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21Cattle DecapitationCattle Decapitation is an American Deathgrind band from San Diego, California formed in 1996. Cattle Decapitation's songs protest the mistreatment and consumption of animals, the abuse of the environment and touch subjects such as misanthropy and genocide of the human race. Much of their music is based more.
22Raped By Pigs
23DeicideDeicide is an American death metal band formed in 1987 by bassist and vocalist Glen Benton and drummer Steve Asheim.
24GoatwhoreGoatwhore is an American extreme metal band formed in 1997 in New Orleans, Louisiana, United States formed by former Acid Bath guitarist Sammy Duet. Goatwhore is known for their fast-paced fusion of black, death, and thrash metal.
25Nine Inch NailsNine Inch Nails is an American industrial rock/metal band and, founded in 1988 by Trent Reznor in Cleveland, Ohio.
26Dying FetusDying Fetus is an American death metal band originally from Upper Marlboro, Maryland. Formed in 1991, the group is known for their consistently hook-laden song structures, characterized by blast beats, complex riffing, slam riffs and heavy breakdowns.
29Heaven Shall Burn
30Morbid AngelMorbid Angel is an American death metal band based in Tampa, Florida. UK music magazine Terrorizer ranked Morbid Angel's 1989 debut Altars of Madness first in its list "Top 40 greatest death metal albums".
31BurzumBurzum is an influential black metal solo project of Norwegian musician and writer Varg Vikernes. Burzum came to prominence at the beginning of the Norwegian Black Metal scene in the early 1990s. Vikernes was imprisoned for 21 years for the murder of Mayhem guitarist Euronymous, and charges of church more.

Burzum means darkness in the Black Speech (a language in The Lord of the Rings).

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