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21My Questions
22Swords, Dragons, and Diet Coke

Surprised this Song is so low

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23Reptar, King of the Ozone
24Ben Has a Kid

Amazing clean vocals and badass screams, a completely awesome song overall!


Brutal screams and amazing chorus. That's what I call an amazing Devil Wears Prada song. Also amazing live, and works well with "Outnumbered"

27I Hate Buffering

This song has one of the best gutturals in hardcore. Should be much higher on the list.

This isn't right, and the worst part is we're not pretending

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28Rosemary Had An Accident

I can't believe this son isn't in the top 5! Has nobody heard this song? They need to! :O

This song.. Why is it so low? This is one of their best songs!
You guys should give this a chance really, the rhythm just gets into your soul, every time I hear this song I get up and do some serious headbanging, I can't even help it.

30Forever Decay
31Sailor's Prayer

Amazing song with amazing cleans, the best by far from them!

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32Texas Is SouthV2 Comments
33The Scorpion Deathlock

This song is overall awesome with all the grest lyrics and meaning. I think it should be a higer rank because it is one of the best songs I have heard from them.


Hardly any of these votes have songs from Dead Throne or 8 18. This song is one of the most inspirational song of The Devil Wears Prada.

35Lord Xenu
36Goats On a Boat

Good first opening song, love the dark and gloomy synth intro and heawy instrumemtal breakdown handsdown you can hear how mutch effort they put this album and again awesome song.

38Planet A
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