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1Die MF Die

Everybody got to know Dope owing to this song, very aggressive and motivating song.

Every metal/hard rock fan should listen to this! Its literally dope addictive as hell! The intro in which, after a few seconds everything suddenly bursts out, will get you headbanging madly till your neck comes out of the socket

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2My Funeral

Best song by dope. Totally nu metal song. I want this typ of songs more. (AMIO from BANGLADESH)

Absolutely amazing song. This song is the best song for all dope song. I want this types of song more in dope next album... Mohaiminul Kabir AMIO, Bangladesh, Dhaka... Mobil:880201674711165.

3The Life
4Nothing for Me Here
5With or Without You
6No Chance
7No Way Out

She's like cocaine, heroin, alcohol, and Vicodin! She's my addiction!
Enough said... This should be on top 3 at least. "also nothing for me here" is amazing.

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9Dirty World
10America the Pitiful

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11F*** Tha Police

Original version on their best album felons & revolutionaries, not this one. Much prefer the more badass industrial sound - musicfanguy

12Rebel Yell

Now, we can say Dope is so good at doing covers.

Best cover so far

13Everything Sucks
15Now or Never

This song is so motivating, I love the lyrics and the chrous make me freak the hell out!


It was old song I like since I was little

17Take Your Best Shot
18Bring It On
20You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)

Great song starting part is fantastic and chorus part is fabulous must be in top 3

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1. Die MF Die
2. With or Without You
3. No Way Out
1. The Life
2. No Chance
3. America the Pitiful



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