earn your damn victory!

I don't know, but I think she was eliminated in her birthday

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11 Kisha and Jen

Honestly, I think they were both at fault

She had not guilty of anything, Luke pushes Jen with the shoulder in the clue box, Luke is too spoiled by Margie, so he was too sensitive and sometimes very impulsive with other teams

I am in shock of what Jen did to Luke

I was feeling so sorry for margie and luke after

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12 Carol and Brandy

What a horrible couple. Unless you are absolutely perfect yourself, you never insult or degrade another individual for any reason. Their insensitive and rude comments about the other players were so childish and cruel. I was thrilled when they were eliminated.

Carol was not that bad but Brandy was awful. We all remember the finish line when Brent and Caite arrived. They were still mad at them for u-turning them and they treated that setback like this was the worst thing that ever happened to them. Their behavior at the finish line was unacceptable, classless, egotistical, and very unsportsmanlike

We are watching in the u.k and we love the amazing race! We just finished season 16 and these two were awful and their unsportsmanlike attitude was terrible. The real winners were the two cowboys who kept cool at the finish despite the unsportsmanlike behaviour of the two brothers that queue jumped.

These two were so annoying the whole time. Just major attitudes, even to each other.

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13 Art and JJ

Ever heard of Rachel and Dave winning 8

They were just gross and disgusting

I mean Art was OK, but JJ was a dick

They were so cocky and thought that they were always the best

14 Josh and Brent

These guys have fought their way through every obstacle (heat exhaustion, missed flight, penalties, and an ankle injury) to ultimately cause one of the greatest turnouts in Race history. Season 21 was already an awesome season but their victory made it even better. They definitely should not be on this list.

Argumentative unpleasant to each other and other teams

By the way, I think you have to click dislike in order for them to get out of being hated

Who doesn't love a good underdog story
I mean yeah they didn't deserve it after narrowly surviving 7 legs in a row but at least they're not the worst winners

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15 Nick and Vicki

Nick was a total bully and treated Vicki like crap

Vicki is nice. Nick had no good personality

They were so mean to each other

16 Charla and Mirna

Were the rudest people on the show when things did not go that way, and then said how everyone else were monsters when things didn't go their way even when it was justified.

This is truly the rudest team I can remember. Every country they visited they talked down to the locals, as if to say you should worship the ground I walk on. They also would employ cheap tactics, and maybe that's how the game is played, but then they complained incessantly when they were used against them!

Charla and Mirna came across as terrible people. Both of them felt as if they were better than every other person. Used dirty tactics then complained when things didn't go there way, just annoying! - GnerdRage

How this pair is not number one I have no idea. Them at 19, and not 1st, alone invalidates this list

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17 Cody and Jessica

When Cody and Jessica won, I was so thrilled--finally a deserving team! They DO NOT belong on this list. The nasty comments I read must be from haters from BB or even this race. Jessica was far far from useless-did she not finish the final challenge and win? She also did many roadblocks that were difficult such as the Iceland climb which no other female other than all female teams competed at.They never bickered or whined. I saw no entitlement or hypocrisy. They formed a bond even at the very end with team extreme and team Indy. I have just watched all 30 seasons over the past 6 months and hands down they were my favorites.The jealousy I see from other comments is so unfair and unjustified..Cody and Jessica were an excellent well-deserving team. What a wonderful couple!

They shouldn't have won. Cody did everything and Jessica was the most annoying person ever. - PhoQ

Jessica joins the ranks of Flo and Danielle as the most useless winners in the history of this show

Really bad team. They sucked at working together and never tried to communicate with other people. Cody would be off doing one thing while Jessica was off doing another, and they just came off as way too condescending which clearly got to everyone else. Especially Brittany.

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18 Tammy and Victor

They were great. Do you remember when keisha and jen and margie and luke were arguing and they were just chill? yeah, they deserved to win!

How can you turn on Them?

Why are they here?

They were very distant from all the other teams.

19 Ari and Staella

How, with the one leg they were in overall, get so much hate from people including me

20 Mika and Canaan

Why in the world would you go on the amazing race but are afraid of water and heights?! What do you think you are going to be doing? Staying on land and never going high! I feel bad for Canaan it was all Mika's fault that they were eliminated. Canaan should have another partner on a All - Star so that he can get somewhere in the race!

Mika cost them the win because she couldn't go down a waterslide. How pathetic.

This should just be about Mika. In Vietnam, she was complaining the whole time in the water. In the UAE, she eliminated herself after she refused to go down the slide because she was just afraid. I mean, Brian and Ericka were afraid and they got over it. The Globetrotters would've been eliminated.

If you go on this show, you have to be willing to do it all.

21 Leo and Jamal

They are helpful to other teams

But in all stars they became nicer and still funny. They really were helpful to everyone...

I agree that they were better on the All stars.

Oh my gosh! They drive me insane! And they are such liars!

22 Max and Katie

He was so racist.

They had big stumbles in Bora Bora and Botswana. They must be very blessed to have made it to 2nd because in those two places they just as easily could have been eliminated

They were so mean to Meghan and joey

23 Brent and Caite

Brent and Caite went against everything this race was all about just like Freddy and Kendra except they did not win

Can't stand these immature brats

These two just plain suck

I actually liked them.

24 Bates and Anthony
25 Natalie and Nadiya

So annoying! They do not know how to shut up and they whine and think that they are so tough all the time. What the Flip just because you are girls does not mean that you are the best of the best. I don't care if you are the only girl doing the roadblock get over it. This is also coming from a girl. So ridiculous.

Super annoying voices

Natalie one survived and Nadiya was the first one out

Just voted to comment. How do I remove this?

26 Michael and Kevin
27 Rob and Amber

I think the show made them look bad! After the show rob and amber went to Uchena and Joyce’s wedding! And Rob was so kind to amber. I think they were good people, just very competitive

Ehhh they were good competitors! - GnerdRage

Come On,They Were Decent!

28 Freddy and Kendra

Kendra is a disgusting egotistical racist. She should truly be ashamed of her remarks, but I am sure she is not. Imagine what she said when she was off-camera. It is so sad at this day and age that there is still so much racism around. People like her keep it going. A truly ignorant and ugly human being.


I hate Kendra

I bet Kendra regrets her racist remark.
Freddy's fine..I guess.

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29 Jessica and John

These are just the same as any other young people dumb, confident and naïve. They obviously didn't know what power the express pass holds I mean if you have concerns that you're in last use I don't wait for a U-turn this is a game where you have to think about the right now

They are odds on the dumbest team in amazing race history not using an express pass. It's like giving away your immunity and risk going home in survivor, like not using the power of veto when you never know you're safe or not in big brother. Way too cocky and overconfident, during the first 3 legs and the other leg. Karma caught up to them that leg for not doing what's right. Please vote for these idiots

30 Misti and Jim

Just think about it, they held the Amazing Save (AKA) the free pass to the final four. So they never really had to work hard on everything because they had it. Overall, the Save was just a fluke like I said earlier it is just a free pass to Leg 10. It should have been the salvage pass instead

I'd rather see Shelley and Nici win than them. - Turkeyasylum

I don't get why everyone liked them so much. They were so cocky and after coming in first on Leg 6 Jim said they were back where they belonged. Jim's worst moment? Probably the Speed Bump on Leg 5, where he kept asking Misti if she needed him to carry her rugs.

31 Shamir and Sara

Shamir has a real temper, and is incredibly stubborn. Stopped doing a Roadblock because his harness was uncomfortable. Sara...is just not there.

Shamir almost got eliminated episode 2 because his nuts were hurting. What nuts?

32 James and Abba
33 Weaver Family

Argghh, they were so annoying, whiny, negative, and rude. They thought the whole world was against them.. I feel bad that they lost their father and all, and they had some good moments. But they are so annoying. The other teams were mean to them, but they were just if not more mean, annoying, and nasty back.

Hypocritical, ignorant, and offensive. Should be higher on this list but we’re all better off forgetting that season.

34 Chad and Stephanie

M a pacifist and yet I want 2 beat Chad. Then, strangely enough, I would be at peace again.

35 Jet and Cord

Jet and Cord are one of my favourite teams. They are always kind and positive. They shouldn't be on here.

Liked these guys too. They were always nice to everyone but also just ran their own race

On Season 16 they were alright but then after the season they were such butt hurt bitches who couldn't accept losing to Dan and Jordan because they "cheated". And then they get rewarded with two more appearances on this show. The editors of the Race may portray them honest racers with integrity but I can't say that when they use their fanbase to shame the teams that beat them which makes them sore losers. And fans bought into their crap as the reaction to their elimination on Season 18 was batsh** insane as all of a sudden the 5 teams left were the worst teams ever. Luckily, it was the Globetrotters that U-Turned them because you couldn't shame them because they travel the world,play basketball, and do stuff for charity. If any other team were to U-Turn the Cowboys, then the next Monday morning wouldn't have been the most miserable day of their lives as they would have to look at mean tweets, hate mail, and possibly people calling to threatening to kill them.It was probably the same ...more

36 Bopper and Mark

Ok, who put this?!

THey were so good and always gave me a good laugh but they shouldn’t be on this list the person that put this on here I think is a 💩

37 Amanda and Kris

It's a fact that they are horrible first time they were doing ok but then they got u-turned and were eliminated in a tight race with the midget stuntmen so oh well you did good while you were on see you never. But no they choose them for unfinished buisness and their reason was we trusted too many teams and got u-turned. What do I say to that, BOO-HOO take a hike. What kind of casting director is this they definitely should've chosen Toni and Dallas over these babies because A. They made a way huger mistake than they did.B. They went farther than Amanda and kris so in a way they kinda deserve it and C. There was no team from TAR13 and if there are any all star season I'd at least like to see one team from each season. Plus, they were eliminated first so I guess we all got what we wanted. My final piece of proof is that they only have 6 legs of experience and they were a returning team and they average overall finish is a 9.5. Definitely one of the proven worst please vote for them

38 Dana and Matt

Dana and Matt were so annoying! They would fight for most of the race and ending up winning first place!

Oh, the bickering! At least it wasn't Tyler & Korey!

Road coattails the entire time, rarely agreed on anything, and were just bad.

39 Marshall and Lance
40 Travis and Nicole


41 Andrew and Dan

They literally know how to weasel their way out of elimination. Just floated around and had others carry them.

These two guys barely made it through the entire race they are probably rewarded the luckiest team in race history

42 Brooke and Robbie

Nastiest team there. Dumb liars and cheats

They just got lucky a lot. The only reason they won Leg 11 was because Adam misplaced the clue.

They LIED To Maya And Amy

Brooke is a JERK.

Q: How did Brooke laugh through Torture Massage (AKA Cupping)

A: Because she has no soul

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43 Ernie and Cindy

They are way too arrogant.

44 Amy and Maya

So? Just because you don't like the final four thing doesn't mean they are a bad team! Not their fault

Season 25 was a good season but the end was horrible they had this final four in the final leg so lucky them they get to stay in the race and they stole Adam and Bethany's victory. They won with a fourth place average when most winners have a second place average. Please vote for them

Um, person who said Amy and maya had a fourth place average, you do remember Dan and Jordan and Josh and Brent

Also you do not even know what average they had it was 5th so what there underdogs.

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45 Meredith and Gretchen

Don't understand the hate for this team, I enjoyed them. Every team is going to be a little annoying at some points! - GnerdRage

The way Gretchen just threw her hands up in the air and said "ohh" all the time in that annoying voice just drives me bonkers...They kind of just bumble-effed their way through every leg, depending on others to mess it up worse than they did. At the beginning I didn't mind them too much, and admittedly they have some lovable underdog old people stuff going for them, but the second Gretchen gets frustrated and opens her mouth I want to put a gun in mine.

Why are they on the worst list? They kicked ass

They were old I admit, but they were kicking robs & almost everyone's ass for some legs

46 Mona and Beth

So unfair

47 Adam and Rebecca

Adam is just a wuss. I can't believe how he treated a staff member at the airport. Disgusting.

48 Kevin and Jenn
49 Miley and Billy

That would be a complete nightmare if that became a reality

50 Louie and Michael

These two try to act like the fatherly figures on the race, but we all know they were a bunch of scumbags

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