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This is the best 3OH! 3 song and my third favorite ever! This songs needs a lot more recognition.

This is the best song in my opinion. It has a nice story, and is definitely the best musically. Furthermore, it's rather beautiful and serious song, especially compared to everything else theyve made.

I love this song it's so intense and is about the heartbroken guy he is with a terrible brake up love this song <3!

22Photo Finish

You spelt the name wrong, it's PhotoFinnish. But yeah, this is one of their greatest songs.

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23I Can't Do It Alone

BEST SONG EVER., I love this song, it has a great beat and is so catchy!

I simply love this song. Words cannot describe it!

24Set You Free

It's just so damn good, I mean their producer could've made the chorus a little more powerful, but it's a pretty good song overall!

Yes, they've started to make awesome songs with deeper lyrics again. Really nice lyrics, tune and hook...

26Deja Vu

I can't believe this song is so low on the list! The beat alone should have it higher!

Just a boss song with a boss beat

27Do or Die
28You're Gonna Love This
30Inside Boy
32I'm Not the One

It's a sad song but so relatable.

36I Can Do Anything
37I Know How to Say
38Blah Blah
39Stressed Out
40Freak Your Mind

I think the drops are cool for being so chill

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