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21Vodka & Grapefruit Juice

The drink is actually called a Greyhound. If salt is added to the rim, it is called a Salty Dog.


A sweet drink for dates who don't like the taste of alcohol.

23Whiskey Seven
24JD & Coke

JD silver select 50% with 4 large ice cubes I know don't use coke but I love this drink to death better then water first sip tastes strong but it just keeps getting better and better... Expensive and hard to find duty free the place to get make the drink strong it's smooth as whatever you think is smooth as

this is the best drink out there!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jack is my favorite drink out there. Everyone seems to be surprised by that since I'm a girl I guess! Girls can love a some good ole whiskey!

The only thing I drink

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25Caribou Lou

Good drink by far don't understand why its number 20 Bacardi 151 Malibu coconut rum and pineapple juice haha this is the real panty dropper

Made 4 gallons of this and took it to a party with my buddies... Best party I've ever been to the song came on and we started downing that... Totally worth a try

27Miami Vice

This drink is absolutely delicious I tried it while on a cruise with my hubby.

28Single Malt Scotch Neat

Now THAT'S a drink, Laddie! - jimspeer

Costs more but well worth the price, you can't go wrong with a good single malt scotch.


Tastes like sparkling apple juice with alcohol added.

Ciders taste good and if your late you can even bye it from a fruit shop in India..

30Malibu And Coke

I love malibu me and the girls drink that as our first drink on a night out

Malibu is as smooth as surfing in Hawaii


Nice taste great kick at the back of you throat, recommend you get a couple down before you get used to it


I love baileys combination of love and cream

Lovely sweet tasting drink.

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Can't beat this one, mine comes from the hills of Kentucky, might be known for bluegrass but the green grass and shine is what this great state was built on

goes sooo well with cordial!

Just lobe it don't need to much to get the job done.

I make my own.. cheap and good!

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Taste like crap the first time, but goes down so well that you couldn't help but make this your favorite after a couple tries.

Best alcohol high ever!

You feel it when it goes down! Awesome!
Johnnie Walker or Chivas Regal!

Chivas Regal neat. Drink it with a Chunky Bar. Best combo ever.

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Henney and RedBull!!! Holla!

Lord this gives me my strength whenever I feel the need to reenergize my soul

Ya'll don't know how to drink hard! This is the BEST

Hennessy best thang since my last shot

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Bombay sapphire vermouth and lot of queen size green olives... Yummy

I feel like martini is the best drink in america

Martini is another of my favorite drinks.

No French they are AH

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37Irish Car Bomb

Half a pint of Guinness throw in two shots of Jameson and drop in a shot (including the glass) of Baileys just before you chug and its a guaranteed good night. I prefer to do them in groups of three.

These made for the best college experience ever! I'll be doing these pretty much every time I go out

38Lava Flow

"soo smooth, sooo goood!!!"

Like a sweet dessert!

Want to try it

40The Wet P****

Definitely gets the females going! OO It will have them wetter than eve

Wetter than the ocean

What is all included in the drink

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