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Best after The Stage from the new album...

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82Sunny Disposition
83Thick and Thin

Amazing riffs throughout the whole song. Definitely an underrated song.

84Breaking Their Hold
85Forgotten Faces

Amazing song! My favorite of their first album... Very underrated...

86Lips of an Angel
87Fermi Paradox
89Angel In the Centerfold
90The Art of Subconcious Illusion

This definitely needs to be at least in the top ten I mean come on really! This song rocks!

Probably the most creative song on the album in terms of everything, the vocals, guitaring, and lyrics were all fairly experimental compared to the rest of the songs albums, and extremely well done, making it a very memorable track.

A living nightmare asleep but still aware the endless torture the painless pleasure

Not my favorite but still bad a**

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91Lips of Deceit

The Mark I breathe on you is burning through your soul your breath I waste losing control I bleed in pain testing what I know lips soaked in deceit pull me from the hole

This may be the best "hardcore" song of all time in my opinion the instrumentals and screaming are some of the best ever and it was from a group of teenagers debut album. - Sinatra6661

Why you no higher? This is my favorite song off STST by far! Don't even know why, it's just so cool and catchy with awesome riffs. Worth a listen!

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Biggest underrated song because the intro sucks but the middle of the song is amazing and the solo is great. I would put it somewhere in the twenties maybe even a little higher.

I love the bass in this song, I am a drummer so I appreciate songs like tension, this is my ringtone

One of my fave a7x songs!
I think it's people never hear it because it's never played live, THAT'S WHY PEOPLE SHOULD EXPLORE!

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93Nothing to Say

I have nothing to say about this

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94Bloody Twister
95Unwind the Chainsaw
96Flash of the Blade

Perfect song. I do not know why people do not consider this track to a better rating.
Check it out people, in order to get rankings

Why oh why is this last. My favorite cover by them - love the Rev singing, man he was awesome

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