Best Backstreet Boys Songs From the '90s


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1Quit Playing Games (With My Heart)

This is the best song I ever heard

I was 9 years old when quit playing games with my heart came out in of 1996 shot the music video at Howie Dorough 's middle school Love Amanda Hemstreet

2As Long As You Love Me

I was 10 years old when As long as you love me came out love the video love Amanda Hemstreet

3Larger Than LifeV2 Comments
4I Want It That Way

I love the music video in this song Best song in the 90's love Amanda H.

5Anywhere for You

Kevin Richardson says look mom no hands very very unsafe you could got hurt or break a bone Love Amanda Hemstreet

6All I Have to GiveV1 Comment
7Get Down (You're the One for Me)

I will always Get Down with you Backstreet Boys but love A.j 's Rap. Love Amanda Hemstreet

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8We've Got It Goin' On

I like your moves they have cool jackets and hats super neat passion

I Bet it's was very Hot in this video I saw Lou Jay Perelman And A.j play pool table love Amanda Hemstreet

9Everybody (Backstreet's Back)

How is this not first? Their most memorable song by far.

A.j mclean was one hot phantom of opera in the video love Amanda Hemstreet

10Show Me the Meaning of Being Lonely

Please please don't Cry A.j mclean if I was on the bus with you I will dry your tears for you like good fan would do Love Amanda Hemstreet

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11In PiecesV1 Comment
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1. Quit Playing Games (With My Heart)
2. As Long As You Love Me
3. Larger Than Life



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