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Die Hard
Die Hard is the quintessential action film. You have a character than was in the wrong place at the wrong time. A band of terrorists hell bent on chaos. Great supporting roles and a wonderful villain in Hans. And lets not forget the humor in John Mclane as he tries to make light of the dark situation around him.

Die Hard is the movie that all other action films are judged upon. Enough said.
Die hard 1st, matrix 2nd... Finally a list that makes sence
It is a pretty good movie, the coolest guy in the movie, is: the limo driver. He just kick-as
[Newest]Guess what? It doesn't NEED to be an action-comedy in order to be funny!

2The Matrix
What a great begining and what a great end. We all don't like movies where the hero dies, but this one takes the cake. And all that moves. Yummy. You got to love this movies. Action, romance great story line all in one.
Oh this movie is great. This must be in the top ten list of best films... It is mind blowing and its story is too good to be true.. Its action romance freedom... Wow
Yea, no that's my stuff! I reckon its the greatest movie in the last few decades, it's got a super-revolutionary idea, it just blew me away. Plus it has the ever-amazing Keanu Reeves :P The whole series rocks... All for Zion!


[Newest]Humans use more energy than they produce, making the entire plot pretty obsolete. Many 12 year olds could have told you that, like the one telling it to you now.

3Terminator 2: Judgement Day
U talk about anything you know about movies... Including action ofcourse as the very movie belong to the Genre. Other than the movie you've nothing in ur mind. Try and watch the collector's edtion. I will recommend TROY, Behind Enemey Lines, True Lies, Braveheart, and Scarface right after T2 in "the best action movies ever" category. Watch the next 3 Films along with the T2. You need to see these before you Die! Terminator II is not a movie. Its a BOMB.


Car chases, truck crashes, gunfights, explosions, helicopter chases, motorbike stunts, a lot of broken windows, a nuclear explosion, thousands of bullets fired, mental hospital escape, warehouse break in, Arnold Schwarzenegger, bad language, tons of special effects and a minigun! One of the greatest films I've ever seen.
Awesome action. In '91, this was the top of its class visual effects. I still think it is one of the greats.


[Newest]This is the greatest movie ever. I can watch it all day

4The Dark Knight
Because he's the hero Gotham deserves, but not the one it needs right now. So, we'll hunt him, because he can take it. Because he's not our hero. He's a silent guardian. A watchful protector. A Dark Knight.


Because the joker is a very unique character, a criminal genius capable of making batman hassles. The plot is also difficult to guess and advanced equipment in the Batman of course.
This movie is the greatest movie of all time! Action movies are rising stock now in the movie industry! And this is a fine example!
[Newest]Best action Movie... FOREVER...

The best War Movie of ALL TIME, It made my blood boil with excitement!
More teachable movie and I think you also need to vote this movie and there are it show how we do the struggle win our life so this is my favorite movie in Hollywood. And if you wanna get something the yous also need to watch this movie. Because this is story of 300 soldier over 3000000 soldier of other side
You better be-freaking-lieve it! This movie kept me in utter fascination on the edge of my seat! I loved Every Moment of it! The action, the blood, the acting! I'm getting pumped up just thinking about it!


[Newest]This movie isn't exactly the best story wise, but action wise it has some of the best fight scenes.

If I make a list about good movies, this is always going to be on the top. Deal.


Freakin awesome choice!It's the best by far
Can't go wrong with Ridley Scott


[Newest]The #1 action movie of all time. No doubt about it.

7Star Wars
Star Wars practically buries all other action movies because 1. It is a classic trilogy of films that really strike your action loving self. 2. The action in the trilogy is amazing, no doubt. Go Star Wars!


Movies you can watch more then once a year

Robots that were beyond their time

FLIPPIN LAZER SWORD everyone has sword fought at least once
Really is a classic, the action and dialogue is so good in this movie, Harrison Ford is a crack up and so is Chewie!
[Newest]Come on. I should NOT have to explain.

I think this should be number one! Action? Horror? Drama (kind of)? Social message (kind of)? This has literally everything!
Just as good as the first one! But with a little more action, with a very good story behind it all, one of my favorite one's
The aliens have freaking little mouths in their big ones


9Jurassic Park
These movies have just always fascinated me. I mean, its the kind of movie that can make you jump, without fully scaring the living daylights out of you. Its a movie you can take the whole family to see, that will be just as enjoyable for the kids as it is for the adults. And no matter what anyone think, that kind of movie is just hard to find these days. And I for one, am glad we have them,
After all these years, this movie still holds up as a top-notch film. It's got all the makings of an exciting action film including groundbreaking special effects, but also manages to have a lot of heart and emotion, which many action movies forget.
I started watching this movie when I was 4... and I still watch it today! just an amazing movie


[Newest]Absolutely incredible screenplay and cast. Spielberg always delivers

10The Lord Of The Rings - The Return Of The King
Seriously? 15th? The Lord of the Rings trilogy, especially The Return of the King, is literally flawless. Everything about it is amazing: its plot, storytelling, acting, music, sets, etc. Though it is a fantasy, the story feels very realistic and the emotional struggles that the characters go through are things that we have to deal with in our own lives. But most importantly, The Lord of the Rings has a depth that most action movies don't have at all.


Does Die Hard have a giant class of the forces of good and evil in an epic war scene. No, how about the matrix, no again, Jurassic Park, No. I think you get my point.
An outrage this is simply.

The Contenders

11Saving Private Ryan
I love this movie the story line is amazing and the action never stops also the weaponary is so cool Best Movie Ever
this could go for one of the best movies period but this black hawk down and fight club are genus movies


The greatest war movie of all time, besides LOTR, The beginning and the ending is a very emotional ride! There is action all the time in this movie and it is GOREY! Respect for those soldiers who lost their lives during the most brutal conflict in history World War II


[Newest]The best Action war movie of all time. The first 10 minutes is one of the greatest scenes in cinema history

12The Bourne Ultimatum
To me, this is the best action movie ever, "Salt" will also be on my hit 10 list. "Taken" will take the second place.
this such a fast paced action with brillant and superlogical action scenes... what the hell this deserves to be No1


This makes its predecessors look like a really bad dream!
[Newest]This is the best purely action movie ever.

The action in this movie is out of this world! Its unique, and fast, and so, captivating. Not a real commonly heard-of movie, but I recommend if you haven't seen if, take the time, spend the money, its worth it!


amazing action at its best, the story is gripping the action and effects are awesome what more do you want?
The absolute best action in a movie ever. The shooting scenes are all to grand and the melee doesn't slack either.


[Newest]This movie should be number one. It is filled with action and some great compassion

The choreography of the fights in this movie are top-notch, incredibly unique, and eye catching.


This is a great movie according to me. Because it shows the power of a man. Even he is the only person who lives for himself and his group. Mostly I like the attitude of the Achilles. That's really great
I'm surprised no one else has voted for this movie masterpiece I mean sure it has 1 or 2 sex scenes but I just fast forward this movie is a heck of a lot better than die hard, terminator 2 but not the matrix! :D ;D peace out!
[Newest]The best historical story I never saw.

15Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark
Raiders of the Lost Ark should be, without question, #1. The fact that I even have to say that is a disgrace. I am not trying to putting down brilliant movies like Die Hard, Terminator 2, or The Dark Knight, but they still don't hold a candle to the true greatest action movie of all time. Also, putting Transformers, Troy, The One, 300, and Equilibrium ahead of this movies proves that this list is a complete joke.


This film defined the modern action film. It features easily Harrison Ford's best role, with all due respect to Han Solo, and the humor is pitch-perfect.


This is the best movie of all time. the direction is awesome and steven spielberg always comes out brilliantly planned story
[Newest]From the start of this movie until the end, I was on the edge of my seat with spellbound excitement

Rambo is the greatest action movie of all time, look at all the ARE rated. Gorey and thrilling, little kids even get killed in this MOVIE. This movie is based upon NOTHING BUT ACTION. In my opinion it has to be in the top ten action movies of all time, to top everything off!
Rambo is the best action movie I have ever watched. Lots of blood and guts, excellent acting on the part of Stallone and altogether a brilliant movie. This list is called "best action movies ever". Rambo is pure action. Need I say more?
Full of ARE Rated action. Unbelievable gore and Rambo's most violent movie ever (not to mention Sylvester Stallone) It is stunning what they do in this movie because
[Newest]Amazing movie, I am a huge fan of military movies, and this is one of my favorites.

17The Lord Of The Rings - The Two Towers
The greatest movie ever made! The acting is done excellently, and the effects are even better! You Can't beat the lord of the rings trilogy at anything!
The Lord of the Rings are the greatest trilogy of all time! Nobody will come close to this beautifully done movie!
The Two Towers is the greatest movie of all time! And it should be up there with Equilibrium and Aliens, it is better than Aliens!

18The Terminator
How is the terminator so low on this list? The terminator to this day still scares the crap out of me. a robot sent back in time to the 80s to kill the mother of the leader of the resistance with arnold as the robot how is that not a kick ass movie? In my opinion that's how the end of the world is coming, we build robots to protect us and they end up killing us.
I've seen less terrifying horror movies.

While Arnold's classic hunt-or-be-hunted showdown with the extra-terrestrial gladiator is relatively short on story, it's filled with some great one liners, an excellent setting, and some truly mystical scenes. A favorite is the moment when the Predator standing on a high-up tree branch swing the extracted spine of one of its victims while uttering a glorious hunter's roar.


Awesome! An invisible alien killing machine fighting Arlold Shwazenegger! And i swear one of the commando guys is Rambo!
the effects of the movie are amazing.the manliest movie ever made. arnold rules
[Newest]A great movie with great effects for when it was made

20Fight Club
Brad Pitt and Edward Norton are amazing action stars! And this movie is a fine example of how amazing they are at performing!
how is this not 1 its amazing if you haven't seen it yet... GO SEE IT


I am yet to see a better made movie! Its but a joke that Fight Club doesn't feature in Top 10!
[Newest]Tyler Durden is the best character I have ever seen in a movie, the twist in this movie is awesome. Absolute Must SE

21The Dark Knight Rises
This was a genius movie with an amazing plot, great suspense, and it made me really empathize with the protagonist. Christopher Nolan is a very special director, and I think this is his best film.


The best explostives movie Ever and the most Shocking Ending ever I thought BatMan was Dead But bruce wayan that movie was Tricky.

What! Transformer should e in top tens...! Bets movie by michael bay and the best action movie ever released. There are many amazing fights in this movie and one thing special is the theme song is what I've done by linkin park which exactly matched to it. Finnaally transformers rocks! And linkin park forever!...
Films like Twister, Independence Day, Transformers, etc don't need to be action-comedies in order to be funny and thrilling! I wish that was a fact!
Awesome movie.. The graphics are cool

23The Avengers
This movie was amazing in that it managed to capture the essence of most of the actual avengers with the exception of a few.
Avengers! Assemble!
This movie is the best film ever!
It's impossible not to like Hulk, Iron Man, Captain, Thor, Hawkeye and Black Widow


That last half hour or more of non stop action... What more can you ask for
[Newest]The avengers is the greatest action movie I have ever seen

24The One
Jet lee is really looking just superb in this movie. And the action sequences of this movie really makes me crazy about it.
Come on man this can't be your favourite action film.. There are many films which are way way better than this one. I love Jet Li but this film is not that great, sorry.
Jet Li is the most underrated actor of all time! and this movie follows!

25Kill Bill - Volume 1
Great stunt work in this. This is the best film Quentin Tarantino has done in the last 10 years.
The whole story is great. A brutal betrayal and a bloody vengeance. What's not to love? And I love how easily The Bride takes out Gogo Yubari and the Crazy 88s. And I thought these guys were supposed to be tough.

26Boondock Saints
BLOODY AWESOME FILM one of my favorites kicks ass probs because I'm part irish and they just shoot up everyone

27Live Free or Die Hard
Action means car chase, explotion, loud noise and of course some kick ass!

This movie provides all, I love this movie a lot, I watched it for many2 times.. I like all Die hard series too, and Matrix was even nice, but you all choose Gladiator for 1st?
I bet many Chicks are here, eh?



28Lethal Weapon
Regardless of how you feel about Mel Gibson, his role as the suicidal cop Martin Riggs is spectacular in what most would call the best buddy cop movie of all time. Danny Glover also pulls his weight with some excellent, quotable lines, and the two mesh perfectly to form an unforgettable dynamic.


29The Expendables
One of the most action packed movies ever!


30The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

31Enter the Dragon
Bruce Lee at his prime and some brilliant fight sequences make this film a must-watch. A cult classic!
"It is like a finger pointing the way to the moon, don't concertrate on the finger or you will miss all that heavenly glory"
To try and put any movie ahead of ENTER THE DRAGON is almost like saying TotalLY LUDICROUS
[Newest]Number 1 movie in the world

32Snake in the Eagle's Shadow
This movie is surprisingly good, and is one of the most underrated movies of all time, and has some great action in it!
Jackie Chan is the greatest martial artist and action movie star in the world! The greatest action movie and deserves to be in the top ten!
This movie is so unbelievably good and deserves to be in the top 12! it has a lot of good fighting scenes!
[Newest]I love dis movie.

33The Expendables 2
Why in rank 20? This movie is perfect, cool, and at least top 5
With Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham, Arnold Schwarzenneger, Bruce Willis, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Dolph Lundgren, Jet Li, and of course CHUCK NORRIS!. This movie sequels just great too. And the next movie with Nicholas Cage, Wesley Snipes, and maybe Steven Seagal and Mel Gibson too!. The fight action in this movie just great too, Sly Vs Van Damme, Jason Statham Vs Scott Adkins, and just great to see Chuck Norris with his king cobra jokes!
The expendables is the best film in the univers (bandit)

34The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

35The Rock
Great story great cast. Fantastic soundtrack. A bit of humor as well all the ingredients for a brilliant film
Nick cage and sean connery amazing

36Seven Samurai
Japan has made some amazing movies and this is a fine example of how they make fine movies! Seven Samurai is without a doubt the most action-filled movie of all time! And this is saying something for a film made in 1957! Listen to me when I say, a must watch for any action film fans!
The most classic movie ever made! The movie that changes the way we think about old movies, the action is like a 2010 movie! I am telling you this movie is the greatest Japanese movie of all time!
How is this not in the top ten? This movie goes way, WAY beyond a normal action movie, with incredible characters and plot development... Not only is this the greatest action movie, this is one of the greatest movies EVER!
[Newest]Good. Very good. Too good.

37Ong Bak
Tony Jaa is simply an comparable and upcoming actor... he is a perfect mua thigh fighter who don't need too much of a computer work... anyone can wait a year for his new release
Tony Jaa does what others can only pretend to do, with wires and special effects.

He's jaw-dropping.
I like ong bak movie, so when the new one ong bak movie will come. I hope the good one action will come. Thank

38The Crow
The Crow is Brandon Lee's best movie ever, He is truly Bruce Lee's son, Pity he had to die in the making of this movie. Sadly missed


Great movie it is heart touching mel gibson done a excellant job in this movie

41The Departed
It's a great action movie..

Arnold rocks and proves that he can do it much better than Stallone in Rambo series!
The best! Esp. Alyssa Milano is in here too! ^_^
My favoritest movie ever


43The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey
Epic with fights every five seconds

Actually, I think it's a pity this movie got listed so low... O. K, there's not a lot of action, but the storyline is amazing. And I just love action movies where the good guy is always on the run for the people that claim the good guy to be bad, just so they can get things their way! Epic movie, epic actors and one he'll of an epic storyline... I'd put this on number 2 or 3, definitely!

45Fast Five
that film is the best of recent times.. really a nice movies fully action packed film deserves to be one of the best

Easily Keanu Reeves best acting role (which is unfortunately still a bit cheesy and amateurish), Speed delivers one of the most intense thrillers ever contructed. Every exchange of words is filled with an appropriate amount of tension, and the film's villain Howard Payne rivals Die Hards Hans Gruber as the most diabolical terrorist in the action movie genre.


Great classic action movie that helped define an era. Sure, Keanu didn't quite have the acting chops but Hopper and Bullock made up for that with the appeal and power of their performances. This defined the 90s action movie. I wish they still made action movies like this.
What I love about speed is the fact that every character is likeable and it's a movie that everyone can love. All of the action it has and my 60 year old mother loves it as much as I do!
[Newest]One of the most memorable action movies of the last 30 years.

47Casino Royale
Damn! The best bond movie after skyfall is casino royale and what the hell is it doing at 26th... And it is better than die hard 1! Daniel craig is the best the action world has got... And casino royale deserves to be in the top 5!
Raw Brut action, well made. Looks too good, however might not go with overall bond movies but still qualifies to be a superb action movie. The chase sequence is priceless
Ohh, Come on! Casino Royale is one of the finest action movies ever made. Pure style and class... How is it so low on the list? Please vote
[Newest]Bring it in top 3.

48Hard Boiled
I haven't watched this movie! I was trying to click rush hour but it wouldn't let me. Anyways RUSH HOUR IS TOTALLY AWESOME! 11

49Resident Evil: Afterlife

50District B13
You just can't look away 'til the credits roll!
Top quality stunt coordinating, fight choreography and directing.

It's an oldie, but man is it a goodie! This movie is a classic.


Old is Gold, No one can make this kind of movie, Particularly that Race, No words to describe

52Fifth Element
I agree, this is my favourite movie EVER. GET IT!! NOW!!
I agree, this is my favourite movie EVER. GET IT! NOW!
How the hell can this not be on here

53Resident Evil: Extinction
Great movie but second one is better. Should be in top10 anyway

54Captain America: The Winter Soldier
Great movie of 2014 must watch the biginning car scene I loved it well directed

55The Road Warrior
In the top 3 action movies of all time along with Die Hard and Raiders of the Lost Ark. It's a shame it's this far back and behind stupid movies such as 300 and Resident Evil, but I guess that's what you get when you let immature 9 year olds vote on this thing.
Mindless, senseless violence. That's what makes it great.
Mindless, senseless violence. That's why it is so great.

56Black Hawk Down
This real-life movie is full of great war action.


57Top Gun
This is the best movie
Please vote it


59Star Wars, Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back
Hands down the best of the Star Wars movies.
How is this down here?!?!?!

60True Romance

Sorry but Die hard isn't the best action movie ever. This is!
I love Spiderman!


63Resident Evil: Retribution

64The Forbidden Kingdom
This movies is the best of kungu fu and matilrats movies, And jet li is very powar full actor in chinna am very big fan.

Good movie, loved this and firefly. Wish there was more.

66Transformers: Dark of the Moon

67Iron Man 3
How can you not like this film?

68Alien vs. Predator

69Resident Evil: Apocalypse

Finally, I saw an Angelina Jolie movie here. ! Two thumbs-up!
I was searches it on top.. Really domanient action

71Mission Impossible
I was searching for MI right on top...

72Con Air
Great action, great actors and great one liners
Amazing cast, amazing sets, amazing story.

Truly an amazing movie.
def a good movie for .... never mind

73A Good Day to Die Hard

74Resident Evil

75Man on Fire


77Mortal Kombat
Come on guys. This movie has some amazing fight moments!

78U.S. Seals II
If you c zis movie you can't place it out of 10

79The Bourne Identity

80Batman Begins

81The Raid: Redemption
How you can be forget about this one... It should be in 10.. The definition of a Action Packed Movie..
Are you mad? This movie is with rating above 9 in IMDB with hearthrobe action and can change anybody mind towards itself to be in top 5.


82The Transporter


84Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl

The best action/sci-fi movie of all time

This is one of the great action movie ever! I can't believe it wasn't mentioned in this list before.
What is this not doing near the top?! 2009 action movie of the year!
Neeson does it again

87Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines
I found myself wondering, "what are we going to do" while I was watching this movie. Then I remembered, it was just a movie, but the action in this movie is INtense.


A female Terminator. Sweet!

88Transporter 3

89Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest
Finelly.. This movie is.. Can accepted by all persons.. & I accpt it as a fan eye cathing


91Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem


93Born To Fight

94The Hunger Games
I love this film. Deserves to be Number 1.
Yes it is amazing

95The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies


This is my top movie ever..

98The Replacement Killers

99Real Steel
"This is a nice film. Fighting between robots was really fantastic

100Spider-Man 3

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