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41 Map

It is really great!
Should be on the list, its one of the most underrated songs of him, it should have been a great hit like runnin but... what to say unlucky.. - glambert

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42 Feeling Good
43 Underground Underground

I love underground it's about people underground

Great song love it to pieces

I love Underground

44 The Happening The Happening

This song was rocked by Al with demi.. Wow, amazing

45 Barracuda Barracuda

This song was sung with lea Michael.. New and cool.. Everyone try this...

46 Evil In the Night Evil In the Night

This song is great live I saw him its perfect!

My favorite song from the new album!

Evil in the night it's about evil

I love evil in the night

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47 Whole Lotta Love (acoustic version)

First sang at the Fantasy Springs concert - wow! -

48 Naked Love Naked Love

So it's a bit more mature or whatever. It's catchy, and demonstrates more of his amazing ability, as well as, in my opinion being not badly written.

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49 Shady Shady

This song is just full of energy! It should be higher!

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50 The Original High The Original High

I love the original high the new album is cool

I love the original high the new album is cool

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51 Ring of Fire Ring of Fire
52 Voodoo Voodoo

I love this song! It differs from other songs of Adam's. It's style and lyrics are special.

Wuttt why? This song is a real voodoo I always listen.. So magical and mysterious

53 Is This Love
54 A Loaded Smile A Loaded Smile

I adore this track! Makes me feel intensely emotional every time. Put on headphones and have Adam whisper in your ear with that sexy voice of his.

One of the best songs in the world, why is it so underrated?
Guys listen to it, I never get bored of listening to it, lyrics are just amazing and beautiful, should be at least in top 5!

55 Wonderful
56 Kickin' In Kickin' In

Perfect! No better song almost in my option!

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57 I Make You Crazy

Such talent...the performance at. Art4life is amazing

58 December

I love this song so much, December sang by Adam Lambert

59 Lay Me Down

Great song with avicii

60 Beg for Mercy Beg for Mercy
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