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1 I'm Your Captain

It is very hard for me to pick the best Grand Funk song as I have so many, however I'm Your Captain/Closer To Home hits me in so many different ways, musically, emotionally, etc. That I pick it number 1. That band was awesome & were extremely underrated. Still listen to all of their albums frequently.

This is absolutely epic in every possible way a song can be. IT starts quiet, builds strong, has a memorable lull, ends with one of the best possible fades in music. Breathtaking!

The first time I heard it I thought what a genius of a song. My all-time favorite of any song by anybody.

2 We're An American Band

Come on you all. This is the most classic rock song ever written along with Born To Be Wild by Steppenwolf.

Last night in Little Rock! Enough said

3 Some Kind of Wonderful

Great song, I play it quite a bit during time outs at basketball games while announcing. People always sing along!

FINALLY a GFR list; its about figgin time. This is an amazing song, and this band is ofter over looked in the history of rock. Very underrated.

Studio version is best. Mark and Don really show their chops on vocals..

4 Heartbreaker

The live version of Heartbreaker is super. Endless energy!

I say it's the best song they ever did! Talk about "feeling" and "in the groove", This is surely IT! ~!

5 Inside Looking Out

I remember walking into our local YMCA in the day and hearing this coming of the PA system. Somebody had it on as background music whilst doing some repair work. I was about 14 years of age and was transfixed by the power of the song. I think this was the moment I fell in love with 'Rock ' Music. It still has that effect on me now. I had never heard of this band, as they were'nt played a lotmon the UK radio stations, and I'd have to agree that they are still a very underrated band.

My favorite band. Got turned on to them around 1969. Haven"t stopped rocking" with them since. Definitely, I believe, the best band ever. You"re not gonna hear or see a better group of MUSICIANS.

6 Bad Time

I think 'Bad time' was an unforgettable quality hit. But not a real rockhit.

7 The Loco-Motion
8 Footstompin' Music
9 Sin's a Good Man's Brother

This one has a really solid riff. Mark Farner could really lay them down.

10 Walk Like a Man
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11 T.N.U.C.

One of the Best Drumming solos ever! Long live Don Brewer and Grand Funk Railroad!

I agree best drummer! Great song!

12 Paranoid

Pure metal rock at its best... Nobody could touch GFR in concert and this song is a prime example of a power trio!

13 Shinin' On

Love it, such a rocking' beat. Number #1 all the way.

14 Mean Mistreater

The best their stuff. It's like the music of my soul. I don't even like so much this band, but this song... Really perfect.

15 I Come Tumblin'

I believe this song is their hardest, and most technically difficult of anything they ever did. It just completely rocks from beginning to end. It also is very funky, for a hard rock song. I wish they had included it in their set longer. I heard them play it live at Olympia Stadium in Detroit shortly before E Pluribus Funk was released. Amazing.

The BEST Rock song ever to me. Mark, Don and Mel play withsuch a grooving heavy passion. Don screaming vin the background during Mel's solo makes me go crazy with him.I don't care what anyone says or how they feel about it. Mark's voice and the harmonies are unsurpassed. "Upsetter played before it is very groovy indeed.

16 Gimme Shelter
17 I Can Feel Him In the Morning

To me, this is d tract that will live forever in my mind. It has a rhythm, it has a peculiar pace. It is exquisite rock n roll. It is vintage Grandfunk. Long live Grand funk!

18 Mr. Limousine Driver

Great song inside looking out should be at the top of every play list

19 People, Let's Stop the War
20 Rock N' Roll Soul
21 In Need

For me thi is the best song ever. Grand Funk the best rock band ever!

22 Loneliness

Ranks right up there with Closer to home, as one of the top ten songs in rock history. This is a message tune for those who will listen. The build up with the orchestra, simply outstanding!

23 The Railroad

Just a perfect song. Mark's acappella intro vocals sets this song over the top alone. Plays on words, great guitar solo, and mark goes so high at the end of the song "workin for the railroad yaeah. Nothing but greatness.

24 Nothing Is the Same
25 Feeling Alright

By far the best cover of that song. Love Traffic, but their original puts me to sleep. GFR rocks it!

Fantastic song...should be in top 10!

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