Best British Classic Rock Bands


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You asked for my opinion so here it comes.
Queen is the best band ever to exist, and there are many reasons for me saying that.
Queen had loads and loads of talent and creativity.
Ever heard Bohemian Rhapsody?
Yeah, I bet you have.
That couldn't have been written in 10 minutes.
That took hard, long work to be able to write the music, lyrics, and figure out all the different parts of the song.
Not to mention that Queen is so underrated.
May people forget about them, even though they wrote hits like We Will Rock You, We Are The Champions, and Another One Bites The Dust that you can hear likely everyday.
There's a reason why people still listen to music, and that's because it sounds good to them.
Well Queen sounds really good to me.
Freddie Mercury, where do I start?
Yes, he's another reason why Queen is the greatest band ever to exist.
Ever seen Queen, live in concert?
Yes? No? Maybe so?
Well the truth is he can work up a crowd.
And by work up a crowd, I mean WORK UP A CROWD!
He screams, they scream back.
He signals for them to sing lyrics, they sing lyrics.
He talks to them, they respond.
Heck, once he yelled "f*** you" to the audience and he got cheered for it!
And he, as well as all the other members of Queen had huge talent, if that meant singing, playing the piano, or songwriting.
Another reason; Brian May.
Brian May, a quiet fellow, he has immense talent as well.
He wrote a lot of Queen's lesser known hits, such as Save Me, Teo Torriate (Let's Cling Together) and Tie Your Mother Down.
But he also wrote We Will Rock You!
He, in his childhood, made his own guitar, and named it "The Red Special".
Now, how many of you guys can create your own guitar from scratch?
And did I mention that Brian has a PHD in Rocket Science?
Next reason; Roger Taylor.
Roger, like Brian, had immense talent but wrote the lesser known hits, such as Radio Gaga, Rock It (Prime Jive), and Fun It.
He played drums phenomenally, and he could also sing really well too.
Last reason; John Deacon.
As the last member of the band, and being labeled as the quiet one, John kinda gets a bad rap.
But really what you don't know is that John wrote a good number of hits while he was with Queen!
Your My Best Friend and Another One Bites The Dust, to name a few.
All in all, Queen is literally the best British classic rock band ever.
And there's proof of that statement.
Y'know how everyone always claims The Beatles as the best band ever in history?
Well Queen has sold more albums than The Beatles, making them the highest selling band in UK history.
Don't get me wrong, The Beatles are legendary, but Queen is even better.
Variety, depth, emotion, skill, power, grace, entertainment, personality and warmth went into every queen song. They are unlike any other group on the planet, in that they attempted all kinds of music styles and never played it safe on any album I can think of. The result is a series of successful and memorable songs which will survive the test of time for years to come. Long live queen!
I agree 110% Queen is the most influential, amazing, creative and just out right best band to ever record a song. They are credited with having the most successful live performance of all time with live aid 1985 and for 20 years had multiple hits for each decade of their existence
[Newest]Queen's wide use of diverse layering of instruments and vocals make it truly unique. Not to mention how long it would take to deeply decipher some of the bands songs. I love being a queen fan.

2Pink Floyd
Best band of all time. Their music is beyond awesome. They have the best album ever, which is Dark Side Of The Moon. I had to vote for this band. They weren't afraid to be different in music. Plus, they have the deepest of lyrics.
well duh! it was the first time you had a reason two watch the wizzard of oz (if you know about the one thing where Dark side of the moon syncs up with the movie)


Their songs are accessible but unique and experimental. Not only are they one of the best selling acts if all time but one of the best full stop.
[Newest]Lol... I think Pink Floyd is the best band personally them, there music is my heart and soul I truly love them:))))))) so so much

3The Beatles
Time after time - pro rockers, critics, producers and fans have voted The Beatles Best rock band of all time. Any other band is a distant second no matter who they might be. Look at their library and the timelessness of their songs as well as their variety of styles. Geez people!
You have to be musically uneducated not to vote for The Beatles.
If you don't vote for them, you don't know the History of Rock music and you lack research, therefore you shouldn't even be voting, to begin with. People are only entitled to have an opinion about things if they have some basic clue of what the subject they are talking about.
in 3rd?
the best band in music history in 3rd?
Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin are really good bands, but THE BEATLES are the best!


[Newest]4th? The best (or one of the best) should be 1st. No words for The Beatles

4Led Zeppelin
I consider myself Hendrix's number 1 fan...yet, I believe when we use the word band, and this being about best British bands, Led Zeppelin is the definite answer. All the members were excellent musicians. These were multi-talented stars with an incredible thirst for creating music. Their music was so easy to understand and had so many levels. Take Immigrant Song, an iconic two-note masterpiece with incredible drive. You also have songs like Achilles's Last Stand, The Rain Song and others that have so many layers. A singer who was a master at the harmonica like the classic blues stars he admired, a guitarist that could play just about anything with strings, a bass player who also played strings and produced incredible music and last but not least...the one and only, John "Bonzo" Henry Bonham who did not have to play any other instrument because he was the hungriest percussionist always on the lookout for a groove. Bonzo would spice every song up differently to the point where I must have at least 4 different paced and organized versions of Moby Dick. You ask bands...this was it. I do not want to put anybody else down. How can you take away from the Stones or Queen or Black Sabbath or Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac...but Led Zepp had it all. It was bluesy, it was hard, it was sweet, it was simple, it could be complex, it was spicy and creative and it was always right for any occasion. Their music will never grow old, and how long has it been since they decided to call quits after Bonzo's death?
The Beatles were talented yes, but I have to say Zeppelin's members were considerably more so. This is most prominent in Jimmy Page, who was worlds better than Harrison on the guitar. He could make playing a guitar solo with a violin bow extremely entertaining whereas Harrison wasn't even playing guitar in the Beatles' best guitar song (Clapton on While My Guitar Gently Weeps; the Clapton vs Page argument is a whole other argument). Anyway, I could sit through a 20 minute John Bonham drum solo (see live version of Moby Dick) and I've got to say Ringo seems like a nice guy but his talents were nowhere near Bonzo's. John Paul Jones' bass-playing is perhaps more subtle than McCartney's but is intricate in itself; JPJ beats out Paul in terms of bass-playing ability. Finally, there's no denying that both Lennon & McCartney had amazing voices, but Plant's is OTHERWORDLY. Sure, McCartney had a clearer and more "beautiful" tone to his voice but man, Plant ranged from a spine-shivering screech to a trembling, low moan (ie Dazed and Confused). Finally, though the Beatles had dozens of incredibly good songs, they never had a clear-cut #1, unlike Zep's iconic Stairway to Heaven. Add in the fact that Zep was probably the best band when it came to improvisation at live performances, often extending their acts to 2.5 hours, and you've got THE BEST classic rock band of all time.
their sound is amazing, I've always loved their great sound
with an infinite list of great songs, everybody should like their music


[Newest]Everyone just knows stairway to heaven. dazed and confused?

5The Rolling Stones
They're still rocking since 60s to nowadays. Definitely one of the very best bands from UK. Sympathy for the devil is one of the greatest songs. 99, 99% percent of their songs rock.
So old yet so good


What the hell is led zeppelin. They are so overrated I think beatles is even better than led zep boo come on vote this for number 1

6The Who
They are simply amazing. They have one of the most energetic lives I've ever seen, yet it's not too much over the top. Exactly what you expect of Rock. People always tell me you either have to be a rolling stones, Beatles or the who fan. I'd pick the Who anyday.
Who, stones, Beatles in that order

7Jimi Hendrix Experience
despite the fact hendrix is american the experience was formed in england and the other members are british I believe so its really a british band.


8Black Sabbath
Hm, never heard better guitar riffs besides Deep Purple and Ozzy, aah legendary Ozzy - getting wet eyes when reflecting on this...
Godfathers of metal, got to be at least top ten

9Deep Purple
Ritchie and John were the greatest. Nobody could compare with them.
"Smoke on the water" has an amazing yet simple riff


12th are you kidding me?

Genesis created absolutely fantastic music, played with skill, they could teach most modern bands a lot!

The Contenders

11Dire Straits
Simply the greatest band ever formed... Led by the master Mark Knopfler. His guitar style and songwriting ability is unmatched in my opinion.
Mark Knopfler was the king of his generation. All of Dire Strait's songs are just art. They are all Mona Lisas really. Mark Knopfler just makes it cool, and he knows chords no one else knows. He's amazing. Dire Straits is not only the best band in UK but the best in the world...
Why are dire straits 6th! Come on people its like nobody today knows REAL music!
[Newest]Great, but.. They are dutch

12Def Leppard
Definitely Leppard was a great 80s hair band.
Their most famous song is "pour some sugar on me"


I still remember when I heard Pyromania album for the first time, awesome. F-f-f-foolin, Photograph, Die hard the hunter, need I say more.

13The Police
"Every breath you take"


One of the greatest rock 'n' roll bands alongside Queen and Pink Floyd

As good of musicians as you'll ever see or hear. Amazing that so few have taken to time to listen and understand how great this band was and still is. Close to the Edge is a groundbreaking album. Yes set the stage for many of today's acts yet no one to date can duplicate their intricate musical scores and soaring keyboard, guitar and bass leads. Hats off to Yes!
These guys were one of the godfathers of progressive rock, I'm sure we wouldn't have Opeth without them.
"Owner of a lonely heart"


15The Kinks
Ray Davies is a better song writer than anyone on the list, Dave is underrated as to his contributions to guitar. Top ten easy
"You really got me" has an awesome guitar riff


The best three musicians in their trade in one band.
Eric Clapton is one of the best guitarists ever!


17The Clash
The only band that matters. The greatest band hands down, although T. Rex and the Smiths come close

18Iron Maiden
Iron Maiden are amazing

19Electric Light Orchestra
Their sound is much like the Beatles during the Sergeant Pepper stage. They started with orchestral, then into rock, then into pop. They changed a lot.



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