Best American Hi-Fi Songs


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1Flavor of the Weak

This song is their no. one and I guess one of the most Alt songs ever heard. When you listen to it it's like you've heard something like this then again yuo haven't... Kinda like the late 70ties feel to it.

2The Geeks Get the Girls
3Another Perfect Day

This is a slow soft song from AHF and you can take it as a love song or something meaningful... I still believe for Another Perfect Day in my life.

This song almost made me cry. That's how we have to live our lives. Be positive, spin it around because we aren't on this world long

4The Art of Losing
5Hi-Fi Killer
7A Bigger Mood
9This Is the Sound

Like Oasis song but better.

10Blue Day

The Contenders

11I'm a Fool
12The Breakup Song

One of their best songs, should be in the top 5

This song is what everybody loves, even those who hate AHF... It's a good song to say "So long your gone this is the breakup bet us"


Many people who heard to the band don't know this song exist today (2012) but this song deserves a lot better place to be because this songs amazing.

Yeah one of my favorites... Came to know of this band by this song... Lost by finding this song... :-)

14Lookout for Hope
15Nothing Left to Lose
16Recover the Stars
17Golden State
18Wall of Sound

Musical and mellow... It's great.

19Built for Speed
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