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1 July Morning

The vocals in the song are incredible.

That part where Byron's screaming the "La-La's" - magical.

And the instrumentation on this song is exquisite.

Gives me chills.

One of the best songs ever made. Uriah Heep is a really underrated band. They have so many great songs, and July Morning is their best for sure.

This needs to be higher. Absent are several others like The Park, I'll Keep Trying, Blind Eye, Magician's Birthday. Add them, people, add them.

2 Easy Livin'

Every time I hear this song, it boosts my lust for life. My daily coke, with no risk of overdose.

Stealin would be my 2nd choice, and one of the BEST CONCERTS I ever had the pleasure of attending as a rocking teen!

Is it me, or does this kind of sound like Deep Purple? It sounds like it could be on In Rock.

3 Look at Yourself

Listen to the amazing drums towards the end.

4 Sympathy
5 Gypsy

A brilliant masterpiece. From the drums and guitar to the vocals, the original very 'eavy very 'umble version is one of the best pieces of heavy rock/metal, in my opinion. Wish more people knew it.

One of the most badass songs ever written. Perfectly summarizes what Heep is all about: heavy, dramatic, and complex.

Boss song. Just bangs.

6 Bird of Prey

This song is AMAZING - absolutely brilliant vocals. I know David Byron came from an operatic background, but he had an incredible range of vocals, the voice of an angel - unfortunately now, literally. Why do these brilliantly artistic people have such tortured souls? Taken far too soon. RIP David.

Byron's screams are amazing.

I love Byron's screams. They're so damn cool. What an awesome, harmonic song.

7 Salisbury

In my opinion, the most ambitious and beautiful song of Uriah Heep: 16 minutes of pure magic, just an immaculate work.

8 Free Me

The best song, song of my childhood.

9 Lady in Black

What a song!
Takes your mind to some far-off place.
One of the best pieces of music in any song I've heard.
Great lyrics.
Overall, an awesome song.

Their best song! Beautiful and haunting at the same time.

Their most famous song - maybe not their best, but I like it.

10 Blood Red Roses
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11 Running All Night (With the Lion)
12 Pilgrim
13 The Wizard

This list is of their older stuff, which I grew up on. This group is underrated, and their lyrics are equal to any out there. This song in its entirety is indicative of what they do.

This song has one of the most beautiful acoustic rock intros.

Such a good vibe. A song to relax to.

14 Rich Kid
15 Rockarama
16 I'll Keep On Trying
17 Rollin' the Rock
18 Rainbow Demon
19 Choices

I like the drums in this song!

20 The River
21 Dreammare
22 The Hanging Tree
23 Been Away Too Long
24 Stealin'
25 Come Back to Me
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