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141Tarek Al-Attrash

He sings very well

142Fahad Al Kubaisi
143Hany Adel
144Sami YusufSami Yusuf is a British singer-songwriter, composer, producer and multi-instrumentalist musician of Iranian Azerbaijani descent. In 2003 Yusuf released his first album "Al-Mu`allim" at the age of 23. He released his second album "My Ummah" in 2005.V3 Comments
145Julia BoutrosJulia Boutros is a Lebanese singer that rose to stardom in the 1980s with a series of songs like "Ghabet Shams El Haq" and "Wen el malaieen".

One of the best singers and artists in the world, she is in a place of her own. Most of her songs have a message and unique meaning, that reach deep in the heart and mind. The musiv composed for the lyrics is out of this world, classical with a twist and in her concerts she always sings with full orchestra using as many as 20 different instruments. Some of her songs left an inspiration for millions of the arabs especially the patriotic songs about freedom and loving our land and fighting tell death for it. She is the most respectable singer in the whole world. Her aura the way she dress every thing about her is incredible and just class.

146Ayesha Omer

Got such a sweet voice
Loving her song over the nation people love her voice the melody her pretty face lights up evreyones face she is truely very talented. Sice she a Muslim she doesn't sing useless songs she sings great songs with great meanings at such a young age of 12 in 2015!

147BalqeesBalqees Ahmed Fathi, is a Yemeni singer. She came from an artistic family as her father Ahmed Fathi was a well-known Yemeni musician and her mother is from United Arab Emirates.
148Carmen SuleimanCarmen Essam Suleiman is an Egyptian singer, better known in her stage name is Carmen Suleiman. Suleiman won the first season of Arab Idol in 2012 broadcast live on MBC, winning a recording contract with Platinum Records.
149Abdul Karim Abdul Qader
150Khalid Bin Hussain
151Bashar al-Shatti
152Humood Alkhudher
153Nabeel Shuiel
154Abdallah Al Rowaished
155Maram Al Balushi
157Rajae Belmlih
158Mary Boyoi
160Ramy Essam
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