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21 Punish My Heaven Punish My Heaven

This one got me into the band in the first place, and it opens the band's best album.

Best Melodic Death Metal song ever.

Powerful song. Melodic as hell and made me a fan

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22 Inside the Particle Storm Inside the Particle Storm

Mind Blowing Song. I absolutely LOVE it. Should be in top 5. - TrappedInsideIt

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23 Atoma
24 Ex Nihilo Ex Nihilo
25 Shadow in Our Blood
26 Nether Novas Nether Novas
27 The Treason Wall The Treason Wall
28 The Wonders At Your Feet The Wonders At Your Feet

I could never get tired of hearing this song. It's melodic, it's fun, it's heavy, and overall beautiful. No wonder it's a concert favorite.

29 At Loss for Words
30 The Fatalist

Laugh out loud, why this song on 35 place? It must be at least in top ten!

31 ,,,of Melancholy Burning ,,,of Melancholy Burning
32 Haven

Invite the darkside... in!
Great song.
Must listen.

I am not sure why this song is voted so low.

Underrated. this should be more like 1 followed by final resistance

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33 Zodijackyl Light
34 Damage Done Damage Done
35 Endtime Hearts

My favourite song from my favourite album of my favourite band. The intro reminds me of Only One Who Waits by Insomnium

Amazing song really one of the most underrated by dark tranquillity but terminus and misery's crown are the best - nooreldeen

36 Format C for Cortex Format C for Cortex
37 Hours Passed In Exile Hours Passed In Exile V 1 Comment
38 Nothing to No One
39 White Noise / Black Silence White Noise / Black Silence
40 Atom Heart 243.5
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