Best Bands from the UK


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102Spandau Ballet
Best band ever in the world, let alone the UK.


104Lower Than Atlantis

Great band with awesome songs like ONE LOVE, ALL RISE, IF YOU COME BACK and many more

106The Libertines
This band was a best from the best, this band are much better than other indies band in UK.

107The Redskins

108Biffy Clyro
Come on, guys... This band has to be the best right now and it wasn't even added to the list!
The guitar riffs are so energetic, the choruses are anthemic and the vocals are fantastic. Deserve to be higher!
Such great anthemic choruses, fantastic verses, energetic guitar riffs and so great live

Expected these guys to be at least 27, oh well they're still great!
Bastille should be way up there

110The Exploited


112The Zutons

113The Yardbirds

114Deaf Havana
One of the greatest bands ever!
The best UK band of the world!
Come on guys, forgot about'The Past 6 years. '


116S Club 7
"don't stop never give up"

117Wishbone Ash

118Humble Pie


Best (and most underrated) band from UK now, their sound is very personal, orchestral and mature. If we'd live in a more intelligent world they would be at least in the top5

121Echo & the Bunnymen
Echo and the bunnymen are the best and most underrated bands ever. They should be ranked higher. How the hell did the wanted, Keane, Coldplay and muse get above them?

122The Chameleons
Under rated. Legendary. Amazingly influential and songs that are truly timeless. A top 100 band.

123Enter Shikari
Quirky and a little bit on the insane side with very politicised lyrics, these guys are surely a worthy addition.

124Spice Girls
This is my favorite band WHOO!


125Savoy Brown


127Blind Faith


129The Mission

130The Pipettes


132The Twang

133Pint Shot Riot

134Sisters of Mercy

135Half Man Half Biscuit

136Black Veil Brides
Love this band! All the people in the band Andy Ashley Jinxx Jake and Christian (CC) they are all interpersonal and their music help me and everyone in the BVB Army. They help me through the tough times and I love themxx

137Roxy Music
I like very much, and the recent Brian Ferry interpret Bod Dylan songs in magnific

138Young Guns
One of the best of bands of the UK recently, Bones have a massive chorus, the vocalist voicenis just wow and they surely know how to play their instruments and rock

139The Jeff Beck Group

140The Jimi Hendrix Experience
They originated in England and 2 of the 3 musicians were English.

141Procol Harum

142Fleetwood Mac

143Mott the Hoople

144Ten Years After

145The Adicts

146Cockney Rejects

147The Damned


149M People

150Peter and the Test Tube Babies



153The La's


Why did I need to add this band? Architects are crazy good and innovative among the hardcore/post-hardcore/mathcore/whatever they are scene. They are true visionaries.

156The Courteeners
Amazing band and even better live 10/10
Courteeners forever.

157Barclay James Harvest



160Herman's Hermits

161Culture Club
How are they not on the list already?



Look out for these guys! Supurb band. Proper music.

Rixton is a band for the UK, they r amazing, you will fall in love with
Their songs as soon as you here 1😋



168Fairport Convention


I love jls so much why did they lose against Alexandra

171Duran Duran
Unique and the most innovative band of all time. They are the first band to use mtv for their success. And they are the leader of the 2nd british ivasion in the U.S.A. and almost of all 30 years in the music industry and they still rock the world. There no sign of slowing down.
How is this awesome band at number 50?! This band deserves much more than that. Simon LeBon does fantastic on vocals with John Taylor pulling off crazy bass lines. My parents told me that they should be in the top 5, if not top 10.
DD rules the 80's period! 82 -86 and comeback years of 2001 - 2006. They are not the Fab Five for Nothing. They become dormant when original five are not complete. But when complete, It will be their Show!

172Green Day

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