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Tori Vega (Victoria Justice) is the younger sister of Trina Vega, which makes her the youngest daughter of the Vega family and attends Hollywood Arts, a performing arts high school, along with her sister. more.


I can't STAND Tori Vega! First of all, she can't sing. She sounds like Justin Bieber (not a good thing). And her acting is awful. Liz and Ariana (Jade and Cat) have been on Broadway for both singing and acting. What has Victoria done? Nothing.

Tori is so whiney. She gets every lead in every play, gets every opportunity for no reason. I feel terrible for Jade; she's so much more talented and get overlooked. But, Jade would be more successful than Tori, not just because she has talent but also because she knows a thing or two about hard work (something that isn't even in Tori's dictonary).

I'm a huge Bade shipper to begin with, so of course I'm glad that they for back together. Tori can have Andre, she doesn't deserve Beck.

She just sort of annoys me. She's always the center of attention, EVERY SINGLE TIME, despite going to a school that's supposed to be rich with amazing talent. To me, her voice sounds like pure auto tune. Cat as a character also gets on my nerves, but at least she can sing. But I digress. The point is, it's so ceaselessly centered on a character that isn't very likable. As a matter of fact, I just watched an episode where Tori, Jade, and Cat were supposed to sing back up for Beck and Andre. But it ends with Tori singing, Cat backing her up, and Jade, Beck, and Andre all clapping along in the audience.

Not to mention the episode where some famous guy brushed off his daughter going to the hospital to listen to Tori and Andre sing a song. And for some reason, the only songs she sings have to be receptive and about boys, which is extremely irritating.

I honestly feel like I might like this show if it was focused on all the characters equally, and both Tori and her choice of ...more

Tori's character against those of Jade and Cat make her seem dull by comparison. The entire goody two shoes act died years ago, it's not funny or creative, it just completely annoying. The chapter isn't funny either unlike Trina Vega who actually adds some character to the show.

Tori is just boring. She mainly just complains about her life and when she tries to be funny, she's not. She gets to sing too much, when there is a lot better singers amongst the cast. And I'm so annoyed when she gets picked for the Platinum Music Awards, I mean did you see Cat's audition video? Tori doesn't have that kind of range in her voice. And Jade's! If I was Jade, I wouldn't have let Tori go on, because Jade deserved it more. Tori's voice is average, pretty much like most singers nowadays. I think she's a hundred times more annoying than Sinjin (I personally like Sinjin to be honest) and Trina (who I think can actually sing quite well, if you have seen April Fools Blank - Shut Up N Dance) soTori should be the number one worst character! Okay, rant over

I completely agree with you. They never picked Cat because all the show wanted to do was only feature Tori in every little thing. Tori can't sing! Ariana has all these hit songs like Problem, Break Free, etc and what kind of hit songs does Victoria have? Nothing. She has written other songs but she SUCKS! Nobody knows her as much as Ariana because Ariana is actually good. Anyway, when Tori and the gang were singing Shut Up N Dance, the camera was mainly focused on Tori. I think Jade or Cat should of been the main character because they are so much better!

She is so annoying! In the first season, she wasn't as bad but like the 3rd season, she was so annoying and got all the main roles and all the focus was on her I mean I know the show is called VicTORIous but she was the one that got ALL OF THE ATTENTION! I felt bad for everyone else, she can't sing but Cat, Jade, and Andre can! It just bugs me. This show probably would of been better if someone less obnoxious was the main character. iCarly was even better than this. What a shame... :(

Tori is such a Mary-Sue. Just because she's the title character doesn't mean EVERY opportunity should go to her. I was actually glad when the gorilla broke her arms. She deserved it, it might teach her that she can't always get what she wants.

She was normal and nice when the show began but after a while... It looks like that "Hollywood Arts School" has contaminated her to become this prissy, bossy, a whiner, rude and just plain disgusting. Trina is annoying but not as much as Tori. Jade is my favorite character and I believe she has a right to act that way to Tori, due to the way how prissy she acts. Terrible character. And her voice is SOOO annoying!

I don't really like Tori. I don't really know why, but I guess it's because this show has people with amazing personalities like rebel girl Jade or incredibly cute Cat, and near them, Tori doesn't really stand out. Besides Ariana (Cat) and Liz (Jade) are such better singers. Their voices are amazing yet they only get to sing 3 or 4 songs wich is really unfair!

I think I really hate her in most of the episodes. For example, on 'The Great Ping Pong Scam' when she was singing the song at the end she looks at Jade with an disgusted face. I mean your wearing her dress that she let her burrow. Also on 'Tori Fixes Beck and Jade' she payed a guy to asked Jade out, she kept saying that it was André's ideas, and she was forcing Beck to go out with Meredith. It's none of her buisness! I can't believe she was metaling! She was so whiney on 'The Bird Scene' and 'The Worst Couple'. She whined about her phone being broken. And she kept forcing everyone to tell her the bird scene. She even handcuffed Cat and gave hot candies and just left her there. Tori flirted with Robbie because she thinks she's all hot. On the 'Pilot' she kissed Beck infront of Jade and called Robbie a nerd with a puppet and she called Cat bipolar.
Okay, I know she's just a character, but I really don't like her.

Do you even understand Victorious? In the Great Ping Pong Scam she did that because Jade was mean to her and didn't tell her about wearing formal clothes, in Tori Fixes Beck and Jade she payed a guy to ask Jade out to help Beck and she never said it was Andre's idea! If it weren't for Tori, Beck and Jade would have never gotten back together! In the Bird Scene and The Worst Couple, Tori was not whiny. And in the Bird Scene if you ask me, Tori was actually very smart. She used Cat's stupidity and Robbie's obsession with girls to get them to tell her. On Pilot, Jade poured coffee on her so kissing Beck was nothing! And she never called Robbie a nerd with a puppet and Cat bipolar! - VictoriaJusticeFan

Yeah she did. Call them bipolar and nerdy. If you were a true fan, you would know. đŸ˜’ - Ihateelsa

I hate how they make her the center of attention! She's not very funny at all. She sings well, but there are other people in the show that could sing well too. That character annoys the crap outta me.

I haate Tori Vega! I don't see why she gets all of the attention she's not that pretty and she is nothing of a singer compared to Jade Cat and Andrea. Also in tori fixes Beck and Jade when Beck makes it obvious that he doesn't want to be with her then she forces him to be with her. I'm also a big fan of Bade and am not a fan of Tori butting into their business and she's extremely whiney she was fine in the first season but then she just got downhill and was awful in the third season and Victoria Justice's acting is rely bad! Tori Vega is more annoying then sinjin and robbie along with trina!

I'm just saying that she is sort of the most boring character and she is not really a very interesting character at all! I feel like Cat and Jade are also much more talented than her. - BunnyC

I hate that she always has to be centre of attention cat and jade are both better singers and characters then her yet she always has to be the lead in plays or always has to be the one singing plus she can be quite rude especially to robbie at times

Biggesf Mary Sue EVER. She's good at everything and gets all the boys. I can't think of a flaw of tori... Everyone acts like she has the best voice in Hollywood arts even though cat and jade have much better voices. When she doesn't get her own way she's PISSED

Tori Vega is way too self centered. Its always about her. Her voice is nothing compared to Cat's, Jade's, and even Andre's. She's such a horrible person and annoys the crap out of me.

She's a spoiled boyfriend and spotlight stealer. I can't accept that she got off the hook so easily for kissing Cat's boyfriend. I love the actress but it's not a good reason for me to love a character.

She can't sing! Cat and Jade are way better than her. She's a Mary Sue. Everyone loves her and I honestly don't see why? She isn't THAT talented!

Tori vega can't sing and all she does is sing, sure shes pretty and skinny but the other characters have so much more talent than her

She has a ridiculously Mary-Sue attitude compared to Cat and Jade she is awful at singing and what's with her being the main character in every play and song I mean there are other people in the damn school also episode Tori hate review: Prom Wrecker: Tori despite knowing Jade's play was on Saturday she just HAD to have her stupid 'prome' in my opinion Jade had every reason to get upset and Tori calls her a sick person and then get's revenge on her that's just unfair, Jade got everything ready and Tori just said " you know what I'm the main character and you're the mean girl you can't have anything nice! " It is SO ANNOYING. The Birthweek Song: whenever one of her friends suggests a idea for her (which she asked for) SHE JUST SAYS "ew no" also she says she has never written a song before, does that mean she just gets Andrè to write all her songs or does she steal them from someone like Ke$ha or someone TALENTED. Thankyou for reading

Something about her just makes me mad. She acts so dumb now and annoying. And she has gotten uglier

Also the episode Tori Fixes Beck and Jade claims that Tori had something to do with them getting back together but she didn't... - BunnyC

She's just too perky and perfect. It annoys me because she gets all the spotlight even though she's honestly not that special.

She sounds like she is talking when she sings.

Hi tori vega I like your songs and your sister she was so crazy on airplane her dancing in in her seat she was so funny I do you like a sister and you was well Tori I want Nike your computer on Video Chat was is amazing tori can I have video chat on you and beck Jade Andre cat or Hayley could you give me your mobile number please I will call you send you text my name is Anna brookes I am 26 please put me in your video chat are you can speak to you all guys x

Hate her she should be the worst actor ever and I which Ariana Grande was the star of Victorious