Top 10 Worst Movies of All Time

A movie is essentially a captivating blend of storytelling and visual artistry, all set in motion and punctuated by an unforgettable soundtrack. But let's face it, for every cinematic masterpiece, there's a cringe-worthy flop lurking in the shadows.

Ready for a movie marathon you'd probably want to avoid? This list is your ultimate guide to the worst films ever made. We're talking Razzie winners, epic fails with critics, and those infamous box office disasters. Whether they're yawn-inducing, eye-roll-worthy, or just downright offensive, these movies take the cake for all the wrong reasons.
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1 Justin Bieber: Never Say Never

If you are a Justin Bieber fan, give me one reason to like him. I feel bad for you if you have Bieber fever. It's infected you with horrible music and given you a terrible attitude. It must be cured immediately. I recommend a therapist.

Justin is very unattractive, he sounds like a girl, and he thinks he's a "generous" person even though he has committed many crimes and been arrested once. I don't know why anyone would like this joke. And guess what! There was even a petition to send Justin Bieber back to Canada! One hundred thousand people signed, and all must have had an education. So if you like Justin Bieber or this movie, go jump in a volcano.

2 The Garbage Pail Kids Movie

This movie is terrible. I watched a scene where an ugly alligator creature had a box of severed fingers and toes. He kept offering them to the dad, while the kid and others just grimaced in disgust.

Then, the kid was about to take a bath and started wiggling his toes. That ugly alligator creature appeared again and tried to bite off his toes, but the dad intervened. How is this even considered a kids' movie with a scene like that? This film should never have been made. Plus, none of the so-called "jokes" were funny. I'd give it a rating of -5/5.

3 Batman & Robin

This is the worst Batman movie of all time. And why is this movie in the 4-film favorites Batman collection? It doesn't deserve that. The movie has bad costume designs, disturbing scenes, and bad action - especially from George Clooney.

It's a movie about two gay guys in gay costumes. In 2006, Joel Schumacher even apologized for this movie (I accept your apology, Joel). The movie before this, Batman Forever, was okay, but this movie is trash. This movie is worse than Batman v Superman (I thought Batman v Superman was the second-worst Batman movie). Go watch Batman Returns or Batman 1966 instead. Those are classic movies.

4 Twilight

I've never read the books or watched the movies, but just from watching clips and hearing bits from the books and movies, I find it horrendous. Maybe the books are better, but I'll never read them to judge. I know people say, "Don't judge a book by its cover," but I'm not going to pick up a movie or book with cover art featuring expressionless, stone-faced, bored-looking "protagonists."

I despise Bella. No, "despise" doesn't capture the amount of hatred I have for Bella. She's a selfish, whiny, self-centered brat, and to make matters worse, a damsel in distress. She's seventeen and wants to become a vampire and marry Edward. Everyone says she's throwing her life away. She hasn't even finished high school.

Yet she's so ignorant and delusional that she wants to marry Edward. And when Jacob seems supportive in the second movie (or whatever movie they hook up. I lost count of how many times Edward and Jacob argued over a whiny hypocrite), she throws him away for a guy who looks at her weirdly. Or maybe it's because they both show less emotion than a popsicle.

5 The Last Airbender

I can agree that they left out huge parts of the plotline. For example, in the anime, firebenders could already create fire on their own. However, when Sozin's comet appears, they practically become gods of fire. In the movie, they need a source of fire because they can't create it on their own. Only when the comet arrives can they make it on their own.

The movie was supposed to be fun and inspiring, and Aang himself even more so. Instead, the movie is depressing and sad. Additionally, if they ever make a second movie, Toph, who by the end of the second season could bend metal, will either be a boy, not blind, both, or not even exist.

The creators of Avatar knew some people would want to turn this into a movie, so they made it into an episode - the one before the series finale.

6 Freddy Got Fingered

This film is crude and absurd, with a generous helping of annoying. It's a wonder why I enjoy it.

It's really hard to explain why one would enjoy this film. I'm not looking to sway anyone's opinion on the flick, but I am at least hoping you can understand why I like it.

Tom Green is annoying as hell throughout the film, and they make it seem like he is an unsung hero. He also lives with his parents, with a father who cannot stand his son. There's also a running joke where a kid gets maimed every scene he is in, which is sometimes hard to stomach.

But it's the absurd nature of the film that draws me into its insane little world. It holds my head down, giving me no time to breathe. It's almost like surrealistic art in its badness, or more appropriately, anti-art.

I can certainly understand why people hate this film, but it will always have a place in my heart.

7 The Cat in the Hat

Problem 1: That is the stupidest, creepiest, and laziest costume design for the cat and the two things I have ever seen.

Problem 2: The green screen designs are beyond lazy and look like they belong in a colorful, happy version of a Michael Bay or Shyamalan movie.

Problem 3: It's basically a middle finger to Dr. Seuss.

Problem 4: Every single actor is not giving it their all.

Problem 5: I actually think Transformers 5 is more pleasant to look at than this. That only gives a seizure, while this one can cause seizures, nausea, and headaches. I could go on.

Problem 6: This movie ruined Mike Myers' career, the same guy who played Shrek.

Problem 7: This movie could easily be compressed into 10-20 minutes rather than 80 minutes.

And finally: It has jokes and references that should never be allowed in such a movie, especially a Dr. Seuss adaptation.

8 Foodfight!

How to make the Foodfight! movie:

1: Animate the film using earwax and toe jam.
2: Don't even write a script. Have the voice actors say whatever comes to mind while the characters randomly move their mouths.
3: Make every character look like something from your worst nightmare.
4: Make each person either annoying or unlikable, so the audience hates it even more.
5: Look in your kitchen and incorporate every food mascot into the film.
6: Use food puns so frequently that it's clear you're begging the audience to laugh.
7: Motion control is great for CGI films. Consider using Xbox Kinect for arm movement.
8: Speaking of movement, do it excessively, even if it means waving your arms in the air every time you speak or spinning around for no reason.
9: Show you're not afraid to push boundaries by adding sexual innuendos to every scene.
10: Barricade your house, stock up on food and water, and prepare yourself for a lot of hate mail and even a few death threats.

Voila! You've done a terrible job. In fact, it sounds like an angry mob is coming to your doorstep right now. I'd run if I were you and get out of this country.

9 High School Musical

This movie isn't very good or relatable at all. The characters are all popular jocks, overprivileged, and rich. They act nothing like real teenagers have ever acted.

The only reason it's so popular is that 6-14-year-olds are obsessed with Zac Efron because of his looks. All the characters are unrealistically attractive, by the way. Young viewers want to be popular like Gabriella, and they appreciate that the characters can sing really well.

If the characters looked like normal teens and if there was no singing, this film would not be such a hit. The plot is not very good either. It's forgettable and way too cheesy. The love story is also predictable. Overrated. Period.

10 Son of the Mask

How to make a bad sequel:

1. Don't use any of the actors who were in the first movie.
2. Have your main character be played by Jamie Kennedy, one of the worst actors of all time.
3. Dedicate one-third of the film to a poorly animated Tom and Jerry cartoon.
4. Include some of the worst writing imaginable.
5. Bring in acting giants like Bob Hoskins and Alan Cumming just to make them wish they were back filming the "Spy Kids" movies and "The Super Mario Brothers" movie.
6. Make all of the CGI terrifying.

Put all these elements in a blender, and you get this masterpiece of awfulness. Hope you enjoy the nightmares you'll have tonight.

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11 The Emoji Movie

When I first saw this, I liked it. But I was like 8 when this came out. Now there are just certain aspects I don't like. I had no idea that everyone hated it until 5 years later. It's not the worst ever, damn the story.

The one good thing about this movie is the art style. Seriously, it's so unrealistic. Let me give an example. First of all, Jailbreak, Gene, and High Five were just going to dance, and you know what happened? I was disappointed. I wish the Just Dance segment in The Emoji Movie had been just like the original, as well as the Candy Crush part. But nope! Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

My dad didn't know that this was the worst movie of 2017. My friend and I watched the movie with my dad. It wasn't so bad at first, but my dad hated it. After watching this movie, we initially liked it. However, we later realized how terribly it was written and animated. It should be renamed "The Crapji Movie."

12 Fred: The Movie

Annoying, loud, stupid, horribly acted, and painfully unfunny - I wouldn't show this to kids if my life depended on it. But the TV show was even worse. I wouldn't show this to anyone unless they wanted to see the worst movie ever made.

Half of the scenes are filler. The other half are those scenes that good directors strive to avoid. These are the ones that are incredibly slow, boring, barely add anything to the plot, and could put you to sleep if you can stand that annoying chipmunk voice of his. Apologies to all chipmunks reading this for associating you with that wretched character. Anyone who's ever seen this movie because they subscribed to the YouTube channel needs something to compensate for sitting through this movie.

13 Disaster Movie

You know, for as bad as some of the other movies on this list are, I have to say that at least most of them can be classified as movies with defined narrative structure, stories, characters, etc., save for the documentaries, of course. But Disaster Movie, despite its title, is not a movie. It's a fever dream of references with characters loosely tossed in to resemble a story.

I can say wholeheartedly that this applies to every single one of these "movie movies," with the only ones being remotely funny being Scary Movie 1 and 3. That's about it. I also can't say that Birdemic killed the horror genre in film, nor did Troll 2, nor did The Room kill dramas, nor did Never Say Never kill documentaries.

Disaster Movie, alongside its heinous compatriots - or as I like to call them, the Horsemen of the Apocalypse - did manage to kill parody movies in theaters, at least for now. Sure, there have been more after these long since stopped coming out, but they've all been awful and sparsely released. Shame on this movie and its counterparts for killing such a great genre. May it one day rise again.

14 Epic Movie

This film is inane and super unlovable. With the title being Epic Movie, you would think this feature-length parody would be taking aim at epic movies and the tropes of spectacles like Troy and Gladiator. However, Epic Movie, which was made by the people involved in Date Movie and the Scary Movie series, goofs on a laundry list of 2006 theatrical releases and TV shows, both epic and non-epic, all pinned to a framework of Disney's The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.

The whole thing is a Robot Chicken sketch that escaped the small screen to the big one. What is the point? Simply, it's a state-of-the-art ridicule of the most current film fads and insanity. It's like the way the New York stage community has fresh editions of a spoof called Forbidden Broadway every season. However, there is no insight beneath the inappropriate, rapid-fire gags and celebrity impersonator cameos.

Children are an easy-to-please crowd for this style of broad send-up, and all of the scenes will make parents laugh too, when they are not squirming at the prospect of needing to explain the sleazy pun Jack Swallows. But all of Epic Movie's humor relies on the tiresome fallbacks of sex, with an incongruous hip-hop dance number thrown in for good measure. Even more of the hilarity relies on having viewing tastes identical to writer-directors Jason and Aaron Seltzer, who do take-offs on everything from the Saturday Night Live digital short Lazy Sunday (which itself was a Narnia riff) to Good luck if you are not hip to 2004-2007's popular culture.

15 Frozen

I only hate this movie because of how much hype it gets. To me, it was an average Disney movie, so I didn't really care for it. In fact, the only shocking thing in the movie is the reveal of Prince Hans. Everything else was pretty predictable. I knew they were going to bring Anna back with magic. Why? Because it's a Disney movie. They always do that with Disney movies.

Additionally, they chose the most cliché way to save her. What was the magical MacGuffin for bringing her back to life? True love. Seriously? We've seen that a million times already. I would have given this movie more respect if that hadn't been the cure. I think it would have been better to kill Anna off. That would have been a much stronger ending.

This is why my favorite franchise in all of media is Mother (or Earthbound), because of how the series ended in Mother 3. It had a strong, powerful, and emotional ending. Sure, it was sad, but that made it more impactful.

And I don't know if I'm the only one to notice this, but this movie started a trend for future films: a twist antagonist. After I saw this same thing in Big Hero 6 and Maleficent, I stopped watching new Disney movies. I wouldn't be surprised if this happened in Inside Out or The Good Dinosaur. It's not that it's a bad movie. It just gets hype for cliché twists that we've already seen. At first it was predictable. After the villain's reveal, the plot continued to be predictable.

16 Birdemic: Shock and Terror

Honestly, if you're convinced that notoriously bad movies such as High School Musical and The Room are the worst movies of all time, you haven't seen this one. This movie makes them look like The Empire Strikes Back and The Return of the King. I've had the horrible misfortune of seeing it.

In the first hour of the film, we are left waiting for the plot to develop. We're presented with the highly uninteresting and difficult-to-believe story of a random individual who goes from a boring job to being a millionaire in a week and is still dating a tacky underwear model.

For the rest of the film, vultures and eagles with a habit of exploding into flames start invading California. The CGI makes the birds look like puppets hanging motionless on the screen while people run around and scream in the background. The "heroic" couple chase the birds and shoot at them, but the sound of each gunshot comes about three seconds after we see the gunshot. As for the special effects, they somehow manage to suggest that a spark coming from the barrel of the gun and a bird spiraling toward it before hitting the ground and exploding are perfectly compatible with the laws of physics. Eventually, we see the birds depart off the coast of California - or perhaps it's just a shrunken version of the same shot - which we stare at for about ten minutes. I urge you to watch this movie just to understand the extent of how bad it is. I guarantee you won't see anything worse.

17 Battlefield Earth

It's about Scientology, which should automatically be voted the worst movie of all time. Honestly, Scientology is a joke. It was written by L. Ron Hubbard, who wrote science fiction books before writing the book on Scientology. You have to pay to move up through their church. At least they tell you before taking your money, unlike the Catholic Church.

This is the closest movie to Plan 9 From Outer Space ever made. The producer, director, and actor take themselves and the movie very seriously. Those watching? They can't figure out if it's a comedy or a travesty.

At least Plan 9 is so campy and bad that you can enjoy a good laugh. This is so horrible that you feel depressed when you laugh.

18 Jack and Jill

Some of Sandler's movies are funny, while others are horrible. This was one of the worst. He has certain jokes that show up in every film, and they're not funny. Sandler needs to learn how to be witty rather than relying on slapstick or idiotic humor. Maybe then he could evolve as an artist and find a happy medium between his old work and writing more adult, clever humor.

I'm thinking more along the lines of Tina Fey, Steve Martin, or Monty Python - not Shakespeare, but definitely something other than jokes like 'isn't she ugly' or 'she looks like a man' or 'boobies,' which he always includes in his movies. I doubt Happy Madison/Sandler made any money from this product, and I suspect he may have been high while writing and producing it. Skip it. I watched half, didn't laugh at all, and turned it off.

19 The Room

I've never before seen a movie so pointless that it just sticks in your head all day long, with some of the worst acting ever and plotless scenes where nothing much is going on at all. Everyone is basically dead in this movie, especially the main actor Tommy Wiseau with his weird laugh and oh hi conversations.

Probably after watching it, I thought it was terrible, but all in all, it reminds me of my life with a girl I like who is secretly cheating on another guy. Bottom line, it's the worst movie ever made.

I have feelings for Mark.
I love you, Mark.
I don't love Johnny anymore.
I don't want Johnny anymore.
Oh, hi, doggy!

Seller: Oh, hi, Johnny. I didn't know it was you.
Johnny: Oh, hi, doggy!
Seller: You're my favorite customer.

Why doesn't she notice him?
It may be bad, but it is full of memes that are funny.
Johnny's laugh is a meme, too.
And the football...

20 Superman IV: The Quest for Peace

Another Superman film? How can this be so bad? Well, let me tell you why. Superman fixes the Great Wall of China with laser vision, somehow, and the poor laser effects don't even look like they're coming from Christopher Reeve's eyes. It was also known to be unfinished, which is a reason why the effects were so poor.

The film also has a very disorganized plot and villain. When Superman and Atomic Man go into space, they're breathing, defying the laws of physics. I can't explain the bad plot because it's so disorganized and ridiculous. So that's how a Superman film can be that bad.

21 The Human Centipede

This is what happens when you have a "creative" premise to attract an audience and do absolutely nothing else. "Hey! We have a mad doctor kidnapping people and surgically connecting their mouths to their rectums! And that's literally it! Thank you for your money!" I hate the Saw movies for their over-reliance on shock value and gore, but at least the first two movies had an interesting plot with interesting character revelations and jaw-dropping twists.

This, though? Completely bare-bones plot. Forgettable, zero-dimensional characters, cheap special effects, and it's just absolutely disgusting. If you're going to give me a movie designed to gross me out, at the very least give it some substance! Provide some social commentary, some gripping suspense, a joke, something! But no.

This movie only exists to show you a doctor connecting people mouth to rear and treating them like a pet for 90 minutes. There is nothing salvageable at all. There's no reason to watch it unless you're bulimic and trying to find creative ways to purge. It's pure garbage that is more worthless than the waste that our main characters literally eat.

22 Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked

These movies sucked. The animation was good, but that was pretty much it. The characters were annoying, and the songs were just ugly. Nobody wants to hear your annoying chipmunk scream their butts off, completely butchering a good song or making a trash one even worse.

This is where the film series should've ended. Then they just come out with a fourth one with a new villain who no one even asked for.

I hate it. The first two movies, plus the fourth one, were better.

23 Home Alone 4: Taking Back the House

Where do I begin with this film? The original Kevin was more clever and snarky, which was what made him so endearing. Now, they've brought in some high-pitched dork. Secondly, he was alone in the house for probably five minutes out of a total ninety. Thirdly, you have Marv 2.0, who is not nearly as comical as the original Wet Bandits.

And finally, the inside man. The writers wanted to put the target on Prescott since he treated Kevin not as nicely as the maid did. It turned out the maid was Marv's mom, and Prescott was not the inside man after all. I saw that coming from a mile away. You can see why the maid was so nice to Kevin. She wanted to make sure that he thought she would never even be associated with Marv and used Prescott's rumored depression to her advantage.

Overall, this was more like a Parent Trap remake with a bit of Richie Rich, and only a dash of Home Alone when it's supposed to be all Home Alone.

24 Where the Dead Go to Die

Why, oh why, is Frozen ranked above this? Say whatever you want about that movie, but at least it doesn't contain the sick, twisted imagery of this one! Some of the imagery includes gore and blood, bestiality, child abuse, on-screen deaths, and child pornography!

I mean, not even The Emoji Movie would stoop that low! In short, this is by far the worst animated movie of all time and should be number one on this list.

Why? I mean, why is this so low? This is the worst movie ever in my opinion. In fact, I don't consider it to be a movie. It makes no sense whatsoever, and the title is already so bad it doesn't make any sense at all.

This movie has no plot either. It's basically just nothing but satanic child torture porn. It should be banned and should be number 1 in my opinion, even higher than Frozen. Enough said.

25 Bratz

I used to actually like this trash, no joke. I was very girly back then. How the heck did I like this? It is plain trash, so stereotypical, even more than High School Musical. All they talk about is fashion and friendship, yuck. Bratz has always sucked. It teaches girls that it's all about being pretty and getting boyfriends. The animated series is trash, as are the movies, and they're so girly. This is one of the worst movies ever. The Powerpuff Girls movie is a trillion times better and has a better message.

Oh God, not this movie. Look, I was never a doll person in the first place, but man, this movie sucks. I watched it with my stepsister because she wanted to make fun of it (it's kind of her thing to make fun of bad movies), and wow, this was bad. The jokes were barely laughable, the characters were all stereotypes, and the plot was cliché and predictable. The acting and singing in this movie were terrible. Maybe in the future, I'll review this in my post series, but for now, I'm just going to say that this is overall a bad movie.

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