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1X Japan

At the 80s their name is X, tough &. And oh yeah, they did have the best hair. Look at Hide's peacock tail's hair, Yoshiki's half-spiked hedgehog hair, Pata's pink mowhawk,... I'm running out of words to describe Toshi's & Taiji's hair - kurenai_tenshi

This legendary metal band from the 80s is totally awesome from the music, the dramas, the stage performance to their appearance.
Their make up rocks! (especially the hair). - kurotenshi

I love their hair naming hide's I still think it's awesome wouldn't mind wearing it

kiss are the best hair metal band ever

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2Mötley Crüe

A Japanese band at #1 in a 80's hair band list? Come on now... Mötley Crüe, Guns N' Roses, Skid Row, Ratt, Poison, definitely Leppard, Warrant, Twisted Sister, Britny Fox, Quiet Riot, Tesla, Ozzy, Bon Jovi, W.A.S.P. , L.A. guns, Damn Yankees, Faster Pussycat, Lita Ford, Steelheart, Autograph, Dangerous Toys, Southgang, Trixter... Not to mention any bands I've forgotten: ALL BETTER THAN ANY JAPANESE 'METAL' BAND. Not even close.

Motley Crue all the way! This band has been together for thirty something years?! They have definitely earned the number one spot! In my opinion Motley Crue is the best band on the planet, but then again no one asked for my opinion. I'm just saying that the Crue has had multiple albums and number one hits, they have been an inspiration for so many bands today and I'm surprised they aren't in the rock n roll hall of fame. Its such a shame that a Japanese band is at #1... smdh

Why is Metallica on here? They hated Hair Metal! And AC/DC, Judas Priest, Ozzy? You people make me laugh! Motley Crue pwns every Hair Metal poser on this list. MetallicA is a better band, but NOT HAIR METAL! - gibsonrock53

Should definitely be top 5.

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3Bon Jovi

their best times were the 80's
7 top ten hits in only 3 years...
they were the most popular hair metal band. - richie4life

This band should be in top five of every list... - Toxy


Who ever votes 4 metallica 4 hair metal is an idiot. lmfao they're thrash.. btw ozzy, judas priest and ac/dc rnt even close 2 hair metal either... KISS RULEZZ! - imagesk8r6969

5Guns N' Roses

Influential as hell. BEST ROCK BAND OF ALL TIME! Before of course Axl's ego got the better of him. It was sad to see these guys so short lived - sharm7064


Best hair metal band EVER. Axl's voice, Slash's guitar playing and the rest of the band are doing their best. One of the best bands ever.

.. What the hell is this list? X japan? Are you kidding me?

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6Def Leppard

Don't really consider definitely Leppard hair metal.

They are not hair metal

Ahh definitely Leppard these English guys put the Metal in Glam. Though if they "Pour Some Sugar On Me" or create a "Rock of Ages" they kick ass.

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How the hell are they so low the scorpions invented glam metal yay sure motley and definitely were good and influences on later glam but the scorpions "Rock you like a hurricane" is classic glam metal and "No one like you"(which is a ballad") is a ace of glam and bon jovi is not better then scorpions I'm a 100000000000000000000000000000000% sure of that got a 100,000 bon jovi fans can be and are wrong bon jovi is overrated and sucks.

Not really hair metal


POISON IS THE BEST BAND EVER! They should really be the first one on the list. Everybody has to listen to Poison, even the kids who listens to that beep rap music these days! NOTHING BUT A GOOD TIME IS THE BEST ONE.

Poison should really be #1 because they were the band that recived the most comercial success in the 80s when hair/glam bands really were popular. Most of their songs are known by almost every person, like Every Rose Has Its Thorn and nothing But A Good Time. They also really stood out more then every other band to. - rocker


Should definitely be higher this band is still putting out albums today.

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Cinderella is the second best hair band of all time behind Bon Jovi. Unlike most of the other lead vocalists from the hair band era, Tom Keifer's voice doesn't sound dated. Along with Jon Bon Jovi, his song writing was excellent. Cinderella had a bluesy Black Crowes feel to them with better vocals.

This band should shoot up there^ seriously

12Skid Row

Sebastian bach is the BEST SINGER OF ALL TIMES (IN HAIR METAL), Skid Row was the perfect example of an energetic powerful band, with the biggest power ballad ever (i remember you), such a great band..

Skid Row considering energy, charisma, and the spirit of real hair metal Skid row has it, should be on the top 10.

Bas' is the Boss. If you don't agree, this party is over so get the...


Awesome riffs and great lyrics! How is Ozzy "hair-metal? " Ratt defines hair metal better than anybody!

Ratt should be in the top 10 for sure. These boys had the coolest songs and Stephen Pearcy’s voice is ultimately unique it’s raw and a bit gravelly in a truly good way. I agree with the other poster who said they have awesome riffs and great lyrics. The songs stick in your head because of their distinctive style and their lyrics have a brutal sexiness to them (I’m a girl, so I am more in tune to this, ha). Ratt has a gritty lyrics style, but they are romantic in a sense, and they made you feel as if the singer really had some exceptional insight into the workings of the female mind. Even if that’s not so, they made you believe it and wrapped it up in songs that kick ass and stay with you. I rocked out to their music this morning while getting ready for work and blow-drying my hair! Love them!


everything in the x-japan item is here but better - ronluna

15Van Halen

Van Halen is it all when it comes too glam they are what set the blue print for the 80s hard and glam rock scene and there debut is the best debut of all time rock on Van Halen

Are you kidding me! Van Halen basicaly invinted 80's hair bands. They started the whole 80's sunset strip movement. They would have Eddie play with back to the crowd so up and comers wouldn't steal his style.

16Twisted Sister



Great band. Very underrated

Should be in top five.

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