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So different to her other songs

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22City Lights

It an awesome song


I love this song it's so inspirational and she sings it so beautiful

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24Here We Go

Bridget I love your music I think this song rocks

25How to Believe

This is a beautiful song. I absolutely loved it on tinker bell. She has such a soothing voice

26Do You Miss Me at All
27Snap My Fingers
28Rocks at My Window

25? There's like 30 songs and this is on 25?

29Wait for Me

This is a shane harper song, she has only sing 3-4 lines in that song

30We're Dancing
31Give Love a Try
32More Than a Band

Lemonade Mouth - 2011


This is the most beautiful song ever. It's a reasonably slow ballad and when she sings you can actually hear the love in her voice. The instruments are minimal, which emphasizes her singing ability. It's definitely her best.

Not many people know this song because it's in the deluxe version of her album, but it is amazing

This song should be in the top ten it's so pretty it's a soft song that I can relate to I love it

35My Song for You

I really like this song even if I just heard it right now!.. I think this should be top 3 because its really really really really good..!... Ajajajajajajajajajaja

It is a really nice song and and I just love brighet mendler and she is the best singer ever.

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