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In the End
WOW! This new song it's incredible... I can't stop listening it... It must be number one... What a Rated-Rockstar-Song!
This is one of the coolest songs of bvb m/ rock on!
This singles is from wretched & divine: The story of wild ones. This is a awesome,
[Newest]This was my friend Alex's favorite song. Unfortunately he committed suicide on April 13.R.I.P. Alex! Love you bro!
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2Knives and Pens
Thanks for the list, now I can check out other songs of theirs...
First song I've heard by them^^^^ and its the best song next to fallen angels.
BVB are amazing! This is the song my big sis played to me when she introduced me to them. Black Veil Brides are the best! Thanks Ash!
[Newest]The album version of this is just awesome, best song ever?
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3Fallen Angels
Its a great song I loved it. Black veil brides really rocks and the video, its super cool and Andrew (Andy 6) obviously rocked as usual.
We Scream, We Shout, WE ARE THE FALLEN ANGELS! Such and epic Song...
The videoclip is awesome too so, if you don't know this song, GO LISTEN TO IT!
This is really the first song that I have ever heard of the one and only BLACK VEIL BRIDES! It opened my eyes for life and how hard it can be... I have always wanted a band like BVB... Before I couldn't find even one band like them... But one day I wanted a real band! So I searched all over the net and on FIRST PLACE EVERY SINGLE TIME I WENT TO A METAL/ROCK page it gave me BVB <3 then I said to myself... "Well looks like those dudes are cool... "... Then I said to myself that they are not only cool... THEY ARE PERFECT! The band, the songs, the members, the feeling inside that makes you get like.. WOW... When you hear their songs... So yeah Fallen Angels is the first song that opened my eyes for what music is all about! I love BVB and ill always will! There were bands that I loved 2... But after a couple of weeks I was like... I don't listen to them anymore... But BVB held my heart and interest on them and from a long of time till now I love them! And finally I would like to say that I deleted almost every song of mine just so I can have EVERY SINGLE ONE OF BVB! :)))) BVB THE BEST!


[Newest]Man this song is great I feel like I'm in the music video every time I Kristen to it it feels amazing really

4Perfect Weapon
Really cool song, especially the intro part - the first long scream, and the chorus of this song is just amazing.
I love this song! It's probably my favorite out of all their songs. The first scream in the first part... Is amazing! BVB-Andy Sixx
The best and probably heaviest Black Veil Brides song, the guitar solos, vocals, bass, its all really good quality music. Love the intro with Andy Biersack screaming, even the music video is top notch. AMAZING. Should be number 1.
[Newest]This is my FAVORITES/power song! So happy it's in the top ten

5Rebel Love Song
Too Good, Definitely one of the top songs. At least a top 5 material. Come on VOTE! Yeah but knives and Pens is pretty awesome too
Best song by them the music is great come one guys! This is awesome it good for number 1 or 2 maybe behind fallen angels which is pretty great too.
It makes me feel like I want to dance. More relateable than any other song except maybe knives and pens.
[Newest]This should be number one, this is the anthem of true love and I think it explains it well

6The Legacy
I personally believe that this song is there best one because I think it runs smooth the solos get you pumping the lyrics are so catchy and the music video leaves you hitting replay
Really good song I think it is much better than Fallen Angels but hey whatever.
Perfect song I think if the made a fate movie they should use the legacy because of legacy fate type thing.
[Newest]This is the perfect song to listen to on a hot summer day with the windows down, cruising down an urban freeway.

7Sweet Blasphemy
I can't even explain why I love this song so much. It had a very strong message.


This song has the most catchy and advanced guitar part on We Stitch These Wounds. It's very mature compared to the other songs on the first album.
Sweet Blasphemy's meaning is hard to tell but it is strong and there... Most people don't realize the song is about fighting against what people want you to be and standing up for yourself and what you wish to believe in... The song is purely amazing
[Newest]This song should be Number 1... The starting really kills and that builds up to a perfect song.

Musically, this is probably Black Veil Brides' best song. Everything about it is good. Andy's singing and screaming improved and the guitar work is excellent, the backup vocals are amazing, the bass playing is a lot better than their other songs. And of course, CC's drumming is the best.
I'm glad to know that hope in humanity is not all lost. This song is one of their best, and I am proud of my fellow army members for keeping it in the top 10. I personally think it belongs in the top 5, but that's just my opinion. Keep voting it up, amazing peoples
Knives and pens and coffin... 'enough said...
This is an AMAZING song I hope people can see it more, I LOVE the break when he starts the screaming, those are his best screams ever in my opinion!

[Newest]I love coffin a lot. Andy had really good singing but it became even better in this song.

9Lost It All
It's so beautiful. It's Black Veil Brides' way of saying that it's okay to be sad sometimes and it's okay that we fall down. This song was so beautiful, so calm and sad in the beginning and gradually building up in the middle and finally ending off with "I believe that we all fall down. " I am very surprised that this isn't at the top!
This song is the calmest done by Black Veil Brides. When you listen, you feel a sense of calm about it. It's a beautiful song, and the backup singing is very different from their normal songs.
This song is so powerful and uses so many elements. Slow, soft singing eventually building up to choirs at the end. There are also guitars, violins, horns, drums, and a whole orchestra!
[Newest]This song should be at least six.

Savior should be with the top 10! It is the most inspiring song I've ever heard :)) but sure the others totally ROCK :D especially knives and pens and fallen angels!
This song by BVB is so beautiful the first time I listened to it I cried. It's so deep and it shows how much they care for the BVB Army/Family. I'm learning the intro on guitar and I don't even know how to play but I love the sound in the intro so much I just had to learn. Thank you BVB for all that you've done for me<3 m/
Savior should be in the top 5 because without this song and this band my life would be pointless. There are other good songs that ROCK like Knives and Pens, Fallen Angels, Perfect Weapon, and In the End, but I personally think that this song should be in the TOP 5!
[Newest]This song has gotten me through so much

The Contenders

11The Morticians Daughter
BEST SONG EVER. I honestly think this deserves number one I love guys who sing If someone ever sang this to me.. I would fall in love
I think it is awesome! Just like all there songs but this one come on it is just so touching! Love Black Veil Brides so MUCH! And my favorite lyrics from this song are "I love you more than I can ever scream" and "I sit there and smile dear, I smile because I think of you and I blush"!
This song gets to your heart and is so emotional and it deserves to be at least number 3. The lyrics are insane and the quality is outta this world. This song ROCKS.
[Newest]This song is different compared to their usual work, but I love it. It is so touching and sweet. You feel happy and relaxed when you hear it, you feel peaceful. It is just amazing, at least in the top 5 in my opinion.

12Set the World On Fire
An inspiring Song that always gives confidence to a Human in Life. Just an amazing.. And perfect song
This is the best song I liked its didn't become that famouse cause there wasnt much advertising
The best by far, this reaches out to all the lonely, the wretched and forgotten. And that is wonderful. This song gives a lot of depressed people new hope that they are important and that they have a choice
[Newest]It's awesome between the chorus and the background music it's totally perfect

13We Stitch These Wounds
This song is way more epic than Knives and Pens. I know Knives and Pens has an awesome music video, but this song is just better. It has great screamo, and the beginning draws you in. This song makes you listen to Black Veil Brides.
I absolutely love Knives and Pens, but this tops it in my opinion. The intro is dramatic and epic! Great lyrics. And awesome guitar riffs and screams. This song literally just flows together and it pulls you in. I mean, come on, at least second!
I'm new to this band - I've only been listening to them for about 4 months - ish now but the first song I listened to was this and I just fell in love. The meaning these guys put behind their songs are amazing and honestly - when I feel down or alone I think of these guys and there is always a song that helps me in the situation. Definitely a song worth listening to. Jas/z
[Newest]One of the best

14Wretched and Divine
Why is this song not in the top ten! It is a lot better than sweet blasphemy!
! This is the best song why isn't it in the top ten... :(
#2 on the song list. So awesome. Why is it 17
[Newest]Best song! The entire album was so great that it made me cry, but especially this song is just amazing.

15I Am Bulletproof
This is one of my favourite songs by Black Veil Brides. It shows how far the have come and how they have grown as a band, these songs from this album really stand out from their previous work. I am bulletproof shows how far Andy has come as a singer and this should at least be number 10!
This song captures the story of the album in a few minutes, and the chorus is one like nothing BVB have ever done. For this reason, the song is the best from their new album in my opinion.
What this is suppose to be at number 1... What is it doing @ no.14... This song has the best intro! Ever and the best solo... And the drumming is awesome!

16Let You Down
Love this song so much... It's quite hard to describe exactly why but I feel like I can relate to this song so much. Andy's voice is really believable when he sings "I swear these words are true... I BELIEVE IN YOU! I'll never let you down, I promise right here, right now... " It makes me feel so much better even though I don't him know personally, but it's like him and the rest of the guys are always there for me and have a song for every situation I'm in. This song in particular though, is my favourite from their new album and I can't thank them enough for doing what they do best - make music. Definitely worth listening to. Jas/z
BVB played this song at the warped tour and I instantly fell in love with it! It's just simply amazing and Andy's voice sounds really great, as always, in it.
One of their newest songs at the moment but by far one of their best!
[Newest]This should be number one it is my favorite song by them

17Die for You
Amazing song! The lyrics are so meaningful, the chorus is fantastic and I often find this song stuck in my head. I have nothing much more to say, although I'm extremely shocked this is ranked at 25!
So underrated, this song has some of the best and most gripping choruses of any song, and is truly incredible. This is a brilliant song and deserves a much better position than this.


Andy's voice and the guitar chord structure in this are beautiful. This should be in the top ten instead of some of the others. I really like it a lot.
[Newest]Romantic lyrics and deep musical. Great song!

It s the great song of this band I want it up people. Listen to it and you will see its awesome
15th place?!?! The spine-chilling intro, the calmness and veiled intensity of this song, the hope and strength it has in its lyrics... I seriously thought this would be at least in the top 5 if not first... The guitar solo by Jake is amazing as always... That guy is an awesome and very talented guitarist!
This should be on the top along with savior, rebel love song and knives and pens. The verse 'We are not alone' really got to me. It's simple and straight-forward. It's melodic, and is one of the best songs out there! Go BVB!


[Newest]This song is literally amazing. It should be #1.

19Smoke and Mirrors
This is one of my favourite songs - a lot of people haven't heard of it as you had to pre order 'set the world on fire' to get it.
Love the lyrics
Love the band
You need to listen to this song


20Heart of Fire
This song just makes you wanna thrash around and head bang its just that good
This song is way better than all of the other weak slow trash that they made, this should be number 1.
Honestly this song makes me feel hella strong. It Sure deserves to be nipumber one

Revelation is amazing! It should be at least 15-20!
It is just a great song!

Helped me through some extremely tough times. Especially "stronger in new ways, don't care what they say, this is your life, its time to rejoice". I have anxiety disorder and get down a lot because of other people (can't help it), and whenever I hear this part of the song, I just loose all my down... Ness, and get so much new self confidence. Sorry if that was a little preachy, but this song means a lot to me.
Whenever I feel sad or depressed this song always manages to help me feel a lot better and forget about things for a while. This song is amazing not only because of the beat but also because the lyrics behind this song are so meaningful! <3 I love this song and Black Veil Brides!
This is the best song ever. Not only does it have a good beat but it has a good meaning behind it. "Rise up and celebrate your life, sing for what you feel inside. " The words have quality and they really speak to the heart. Just pure amazingness! I think this should have gotten more votes, It's my number one favorite song of all time, definitely it deserves to be number one!
[Newest]Only song by them I really like. Great song though.

23Children Surrender
Love this song! Can't stop listening to it! If you love it when Andy screams then this is a good song for you. :) BEST BVB SONG! BVB ARMY FOREVER!

24We Don't Belong
An absolutely amazing song. Great beat, rhythm and the lyrics mean a lot to me personally. We belong in the BVB army and if there's one thing I've learnt from it - it's that although we don't know the guys personally, they will always be there for us and be there for you when there is nobody else. It was on one of Andy Biersack's old blogs and it's the one that gives me the strength to live for another day. Honestly - you NEED this song in your life if you're someone who can relate to me and if not - you NEED to listen to this anyway. Have fun and blast some music into your life! Jas/z
This song makes me want to cry, it is that powerful and beautiful. I mean come on "So get back up when they push you down
We're singing
Whoa oh oh, whoa oh oh oh
We don't belong here, we don't belong"
I dare you to look me in the eye and say that meant nothing to you.
I think that "emo" and "goth" kids can really relate to this song about being at home and at school, I know that I can relate to it!

25Shadows Die
I think this song is their absolute masterpiece! This song is so hard-core and amazing, it is the most hard-core deathly ill song ever! Greatest rock song with stunning effects. Oh yeah, and it is the best possible song to play Black Ops Zombies to!
Bolt Thrower has the best songs to play Black Ops to and all of them are much more "hardcore" than this
Shadows Die is just about the most epic thing BVB have ever produced. Literally just blows away any other rock song out there. So much epic, words can't describe.
I think that "Shadows Die" is their greatest song yet. It reminds me a lot of Avenged Sevenfolds "A Little Piece From Heaven".
[Newest]I know right! I can't begin to express how much I love this song in words.

26New Years Day
I love this song... The teaser for the Wretched and Divine album should have been "Rise from the Ashes -- 2013" oh gosh
Winning. Best song I've ever heard. Well, next to some Green Day, Motley Crue, and Avenged Sevenfold.
This song captures the energy of a battle in a song, and then the breakdown is a violin solo, which I find awesome because I can't imagine any other band like BVB ever doing this.

27The Gunsling
This song is amazing and underrepresented, this song deserves more cred than it's given. The Gunsling came out before We Stitch These Wounds and Set The World On Fire, both of Which are amazing albums, but without The Gunsling we wouldn't have the songs we do. This song should be at least top 5.
Its amazing how they can turn simple lyrics into a great master piece
Definitely my favourite :) shame they don't perform this masterpiece live :(
[Newest]I think this one deserves at least 10

28New Religion
Come on ARMY! This is such a great heavy and meaningful song! Should be at least top 5! It is one of their heaviest and just great and meaningful!

We are the unholy
We are the bastard sons of your media culture
Our minds eyes and bodies were born of your exclusion
You don't love a god
You love your comfort
An illusion you hide behind
To you we are filth we are dirty
So be it
We are dirty and unclean
A congregation of the unseen
Together we will set this world on fire!
This is the new religion!
This is definitely their best song on STWON closely tied with youth & whiskey, the legacy, and saviour. This song tells you to be who you are and who you want to be. Definitely an amazing song with great music and instrumentals and lyrics and everything. Can't BELIEVE this is at the bottom when it should be at the least top 5
This is one of the best songs they've ever written. Including Knives and Pens, The Gusling, Ritual, Love Isn't Always Fair and Lost it all... I'm surprised this song isn't higher rated...
[Newest]I love this one, can't stop listening to it!

29Beautiful Remains
I couldn't just choose one. These songs are, in my opinion, the best on the first album. They both have a very good mix of screaming, singing, and awesome guitar parts.
This song has the most brutal screams ever
I just love the vocals so much! You rock Andy biersack!


30Nobody's Hero
What is this song doing down here?
This song is so inspirational. The lyrics are great, the sound of it is great. It should be at number one, or at leest number two.
This song should be at the best. See its lyrics and see the knives and pens lyrics and then compare. Then if you like it vote it
Come on people! This song is great!

31All Your Hate

32Goodbye Agony
Killer I pushed this song from 44 to 43. But it needs to be higher. This is an amazing song it shows Andy's soft side so well and I think this is the best song on the album. If you haven't heard it, listen to it now its amazing
I feel in love with song the moment I played it in my phone... Beautiful lyrics and some much power in the song... Can't believe it so below in this list... Come on guys vote for it... Its awesome song!
Amazing song! It may be new but the first time I heard it I fell in love love with the song and I hope you do too

33Heaven's Calling

34Resurrect the Sun
Amazing song. Such a strong meaning to me, but maybe not to you. I mean like: "I'LL PRAY FOR MORNING, I SWEAR I'LL NEVER LET YOU DIE! " He's talking about us! The BVB ARMY!
Has to be in the top 5. EPIC song.
This Is My Fave Bvb Song

I just love this song. "if we stick together we will be unbroken! "


Loved how it fit into the Avengers! It sounds amazing!
This is a truly beautiful song, the lyrics are beautiful and inspiring, and it's definitely one of their best songs!

36Love Isn't Always Fair
I love this song! It explains how I feel. You rock BVB

37A Devil For Me
This has to be on the top. If you guys think that all the other songs are the best, wait till you listen to this one. I hated bvb but this has to be the best song from their first album.

38Days Are Numbered
This should be way higher. It sounds so badass, my favourite from Wretched and Divine.
This song is amazing along with lost it all. it should be higher

39Devil In the Mirror
I'm loving the chorus and beat! This new album rocks.
On the latest album

40Youth and Whiskey
How is this song now higher? My absolute favorite BVB song. Seriously, this song is amazing. Probably one of their heavier songs as well. Overall, its an awesome song with not enough credit...
The beginning is the best part! Love all their songs though.
This seems like it should be a candidate for #1

41Walk Away
Beautiful riff, brilliant song

It may be instrumental, but its amazing all the same.

43Victory Call
Top 10 songs for sure! Have a listen guys...

44Done for You
This shall be my funeral song
Love it

45Sex & Hollywood

Heaviest song of new album it is a good song and it should be in top 10
Just totally amazing, should at least be at top 20
Really good song. Should at least be in the top 20.

47This Prayer for You

48Drag Me to the Grave
Best of the new album. It deserve a better place.
Best song from the new album. I think it should be in top 25 at least.


49Crown of Thorns
The guitars just sound awesome. This song always makes me feel good

50Last Rites

51World of Sacrifice
It is a brilliant song it should be in top 10

52Sons of Night

53Stolen Omen

54Shattered God

55Rebel Yell
C;mon.. In the midnight hour she wants MORE MORE MORE this song is great. Listen to it and then vote
The catchiest damn thing I've ever heard! It's awesome.

56Never Give In
Should be higher. It explains life and how you should never give into the people who want to change who you really are.
One of the best songs from We Stitch These Wounds even better than some others of other albums and it's in 46th?


This is the best song ever and should be the Anthem for the Black Veil Brides Army!

This really amazing cover (kiss - unholy) I very very love this song ever. For first time I hear this song I like this for the best ss

58Hello My Hate

59Devil's Choir
"I'll carry you, my darkest desire
When life sings to you, through devil's choir
F.E.A.R., won't, steal what burns in you
I'll carry you, away from the fire. "

Perfect song. Love it.
This song should be in the top ten! It's one of the songs that first introduced me to this band its amazing!
This song is one of the strongest. Should be higher on the list!

60God Bless You
How could you people forget this one. its just pure awesomeness Lyrics
Great song should at least be top 15 if not top 10. I fell in love with it the first time I heard it!

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