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61Random Acts of Senseless Violence

Time and Blood are two awesome songs that need to be at least in the Top 20. Persistence of Time is one of the most Underrated metal albums of all time, my second favorite of Anthrax...

How IN THE WORLD is Time down here at 52? Great, chugging riff, awesome guitars, and an awesome solo too. What's the deal?

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If more songs started with a riff as killer as the one at the beginning of Nothing, then the world would be a much better place.

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64Cadillac Rock Box
65One World

Ridiculously underrated song. A must for anyone who calls themselves a thrash fan.

Just an epic song which cover the standards of every thash metal fan.

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66Judas Priest
67Earth On Hell
68C11 H17 N2 O2 S Na

With me being a HUGE U2 fan, this song got me into listening to Anthrax and I love it. Its a great cover that's even better than the original! And its still my favorite Anthrax song today!

70Nobody Knows Anything

Powerful and a kick ass beat

71Piss 'n' Vinegar

One of the best out there this song is so underrated.

72Refuse to Be Denied

One of the best modern Anthrax songs.

73Zero Tolerance

Amazing song to finish For all Kings with a bang!

74Monster at the End

They played this song live in Seth Meyers and they killed it

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76The Giant
77Startin' Up a Posse
78Make Me Laugh

This song is just awesome who wouldn't disagree but there more better thrashier songs I agree


Best blast beats in any song, ever.

80Now It's Dark

The tempo is perfect- Not so fast as to insensible, but quick enough to never be dull. Great chorus. Go on, sing it now- you know you want to

The riff in the beginning is their best riff. All in all a kick-ass, thrashing metal song. So good.

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